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Authors: Lucia Jordan

Stirred (3 page)

you going to ask me something more personal?” he queried with a quirked brow as
he refilled her glass with some marvelous wine. She was beginning to think
she’d had enough already, and vowed to make this her last glass. Wouldn’t do to
let him get her tipsy since they were in his home – alone.

mean, about your private life?” she murmured. “Sorry Max but I don’t think the
readers we cater to really want to hear about the latest bimbo you kicked out
of your bed.”

he said, grinning. “So what about you, what do you want to know about me? I’m
thinking the way you scurried off that night a week ago was because you felt
you didn’t really know me, couldn’t trust me.”

gaze smoldered, suddenly turning the atmosphere to something crackling,
electrifying. Uh oh, Eva thought, gulping down the wine and then setting down
the glass with somewhat shaky fingers. Time to run, she thought, switching off
the recorder and jamming it in her bag.

think I’ve got all the material I need for the piece,” she said hurriedly,
reaching for her bag. “And the dinner was lovely, but…”

hand slipped over hers on the table, imprisoning her in its heat and strength.
Her eyes flew up to meet his. “So skittish,” he rumbled, eyes hooded as they
ran over her face, then rested on her lips. “What is it about me that frightens
you so? Is it because you know how I can make you feel? The things I can make
you do?”

– things like making a fool of myself,” she said with finality, then
sighed. “You planned this elaborate scheme all for nothing, Max. No matter the
question, the answer is still no.”

it?” he asked softly, taking her by the wrist, flipping it over. She looked
down to where his thumb stroked over her upraised pulse. His touch…was warm to
the point of scalding. Her gaze flashed up to hold his as he lifted her hand to
his lips, which he pressed to just below the pad of her thumb.

saying no?” was his thickly voiced query, as those firm, scorching lips of his trailed
wickedly smoky kisses up her arm, inch by inch.

“No. I
mean yes, I’m still not
” she said in confusion,
wishing she could snatch her arm away. Max…he had the tenderest, most
erotically charged lips, packed with enough sex-punch to make a girl’s head
reel. And the rake knew it.

don’t even know what it is about you,” he murmured, his mouth still doing
butterfly-wing kisses over her tingling skin. “But anytime you’re near me, I’m
in a different mode. I’m hot, I’m cold,
don’t know
if I’m coming or going…”

lips parted, laved her flesh with the heat of his tongue, before he sucked on
her skin with keen lustfulness. A moan soundless spilled from Eva’s lips as a
tremendous heat coursed through to her nerve endings.


here,” he broke into her warning voice, taking her hand to place against the
left side of his chest. She heard it, no
it through her palm, through his shirt. The thundering beat beneath his muscled
flesh. “That’s what you do to me. Every time. I just have to look at you and I
want you. I’ve had many women – countless women, I won’t lie. But you,
Eva, you have the power to keep me asking for more.”

“No I
don’t,” she let out before she could stop herself. Her tone was desperate,
breathless. “Max, I’m nothing like that. You may look at me and think that
I’m…something I’m not. I can’t give you want you want. I wouldn’t know
.” She sighed deeply. “I don’t want
you to be disappointed.”

eyes narrowed with realization. “What makes you so sure I will be?”

I just
. I mean I’ve tried. And I
wasn’t very good at it.” She bit fiercely on her bottom lip. Okay, there. Now
he knew.

flare of fury on his face made her breath catch. “Is that what
told you?”

leave Leon out of this…”

let’s,” Max growled, rising fluidly to his feet and tugging her up with him to
thud against his chest. “Let’s wipe him off the slate and start this at the
beginning. You. Woman. Me. Man. We will share our deepest, hottest passion. And
it will be perfect.”

wanted to protest – warn him that it was no use. But the next second, he
was seizing her lips in a kiss.


Chapter Four

lips merged with hers and Eva waited, waited to feel nothing.
To go cold beneath the searing touch of mouth and tongue against

But it
didn’t happen. What happened was enough to have her clinging to his
shirt front
in dazed delight. His heat and sweetness poured
brought her to life in seconds. He was
demanding, purposeful in the way he claimed her lips for his own.

open-mouthed beneath the fierceness of his kiss, she let him slide his tongue
moistly into her waiting cavern.
She held on to him for
support as her knees all but buckled beneath her.
He gripped her waist,
kept her tight in his possessive embrace. His breath rasped against her lips,
teasing her nostrils with the faint aroma of the alcohol they’d drunk. Her head
spun at the unfamiliarity of the sensations to which she was now
bowing to.
She felt lost.

reluctantly, he drew back from her lips, even as her body involuntarily leaned
into him. His forehead rested against
as they
both seemed to try to catch their breaths.

were saying?” he asked with a soft, throaty chuckle as he looked into her
glassed-over eyes.

she thought, sure she was somehow dreaming. What was that? Was a kiss supposed
to do that? Make her tingle deep in her belly; bring the strangest heat
swirling between her thighs? Was it even possible?

the way it should be,” he told her, his hands wrapping around her throat
gently. “The way it will be, between us.”

Max,” she let out on a soft cry of confusion. She felt dazzled, overwhelmed.
to, but…

only one way to prove it to you,” he said, calmly taking her hand as he began
to lead her from the room. “And that’s to


Eva would
have liked to have more of a say in this, but protestation seemed futile. Max
was a man on a mission.

tugged her after him, leading her up the wide staircase, right along the
corridor before she had the presence of mind to dig in her heels.

