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SpareDick (4 page)

The next two hours passed in a blur. Jill was relieved when
the rookie came in just a bit scratched and bruised, but otherwise okay thanks
to a seatbelt and a sturdy squad car. As she slowed to rub her neck, her friend
Beth passed by.

“I’m going to take a break and grab a snack. You want to
come with me?”

“Sure. I could use a few minutes off my feet.”

They sat in the small break room to relax and Beth
commented, “It must be nerve- racking when you hear there’s a police officer
among the injured. I’m not sure I could live with that possibility hanging over
my head.”

“It took me a while to adjust, but I was most concerned when
Kevin was in Iraq.”

Beth leaned back. “I envy you guys. You seem to have the
perfect marriage. How long is it now?”

“We got married in the fall after we graduated high school.
It will be twelve years next month.”

“Are you planning something special for your anniversary?”

Before Jill could control it, she thought about tomorrow
night with Kevin and Adam—and heat bloomed in her cheeks.

“You are!” Beth pounced. “A romantic weekend?”

“Yes. We’ve been trying some new things.”

Beth giggled. “Toys?” At Jill’s nod, she leaned closer. “I
say there’s nothing better than a good toy collection—keeps things

Jill laughed. “Kevin’s always interested.”

“He’s never strayed?”

Jill shook her head. “No. Neither have I.”

“You know, a lot of couples try to add some spice by adding

Jill smiled. “You mean such as adding another person or a

Beth nodded. “Sometimes I feel so naive. My husband showed
me a website last weekend for a club where couples go to swap or whatever. I’m
not sure I could. No way would I want to get naked in front of someone else.
You, on the other hand, are so fit.”

Jill laughed. “We’ve joked about it, but we really don’t
want to swap with another couple.” She left off the fact they were getting
ready to add another man into the equation, even if only for one night.

Beth leaned back. “You’re right. It’s fun to talk about, but
I guess some things are better left as fantasies. You remember Ashley, the PA
who left for a job with a private practice?” At Jill’s nod, Beth continued,
“Her husband wanted to see her have sex with another guy. They did it with a
friend and she ended up leaving her husband for him. Talk about a fantasy

“Wow. I can’t imagine such a thing happening with Kevin and

Beth laughed. “I don’t think you or Kevin will ever have to
worry. You’re the poster children for ideal couples.”

Jill flushed. “We have our spats just as every other couple.
I guess we’ve figured out how to focus more on the positives.”

“Good advice.” Beth glanced at her watch. “We better get

Jill kept thinking about what Beth had said about Ashley,
but she couldn’t imagine not wanting to be with her husband.

Chapter Four


Jill crept into their bedroom with dawn quickly approaching.
She was tired after work, even though it had been a slow night for a Friday.
She stripped off her scrubs and studied Kevin in the bathroom nightlight’s
faint glow. Sprawled on his belly as he was, the covers had slipped, baring his
muscular back and the upward curve of his ass. On nights she had to work, it
seemed he spread out to occupy most of their queen-size bed.

She also knew as soon as she crawled under the covers with
him, he would turn and spoon her. Her chest tightened. Even in his sleep he was
protective. His arms curled around her and he mumbled, a contented sound that
helped her snuggle into him.

This was among her favorite times because he would often
wake in a few minutes, cock hard, and make love to her as lazily and leisurely
as though they had all the time in the world. It always helped her relax.

“Tired?” he rumbled in a voice made huskier with sleep.

She stroked his arm as he caressed her breast. “Never too
tired for you.”

He chuckled in her ear, his hand sliding over her waist to
the curve of her hip to squeeze her bottom. His cock bumped her thigh. Jill
closed her eyes, heat pooling in her belly and an ache stirring in her pussy.
She turned in his embrace, cupping his jaw and leaning in for a kiss. Forget
evening sex or morning sex, there was nothing to compare to middle of the night

Kevin nibbled on her lip then soothed it with his tongue.

“Love you,” he murmured, not waiting for a reply before he
dove in for a deep, drugging kiss. His hand eased between them, over the thin
strip of hair guiding him to her desire-swollen clit.

He knew what buttons to push, exactly how to tease and
stroke. She found him with her fingers and returned the favor, paying special
attention to the sensitive underside of his smooth shaft. Their breathing grew
labored, punctuated by moans of pleasure. When Kevin slid his fingers between
her swollen pussy lips, she was wet and aching for him. Jill brushed her thumb
over the tip of his cock and the slippery pre-cum.

“I need you,” she whispered, moving restlessly against his

“Let me make you come first,” he returned then dipped his
mouth to taste hers again.

The friction of his chest against her nipples, and his
fingers pumping just the right spot were all it took. She broke away from his
kiss, arching into him and crying out.

“God, yes!” Kevin growled. “I want to hear you scream that
same way with Adam.”

“And watch?”

