Stranger Than Witches (The Witches of Secret Hallow Book 3) (13 page)

“This is Keene,” Kimberly said. “Keene, can you say hi?”

Keene buried his face in her leg.

“You never said if…” Maddock trailed off when he saw who was at the door. He didn’t need to be told who Mary was. Surely he would be able to see many of Keene’s features in his grandmother’s face. He stopped next to Kimberly. “Hello, I’m Maddock Leif.”

He extended a hand, and Mary took it. “Mary O’Malley.”

He looked between Kimberly and Mary. “Nice to meet you, ma’am.”

Silence fell, awkward for a moment, before Mary said, “I’ll come by some other time. It’s dinner, I shouldn’t—”


Mary froze, half turned away already. “What?”

“Stay,” Kimberly said again, stepping back from the door. “For dinner?”

Mary turned around again. “If I wouldn’t intrude.”

“Not at all.” That came from Maddock, who was already stepping away from the door. “I’ll put more food on. Wife of mine?”

He was checking to make sure she was really okay with it. Kimberly kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks,” she said.

With a grin, Maddock went back in the house.

“Please,” Kimberly said, holding the door open just a bit wider. “Come in.”

Mary took a breath, squared her shoulders, and walked inside, following Maddock. Kimberly closed the door behind her, and, picking up Keene, shuffled back to the living room.

“Is there enough?” Mary wasn’t turning back. “Room, I mean.”

Kimberly smiled. “There’s always enough room for family.”

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