Wait, I…”

response, he turned quickly, making her exhale sharply as he shoved her against
the wall. His body immediately imprisoned her in place, and she couldn’t help
but notice how virile he seemed.
Powerful, forceful, manly.
She stared up at him wide-eyed as he linked both her wrists in one fist and
drew them high above her head.

tips of her breasts felt like they were thrumming, pressed up to his chest as
they were. Every hard, strong inch of him drove into her, making her aware of
the jutting thickness of his arousal. She gasped out loud.

don’t have to make it to the bed you know. It could be right here, right now,”
he gruffed, his free hand tipping her chin so he could ghost kisses around her
parted lips. Slowly, his fingers travelled down her throat to cup one
thrust-out breast. He squeezed hard, his fingers dipping into the fabric
coating her flesh. Somehow, his thumb found her nipple beneath the layers, and
he strummed it to life, causing it to grow hard and ready.

tweaked the stiff nub between his thumb and forefinger, and Eva couldn’t hold
back the whimper of surprised pleasure. She’d felt that, she’d really felt
that. Somewhere deep in her core, she felt
a stream begin
to bubble and fill up to overflowing.

don’t want me stop, Eva,” he told her firmly, his voice so thick it was
unrecognizable. She could even hear the harsh hissing of his
as he strove for control. “Your body certainly doesn’t want me to stop. It
wants me to touch you here…and here.” He caressed her breasts with a would-be
lover’s ardor. He molded the giving curves and drew in a breath as she spilled
willingly in his palm.

When he
released her, it was to edge lower, down to lift away the hem of her dress. Eva
strained against him, her hands twitching beneath his strong grip above her
head. But she couldn’t get away, couldn’t stop him from dipping his fingers in
between her legs, seeking past the line of her panties to her quivering slit

cow, she thought in a daze, feeling her pussy mound swell and throb beneath his
fingers. First, he traced his fingertips along her puffy lips, making her buck
involuntarily into his hand. Then he dipped in with two fingers, sliding in
demandingly and then retreating. In, then out.
And in again.

head was spinning and it was like all this was happening to a separate person’s
body. Because she couldn’t believe those quivers, those bolts of pleasure, were
happening to her. That those somewhat erotically obscene
slosh, slosh
sounds were coming from

that me?” she asked on a gasp, as his fingers sunk into her walls again and
again, ripping out her ecstasy to the surface.

you,” Max growled, his fingers speeding faster till the sounds became
unmistakable, undeniable. Eva threw her head back against the wall and groaned
and groaned. She’d never, ever felt so moist in her life before. Certainly not
from a few kisses and a twist of her nipple. What was this man doing to her?

didn’t know, but one thing was for sure: this was how it should be. This was
what a lover’s touch should bring one to
right up to
the edge of desire.

And Eva
could no longer deny that she desired this – desired Max.
In every way.

stared deeply into his
now so dark they were
almost black as they blazed right before her. Shuddering, she leaned into him,
drinking in the sensation of his wonderful touch, pleasuring her in ways she’d
never dreamed.

“I want
you,” she said softly but clearly, gazing up into his eyes. “Take me, Max. Take
me now.”


groaned deep in his throat when she’d said those words, and then he’d swung her
into his arms.

the bedroom door open with his broad shoulder, he carried her to the silk-laid
bed which
lay wide and inviting.

on the sheets, he kissed her. And she kissed him back like she’d never kissed
anyone before.

“I knew
it. I knew it from your eyes that first time…that you would have such passion.
Baby, it’s oozing from your pores,” Max told her huskily as he tore out of his
shirt. “And tonight, you’re all mine.”

head was swimming too much to help her form words, and so she only held out her
arms to him, drew him down to her. He drew down the neckline of her dress,
tugged away the lacy cup of her bra, and seized her breast in his mouth. Whole
flesh along with the nipple; he was all but swallowing her in one go. He
suckled and licked, pulled and bit. She was virtually weeping with pleasure by
the time he switched to the other breast.

night, he showed her many things. The way a woman could bring a man almost to
breaking point with her mouth on his nipples, and then on his cock. She wrapped
her lips around him and he rumbled deep in his throat in encouragement,
grasping her head in his hands and guiding her back and forth on his shaft.

Then he
showed her how it was to give in totally to the magic of a man’s tongue tasting
all of a woman’s secrets, so that she could open like a flower to him. Max
spread her legs wide and dove into her sap-filled slit with that hot tongue. It
danced upon the hooded flesh of her pussy and then it slithered inside, drawing
from the well of her desire.

thrashed beneath him, arching her back and crying out time and again.
Oh God oh God
, I think I’m about to
faint, she thought, as a powerful wave suddenly swept over her. She clutched
tightly to the sheets beneath her and half-coiled off the bed, staring down at
Max in wonder.

looked up from where his lips and fingers were busy wreaking havoc within her
quivering walls. “That’s it, baby. It’s coming. Let it happen; let me see you
let go for me.

tearing her eyes from his burning gaze, Eva erupted, her whole frame thrashing
over and over till she thought the tremors would never end. He watched her with
delighted lust, and then soothed her with
kisses which
he trailed up from her quivering thighs to her belly and then past her breasts
to her lips.

was so beautiful, Eva,” he said, pressing hard, possessive kisses to her
gasping mouth. “I love that you came for me. He never made you do that, did he?

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