The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine



Miko Peled has written a fascinating book about his illustrious father—a military hero, a defiantly independent peace activist and politician, and a Ph.D. professor-translatorscholar of Arabic language and literature. But this is in no way a conventional biography of a multi-talented great man. Rather, it is a penetrating, honest analysis of the core beliefs and courageous lives lived by this iconic Jewish leader and his remarkable family. Though the Peled family was always part of the national Zionist political-military establishment, its members have long reached out with empathetic concern for the Palestinians living under Israeli control and have continued to agitate for a just peace, acceptable to both Jews and Arabs. That family commitment to reconciliation has been sorely tested but remained unbroken even after a young granddaughter of the general was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber… Miko is truly inspiring in the telling of his family’s story, and of his own struggles to live up to the moral, ethical, and intellectual legacy from his father.




Veteran U.S. peace activist,
former President, Earlham College




Out of personal pain and sober reflection on the past comes this powerful narrative of transformation, empowerment, and commitment. It is the personal story that brings home forcefully how one liberates oneself from oppressive ideologies without losing one’s identity, family, and humanity. Miko’s story is a must-read for anyone who has not lost hope that one day peace and justice will prevail in Israel and Palestine.




Israeli historian,
Professor of history at the
University of Exeter (U.K.)









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  • War Diary: Lebanon 2006
    , by Rami Zurayk








This book is dedicated to my mother,
Zika Katznelson-Peled.







The main text of the work, all the photographs in the book interior, and the historic photo of the author and his father used on the front cover: © 2012 Miko Peled.


Foreword, © 2012 Alice Walker.


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   Peled, Miko.
         The general’s son : journey of an Israeli in Palestine
      / Miko Peled.
        p. cm.
        Includes index.
        LCCN 2012931105
        Paperback ISBN 978-1-935982-15-9
        Ebook ISBN 978-1-935982-24-1


         1. Peled, Miko. 2. Israelis—Biography.
     3. Arab-Israeli conflict. 4. Jewish-Arab relations.
     I. Title.


     DS126.6.P45A3 2012    956.9405’092


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