Romance Omega Style [Resistant Omegas 9] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour ManLove)

Resistant Omegas 9

Romance Omega Style

Almost two years ago Tristan was claimed by his inner circle… No one would have guessed that such an insignificant event would be the catalyst to change everything.

Worried about the consequences of Boston last month, the Omegas get together to come up with a plan B. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a romantic escape. They could all use a break, and since most of them have never had a vacation, they’re all looking forward to it.

And then they realize how silly that was. Nothing ever goes according to plan and their lives are always full of chaos. Why would their vacation be any different? With all the added outside pressure now and trying to juggle the feelings of four people in each mating, fights are breaking out. Will some of them return home no longer mated or will love win out? And what’s the big holiday surprise?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Vampires/Werewolves

37,411 words



Resistant Omegas 9






Joyee Flynn











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To everyone who accepts the flaws… Mine, the Omegas’, the characters’, loved ones’, friends’, and just enjoys the experience of knowing them anyways. No one is perfect.


Resistant Omegas 9



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Chapter 1




“Let me get this straight. You bought a yacht and have
idea how to drive a boat?” I drawled as I stared at Brody like he was nuts.

“Well I definitely wasn’t going to buy a
when I didn’t think any of us knew how to fly,” he growled. “Unless you’d like to swim to this place we need some transportation. Besides, I figured Bay, Levey, and Harkin would know how since they
boats at Medical Lake.”

“We have some power boats that can sit up to twenty for a few hours of fishing,” Bay groaned and rolled his eyes. “Not a four-level, over-two-hundred-foot yacht that’s going almost a thousand miles on the

“Fine, I fucked up,” Brody shouted, his eyes filling with tears. “I was told to handle transportation. It’s not like I could call you guys and ask what you want to do for our secret getaway to check out a group of islands that Lord Ellys assures us is there but can’t be found on Google fucking Maps. I wasn’t even going to tell them the plan yet but Wes said we had to do it now. We even cut our plans short of giving other inner circles in Florida a vacation for this.”

He nodded to his inner circle and I cringed. Guess they hadn’t said
I love you
yet and he fully trusted them.

“Well, if you had I could have told you we wouldn’t need the Medical Lake crew,” Lief said easily as he stretched out his arms and cracked his neck. “You have a Marine for a man, sweet thang, and that’s a branch of the United States Navy. I can drive this bad boy and probably get hard from all the power.”

“You know, I was going to offer my services,” Carter Whelan bitched. “Had to open your mouth first.”

“He’s my Omega and of course I’m going to step right up and have his back.” Lief hugged Brody and pretended to dust off his backside. “Yup, back all clean now. So everyone coming aboard or what?”

“I still get to drive. I’m an Alpha,” Carter answered as he grabbed our bags.

“But you’re not
Alpha,” Lief chuckled.

“Guys, it’s like a thousand-mile trip. I’m sure there’s time for both of you to drive and teach a few of us how to use the yacht in case something happens and you’re not the first escape group,” I said as we all climbed up the plank onto the yacht. “And who was in charge of food?”

“I was and I might have gone a little overboard,” Brody mumbled. “I was nervous if we couldn’t find the island that we’d starve on the trip back. I got some fishing equipment too, thinking if nothing else we could fish.”

“Hey, there’s no going overboard with a bunch of werewolves when it comes to food,” Tristan chuckled. “Asher’s chef this trip, right? Okay, so check over what Brody got, see if you need anything else. We’ve got a week on the island and we don’t know if there’s going to be food there.”

“Shit, I didn’t know that,” Brody groaned, shaking his head.

“We didn’t either,” Tristan said easily, shrugging his massive shoulders. “We realized it on the flight to Miami that there might not be provisions when we got there so we should plan for it.”

“You did good, Brody,” I whispered as I pulled him off to the side. “This is amazing and you’re sharing with the rest of us. We just showed up and you’ve done all this planning. There’s no instruction manual to being an Omega or planning for the worst-case scenario. Be proud you thought so big because most people tend to underplan.”

“Thanks, Vencentio. That’s really nice of you to say.” He gave me a real smile and I returned it, feeling good that I eased what he’d been feeling.

“I think you did great, darling,” Jaxon said as he came up to us. “This boat is a thing of beauty and probably cost you a lot of that pirate treasure.”

“It didn’t actually. I made a deal with the Italian government with the help of Meredith the vampire to return those items to the Vatican. They said they couldn’t technically pay me for stolen property but they had thousands of items that they’d confiscated from criminals that they could gift me for my honesty and generosity in returning what wasn’t mine. They sent me a list, told me to pick whatever I wanted, and I went with the yacht and several other items.”

“Look at you, haggling with the Italian government. Be proud, Brody, because that’s awesome, man,” I chuckled, slapping him on the shoulder. “Totally awesome. What else did you get?”

“A few Jet Skis, a few WaveRunners, though I’m not sure what the difference is, two dozen sets of scuba gear, and several other items that they were all too happy to part with to get the Vatican artifacts back,” he answered with a smile. “I think I made a good deal. They were very excited when they met me this morning and handed me the keys to the boat, all the legal documents, and threw in a few cases of real Italian wine and bubbly. The man kept kissing my cheeks.”

“Yeah, and here he told us nothing about this and said he wanted to do some shopping in the hotel lobby while we were all half asleep still,” Jaxon half growled. “You’re lucky you’re okay or I would have been really pissed.”

“Sorry about that. I think I’m ready to be more open once we see the island and have a plan for what comes next if we need it,” Brody said quietly and I understood what he was saying. He loved them and he wanted to trust them more.

“I’m going to go stow my stuff,” I mumbled before quickly making myself scarce. They were talking about private stuff and they didn’t need someone they barely knew to be hearing that. I mean, I liked them, but we’d just met in person so it was a new relationship. I found Marlow bringing more bags on board and smiled. He was always the first to offer his help no matter how small or menial the job. “Found our room?”

“Yeah,” he answered, giving me a wink. “It’s small but swank. I think Brody did well. We’ve all got our own rooms on this monster so even if the island doesn’t work out we really could just live on this yacht if shit ever went down with the Council again. We could hop from island to island or cross the ocean if we wanted to.”

“That’s cool. Yeah, I think he’s being too hard on himself,” I agreed. “I think I help set his nerves at ease. You won’t believe how he got the boat.” He raised an eyebrow at me as he led us to our room and I filled him in.

“And he’s only twenty-one? Yeah, I’d be proud as hell to make a deal like that with another
even at my age. To make it at his after what he’s been through is just, wow.”

“A little awestruck by the hot Omega?” I drawled, smacking his ass as he set down the bags in our room. “There’s only one little blond you better be sniffing after, Marlow Gardner. It’s bad enough Carter’s
with another Omega on this ship already.” Marlow ignored that, knowing it was a sore subject for me that Carter was seeing Sampson again.

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