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Sexed into Submission

By Julie


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Spanish Dictionary




Belleza- Beauty

- Goddess

- Babe, baby

querida- Sweetheart

- Seductress, temptress

mojada para ti… - I’m wet for you

necesito, Master- I need you, Master.

, en este momento- Explain to me, in this moment.

, belleza- Fuck me, beauty.

abado- Finished= Safeword

fin, mi belleza se despierta- Finally, my beauty wakes.

me vuelves loca- You drive me crazy.

paso, mi belleza, te doy permiso- Ride me, my beauty, you have my permission.

bella dama es suyo- This beautiful lady is yours?

, me allegro de verte- Son, it’s nice to see you.

te sientes tan jodidamente buena- God, you feel so fucking good.

cuidado con eso, nos vamos- Take care of this, we’re leaving.

mío, no- God, no.

todo tuyo- I am yours.

hecho, eres mia- Indeed, you’re mine.

dios, belleza, lo siento mucho- Dear God, beauty, I’m so sorry.








Love. It isn’t for me. Emotions, in general, are for the weak. Daughter of a housewife whore, and a fuck-all-his-clients attorney, I learned early on that ‘love’ doesn’t truly exist. My father was never home, always traveling or at a bar fucking any broad with blonde hair and silicone tits. My mother, well, she screwed anything with a third leg, muscles, and tattoos. I owe a big thanks to the both of them for passing the fuck-‘em-and-leave-‘em gene along to me. Always fuck, never love, that’s my rule to live by.

My mother wasn’t a parent
. She was more like my best friend. The summer before my junior year of high school, my mother and I went shopping for new bikinis. Growing up in Phoenix, my mother and I spent most of our days lying out by the pool. When we arrived to the shop, I went for a simple neon green string bikini, a color that would irradiate my sun-kissed skin. Of course, my mom found a hot pink piece she thought would look fabulous on me. She barged into my dressing room and tossed the swimsuit in my direction. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting her to just barge in and throw shit at me, so it fell to the ground, exposing my glorious birthday suit and me. Her eyes went wide, and her mouth fell open. From head to toe, she examined her naked creation. That summer my body filled out marvelously. My hips spread just a touch, giving me an hourglass figure. My once C cup breasts magnified to Ds. My stomach remained flat as an ironing board, and thanks to cheerleading, my ass remained round and firm.

a smile filled with pride stretched across her Botox injected face, she said, “Piper, my baby, your body is fabulous, a weapon.” Her eyes remained glued to me as I slipped on the neon material. “Listen to me, Piper. If you never remember a word I’ve spoken, remember this: you’ll never want for anything as long as you learn how to use your body as the weapon it is. Flaunt it and use it to your advantage.”

From that point on, I sat back and took notes as I watched her manipulate every man she let step foot inside my father’s home. A year ago, I put her advice to practice, and no truer words have ever been spoken.

One last time, I turn and examine myself in the full-length mirror. Taking the hairspray, I spray my locks, and then use my fingers to ruffle it, giving a messy, yet sexy just-fucked appearance. Picking up my tube of lipstick, I coat my full lips a fuckable, fire engine red. When the music stops, and the lights shut off, I know it’s my time to shine.

eight-inch platform heels clink against the hardwood stage as I make my way front and center, ready to give these rich and horny bastards the show of their life, just like I always do. Lining my spine with the cool steel, I get into position and gaze out into the crowd. All I can see are dark shadows and the twinkling eyes of twelve or so members surrounding the edge of the stage. When the red light above my head brightens, I reach my hands over my head and grip the pole behind me. As I wait for my music to begin, hoots, hollers, and whistles fill the room. An impatient member bellows from afar, “Come on, sweetheart. Shake that sweet ass!” Ha! There’s nothing sweet about me. My body, face and smile, they’re all tools to lure you cheating fucks into my trap. Build you up, fuck your brains out, and milk you for all you’re worth. That’s what I do. My pussy’s sweet as molasses, but my heart pumps vicious venom, or so I’ve been told.

The music play
s and red and white lights flash along with the beat. When the artist’s voice fills the room, the red and white flashes of light disappear. Fluorescent black lights surround the stage, illuminating my white two-piece and shimmery, bronzed skin. Snaking myself down the pole, I grind my hands along the sides of my body and go into a split. Licking and biting my lips, I seduce the crowd with my crystal blue eyes, which I’m sure look wicked under the UV lights.

