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Mountain Magic


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Table of Contents


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Table of Contents

Mile High Club

Mountain Magic

Vegas Trio


Mile High Club

Tina traveled frequently for her job. She was a career woman who held a high
executive position in her company. She had flown more times in one year than
most people do in a lifetime. Today she was traveling to Japan to work on a new
contract to boost her company’s international sales. If was a high pressure
meeting where things needed to go just right or the deal would never even get
off the floor.

One luxury of being an executive was Tina got to fly first
class. She usually flew the same airline as well and knew most of the flight
attendants by first name. As Tina got on the plane she couldn’t help notice she
was the only one in the first class section. Tina thought this was awesome as
she could lie down and take a nap across a couple of the seats.

Rick was the first class flight attendant today. Tina loved
it when Rick was her flight attendant because he was very handsome and had a
fun personality. Rick often flirted with Tina and Tina ate it up because it made
the flight go by faster and her lifestyle didn’t let her have much of a love

The flight started in the usual way and Rick stopped by to
see if Tina wanted a drink. Tina really did. The stress of this meeting had her
on edge and she could use a little something to help her relax. Rick came back
with her usual, she smiled and paid him. Tina’s first drink went down so smooth
and tasted so good she decided to have another. Tina motioned to Rick for
another one.

Rick brought her drink and stayed for a few minutes to chit
chat. Since there weren’t any other first class people on the plane, Rick had
plenty of time to talk. Tina decided to get one more drink. She was feeling
really free and relaxed now. As her and Rick talked, she couldn’t help but
notice the size of Rick’s biceps. He must be putting a lot of time in at the
gym she thought.

It had been a while since she had been with anyone and his
muscular body was really turning her on. Rick was flirting with her in his
usual way, but this time she decided to play along. She nudged up against him
and flirted back with him. Rick smiled as he wasn’t really sure what to think.
Tina had never flirted back before.

Tina asked Rick if she could have a blanket. Rick said he
would get her one. Tina studied Rick’s firm ass as he walked away. Tina really
liked what she saw. While Rick was getting the blanket, Tina went into the
bathroom and slipped her panties off and put them in her purse. Luckily for her
she had worn a short business skirt.

Rick returned with the blanket and gave it to Tina. Tina
slid over to the inside seat and asked Rick to sit with her to chat some more.
Rick loved talking with Tina so he sat down and started talking. Tina spread
the blanket over her lap. She reached over and pulled Rick’s hand under the
blanket. She slid his hand up her thigh until she knew he could feel her pussy.

Rick’s heart started pounding as he started playing with
Tina’s clit. Tina let out a moan that told Rick he was doing something right.
As Rick rubbed Tina’s pussy more and more, he could feel his cock trying to get
rock hard inside his tight pants. Tina looked down at his crotch and smiled.
She stretched the blanket over his lap as well, undid his pants and started
stroking his cock under the blanket.

Rick could feel how wet Tina’s pussy was now. Between Rick
playing with her pussy and her rubbing his cock, Tina was getting really
excited. Suddenly, Tina pulled Rick’s hand out from under the blanket, pulled
the blanket over her head and started giving Rick one of the best blow jobs of
his life.

Rick reclined the leather seat back. He could feel Tina
slowly licking the head of his cock. Then she tried to put his whole cock in
her mouth, but he could tell she was struggling to do so. This made Rick smile even
more as he knew he had a big cock and he loved to please women with it.

Tina could tell Rick’s cock was getting harder and harder
and that if she kept going he would blow his load. She didn’t want that to
happen just yet, so she sat back up and winked at Rick. She pulled her skirt
all the way up her legs and bent over pushing her naked ass in Rick’s
direction. Rick didn’t need any more directions. He turned in the seat and
pushed his stiff cock against Tina’s pussy. She was so wet that it just slid in.
He got almost all the way in and bottomed out on Tina. She looked back and said
“Oh, big boy eh.”

