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“Streets and parks,” he replied. “I’m not a mountain biker.
If I’m going to go cross-country, I prefer running or hiking.”

Getting comfortable was as easy as that. Jill relaxed,
sipping her champagne while the two men talked about places they’d hiked. By
the time the waiter took their food orders, Kevin’s hand was on her thigh and
Adam’s was around her shoulders. Everywhere they touched her shimmered with
heat. Every once in a while, Adam’s gaze would linger on hers. His expression
stirred an ache between her thighs. Kevin grinned and his hand crept higher,
stroking her bare skin.

Jill shifted, allowing Kevin to cup her sex with his broad

“More champagne?” Adam asked, his voice dropping to a sexy

His glance dropped too and she realized that while no other
diners might be able to see under the table, he had an excellent view of Kevin
playing with her pussy. He refilled everyone’s glasses.

“I’d like to propose a toast to a night rich with

She raised her glass, clinking it against his then Kevin’s.
With a last, long stroke between her moist folds, Kevin raised his hand from
below the table and glided his first two fingers across his mouth. When she
wasn’t the only one to draw a quick breath, Jill darted a look at Adam. His
eyes had gone darker while he stared at her husband. Seeing him so turned-on by
looking at Kevin made Jill that much hotter. This man, this stranger, would
have his hands and mouth on more than her—and he wanted them both, there was no
doubt in her mind.

The arrival of their food cut the sexual tension, though
Jill couldn’t help but notice the masculine thighs pressing against her from
either side. Every now and then she caught glances passing between the two men.
Their obvious connection helped her to relax. Jill had worried Kevin would
freeze when presented with the reality of another man. But that wasn’t

When the waiter asked if they’d like coffee or dessert, both
men said no so quickly, she almost burst into laughter.

“I’ll pick up the tab,” Kevin said. It seemed only fair to
Jill since Adam had booked the room.

While they waited for the bill, Adam slid a key card over to
her. Their fingertips brushed, heat flared and their gazes locked.

“It’s a suite,” he said, as though he somehow knew she’d
been thinking of the room they would go to. She took the card and pushed it
over to Kevin, who slipped it into his pocket.

“Why don’t we go?” he suggested. “If we decide we want
something else, we can always have room service bring it.

The elevator ride was awkward with another couple sharing
the space. Jill felt as if the woman eyed her, wondering why she rode with two
men. Jill kept her expression neutral, doing her best to ignore her. The couple
got off first and she relaxed, only then realizing the hand at the small of her
back belonged to Adam, not Kevin.

“This way,” Adam directed, steering her to the left.

Oh God. She was really going to do this. Nerves assailed her
as he inserted the key card. Then Kevin’s hand was there, holding hers, squeezing.
“You okay, baby?” he asked softly.

She nodded. The door shut behind them and she got her first
glimpse of the suite. A bouquet of summer flowers decorated the table, a bottle
of wine and three glasses sat next to it along with a plate filled with cheese
and fruit.

“I had some things brought earlier,” Adam murmured. “I hope
that was okay.”

Jill took a deep breath and smiled. Instinct told her she
would have to be the one to get things started. Releasing Kevin’s hand, she
slid her palms over Adam’s shirt until she had twined her fingers around his
neck and into his neatly trimmed hair. Despite its shortness, it felt silky to
the touch. She arched onto her toes and brushed her lips across his. He tasted

“Thanks,” she whispered against his mouth. “The flowers are

“Really kiss him,” Kevin rumbled from behind them.

Jill searched Adam’s dark eyes. All she saw there was
heat—for her and for Kevin. Pressing closer, she kissed him again, this time
touching the tip of her tongue to his wide mouth. Adam’s shoulders relaxed, his
lips parted and his hands shifted, cupping her ass and pulling her into the
thick heat of his erection.