Pulling my legs to
gether, I lie back against the wood and roll into a back flip. Taking hold of the pole; I invert my body, hook my legs, and squeeze my knees around it. Holding on with only one hand, I extend my body so it’s parallel to the floor. Then, I lift my legs toward my face so they make a V and hover over the length of my body. Slowly, I spiral down the pole in a spinning helicopter. Gracefully, I stand to my feet and grip the steel once more. Just like an acrobat I flip my body over my head and place my hands flat on the floor so I’m in a handstand position. Upside down, I climb up and do a few sexy moves to tease the crowd before I dismount and lower myself onto the floor.

One handed, I lift my long locks away from my neck and reach around to untie my top, removing it from my body and tossing it aside. Like a cougar searching for her prey, I get on all fours and skim the crowd, looking for the wealthiest man to give my undivided attention. This is a complex task. Unlike most clubs, who let in every Tom, Dick, and Harry to grope their dancers, Dean’s strict about who he lets obtain membership. Contract states that members can make no less than six figures per year, and they have to prove it by providing Dean federal tax returns.

As usual, m
ost of the men are in business suits, so it can be difficult to tell which one’s willing to make it rain. Fuck making it rain, I’m on the prowl for someone who’s willing to flood me with Benjamins. Finally, I catch a glimpse of an unfamiliar face: my victim. Straight-ahead, at dead center of the stage, my eyes link with awe-inspiring eyes, momentarily causing me to tremble. I can tell by the way he’s dressed casually in a white button down shirt, no tie or jacket that he’s not a regular. Also, he’s younger than our usual crowd, appearing to be in his early thirties, rather than late fifties. His dark hair, broad muscular frame, and twinkling eyes are completely erotic, panty drenching.

As I dance around and own the stage,
my eyes never leave his. He nods me over and I make my way to him. Dipping my lower back in intervals, and scrapping my teeth over my lower lip, I crawl to him. Before we’re face-to-face, disappointment immediately washes over me as his eyes roam my body, almost as if he’s evaluating my moves instead of enjoying them. Since he’s new, and clearly the only man who doesn’t seem to appreciate my performance, I decide to give him attention I’ve never given another member before.

When I get to the edge of the stage,
I drop my top into his lap. Then, I lean back onto my ankles, take my breasts into my hands, and pull on my nipples as I roll my hips and stomach. He latches onto his bottom lip, crosses his arms, and arches his brow, challenging me to up my game with his spellbinding, emerald eyes. What is his deal? This is not the reaction I’m used to receiving. The men in this club drool over me, fall on their knees and worship me. What I should do is move along to the next man waving money toward me, but for some fucked-up reason, I’m hungry for this asshole’s satisfaction.

Fuck it.
I’m breaking the rules, but that’s nothing new. We’re not supposed to touch the members with our tits, ass, or pussy unless they pay for a private show. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Rolling onto my back, I scoot my ass to the edge of the stage, getting as close to him as I can without falling off. I pull my legs together and point them to the ceiling, arch my back, and then I let them fall open to the side. We’re close enough I feel his breath brush the inside of my thigh as he breathes. He wants to challenge me, does he? I’m more than he can handle.

When he least expects it, I take my long tan le
gs and wrap them around his thick neck. Crossing my ankles behind his head, I use my arms to support my weight. I roll my body and lift my hips up in front of his face while other members fill my bottoms with bills. Mystery asshole’s arms fall to his lap. Lust and anticipation fill his eyes and his nostrils flare as his breathing turns shallow. He takes his tongue between his teeth and bites down, resisting the impulse to lean up and taste my sweetness.

ow that I know he’s enjoying the show, I can move along to give my faithful, paying men and women the attention they deserve. Before I release him, I tighten my legs around his neck and pull his face into my dripping heat, thrust my pelvis, and glide my pussy up his face.

Finally, the music’s over and I can go back to shower and wait for Dean to hand over my money. He lets us keep everything we earn
. The members pay more than enough in fees to keep this place up and running, not to mention Dean’s mansion and Ferrari. Some of the girls are in college and Dean wants to help them pay their tuition without taking out student loans, but most are like me, working with what we have while we have it. Our bodies won’t always be this glorious, firm, and tight. No. One day, our asses will sag and our tits will drag the floor. Honestly, I can’t understand why anyone would want to pay thousands of dollars for someone to have control over what they do, when to do it, and how it should be done? Fuck that, I don’t do well with authority. Plus, I’ve earned enough money over the last four years. It’ll last me the rest of my life. I’ve made more than most people will make working their entire life, even those who possess a fancy-ass college degree.