Tina smiled at Rick as she loved the feeling of having her
pussy completely full of cock. Rick started fucking her. They were both doing
their best to moan under their breath. Once in a while one of them would let a
little bit louder one slip out and the other would half laugh, half moan under
their breath.

Tina could feel her orgasm building inside her. She felt as
though a tower was being built inside her and the workers were all the way to
the top floor now. Tina didn’t know how much longer she could wait. She looked
back at Rick and Tina could tell he was trying to hold out, but Tina’s pussy
was so tight around his big cock that he wasn’t going to make it much longer.

Tina let go. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Rick
felt her pussy start pulsating and it threw him over the edge as well. He
filled Tina’s throbbing pussy with his warm cum. Rick kept pumping his cock in
Tina until he could tell her orgasm had completely relaxed her. Rick pulled out
and sat back down in the chair. Tina rolled over and sat next to Rick.

After a few minutes of just feeling like they were both in
heaven, they fixed their clothes and Rick got up to make a fresh pot of coffee.
Tina could see Rick writing something but couldn’t tell what. Rick returned
with a fresh coffee and on her napkin it said “Welcome to the Mile High Club.
” Tina looked at Rick and they both
immediately started laughing.

Mountain Magic

Jen had been hiking with her good friend Ryan many times before. They had one
of those friendships where they could tell each other everything but for some
reason just wasn’t anything more than a friendship. Jen had always thought Ryan
liked her more than he let on, but she figured he was playing hard to get.

Many nights Jen had played with herself thinking about
sleeping with Ryan. She had heard so much about his love life, what he liked,
what he didn’t like, she knew she could show him a better time than any of his
previous girlfriends. Jen was just afraid that if they slept together that it
would ruin their friendship and it was the best friendship she had. If she went
down that road and it didn’t work out it could mean a huge loss in her life.

Jen had given this hiking trip much thought and had decided
Ryan would be perfect for her. She decided that it was worth the risk to see if
they were either going to be more than they are today or possibly nothing at

Jen and Ryan started up the hiking trail as usual, well Ryan
thought so anyway. Jen decided to wear a tight pair of hiking shorts, but to
not put any panties on. Only someone that was really close to her, or helping
her climb would notice, Ryan hopefully.

As they climbed up the mountain they reached a section where
it was difficult to reach the first rung of some metal lattice work that had
been driven into the rock to create some form of a ladder. Jen asked Ryan to
give her a boost up to the first rung. As Ryan was boosting Jen up to the first
rung he noticed he could see her pussy through the side of her shorts. Ryan
almost dropped Jen from both his excitement and his astonishment.

Jen knew from Ryan’s sudden lack of concentration what had
happened. The first phase of her plan had worked perfectly. From that point on
Ryan was very eager to help Jen up and over any obstacle that was in their way
up to the top of the mountain.

After about an hour Jen asked Ryan if he wanted to take a
short break and have a snack. Ryan agreed and they stopped along the side of
the trail. Jen took off her pack and asked Ryan to grab a granola bar out of
her outside pocket.

Ryan put his hand in the pocket to grab a granola bar and
when his hand came out he was holding Jen’s vibrator. Ryan’s face got all red.
Jen just looked at him and laughed. She told him he would have to wait to use
that a little later. Ryan got a big smile on his face and Jen told him the
granola bars were in the other outside pocket.

Jen’s plan was really working now as she could see a slight
bulge in Ryan’s shorts. Ryan may have been playing hard to get, but before this
day was over all his defenses where going to be destroyed and his lust for Jen
would be too much for him to hold back any longer.

Jen and Ryan put their packs back on and continued up the
mountain. They stopped every now and then to look at the beautiful view. Jen
couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was perfect, her company was
perfect, and she felt like she was on top of the world.

Jen and Ryan reached the top of the mountain a little after
5 PM. They took some pictures of the mountain and themselves. They were both
having a great time. Jen could tell that Ryan was both turned on and he was
letting himself get a little closer to her than he usually would.

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