The Billionaire's Ruthless Intrusion (Billionaire Knights Book 1) (12 page)


he white sand
of the beach was shimmering in the early spring rays, the sun already surprisingly hot. The gentle waves of the Mediterranean lapping at her feet, Kirsty stood gazing at her husband as he swam back to shore with powerful strokes of his arms. Pride and love warred in her heart as she watched him, and rocked the baby boy in her arms, his dark curls already resembling his father’s, as did his golden eyes. Julian, as they’d christened him, was the most gorgeous baby boy in the whole universe, she’d decided with motherly pride.

She waved as Stuart rose from the surf, droplets of sparkling diamonds lighting up his athletic frame as he moved toward her with fluid gait. When he reached her he pressed a wet kiss on her lips and nuzzled Julian’s cooing face.

“You both look like a sight for sore eyes,” he murmured as he placed a proprietary arm around her waist, then shook the water from his dark mane.

They’d returned here, to the place where it all began, for their second honeymoon. Soon after Kirsty left the hospital Stuart had taken a leave of absence and taken her on a real honeymoon, but only after organizing a proper wedding in a proper church, this time witnessed by all their friends and family—except Geoffrey, who hadn’t been invited, a decision Kirsty and Stuart had taken together.

Then it had been on to Maui, where they’d fallen in love all over again, and somewhere between making love on the beach and taking long hikes and enjoying both the lush scenery and each other, Stuart had suggested Kirsty join the management team of Knight Enterprises. He told her not only did he need her, but the company needed her too. So they now worked side by side, both at home and work, sharing the household burden and taking time off to take care of the baby. They were a real team now, husband and wife, lovers and friends.

Kirsty had to admit she’d never thought life could be this full and happy, but then she’d never expected the man she’d always loved to love her back. If only they’d known sooner, she’d told Stuart, but then he said they’d both been too young to appreciate what they had. He was right, of course, her wise husband.

Plunking down on the towel Stuart had spread out—this one a little bigger than the one they’d used last year, for they had to make room for the baby—she teased, “Soon you’ll have to get us an even bigger one.”

And when she saw the sparkle of understanding in his eyes, she rubbed her tummy. Warmly, he placed his hand on top of hers, and while Julian made approving baby noises, they kissed passionately, ecstatic in the knowledge that soon their small family of three would be expanded to four.

Stuart knew exactly how fortunate he was in Kirsty as he watched her feeding the baby. His brothers had already told him he was a lucky bastard and didn’t he just know it. The love of his life had turned out to want him right back, which in his estimation was such a rare phenomenon it was like winning the lottery. The lottery of life and love. And as he adjusted the umbrella so that the sunlight didn’t hit his wife or little boy, he directed a keen look at the heavens, where he was certain his grandfather sat perched on a cloud, gazing down at him with pride in his twinkling old eyes.

“Thanks, Grandpa,” he murmured, and for a moment he thought he could hear the hearty chuckle of the old man, a sure sign of his approval. But then Julian heaved a burp that spilled juice on Kirsty’s bikini top. The sight of her swelling breasts now that she was expecting their second baby was enough to kickstart his erection, and when he turned over on his belly, his eyes riveted on Kirsty’s erotic features, she laughed, for she knew exactly what was going on.

Later, she mouthed, and he grinned back his ready agreement. Later, he acknowledged. Once Julian was asleep they would make love until the sun rose, and declare their love for each other over and over again.

“I love you, honey,” he murmured.

She smiled, the most beautiful sight in the world. “And I love you.”

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Nic Saint is the pen name for writing couple Nick and Nicole Saint. They’ve penned 40+ novels in the romance, cat sleuth, middle grade, suspense, comedy and cozy mystery genres. Nicole has a background in accounting and Nick in political science and before being struck by the writing bug the Saints worked odd jobs around the world (including massage therapist in Mexico, gardener in Italy, restaurant manager in India, and Berlitz teacher in Belgium).

When they’re not writing they enjoy Christmas-themed Hallmark movies (whether it’s Christmas or not), all manner of pastry, comic books, a daily dose of yoga (to limber up those limbs), and spoiling their big red tomcat Tommy.

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