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Authors: Rachel Real

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Purrfect Paradise (Bayside Tigers #4)

Purrfect Paradise

(Bayside Tigers Series)


By Rachel Real

© 2015 by Rachel Real. All rights reserved.

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Explicit and graphic love scenes are ahead. If you are uncomfortable with VERY GRAPHIC sex, turn back now. This book is intended for readers 18+


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Chapter One


slip moonlight shone through the boat window as it anchored at the dock. Lilith Summers waited too long for this day. The day she escaped from her husband. With her fingers, Lilly raked back the loose strands from her hair and looped it in a ponytail. Looking in a mirror, her eyes traced all of the old scars along her chin and upper neck.

No matter what, even if I escape him. I'll never forget what he did to me.
Lilly pondered gawking at the dirty work of her ex-husband.

She'd been trapped in a marriage with her loveless husband Hogan, who made her terrified for her own life. She knew that if she stayed, he’d kill her. Lilly got tired of all of the bruises, the beatings and hearing the drunken sweet nothings in her ear.

With only the money in her pocket, she asked the ticket agent for the first ticket available from Long Island.

"Bayside," The agent replied.

And that's how she ended up here, standing on the docks at midnight looking for a new place to call her home. Lilly trotted down the main path and took a turn onto the Main Street and her eyes squinted at a neon sign:

Wildcat Diner OPEN 24 HOURS! NOW HIRING!

After taking hold of her backpack nearly sliding off of her shoulders, Lilly drifted into the diner. The smell of hot homemade food hit her as she took a seat. Lilly grabbed a few napkins, plastic forks and knives and stuffed them deep inside her pockets—just in case.

She jumped at the sound of feedback echoing in her ears. A young handsome man with forbidding eyes sat on a stool in the corner, tuning the strings of his electric guitar.

Suddenly, a waiter came around with a pad and pencil in hand. He looked just as delectable as the guitar player. He had smooth golden skin, his biceps flexed easily underneath his sleeves.

"Hey, ma'am. Welcome to the Wildcat Diner. What can I get for you tonight?"

Lilly jumped at the lush husky growl in his voice. The waiter had a pair of vivid golden eyes that flashed underneath the light. Lilly never saw anything like it before. He looked young but at distinguished stubble on his face.

Lilly cleared her throat after being caught off guard. "I, uh. I'd like some coffee with cream—no sugar."

"Coming right up," he winked.

Her attention then turned to the man sitting on the stool, strumming his guitar with a soft sultry singing voice. He wore a tight fitting heather gray henley and a black string necklace threaded through a very sharp old tooth. Lilly knew she didn’t have enough money to pay for the cup of coffee. So, she planned to drink half and ditch the rest.

The customer’s always right, right?
She thought.

The waiter came back.

"Here ya are..." he smiled and then walked away from the table.

"Hi, excuse me," Lilly called. "I specifically asked for no sugar."

"You sure there's sugar in there?"

Lilly glowered. "Of course, I'm sure. I bet your Manager wouldn’t like the fact that you’re second guessing your customers...” she read his name tag. “... Bodhi Wilder."

Bodhi chuckled and raised his eyebrows. "I dunno. Let me ask him."

"What do you think
," the Bodhi pointed at himself. And then Lilly flinched, realizing the mistake she made.

"Nice try. We get scammers and drifters hoping to get one over on me all of the about instead of trying to get a free meal you work for me?" Bodhi asked. "There's plenty of cleaning to do. And I never mind offering help to those who need it."

"Who's the guy playing the music?" Lilly looked curiously at the strappingly gorgeous man singing his heart out in the dark low-lit corner.

"That's my brother, Sage. He likes to play a set here every night—plus the free beers..."

Sage looked up from his guitar and gave a sharp lustful gaze in Lilly's direction. She looked down immediately, a little confused by what she just saw. He placed his guitar down between songs. A blonde waitress strutted up to him and slung her arm around his shoulders. Lilly rolled her eyes, watching the mysterious woman snicker and giggle...

Obvious flirt alert!

Although she couldn't hear a single word they were saying, the blonde started getting a little
close. And a little
handsy. Sage said something, pulling her wrist away from his face.

The young girl huffed. And Lilith was shocked to see these long nails rake across Sage's clenched jaw.

"Typical Sage," Bodhi announced shaking his head. “But if you really want the job, you've got it. No questions asked."

Lilly did need the job. She didn't want to take her luck for granted.

"Can you start next morning?" Bodhi looked at her with sincere eyes.

"I'm kinda in need for a place to stay?"

Bodhi considered it for a moment. "There's a bed and breakfast right around the corner, called The Olde Habour Inn. Then there's the Mystic Hotel and finally I have a spare room upstairs, it's a supply pantry but I could clear it out so you'd have some place to lay your head."

Lilly felt worried with just how quickly Bodhi welcomed her into his life. She met Hogan in a similar way. Hogan, her ex-husband only friended Lilith so quickly that so he could control her.

Bodhi only wanted to make Lilly feel comfortable. "Don't worry. I sleep in the diner but my room is in a separate corner upstairs. We’ll share a shower in the middle of the hall—but otherwise we’ll never have to bump into each other...” With little choice left, Lilly decided to take the job.

"When can I start?" she asked.

Chapter Two

ilith woke up to something frying on the griddle. She rubbed her eyes with her fists and then gazed at her scars again in the mirror.