Behind her, she heard the quiet rustle of clothing. While
Adam deepened their kiss, her husband stripped. Heat flooded her head to toe,
from the sensuous assault on her mouth to the hands kneading and squeezing her
butt. Before she could think, Kevin turned her into his embrace, replacing
Adam’s mouth with his own, but instead of playing with her butt cheeks, he had
his magic fingers sliding under her short skirt and in between her thighs.

“Holy hell. You’re as wet and slippery as an ice cream
cone.” He brushed his tongue along her lips. “Can I lick you?”

Jill moaned. Behind her, another cock brushed against her

“Mmm. Can I help?” Adam’s voice was a smoky growl.

She darted a glance at both men, taking in their sexed-up
expressions and feeling the ache between her thighs increase. She was
sandwiched between two naked men, their hard bodies pressing against her, their
fingers sliding under her dress. Adam stroked her nipples beneath the silky
halter top, while Kevin stroked between her thighs, periodically sliding a
finger just far enough inside to hit her G-spot.

Kevin kissed her again, but before she could catch her
breath, Adam was there too, plunging his tongue inside her mouth, his hand
cupping and squeezing her breast. Jill moaned, a climax already building.

“Finger her,” Kevin growled, moving his hand so Adam could
slip his in place.

“Sweet Jesus.” Adam nearly moaned. “I need to taste that.”

So near to climaxing she was barely aware what they did,
someone lifted her onto the edge of the dresser. While Kevin unhooked her
dress’s halter neck, Adam pushed her skirt up, spread her thighs and buried his
face between her legs. With his fingers spearing her, he flicked her clit with
his tongue then suckled the swollen nub.

Jill gasped, her scream swallowed by Kevin’s mouth on hers.
Her climax rolled through her, going on and on until she was only vaguely aware
of them repositioning her yet again. She heard the distinctive rip of a condom
packet and opened her eyes to see Adam positioning his cock at her opening.
This was happening. This man was going to fuck her while her husband watched
and oh how she wanted it, wanted to feel him pumping deep inside her. Her gaze
darted to Kevin, afraid for a moment of what she might see, but he smiled, his
blue eyes dark with passion—and love.

Adam pushed into her, his expression tight with intense
pleasure, and Kevin stroked his cock, working it slowly. Adam bent, nuzzling
her ear. “That’s it, honey,” he purred. “So hot, so tight. You like him
watching while I fuck you?”

“Yes,” she panted, wrapping her legs around his pumping

“Hold on. I’m going to move us.” Without breaking contact,
he picked her up and carried her to one end of the couch, easing her back and
continuing to thrust inside her as he leaned over her, feet braced on the floor
for balance. “You want to suck Kevin while I fuck you?”

She nodded, turning to find her husband already there. When
Adam grabbed Kevin’s shaft to guide him toward her waiting mouth, all three
moaned. The realization the two men were equally turned-on by the contact sent
her body over the edge again. She glanced over, the mirror behind Adam reflecting
the two men’s powerful images—Kevin’s taut butt flexing in profile as he thrust
his cock between her lips while Adam’s lean body curled over her, fucking her.
Jill closed her eyes and gave herself up to another climax, her scream muffled
by Kevin’s thick shaft.

Chapter Five


Adam couldn’t believe how sexy this was—way beyond what he’d
imagined. It made their webcam session pale in comparison. Jill gloved him, her
muscles squeezing as he pumped his cock. Adam stared at Kevin’s shaft thrusting
deep inside her mouth. His nuts ached with the need to come. Kevin looked over
at him and desire pierced him so strongly it made him groan. Their gazes held.
Adam leaned forward so he could suck his partner’s puckered nipple.

Jill’s pussy clamped down on his cock. Adam laved Kevin’s
chest with his tongue while his own orgasm tightened his nuts. Grasping Jill’s
hips in his hands, he pushed deep and hard, jetting his cum. Kevin had pulled
out of Jill’s mouth, letting her concentrate on Adam. As soon as Adam could
open his eyes again, he focused on Kevin.