When I
finish washing away the glitter and sweat from my body, I dry off and toss the soiled towels into the hamper. Completely naked, I exit the shower room and make my way toward my closet. Before I make it half way across the room, Dean wraps his arms around me from behind. “Piper, there’s someone I want you to meet.” His breath grazes the side of my neck as he speaks, giving me unwanted goose bumps. Unlatching his hands from my waist, he takes me by the hand and leads us into his office.

As I enter inside
, my eyes fix on smoldering shades of green. He acknowledges my presence with a wink and cocky grin. Quickly, he breaks our gaze, and warmth flows through my veins as he begins to explore every naked curve. His eyes are a torch, scorching every inch of exposed skin they wander. The click of a closing door startles me, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m a millisecond away from passing out from lack of oxygen and heat exhaustion, thanks to this carnal piece of man fucking me with his eyes.

Dean makes his way to my side and drapes his arm over my shoulders.
“Piper, meet Ryder, my brother and COO of Delectable Desires. Ryder, meet my favorite girl, Piper,” he introduces, placing a kiss on top of my head.

Ryder, huh? His name is perfect for what I want to do to him… ride him, hard and long.
I extend my hand to Ryder, but he doesn’t accept. He lets out a soft chuckle and walks around from behind Dean’s expensive, mahogany desk to position himself behind me. Turning around to face him, I watch his eyes follow droplets of water that drip from my hair and roll over the curve of my breast.

“It’s rude
to deny a polite gesture. When someone extends their hand to you in greeting, you’re supposed to accept,” I say, bringing his attention from my body to my face.

With his strong arms c
rossed over his chest, he stares into my needy blues, cocks his head, and asks, “Rude?” I nod in confirmation. Dropping his arms, he takes a step forward and closes the space between us. He’s a head taller than I am, his chest level with my eyes. Placing his fingers under my chin, he tilts my head back. “You know what’s rude, Piper?” I open my mouth to respond, but he uses his thumb to press into my lips, shushing me. He bends down and brings his lips to mine. “It was a rhetorical question, mi querida.”

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!
As if his olive skin, dark silky hair, muscles, and blazing green eyes aren’t enough to classify him hazardous, he speaks Spanish, too. Now, he just moved from dangerous to deadly. He’s the type of man, who once you’ve met, there’s no forgetting him. Guys like him become addictive, cloud your memory, and make you incapable of making your own decisions. I’ve been there, done that, and I’m not doing it again.

Rude is grinding your sweet, wet pussy along a stranger’s face, getting him hard in a room full of men, and then presenting your hand to him in formal greeting. I deserve something more personal than a fucking handshake,” he seethes.

Oh, h
e wants personal? I got his motherfucking ‘personal’. Before I’m able to make a move, Dean chuckles and slaps Ryder’s shoulder. “I’m going to head out. Beast and I will lock up the lobby, but the two of you be sure to lock up back here,” Dean instructs. Before he exits his office, he turns and says, “Ryder, you’ll walk her to her car, yeah?”

With his eyes locked with mine, Ryder nods.
“Yeah, bro. No worries. I’ll take good care of her,” he smirks. For some reason I have a feeling his words aren’t just a response to his brother. No, they’re a promise of payback.              

“Piper, don’t go too hard on him,” Dean throws over his shoulder with a wink. When Dean is out of sight, Ryder goes over and shuts the door, locking it behind him. When he turns to walk back to me, I rush over and push him back against the door.

“Something more personal, you say?” Taking my fingers to the collar of his shirt, I begin to undo the buttons. When I unbutton the last button, I spread open his shirt and kiss up the middle of his chest and neck, stopping at his mouth. I don’t kiss him. I don’t even make contact, just close enough to tempt him with the warmth of my breath as I speak. Taking a step back, I drag my nails over the bumps in his stomach, continuing south until my hand rests on his hard length that’s protruding through his pants and fighting for freedom. Sucking his bottom lip between my teeth, I massage his hard dick. When he closes his eyes and tosses his bead back, I undo his pants and slip my hand inside his briefs to tease his throbbing flesh.

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