Side Chic 4 (Forever Ratchet)


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La’Tonya West










Side Chic 4


(Forever Ratchet)



La’Tonya West



Prologue- Lala


              It feels like no matter what I do or how hard I try I can’t get this shit right for nothing. I left Boykins and Tre behind and tried to move on because I felt in my heart it was the right thing to do. I felt like as a woman I deserved more than what he was willing to give. Hell, I’d tried everything to get him to see my love for him and realize that what we had was deeper than sex or some side affair but it didn’t work. I called myself moving on to someone who knew what he wanted and wasn’t about the games and bullshit only to find out that this nigga was never here for me. He’d been preying on me from day one! Pretending to care about me and my kids. I should’ve known something was wrong when he continued to hang around even when I wasn’t answering his calls. He was what people would call “too good to be true” but I just couldn’t see that shit. All I saw was how nice, kind and understanding he was. It never once crossed my mind that he could be capable of some shit like he did to Lola. As a mother that is some hard shit to digest. I feel like this was my fault! How could I have put my daughter in a situation like that? Why would I leave my babies with him? The more that I think about it the more upset I become with myself. I wonder if this was the only time that he’s touched one of them. What about all of the nights that he’s spent in my home? I suddenly feel sick to my stomach!

When I’d called Tre to tell him what happened. I could barely get the words out of my mouth. I really didn’t want to tell him that I’d been so careless and stupid but I knew that I had to.

“Tre, I am so sorry.” I’d cried when he answered the phone. “I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen. I’m so sorry.”

“Lala what’s wrong? What are you talking about?” He’d questioned. I could hear the fear and concern in his tone. I could only imagine how fast his mind must’ve been racing wondering what was wrong now, never once thinking something like what I was about to tell him. “Are the babies alright? Stop crying and talk to me! What’s going on?”

“That sick motherfucka touched Lola!” I sobbed loudly into the phone.

“What sick motherfucka? Who touched Lola? What do you mean?” He asked question after question.

“Reggie. I’d left them with him so that I could go to the grocery store…” I explained. “I’d left my pocketbook so I had to turn around and come back to the house. I used my key to let myself in and that’s when I saw him on the sofa…” I paused for a second because it felt like my words were caught in my throat. I swallowed hard trying to remove the large lump that had seemed to form in my throat. “He was…touching her…touching her down there…in her private area.” I finally managed to reveal.

“What? What in the fuck do you mean, touching her in her private area?” He roared. “Where’s that nigga at now?”

“He-he’s…in the house…lying on the floor. I think I may have killed him. When I saw him touching Lola, I lost it and hit him in the head with a candleholder.”

“He’d better hope like hell you did because if he’s not dead when I get there, he will be.”

“How could he do something like that to my baby, Tre? Why would he do that? Tre, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have left her.” After he didn’t reply, I’d taken the phone from my ear and noticed that my screensaver was showing on the front of my phone…he’d hung up. I wasn’t sure how to take him hanging up but I assumed that he did it because he blamed me for what had happened and he had every right to.

Now as I sit inside of this officer’s car answering question after question about what happened, the only question that keeps running through my mind is…I wonder if I killed that sorry motherfucka? And to be completely honest, I’m praying that I did.























I kept my eyes fixed on my front door waiting to see if the paramedics were going to bring Reggie out on a stretcher or if he was going to walk out. All I knew was that if he walked out it was going to take every officer that was present at the scene to keep me from killing that motherfucka and no that wasn’t some angry thought. That was some real shit!

“Ms. Chambers, did you hear me?” Officer Donaldson asked me from the driver’s seat. He was a black man and looked to be in his early thirties. He had cocoa brown skin, dark mysterious brown eyes that damn near looked black, with a thick black mustache just above his top lip and a bald head.

I tore my eyes away from the house to look over at him. I knew that I must’ve look like some deranged crazy woman with my hair all over my head and my eyes puffy and red. “No sir, I didn’t.” I admitted truthfully. My nose was running and I used my hand to wipe it.

              Officer Donaldson noticed it and reached for the box of Kleenex that sat on his dashboard and handed them to me. “Use as many as you’d like.” He offered a sympathetic smile.

I took the box from his and snatched a few tissues from the box and cleaned my nose. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He replied. “Now if you don’t mind could you please answer my question?”

“Do mind repeating the question?” I looked back up at my front door.

              “I asked, how long have you have known Mr. Wade?”

“I’ve known him for eleven months.” I answered him thinking back to how I’d first met Reggie’s no good ass on the day that I’d gone into labor with the girls.