Damn, he wanted him. After stripping off his condom and
tossing it in the wastebasket, Adam knelt next to Kevin and took him in his
hand, stroking him. Jill’s breathing increased. He knew what she wanted to
see—exactly what he wanted to do. Never taking his eyes off Kevin, Adam opened
his mouth to take his partner’s thick shaft inside. The faintly salty taste was
as much a turn-on as hearing both Kevin and Jill urging him on.

Adam had experienced an immediate attraction for Kevin from
the first moment he’d glimpsed him meeting Jill in the police department
parking lot. The last month, working together, had only made it stronger. He’d
tried to keep his attraction for his partner under wraps, tried to be cool and
casual when what he’d really wanted was to be right where he was now. Jill
being with them made it complete, made it right. Now it took everything he had
to keep from voicing those feelings as if he were some kid in the throes of a
teenage crush and he thanked heaven the cock in his mouth kept him from saying
anything that would only embarrass everyone.

Kevin urged him on, his fingers running through his hair,
stroking his shoulders. Adam wanted Jill involved. He released Kevin for an
instant so he could kiss her before turning his attention back to bringing his
partner pleasure.

This was what Kevin had wanted too, a true threesome. As he
licked along the sensitive underside of Kevin’s shaft, Adam’s cock swelled
again. He knew what he wanted to do with it, but it wasn’t anything they’d
either talked about or agreed upon. Better not to go there. Better to be
content with what he had—Kevin’s gorgeous dick fucking his mouth.

Jill had gotten up. He heard her moving around the room, and
then she returned, curling around his back while she rubbed and kissed across
his shoulders and along his spine. He blinked, overcome for a moment by the
intimacy and tenderness in her touch. Adam swallowed, taking Kevin deeper,
hearing him moan.

“That’s it,” Jill whispered in his ear. “Play with his ass.
He likes it.”

She nibbled his neck then leaned forward to squirt some lube
on his fingers. Adam stared at his glistening fingertips for a moment. Oh yeah.
Her message was clear. He glanced at Kevin for permission, amazed at how hot
his partner’s gaze was. What he saw was more than just lust, Adam was sure. At
Kevin’s nod, he slipped his fingers between Kevin’s thighs, searching and
finding his puckered asshole. When he teased his finger around the edges, Kevin

“Gotta sit,” he grunted, his voice nothing more than a

Adam looked at Jill. “Sit next to him so you can watch.”

Once they were both on the couch, Adam knelt between Kevin’s
splayed thighs. Moving in closer, he spread his partner’s ass cheeks and drew
his tongue along the tight bud and over his nuts. Kevin’s cock twitched,
pre-cum oozing from the tip.

“Oh, Kevin,” Jill murmured. “That is so hot. Can he play
with your ass while he sucks you?”

Kevin’s head fell back and he groaned as Adam ran his tongue
once more over his ass. “Anything. Anything.”

Adam glanced at Jill, saw the expression on her face and
held his hand out for more lube. “I want to suck him,” she said. “You play with
his ass.”

“And after I’ve played with it?” Adam had to ask.

Kevin raised his head and stared at him. Adam’s cock swelled
hard as a poker. He’d hoped, he’d fantasized, but he’d never dreamed they would
let him go so far. He bent his head, licking around Kevin’s opening while Jill
bobbed on her husband’s cock. Kevin moaned, his balls tightening.

“Squeeze him, Jill,” Adam told her. “Don’t let him come, not
until he’s ready and I’m ready.”


For a minute or two, Jill sat back, her fingers wrapped
around the base of her husband’s swollen cock. While Adam rimmed him, Kevin
moaned. Adam sat back and slowly inserted his lube-covered finger. At Kevin’s
gasp, Jill leaned over and kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth. When he
gasped again, she opened her eyes to see Adam now working two fingers back and

“He’s so hard for you, Kev,” she whispered. “Look at him.”

Kevin raised his head. When his gaze intersected with
Adam’s, the sexual tension in the room not only ratcheted up, it exploded.
Kevin twisted his head to stare at her. “Is this okay with you?” At her nod, he
rasped, “Put a condom on him, baby.”