"You need to get down here, Lilly," Bodhi shouted from downstairs. "You said you wanted a job...not just a free ride and a warm bed."

Lilith peeked out of her eye and glanced at the digital clock on top of a metal stool. It was way too early for Lilly. She never woke up this early, even for her thankless retail job.

"Can you just give me one more hour?" she asked.

"No." Bodhi curtly responded, throwing an apron on her bed.

The bells on the door jingled. Sage strolled through. Lilith's lips parted slightly as she watched him approach the diner counter and lean forward with his guitar case on his back. Her eyes scanned up to the small scratch on his face.

"Looks like a nasty scratch," Lilly spoke.

"Well, my ex-girlfriend Tallulah has a
nasty attitude on her for what it's worth," Sage stressed rubbing his cheek.

Lilly arched her brow. "Sounds like you probably deserved it then."

Sage shifted his weight while plunkering down his guitar case.

minute. Who are

"I'm the new girl..."

"See what I’m saying, Bo. If you let me do the hiring. You might actually get some good help ‘round here!” Sage hollered at the kitchen.

They both turned as Bodhi shouted from the kitchen. "Sure, what a great idea, Sage. Because what I need is another pretty face who can't manage to write up a ticket for a glass of water..."

Still, Lilith couldn't take her eyes away from Sage’s scar. It didn't look like anything a human could have done.

Lilly grabbed a handful of ice from a bucket and plopped it in a ziplock bag.

, you need to numb it. Just so the swelling can finally go down," she sighed.

She lightly dabbed his face with a gentle touch. Then Lilith rocked back as she felt a tightness on her wrist as Sage gripped her arm.

"Like this," he growled. "You need to hold it like this.

God, those eyes.

Those eyes almost seemed to pierce down into the deepest pit of her soul. Sage had a dirty look in those enchanting eyes, forcing Lilith to look down.

"Looks like you've got a few battle scars of your own..." Sage rolled off the cuff, noticing the healed scars raking across Lilly's neck.

Lillith leaned back and rose up to her feet.

"I think that's enough of that..." she expressed. Letting her guard down too soon, wasn't what she intended. And she sure as
didn't need to explain her past to anyone. Lilly fell silent, grabbed the ice bucket and placed it back where she found it.

"Woah, now the ice queen's taking over..." Sage teased, shaking his head.

Lilly clenched some freezing cold ice in the palm of her hand. Once she reeled back, she hurled it in Sage's face.

"Don't talk about me like you know one goddamn thing about me!" she snapped.

Bodhi rushed his heavy body towards the counter. "What the hell is going on out there?"

Sage only offered her a cheeky cat-like smile. He grasped his guitar with one hand and stole a beer from behind the counter.

"Sage, I think it's best you be goin'. Just make sure to show up on time for tonight..." Bodhi scolded.

"Sure thing, Hoss..." he replied trotting backwards and exiting out of the door.

"Your brother is a certified jackass..." Lilith grumbled.

Bodhi shrugged. "Believe it or not, that's a compliment to some of the other things I've heard... C'mon we gotta lot of work cut out for us to be ready for tonight..."


riday Night. A packed house.

Inside, Lilith panicked. The dinner rush had her nerves rattled.
Okay, table 3 wanted a Caesar salad, chili fries and a cherry cola. Table 8 wanted a Wild Cat triple stack with a side of onion rings...

Lilly mumbled to herself hoping to get the orders right.

"TABLE THREE... TABLE NINE!" Bodhi roared, hitting the silver bell on the counter.

"You gonna get that. Or, are you just gonna stand there?" Tallulah said snapping her gum. Sweat poured down Lilly's neck as she scrambled to the counter to pick up the dishes. Without thinking, Lilly plopped them down.

The customer looked at the plate and snorted. "Excuse me, How do you expect me to eat this without a fork and knife..."

"I'm so sorry," Lilly cried. She scurried to the kitchen and grabbed the silverware and rushed it on the table.

"Is this
gluten free
?" The five year old at the table hissed.

If she'd didn't take a break, Lilly thought her head would explode. Sage just arrived to start playing his set.

He looked over at Jenny completely frazzled. Sage swept his guitar towards his chest and waved Lilly to join him.

"How about everyone give the new girl a round of applause for bustin’ her sweet little ass..." he growled.

From the back, Tallulah rolled her eyes.

"Wait what are you doing?" Lilith cried.

"Rescuing you from this Friday night hellhole..." Sage spoke from the corner of his mouth. "Now, just sit tight and let me work my magic..."

Lilly folded her arms annoyed. She watched as Sage played his country soul music. Most of the people got up from their seats, clapping and dancing around the tables. They crooned along so loud they drowned out Sage's savory deep voice. Lilly couldn't believe Bodhi's half-assed brother actually came through for her...


t the end of the night. Bodhi divvied out the checks.

"Here you are Tallulah, don't go spending it all on French manicures..."

Tallulah only snatched the check from Bodhi’s hands.

He then started to hand another over to Sage. "Remember, what I told you. Don't blow it all at the Drunken Claw..." Bodhi warned.

"Sure thing,
," Sage grunted.

Bodhi looked at Lilly last. They both shared a smile.

"Here ya are darlin'. Hard day's pay for a hard day's work," Bodhi leaned in closely to Lilly's ear. Sage cocked his head in the other direction when his brother drifted too close to Lilly. Bodhi also had eyes on the curvy bombshell. Sage only wanted Lilith all to himself.

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