“And how did the two of you meet?”

I glanced over at him again. “I was on my way back home from Boykins, VA, that’s where I am originally from. I was pregnant then. I started to feel sharp pains in the bottom of my stomach, back and even my private area and so I pulled off the road at a gas station, which just so happen to be the gas station that he worked at. He must’ve seen me through the window in the store because he came outside to my car and asked if everything was okay. I informed him that I was pregnant and may be in labor. He called 911 for me and then went with me to the hospital. While I was in the hospital, he came to visit me. He said that he wanted to be sure that my daughters and I were okay. I thought that was very nice of him. You don’t find a lot of people who will take the time out to check on a person they don’t know and genuinely be concerned but Reggie was different, at least I thought he was. During the time that I was in the hospital the two of us started a friendship and exchanged numbers. He lives in South Boston, VA. So I didn’t see him that much after I was released from the hospital but we talked on the phone a lot and became pretty good friends. During the time that we were friends he visited a few times. Three months ago, we began dating. He’s been coming here spending the night every now and again. We had a pretty good relationship. He’s always been so nice and respectful…until today.” I paused and looked back up at my front door just in time to see two paramedics and an officer leading Reggie outside. He had blood on his face and all over his shirt. I noticed that he was in handcuffs.

I heard Officer Donaldson ask. “What happened today Ms. Chamber?”

I didn’t respond. I reached for the door handle, my eyes fixed on Reggie. I could still hear the sound of Officer Donaldson’s voice but I had no idea of what he was saying. I got out of the car and started running towards Reggie. I was seeing red and had death in my eyes. I wanted him dead. I didn’t want him to go to jail. Jail was too good for him after what he’d done to my baby. Just as I reached the sidewalk where he was Officer Donaldson and another officer grabbed me.

“Calm down Ms. Chambers or we will have to arrest you!” The other officer barked at me. “From the looks of things, you may already be in a lot of trouble if Mr. Wade decides to press charges against you for assault.”

“I don’t give a fuck! Do whatever you have to do!” I yelled outraged as I struggled against them. “This sorry motherfucka touched my baby! I did what I had to do as a mother! I was protecting my child!” I continued struggling.

“Calm down Ms. Chambers!” Officer Donaldson said to me a lot more calm than the other officer had. His eyes were sympathetic and so was his tone. “I understand your anger. You have every right to be upset. I don’t know anyone in their right mind who wouldn’t want to do serious damage to him if they’d caught him doing to their child what he was doing to yours but you still have to try and gain control of yourself.”

“I want him dead.” I cried tears pouring from my eyes like water from a broken dam. I kept seeing Reggie stroking his erection and touching my baby. It played over and over in my head like a movie as I stared Officer Donaldson directly in the eyes. I trembled with anger. “He doesn’t deserve to live after what he did. She’s only a baby.”

“Yes ma’am, I know that but you can’t keep saying that either.” He held onto me with a tight grip that I couldn’t move from no matter how much I wanted to.

“It’s true.”

“Lala, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. You have to believe me. I never meant to hurt you or your kids.” Reggie called to me as the officer and paramedic led him past me towards the ambulance. He wore what appeared to be a guilty expression as tears streamed down his cheeks. “I have an illness. Do you think I want to look at little kids in that way?”
              Hearing his voice and seeing those fake ass tears only infuriated me more. I started to struggle against the officers again. “Please let go of me!” I begged. “Motherfucka, do you really want to cry? I can give your nasty no-good child molesting ass a reason to cry!”

“No.” Officer Donaldson told me and then yelled to the officer that was assisting the paramedics with Reggie. “Hurry up and get that sack of shit out of here before I forget that I am an officer of the law and harm him myself! Scum like him disgust me!” He barked.

“Hmph, you aren’t the only one.” The other officer commented shaking his head. He looked at me. “We are going to allow you to take your daughter to the emergency room and have her checked out. Someone from Social Services will stop by to talk with you. I don’t know who or when but they should be there shortly.”

“Social services?” My heart dropped to my feet. I was confused. Were they trying to say that I was an unfit parent because I’d made one bad decision? “No…no one is taking my babies from me! This wasn’t my fault! I had no idea that he was a pedophile! I would never have left them here with him if I’d thought that he would do something to hurt them. I had no idea, still that doesn’t make me a bad mother!”

“Ma’am it is standard procedure when something like this occurs.” Officer Donaldson told me. “After you are done at the hospital, you will need to come down to the police station.”

“The police station?”

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