Perfect Match [Mé 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Mé 2

Perfect Match

Who would have thought promoting a dating website that caters to ménage relationships would lead Elise Sinclair straight into the arms of Dakota and Chad Collins?

All she wanted to do was market the site in Triple, Arizona, where there is an abundance of ménages, and then get out of Dodge. But when her cell phone is destroyed, her car breaks down, and the men declare that they think she is meant for them, things go from bad to worse when someone threatens her life.

As an author, Elise couldn’t have come up with a better plot, but this wasn’t one of her books where happy endings are the norm. Seeing as this is real life, Elise can’t write herself out of town or keep her heart protected. Will Dakota and Chad be able to keep her safe? Can they convince Elise that they are her perfect match?

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

36,028 words



Mé 2






Peyton Elizabeth










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Mé 2



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Chapter One


“This is all Shea’s fault,” Elise muttered, angrily throwing a peanut shell on the floor.

She plopped the nut into her mouth and looked around the bar for the two men who made her wish she were in the market for a ménage a trois. If her best friend, Shea, hadn’t come up with such a lame-ass idea of creating a dating site for threesomes, Elise wouldn’t be sitting here now, contemplating what it would be like to have sex with two men. Even though she was an author of ménage books, she had never personally considered that type of relationship before.

What should have been a basic research trip to the town Triple, Arizona, had turned into another thing altogether. All she really needed was information on the founders and she would be able to place the last-minute touches on her manuscript. Instead, here she sat at the local watering hole, trying to figure out why she was acting like a heroine out of one of her books. Her imagination was working overtime, and for the first time in her life, her pussy was wet from a man instead of a sex scene she’d written. Catching sight of Chad and Dakota at the bar, Elise revised that to two men.

Her best friends were also her coauthors for a ménage series that had taken off years ago. Shea and Cyn knew her better than anyone, including her parents. Elise wrote about ménages, but she didn’t live them. In fact, Elise did her best to avoid men in general. So why was she having such a hard time controlling her responses to Chad and Dakota?

Triple certainly knew how to breed their men. Elise had never seen such perfect masculinity in her life. And considering she assisted in picking out the male models for their cover art, she’d seen plenty of men in their Skivvies.

Chad and Dakota Collins had to be at least six feet tall. What she would give to see their chests, which were now covered by T-shirts with the word
written across the front, promoting their bar. Elise had always been partial to a man’s chest, and since she could see the contours of their muscles through the T-shirts, visions of seeing them naked floated through her mind. If she couldn’t get them to sign up for the website, maybe she could get them to pose for one of her covers. Elise cracked open another peanut and tossed the shell, as she thought of the different poses they could be placed in.

Dakota had short black hair with a natural wave to it and shocking blue eyes. Chad’s hair was slightly longer, curling around his ears, but the eyes were a dead giveaway that they were brothers. Hers were blue as well, but seemed dull in comparison. Elise found she wanted to trace the laugh lines around the corners of their eyes, as she found that they were very sensual. They seemed so carefree, as if the world was their little playground. She had never possessed that quality of soaking up life and just living.

Seeing Dakota glance over his shoulder, Elise quickly looked away and clashed stares with another man. Her intention of making sure she wasn’t caught gawking at two men had now been mistaken for flirting with another. And he was just as handsome, although he didn’t have the spark of chemistry that Chad and Dakota had. The peanut got stuck in her throat when the cowboy stood up. Oh no, he was headed her way. She tried to breathe, but ended up in a coughing fit.

Her eyes had filled with tears as she swallowed repeatedly, trying to clear her airway. She felt a hand pat her on the back. Blinking the water from her eyes as she was finally able to breathe, Elise pushed up her black-rimmed glasses to find that it was the cowboy. Managing a smile, Elise frantically thought of what she could say to get rid of him, without sounding rude.

“Elliot, back off. The little blonde is with us.”

Elise leaned back a bit to see that Chad had returned with her beer, and he wasn’t looking too happy. Dakota followed in his footsteps, the same frown marring his face. Her heart skipped a beat at their appearance, but her brain processed his words. Did he just call her a little blonde? And she certainly wasn’t theirs.

“Excuse me, but I’m relatively certain I came to town on my own,” Elise replied, not caring if she sounded like a bitch.

Maybe if they thought she wasn’t worth their time, they would sign up for the dating service. It wasn’t as if she looked like their waitress, with her size-two waist and thirty-eight-double-D breasts. Elise was well aware that she had curves and was in no way sexy like her. Getting them to volunteer to be candidates would solve her problem of involuntarily becoming aroused by just looking at them, as well as complete her division of responsibility in this endeavor.

“But if you’re looking for a woman, I think I have just the thing for you,” Elise offered, wanting to enlist their help and then do what she really came here to do.

“I should have known you two would call first dibs,” Elliot said, cracking a smile. “The first beautiful blonde to grace Triple in years and she’s already off the market.”

As Chad and Dakota took the booth across from her, Elliot leaned down and placed his palms flat on the table. Elise looked from the Collins brothers to Elliot, wondering what she had missed. Did they not just hear her talking to them? She was pretty sure the jukebox at Shooters wasn’t that loud.

“I was never on the market,” Elise snapped, grabbing the beer that Chad had slid across the table. Taking a fortifying sip, she straightened her shoulders and got down to business. The sooner she implemented her plans, the faster she could get out of dodge. “This is the deal. I’m a writer of ménage stories. My friends, who are also my cowriters, are in the process of starting up a ménage dating website. After extensive research, we discovered that Triple is a town that was founded on the lifestyle. We thought we would see if anyone was interested in joining the site to help them find, well, someone who would be—you know what I’m trying to say.”

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