The two men stared at each other, their breathing ragged,
their hammering pulses visible in the hollows of their throats. Jill was amazed
at the connection between them, strangers only hours earlier. She covered
Adam’s long shaft while he continued to stretch Kevin’s ass.

Adam’s dark gaze focused on her husband. “Are you sure,

“Do it,” Kevin snarled.

Adam positioned himself, pushing his cock against Kevin’s
ass. Jill grabbed the lube, squirting more on Adam and more around her
husband’s opening, then returned to stroking Kevin’s shaft.

“Relax,” she told her husband. A moment later, Adam slid
forward, his cock disappearing inside Kevin. The expression on her husband’s
face combined pain and pleasure, but the look on Adam’s was pure bliss. He
turned, saw her watching him and leaned over to kiss her.

“He’s so tight,” Adam whispered, “so crazy, wonderfully

Adam slid home, his balls slapping against Kevin’s ass. Jill
took her husband in her mouth, loving the sound of his grunts as Adam fucked
him with exquisite slowness.

“Hell,” Kevin muttered, “that’s so damn good.” The two men
stared at each other and again Jill was struck by how they’d connected. With
one hand on Adam’s ass and the other stroking her husband’s shaft, Jill watched
them moving together. She’d never seen anything quite so beautiful as these two
powerful bodies rocking in what could only be described as an act of love. The
whole atmosphere had changed. More than sex was happening, and deep inside,
they all knew it.

“You fuck him too,” Adam moaned.

She climbed on top, facing Kevin, and let him guide her onto
his erection. It took a moment or two and then they settled into a rhythm, the
only sounds in the room their heavy breathing and the slap of flesh against
flesh. Adam licked her neck.

“Make him come for you.” Adam’s voice was a husky rasp in
her ear. She twisted to meet his kiss, their tongues tangling while they both
made love to Kevin. Adam kneaded her breasts. Kevin rubbed her where they
joined, his gaze shifting between her and Adam, his cheeks flushed.

“Coming,” he grunted, his head slamming against the couch
and his hips jacking up. From behind her, she heard Adam’s tempo go into
hyperdrive. This was amazing, fulfilling every fantasy she’d ever had. One look
at Kevin’s face was enough to know he experienced the same thing.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Adam thrust forward, his body going
rigid behind her. Kevin’s fingers rubbed her clit, hitting just the right spot.
While Adam held her steady with an arm around her waist, she shivered into another
powerful orgasm.

Everything was still for a moment.

“Need a shower.” Kevin shifted beneath them. They separated,
simply staring at one another. Jill smiled and the two men responded.

“It’s big enough for three,” Adam offered, a hint of
uncertainty in his voice.

Kevin stood, grabbing Jill’s hand. “Join us.”


Kevin’s ass burned. He felt as if he’d been fucked by a
horse, but then he’d known exactly how big Hell was. He couldn’t quite believe
he’d just let his partner pound his ass. What was only supposed to be a blowjob
had gotten a whole lot more involved right from the start.

He flicked the water on in the shower and adjusted the
temperature. The shower was a huge cubicle with multiple jets. At any other
time, he might have been tempted to stay in and play, but right now he sagged
as limp as a rag doll. One look at Hell showed his partner was in a similar
condition. Kevin grinned.

“What are you smiling about?” Jill asked as she carried a
cluster of grapes into the bathroom with her.

“I hope you weren’t expecting an instant repeat. I think
Adam and I need a bit more recovery time.”

Adam chuckled, leaning back against the wall next to the
tub. Kevin had never heard such a contented sound from his normally tense
partner. “We have the room ‘til checkout tomorrow.”

“Mm.” Jill sighed. “Then that should give us enough time to
relax and play.”

Kevin watched his partner and wife in awe. They had blown
his mind. He couldn’t stop himself from locking gazes with Hell and each time
seeing what his partner had kept so carefully concealed—for how long? Since
he’d mentioned this threesome or the entire last month?—that what he hungered
for was a whole lot more than just sex. And what scared the shit out of Kevin
was acknowledging he was okay with the idea.