He shivered. Jill knew pleasure caused it, saw it in his
face. “Fuck me,” she demanded, her body still throbbing and ready to climax
again. Tonight would be here soon enough. For now it was her and Kevin. They’d
explored their sexuality together from the beginning. Adding Adam would simply
reveal another facet. Kevin nudged her thighs apart with his and thrust into
her, pumping his hips with a driving motion that left them both gasping for

“Jilly,” Kevin murmured. “You know I love you. We don’t have
to do this. I’m happy with it being just us.”

She stroked her hand over his chest. “It’s one night, baby.
A fantasy we’re simply bringing to life.”

He tilted her face, brushing her lips with his. “I don’t
want it to change this, to change us.”

She snuggled closer. “It won’t.”

* * * * *

For several minutes after he awoke, Kevin watched Jill. Her
face was flushed with sleep. His gut clenched with nerves. No matter what she
might think, this night would be a turning point for them. Was he getting cold
feet? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t think so. He was eager to bring Hell into their
bed, but what worried him a bit was the eagerness was no longer for Jill’s sake

Kevin remembered when Adam had first moved into the desk
relinquished by his previous partner. Dave had often talked of retiring, but
when it had happened over a month ago, it had caught Kevin by surprise. Looking
back, he now realized he’d been less than welcoming to his new partner, despite
their acquaintance from the shooting range. Adjusting to a new partner was
never easy. Adam had been a detective with a smaller force then joined
Raleigh’s patrol division to get his foot in the door. He had a reputation as a
hotshot after solving a couple cold cases at his old job, so when the detective
opening occurred, he’d been a natural to promote.

It didn’t help Heller was also a freaking chick magnet.
Kevin had liked working with Dave. Attached as Kevin was to Jill, the fact none
of the women on the force bothered Dave or him was a plus in his book. Now, it
seemed every time he turned around, some woman was leaning over Hell’s desk
flashing her cleavage in his face. After a couple days, he’d had to say
something about it.

“Are you planning on getting any work done or are you going
to keep sitting there enjoying the tit parade?”

Adam had looked up from his computer screen, his brown eyes
almost black with irritation. “Maybe if you’d get off your ass every once in a
while so we could actually go out and talk to people instead of making phone
calls, I might have something to do besides stare at tits. You have a problem
with the female anatomy?”

Kevin held up his ring finger as though he were flipping him
the bird. “Married, dude.”

“To who? A guy?”

Kevin’s anger had erupted. “Grab your shit. We need to take
a look at the body shop we traced those stolen cars back to.”

The atmosphere in the car that day had been icy as hell.
Kevin had pulled into the hospital on the way. “I’ll be right back.”

He hadn’t told Hell why he stopped. He’d been worried about
Jill. She’d lost her mom to cancer a few months earlier and still hadn’t
bounced back. They’d weathered some rough spots before, but this one had lasted
longer than most. She’d stepped outside the ER and he’d handed her the necklace
he’d bought her as a surprise. She’d wrapped her arms around his neck and
kissed him right out there in front of everyone—including Hell, who’d no doubt
watched from behind the tinted patrol car windows.

When he’d gotten back in the unmarked sedan, his partner had
been silent for a couple minutes more.

“Your wife’s even prettier in person than she is in her photo.
You’re a lucky man.”

They’d been stopped at a light. Kevin looked over at Heller,
seeing something different in those dark eyes this time, something that—he
admitted now—had touched him. Loneliness, maybe. It certainly hadn’t been
jealousy, just the expression of a guy on the outside looking in. Whatever, it
had prompted his next words.

“I used to go out for a beer a couple times a week with my
old partner. You want to?”

Hell had sat stock-still. “I’d rather go to the gym—then
grab a beer or something to eat.”

Over weights and workouts, they’d forged a friendship. Over
burgers and beer, they’d talked. Kevin hadn’t kept in touch with either his
high school friends or his army buddies. He’d been so focused on Jill he’d
almost forgotten what having a guy to shoot the breeze with felt like. And
somewhere along the line, Kevin now realized, they’d forged some pretty strong
emotional ties in a short amount of time.

So when the question of watching another man fuck Jill had
arisen, Kevin had to admit, subconsciously he’d never really envisioned anyone
other than Adam Heller filling the role, though he’d been afraid to ask. What
he hadn’t expected was his own desire to touch and be touched by him too…or
that Hell would volunteer for the job.

“Jill,” he whispered, waiting for her eyelids to flutter
open. “I’m going to the gym.”

“Say hi to Hell.” She smiled and rolled over, already back

It had been sheer coincidence Jill and Hell hadn’t met
during the past month. Kevin and Jill had talked about having him over to grill
steaks, but every time the opportunity had arisen, either Hell had a
last-minute change in plans or Jill had been called in to work. Kevin had
wanted them to meet, but now he was fiercely glad they hadn’t. He would give
Jill her one night. She would believe she was fucking Adam Gregory, a
stranger—which was what she wanted—and he would get what he wanted, the
security of knowing who was making love to his wife and the fulfillment of
seeing the two people he cared about most in the world together.

