Perfect Match [Mé 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (13 page)


“That’s right, honey, keep rotating your hips like that. Show me you want more.”

Elise hadn’t even realized she was moving until Chad mentioned it. Her body wanted more and was trying to tell that to her scared mind. Once they were in sync, it was a magical feeling. He rotated around and around, and then switched to a thrusting movement. Her pussy wept, wanting the same undertaking. She went back to work sucking on Dakota, while Chad showed her sensations she’d only ever written about. Everything was euphoric until Chad pulled out his thumb.

“Hmmmm,” Elise moaned around Dakota’s dick, hoping that Chad understood. Dakota still had a hold of her head and didn’t seem too inclined to let her come up for air, although she was getting used to breathing through her nose.

“We’re going to take this nice and easy, honey.”

Elise heard something being torn. She knew he was putting on a condom, and for a brief second, she thought she couldn’t do this. If his thumb felt like it was a baseball bat, how would his cock feel? She knew she’d regret not trying it, though, so she braced herself when she felt the tip of his cock at her back door.

“Don’t tense up, Elise. Just like before, push back and bear down.”

She felt Chad place his left hand on the bed and lean over her, without putting any weight on her back. His right hand slipped around and, with his middle finger, found her clit. To say she was wet was an understatement. Her juices had run down her thighs. He then used all his fingers and started rubbing them in a circle. The pressure he used was so intense that she backed away, right onto his dick. The tip slipped in, and there was that intensifying burn that made her want to call a halt to the whole thing.

Dakota started to move her head again, and she found that she was trying to concentrate on too many things. She let Dakota lead, thankful that he was the one moving his hips and holding her head steady. His other hand went to her breast and pinched her nipple. She couldn’t help but move, wanting more.

With each thrust of her hips, Chad’s cock sank deeper into her ass. By the time he was in, she wasn’t sure if she should weep in pain or in pleasure. The two were mingled together until she didn’t know where one began and the other ended. In and out, Chad never varied his rhythm. Sparks started to shoot up her legs. Her pussy tried to clamp down, and it was almost painful when there was nothing for it to grab on to.

Needing something more, Elise couldn’t take the slow pace. She started shoving her hips backward, relishing in the increase in tempo. The burning was now just an itching sensation that needed to be scratched. Chad finally gave her what she wanted and slammed his cock inside of her. The pace was too fast, and Chad had to release her clit in order to hold on to her hips. With one more plunge, Chad’s dick sank balls-deep and caused her release.

Without meaning to, Elise’s hand squeezed Dakota’s shaft so hard, he yelled out. It wasn’t in pain, but pleasure. She felt the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat, and Elise started to swallow. Jet after jet, she made sure she got every drop. Colors lit up the back of her eyelids, the blackness now full of a wonderful display of fireworks.

She felt Chad’s cock expand inside her ass and knew he was coming, too. He shouted out her name and dug his fingers into her hips. He held her still while he shot his load in the condom. She was almost sad that she didn’t feel how warm his seed was, thinking about what it would be like to have him come inside of her.

Knowing that she had sucked Dakota dry, Elise released his dick with one last kiss. She sucked in some air, trying to fight the lightheadedness caused by her orgasm. It had been so intense, she wasn’t sure it was a smart idea to take them both at the same time. Her body responded to them in a way she never would have believed.

Chad slowly pulled out of her and then fell to the side, taking her with him. She was now surrounded by the both of them, the front of her body to Dakota and her back to Chad. Elise rested her head in the crook of Dakota’s neck, her hand on his chest. She had such a thing for pectoral muscles and, even in her exhausted state, used her fingers to trace around the contours. Chad spooned her from behind, keeping her nice and warm.

“You okay?”

Dakota’s chest rumbled as he asked her that question. Was she okay? Physically, she had never felt better. Emotionally was a different story. What had they said to her early this afternoon? They were falling in love with her, and had tried to prove it with every word they said and every action they took. She found she was doing the same, losing her heart in a very short span of time. It was very similar to the heroines in her books, but would she get her happily ever after?

“Honey, answer us before we think we hurt you,” Chad ordered, the worry evident in his voice. “And we couldn’t stand that if it were true.”

“I’m better than okay,” Elise murmured honestly, closing her eyes in exhaustion as sleep started to claim her. Her cheek stung, pressed against Dakota’s skin, but she was too comfortable to move otherwise. She finally realized that it wasn’t them that would hurt her. But who wanted her gone?

Chapter Thirteen


“Tracy, you don’t want to do this.”

“Shut up,” Tracy snapped, shoving the barrel of the gun into Elise’s back. “Just keep walking.”

Elise tried not to let the fear show through her voice. When all hell had broken out at the bar, Elise had stopped writing and was about to walk over to see what was happening. Tracy coming up behind her with a gun had stopped her from going any farther. She had threatened to shoot Elise right on the spot if she didn’t do exactly as she said, and for a brief second, Elise hesitated. She knew from researching things for her stories that if you were ever in a position where someone wanted to take you out of a public place, the likelihood of surviving was nil. But Tracy must have known she’d balk at leaving, because then she whispered into her ear that she would shoot Chad or Dakota if Elise didn’t leave with her. That was a chance Elise wasn’t willing to take, so she did as Tracy said.

Unfortunately, that meant she was now in the middle of nowhere, walking into a barn in which she would probably die. Elise mentally shook her head at that thought, refusing to believe that she wouldn’t live to see Chad or Dakota again. She just needed to be as smart as the heroines she wrote about. They always managed to get out of any danger she placed them in.

“Why are you doing this?”

“Because Chad and Dakota are mine. You had to come and mess my whole plan up, didn’t you?” Tracy held the gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. “Pull that chain above you.”

