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Authors: Sarah P. Lodge

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Perfect Harmony (25 page)

“You misunderstand me,” says Chase.  “I’m stepping down. 
Completely.  I’ll be a silent partner, nothing more.  I will control nothing.”

“Why the devil would you do such a thing?”

Chase turns to me and silently gazes, eyes alight with
wonder.  “I want to spend time with my family.”

“You would really do that for me?” I ask.  “Give up

“I already have everything I’ve ever wanted.”

The tears burn my cheeks, and my nose stings.  But my heart
thunders in my chest and screams for him.

The men turn to each other and mutter amongst themselves.

“I’ll admit,” says Ned, “we’re interested.  Of course, we’ll
have to find a suitable replacement.”

“No need,” says Chase.  “For I nominate my brother in law to
be in charge.”

“Me?” says Duncan.

“Unless you do not want it.”

“No no, I’m just surprised, that’s all.  Very surprised.”

Ned shakes his head.  “I cannot abide by that decision. 
This man cannot be CEO of such a large conglomerate.”

“This is my only condition,” says Chase.  “This is a one
time offer - do right by my family, and I’ll do right by you.”

The men return to their hushed muttering.  It seems to take
forever, as they argue and point, and gesticulate.

Ned turns back to Chase.  “Your terms are... acceptable.”

“Yes!” I cheer and rush into Chase’s arms.  He catches me
and we embrace.  I squeeze his chest, happier than I ever thought I could be. 
Happier than anyone could ever be.

And Chase hugs me, holding me close.  His skin is like silk
against my own, the heat of bodies together and as one.  I squeeze and squeeze,
never wanting to let go.

He holds my head up and we stare longingly into each other’s
eyes.  And we say nothing, just living the moment, together at last.

“I guess I should say thank you,” says Duncan.  He holds out
an outstretched hand.

Chase releases me and shakes Duncan’s hand.

“And for the record,” says Duncan, “I’m kinda sorry I
punched you in the face.”

“For the record,” says Chase, “I kinda deserved it.”

Duncan pats me on the shoulder.  “Congratulations, you two. 
Or should that be you three?”  He walks away and leaves me and Chase alone. 
But we’re not alone - we have each other.

“Melody,” says Chase, “you and the baby, I’m never going to
let the two of you go, ever again.  All this time, if only I’d listened to my
heart and realised how I felt, then maybe-“

“Shut up,” I say lovingly.  “Stop psychoanalysing and kiss

He lets out a baritone laugh, then scoops me up into his
mighty arms.  His soft lips are on mine, and we kiss, and it’s full of passion
and want and desire and need and protection.  And love.

The world falls away and the music and song serenades us in
an eternal dance, rising and swelling and beautiful.

And life is so perfect.  Everything I’ve ever wanted is
mine; family and love and a place in this world.  I feel protected and safe and
for the first time, truly and irrevocably happy.

The whole world is alive and real and magical because we’re
together.  And I know, deep deep down in my soul, that nothing will ever tear
us apart.





look out into the ballroom and see all the wedding guests
laughing and smiling and chatting amongst themselves.

It’s been over an hour since Chase and I got married again. 
Properly, this time.  He even jokingly sent me divorce papers the night
before.  He said he didn’t want us to just renew our vows; it must be special. 
A new beginning.  It was so heartfelt and sweet, I couldn’t help but sign. 
Afterwards, he made a crack about alimony payments since technically I was now
the biggest earner in the household and our son must be provided for.  He
laughed, so I pushed him on to the bed, and we made passionate love.

On the family table, I can see Duncan and his wife Kate
playing with my son Ray.  He’s only a few months old, but he has his father’s
deep dark eyes.  It was Chase’s idea to name him after my father, as a way to
remember him, and I’m glad he did.  Every day now, looking at Ray reminds me
how easy it is to never be honest with someone about how you feel, and how your
life is so much richer if you take the bull by the horns and live.

At the bar, I see Liz polishing off another free margarita. 
She broke up with Richard two months ago after he got a job with a prestigious
design firm in London.  He asked her to go with him, but she was adamant her
life was here in New York.  They parted amicably, but I could see she was

But now I can see the man she’s talking to by the bar, his
salt and pepper hair disguising nothing of his identity.  It’s Sidney
Remington.  And they seem to be getting on like a house on fire.  She’s
touching his shoulder and he’s throwing her a trickster grin.  Maybe a new
romance is on the cards...

Chase invited Sidney himself - it was the least he could do
after Sidney signed me to his label.  I’ve been writing and recording for a few
months now, and Sidney says my voice sounds like an angel.  I blush every time
he says it, because I’m sure it’s not true and he’s just being nice, but he’s
very adamant that he wouldn’t have signed me if he didn’t think I could be a

I hope he’s right.  Dear god, I do.

I’ll just have to wait and see what the universe has in

In the mean time, I’ve got my boys to keep me busy.

In fact, against all odds, Chase and Duncan seem to have
become best of friends.  It would have seemed insane to think that would be the
case only a year ago when they were at each other’s throats, but now they’re
always playing holes on the golf course and discussing how the new business is
going from strength to strength.  The shareholders are certainly happy.  Ned
even sent over a bottle of wine when Chase and I announced our plans to

Everything is perfect.

“Are you ready?” asks Chase.

“Yep, been practising all night.  Got to make sure I’m able
to hit the high notes.”

“You know, I’m always happy to help with that.”

He grabs me in his arms and I yelp in joy.

“Stop that,” I say  “What about you?”

He smiles knowingly with a cheeky schoolboy grin.  “I can
handle myself.”

The lights dim and the orchestra begin to play.

Chase leads me up on to the stage hand in hand, my dress
flowing behind like a princess.

Everybody cheers as we nod to the crowd.  Silence falls upon
the hall.

And Chase and I sing our duet.  Our voices fit together and
mould and become as one, as if they were always searching for each other and
now they’re joined and complete.

And everything is in perfect harmony.



About the Author

Sarah P. Lodge is the pseudonym of a famous British screenwriter and author.  When she isn’t writing screenplays and novels, she spends most of her time preoccupied with her kittens.

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