If his conscience pricked him that he was being less than
honest with Jill, then he soothed it with the knowledge they wouldn’t have to
worry about a nutcase in their bed. He’d worry about them eventually meeting
after the fact—and God, wasn’t he acting a bit
Gone with the Wind

Hell was leaning against his car, gym bag resting on the
trunk, when Kevin pulled in next to him. Early Saturday morning workouts were
becoming the norm, since Jill slept in after pulling the night in the ER.

“Hey, dude,” Hell greeted him. “You’re looking loose. Not
anxious about tonight?”

Kevin smiled, tamping down whatever uneasiness he had. “No.
This is the right thing to do, for all of us.”

“All right. Want to go for a run?”

“Yeah. Now that the weather’s cooled off, getting back
outdoors would be great.”

They were changed and hitting the trail through a nearby
park in less than a quarter hour. Kevin had started to get soft working with
Dave, but Hell had turned him around. The guy was almost as religious as Jill
about keeping fit.

“What are you grinning for?” Hell asked now while they ran.

“Just thinking that between you and Jill, there’s no way I
could get fat. You two resemble twenty-four-hour personal trainers.”

“She is a beautiful woman.”

“Inside and out, man. Inside and out.”

They ran in silence for a few minutes, feet rhythmically
pounding the trail, nodding when they passed a couple running in the opposite
direction. Kevin used to run with Jill years ago, but somehow as their lives
got busier, those long runs had dwindled then disappeared. Then she’d taken up
cycling, a sport holding little interest for him. As close as they had always
seemed to be, he realized in the last couple years that they had begun to drift

“You bicycle, don’t you?”

Hell flicked a glance his way. “Yeah. Why?”

“Just wondered what the attraction was. Jill does it too.
Makes my butt and my nuts hurt.”

“Not supposed to sit on your nuts, man. And don’t try to
tell me your kahunas are so big you can’t help it. Remember, I’ve seen ‘em.”

In a flash, sexual tension flared. Their eyes met for an
instant. Kevin looked away. “Holy hell, tonight can’t get here soon enough.”

“I have some ideas. I want to make sure Jill’s comfortable
with everything. Wanna hear them?”

“Sure.” He wanted tonight to be perfect. He needed it to be

* * * * *

“Are you ready?” Kevin asked yet again. Jill smiled. If she
didn’t know better, she’d say he was more nervous than she was. She stuffed her
makeup case into her oversize shoulder bag and nodded. She wanted this to be perfect,
a fun night she hoped would make Kevin happy. She knew he’d been worried about
her since her mother’s death, but she was okay. Tonight would show him that she
was ready to move forward.

“Are you sure about this outfit, Kevin?”

He grinned. “Definitely sexy, not slutty, especially since
I’m the only one who knows what’s not underneath it.” He’d asked her not to
wear any underwear after Adam had told him he wanted to meet them for dinner
first, then sent an email to bring Jill into the loop. Jill had arched a brow
at him and he’d waggled his eyebrows. Kevin grabbed his badge and his pocket

“Do you have to carry?”

“Afraid so, honey. On the remote chance I get called in, I
wouldn’t have time to come back here first. You know that.”

She sighed. One of the downsides of being married to someone
in law enforcement was the omnipresence of weapons. At least Kevin made an
effort at being discreet. “You’ll leave your service weapon in the car though,


She would have to be content with that, though she knew if
things started getting hot and heavy with Adam, chances were good Kevin would
have to at least explain the spare weapon. Well, she’d worry about that if it
came up. Otherwise she was intent on making this night the best she could. After
their webcam session with Adam, she didn’t think it would be too difficult.

They parked in the underground garage and took the elevator
to the lobby. As the doors slid open, Kevin took her hand. “I love you, Jill.”

“I love you too, Kev.”

And then she looked across the lobby and saw Adam get to his
feet. He smiled and started toward them. Her throat went dry and her heart
pounded. Wow, he was so much more than what the webcam had shown. After shaking
Kevin’s hand, he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She caught her breath
at the electricity in his touch. It reminded her of her first meeting with
Kevin when they were just teenagers.

“You look lovely.” His voice was a little rough and a lot
sexy. Jill’s heart thumped as his dark eyes held her gaze. “I have a table
waiting for us in the restaurant.”

They walked on either side of her, allowing her to precede
them as the waiter showed them to a circular booth in a dimly lit corner. A
bottle of champagne was already on ice. Jill slid in, not surprised when the
men scooted in on either side of her. She leaned a bit into Kevin’s side so she
could face Adam as she talked to him. With his short brown hair and eyes the
color of aged whiskey, he was incredibly sexy. She already had a good idea of
what his clothing concealed, thanks to their webcam encounter.

When his eyes lingered on her face before sliding down over
her, she blushed and knew he’d seen it when he grinned.

“Your profile mentioned you like to bicycle,” Jill said,
trying to get a conversation started. “Where do you ride?”

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