Elise looked up to see where she was shining the light and saw a rusted silver chain dangling from a wooden beam. Reaching up, she did as Tracy ordered and the barn lit up in the middle from what was probably a 40-watt bulb. It wasn’t bright enough to lighten the entire place, but it gave enough shine that Tracy shut off her flashlight and threw it to the ground.

Pointing with the gun, she motioned that Elise was to walk over to a wooden beam. “Go sit, with your back against that wood, and your hands behind the post.”

Damn, Elise thought, Tracy was going to tie her up. How was she going to escape then? Chad and Dakota had to have realized she was gone by now. They would be searching frantically for her, but how would they know to look for her way out here? Tracy had had her drive at least ten minutes out of town.

Having no choice at the moment but to do as directed, Elise walked over to the wooden beam and sank to her butt, situating herself on the dirty floor of the barn. This was not exactly how she had envisioned her life ending.

“Tracy, think about what you are doing. You could go to jail for the rest of your life, and then what?”

“They’ll never know it was me. You even said yourself that a man had been attacking you. They will think he got a hold of you and took you to this place, only to kill you. I have nothing to worry about.”

Tracy grabbed some rope that was hanging up on a nail and walked back over to her. Elise knew this was going to be her one and only chance of escape. Tracy would have to put down the gun in order to tie her up. When she did that, Elise would make a grab for the gun and hopefully reach it first. Regrettably, it looked like Tracy wanted to talk a little more.

“What is it that you have and I don’t?”

Elise knew better than to answer that question. Anything she said was bound to make Tracy angry. Trying to come up with something that wouldn’t do that, Elise tried to switch tactics.

“I was leaving town tomorrow, Tracy. You didn’t have to do this.”

“I don’t believe you.” Tracy waved the gun around and then pointed it back at her. “You’ve been here too long as it is, which made me have to leave. I’ve worked for months getting them to notice me. They told me all about their dream house they are building, how the bar is finally starting to turn a profit, and how good life is treating them. Why would they tell me all of that if they didn’t want me to be a part of their lives? Everyone respects them. If I married them, people would have to respect me, too.”

“Tracy, people do respect you.”

“Shut up! You don’t know anything,” Tracy screamed, waving the gun around. “You and your little red convertible. The minute I saw you pull up, I knew you were trouble. But I’m smarter than you, and no one will ever know that it was me that got rid of you. I couldn’t have planned things better, making them think it was a man who was after you the entire time.”

Elise had been gauging the distance between them, thinking maybe by running into her, she could wrestle the gun away. Tracy’s last statement gave her pause.

“What do you mean, you made them think it was a man who attacked me? It was a man.”

“Damn straight, I’m a man.”

Elise gasped when she saw a man step into the barn. Tracy gave her a self-righteous smile, as if now she could end what she started. Elise kicked herself mentally, knowing that her chance of escape had just passed. There was no way she would be able to get past both of them. Dread started to pool in her stomach.

“It worked just like you said it would, Tracy. Tim didn’t press charges and I got to walk.”

“That’s because Tim is a pussy and scared to death of his own shadow.”

“You were the one who attacked me?” Elise knew it was stupid to even ask the question, but she couldn’t help herself.

“I knew I needed them to think someone was after you, especially when your body shows up. This way, I’m in the clear. And guess what? I get to comfort Chad and Dakota. I will make them see how much better off they are without you. And all the while, the police will be looking for a man. It’s perfect.”

“You are so delusional,” Elise whispered in horror. That was not the thing to say, as Tracy closed the few steps and swung the gun across her face. The pain blossomed throughout her head, causing Elise to cry out.

“You’re the one who’s crazy, if you thought for a minute I would let you get your hands on Chad and Dakota. They are mine!”

“And what about Dale?” Elise asked, holding her hand to her cheek. She knew she needed to keep them talking, to give her time to come up with a way to escape. She wasn’t going to just sit here and let them kill her. “They are running his DNA through the system. It’s only a matter of time before they catch him.”

“What?” Dale screamed. “Tracy, you didn’t say anything about that! Fuck! I’m going to go to jail!”

“You are not going to jail, Dale. She’s lying, just trying to buy time.” Tracy threw the rope at him. “And she’s not going to get it. Tie her up. We’ll burn the barn with her in it. The faster they find her body, the faster I can console Chad and Dakota.”

“I scratched his arm, Tracy. I’m not lying. Ask him.”

Elise knew this was her ticket out of here. Dale was starting to panic. She would use that to her advantage, hoping that he would be too scared to go along with Tracy’s plan. She didn’t want to die.

At that moment, Elise realized she truly loved Chad and Dakota. She wanted to spend her life with them, doing their best to obtain the happiness that their parents had. Elise wanted to have their children, maybe a little girl that would have her dads wrapped around her little finger, or a son, who would take after his fathers. She wanted a future with them.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Tracy, we’ve got to get out of here!”

“Stop panicking! Just tie her up!”

“I’m not doing anything more, Tracy! It’s me that’s going to go to jail if you kill her!

“You’re right. So I’ll just shoot her now.”


* * * *


“Are you sure that’s where he was heading?”

Dakota had never felt so terrified in his life. The woman they loved was in the hands of two deranged people, and it was their fault. How could they have not seen how insane Tracy was? Were they that obtuse to miss the signs? It was a good thing Russ and Cam had still been in the parking lot when Dale had left the bar. They heard him on the phone, apparently leaving Tracy a message from the way he was speaking. When he said that their plan had gone exactly as they intended, Russ and Cam immediately called Dakota.

“Yes, we followed him and parked around a quarter mile away. We’re going in on foot.”

“Don’t you do a damn thing that will get Elise killed, do you hear me?” Dakota motioned for Chad to drive faster. “Try to hold them off until we get there. Luke is behind us, and he has notified Sheriff Whittington.”

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