The Anarchist Detective (Max Cámara) (28 page)

He closed his eyes again.



The initial idea for this book came from my friend Toby Follett, who told me about the very real saffron scams that are taking place around the world. I have him to thank for that tip off, and for setting things in motion.

My contacts in the Valencia Policía Nacional were as helpful as always, passing on details about police work – Rafa Campo, Sebastián Roa and Esther Maldonado.

Once again, everyone at Random House has been very supportive. My thanks to Becky Hardie, Clara Farmer, Parisa Ebrahimi, Alison Hennessey, Bethan Jones, Vicki Watson, Roger Bratchell, Jane Kirby and Monique Corless for all their hard work on the Max Cámara series.

Thanks also to my agent, Peter Robinson, for his kindness and support.

Mary Chamberlain performed copy-editing magic, as ever, while Jenny Uglow remains the rock on which these books are built. I can’t thank her enough.

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