His gaze shifted to Jill, who teased Hell with a grape,
making him open his mouth and close his eyes before she popped it inside then
leaned in to kiss him. For some reason, Adam brought out a playful side in her
that had been missing in Kevin’s relationship with her for a while. They looked
right together and Kevin was all right with that too.

What he hadn’t figured out yet was how to tell her the man
who’d fucked them both so beautifully wasn’t a stranger, but the man Kevin
worked with day in and day out, the new partner she hadn’t yet had the chance
to meet.

“Come on, Kevin.” Jill giggled, slightly tipsy from the
wine. “Adam wants to try out the whirlpool tub. Since it’s big enough for four,
I bet we can figure out how to have some fun in it.”

Kevin laughed. They were going to kill him, but at least he
would have a smile on his face when he died.

She sucked Adam to a quivering orgasm while Kevin fucked her
from behind. When he and Adam could move, they dried her and themselves off
then carried her into the bedroom where they all piled onto the king-size bed.

“Lay back,” Adam told her, brushing her wet hair from her
face. “It’s our turn to get you off.”

They started at her face, one on each side, kissing their
way along her body, spending extra time licking and sucking her nipples. She
stroked her fingers through their hair, purring with pleasure as they moved
down, nibbling at her hips then shifting so they both lay between her thighs,
her legs over their backs. Adam stared at her glistening, puffy pussy and
licked his lips.

“You are an incredibly lucky man.”

“Taste her, so I can too.”

Adam lapped her juices. When he lifted his face for air,
Kevin dove in, lapping her from her vagina to her clit. When he turned his
face, Adam was right there, and kissing him was the most natural thing in the
world. Their cheeks rasped together, their tongues battled. He tasted of Jill
and wine and a warm male flavor all his own. They turned back to Jill, taking
turns tasting her and tasting each other.

When she came apart, trembling and shaking to multiple
climaxes in their arms, they held her and soothed her, cradling her between
them. She fell into an exhausted sleep. Adam reached for the lamp, but before
he turned it off, he caught and held Kevin’s gaze.

“You have to tell her.”

Kevin swallowed. Adam felt it too. One night would never be
enough for any of them. “I know.”

* * * * *

Sometime during the night, Jill awakened to a slight chill
on her back. She shifted away from Kevin, who slept heavily on her other side,
and eased from the bed. A faint strip of light glowed beneath the door leading
into the suite’s living room. Slipping her husband’s T-shirt over her head as
she went, Jill eased the door open and tiptoed into the other room. Adam sat in
a chair near the sliding-glass door leading onto the balcony. It seemed as if
he hadn’t heard her enter the room.

The expression on his face made her pause. He looked
vulnerable, lonely. Just as she was about to retreat and give him his privacy,
he turned as though he’d caught sight of her in his peripheral vision.

“Hey,” she murmured.

His mouth tilted at one corner. “Hey back.”

“Couldn’t you sleep?”

“No. A little on edge, I guess.”

Jill took his response as a willingness to have her company.
As she moved forward, he held out his hand.

“You want to talk?” She took his fingers.

He smiled, but shook his head. “Sit with me?”

Adam slid over in the oversized chair, giving her room to
squeeze in next to him. It was intimate, cozy. She leaned her cheek against his
chest and heard the hammering of his heart. She could relate. Hers was doing
the same thing. He cleared his throat.

“Was everything okay for you?”

“It was.” His chest relaxed, almost as though he’d been
holding his breath. Jill swallowed a little nervously, but she had to get what
she’d been thinking off her chest. “Adam, I think we all know this ended up
being so much more than we imagined.”

He stiffened, shifting slightly away. “I can leave now if
you’d prefer.”

“No! That’s not what I meant at all. I meant…” she eased her
hand up to cup his cheek and turn his head so she could look directly at him.
“I meant it was so much better, so much more emotional…so not a one-time

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