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Authors: Lucia Jordan

Stirred (4 page)

pushed the clouds hazing over her mind to shake her head firmly at his gruff
question. “Never. Ever. Oh, Max, that was…oh,” she sighed, arching against him.

hands were hungry, eager to touch his heated body. She skimmed her fingers
across his broad chest, his rippling shoulders, and then his back.
Involuntarily, her lower body bucked up into him seeking something

think I’m ready,” she breathed, looking up at him with eyes molten with
feminine enchantment. “I can’t wait, Max. Please fuck me.”

Eva,” he groaned, sinking his teeth into her bottom lip and then pulling. “Yes.
You are ready for me.” His words were firm, resolute. He straightened on his
knees tantalizingly while she watched with the tip of her tongue caught between
her teeth.

hands gripped her thighs, parting them wider than ever before. She had air
escaping from her lips like it was running out all around them. Max positioned
himself right where he needed to be, and held her gaze. “
time, baby,” he said, fingers tightening their grip on her thighs. And then he
plunged into her.

she sighed, and it was the most contented, exhilarated sound. He nestled deep
within her walls, a groan of pleasure vibrating through him as she pulsated and
purred around his hot shaft.

clung to him, her nails raking tracks all over his broad back as he pounded in
and out of her with a steady, wanton rhythm. At the same time, he swooped down
to pluck at her lips, stealing her sighing moans into his mouth. “Yes baby…show
me how much you love having me inside you,” he rumbled, tonguing the full curve
of her lower lip, moistening it in readiness to suck it into his mouth again.

It was
all so darkly sweet and erotic, so passionate. Eva couldn’t hold back the storm
raging deep in her belly, just waiting at the edge to burst forth again. She
cried out his name, unable to fight this
bliss that was taking over her body – again. He urged her on with thrusts
that became rougher, more powerful. He brought her legs to link around his
waist and sent himself even further down her velveteen canal. He growled deeply
as she rippled around him and then shattered, splintering into tiny pieces
around his cock.

and only then did he too, give
He roared out his
release as he rode her with almost feral force right up till every drop of
passion had been spent. They fell into each other, bodies and lips clinging.

smiled, sighed, and stared up at him with new wonder. He didn’t say a word, not
even an “I told you so” look crossed his face. All he did was kiss her forehead,
and promised her that this was just the beginning…


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Of Passion’ is the first book in the exciting new ‘Bound’ series by Lucia

Westwood has the libido that can’t be calmed, and no one can satisfy her.
Frustrated with the lack of pleasure she gets from her men, Lydia turns to the
world of BDSM, and meets the handsome and mysterious Jack Riding, whose skills
and expertise might just give Lydia the orgasm she’s craving, but at what cost?



Jack Riding
continued his assault on Lydia’s clitoris and she cried out as her pleasure
mounted. As she began to twitch with the start of an orgasmic wave, he let the
riding crop fall and leaned over her naked back to whisper in her ear.

“Why did
you join the website?”

“Because,” she gasped.
“Because no man has ever been able to
make me come before he does when fucking me,” she turned her head slightly.
“Can you do it?”

“I can’t
promise anything,” Jack replied with a smile. “Now, head down,” he pushed her
dark locks over her face and took a hold of her hips. “I like a challenge,” he
added, touching just the tip of his cock to her wetness. She tried to back into
him and received a slap on her backside for her trouble. “Keep still,” he
snapped, and she fought to relax her limbs. Her legs, splayed apart with the
restraint revealing and displaying their hidden treasures, which Jack pressed
minutely against.

Lydia felt
the amazingness of having a lover just touching her – resting his hot,
pink glans against her entrance, but not actively seeking it. Her wetness mixed
with Jack’s pre-cum and they seemed to be joined in the heat of the moment.

Then, with
barely any thrusting at all, Jack pressed inside her, slowly entering her
passage, whilst all the time stroking her clitoris, gently, gently. Heat
radiated all over Lydia’s flesh and she felt the wounds Jack had given her glow
with a strange mix of pleasure and pain, heightened by this welcome intrusion
into her sex. She felt the glowing head of his cock pushing her sex open
– making way for the long, thick shaft behind it. She felt, more keenly
than before, the way her sex rippled and fluttered over the man’s cock, tasting
and touching every time morsel of it. It was more intimate than she had ever
felt before.


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