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The Neighbor [The Complete Collection]

The Neighbor
[The Complete Collection]
Abby Weeks

Copyright © 2013 Abby Weeks

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Gustav Klimt,



Mario Vargas Llosa,



moved to Sunny Oaks, a beautiful and expensive suburb outside of Troy, NY, they vowed it would be a new beginning for their marriage. The last five years had taken their toll. They’d been living in an adorable little apartment overlooking Ferry Street. Ben was a lawyer who worked for a firm specializing in commercial real estate. Janey was a teacher at the local school.

They thought they had everything a young couple needed to be happy. They had good jobs, a nice home, and they’d even been best friends since their junior year of college. Life treated them well. Janey would pick up a bottle of wine and fresh groceries from one of the local delis on her way home from work and cook dinner. She’d pour the wine, light the candles and put on some nice music. Everything would be ready by the time Ben got in from the office. Often after dinner they’d go out and catch a movie, or watch some live music in one of the local bars. They were regulars at all the trendiest bars and restaurants around town and a lot of people knew them.

They’d gone on happily like that for the first couple of years but gradually life began to get in the way. Ben would stay at the office later, or would call to say he wouldn’t be home for dinner at all. Janey started watching TV in the evenings and lost her enthusiasm for the local entertainment scene. They talked about having a baby but deep down Janey sensed that it would have been for all the wrong reasons. She wanted to have a child with Ben someday, but she wasn’t even thirty yet and was still enjoying her career as a teacher too much to take the time off for a baby. She believed a couple should only have a child when they were ready and really wanted it, not just when they’d fallen into a rut and needed a way to get out of it.

And it wasn’t like the marriage was beyond saving. They still had a lot of fun together when they remembered to relax and take time for each other. They often went on trips together, up to the Finger Lakes where they did wine tastings and spent time on the water, or down to New York City to check out a few shows and look in the galleries and boutiques.

Janey was confident that they’d get through the slump. It would just take a little effort from both of them.

But then, the unthinkable happened.

Ben came home from work very late, which wasn’t unusual at that point. Janey was already in bed. She’d been sleeping naked that night. They hadn’t made love all week and she was feeling the need to connect.

She heard Ben fumble his way into the apartment noisily. He’d obviously been drinking. He often had to entertain clients. He fell into bed next to her and when he noticed that she was naked he began to fondle her drunkenly. He put his hands on her breasts and inside her legs. She opened her legs a little to let him get better access to her and he slid his finger inside her vagina. She loved the feeling of being fingered, it always reminded her of her first sexual experiences as a teenager in the back of cars. She let him move his finger in and out of her, getting her excited and wet. She moaned a little.

She got down under the covers and took him in her mouth. He firmed up immediately and she let the long, thick shaft of his penis slide deep into her throat. She thought about doing something naughty. She wanted to put her finger in his bum. He would never admit it but she knew it excited him. She was just about to do it when he moaned something. At first she thought she’d misheard him so she listened carefully.

He moaned again and she realized he was saying a name, and it wasn’t her name. Suzy, he was saying.

And she knew instantly what it meant. Suzy was his secretary. What a cliché. Janey had spoken to her dozens of time on the phone. She sounded young and sexy and she always left her feeling slightly ill at ease when she got off the phone. She knew Ben was working too much but he was also having fun over there in that office. He was entertaining clients at bars and having evening meetings in fancy restaurants, and it seemed no matter how late she called, Suzy was always at the office ready to answer the phone.

She should have known something was up. She didn’t say anything that night. She just finished sucking Ben off till he came in her mouth, and all the while she pictured Suzy doing the very same thing to him. She didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to go through the turmoil that it would cause. He’d slipped up. He was a pig. She knew that. But she also knew that the marriage had grown boring and that if she was going to keep Ben, she’d have to change things.

She vowed that night to make those changes in their marriage. Rather than fight with Ben, she’d create a new life for them both.

The very first thing on her list was to get him out of that office, and that meant leaving Troy. There were wealthy suburbs around the city, and good firms in Albany. She’d move him out of town and take him away from Suzy.


Janey was sitting in her new living room, admiring the beautiful new house she and Ben had just bought. They’d paid more than they should have. The neighborhood was way out of their reach, but she reasoned that his career would be taking off in the next few years and he’d be able to pay for it all easily. She enjoyed having the house to herself. It had been a hectic weekend and the movers had all just left.

She and Ben had just spent the week packing their things and the move had gone off without a hitch. Now that all their belongings were unpacked she sat on the couch and tried to unwind. She went and got a bottle of Merlot from the kitchen and poured herself a glass. They would need some new furniture, this was a lot more house than they were used to, but things didn’t look that bad with their old things. It was perfectly livable, and she was actually quite excited to go shopping for all the new things they would need here.

She sat back and enjoyed the feeling of having started a new life. This neighborhood was desirable and impressive. They’d settle in here and Ben would forget all about some slutty secretary in town. She knew she could make this happen, for both of them.

She thought about turning on the TV but then stopped herself. She was determined to make the best of this new life, and sitting around watching TV all afternoon wasn’t part of it. There was a fabulous gym close by. She should check that out. She had a great body but she could always make it better. She wanted to breathe new life into her marriage and looking her best was crucial to that. It was summer vacation so she was off work for two months. She could use that time to get in shape, get new clothes, show Ben what he could lose if he kept screwing around with Suzy.

Ben had just left to go into the office for a few hours. He’d been there to help with the move but then he got a call from work. He’d apologized, they were supposed to spend the afternoon together, but she’d forced him to promise he’d be out of there by six. They would celebrate the move by meeting at her favorite restaurant downtown. It was an Italian place on Church that they used to go to all the time when they were newlyweds,
It was very fancy. Then they’d drive home together in Ben’s car. She’d leave hers at the restaurant and would get a ride into town in the morning with Ben to pick it up. When they got home she planned to seduce him, show him what he was missing by spending all his time at the office with Suzy. She was excited.

She went upstairs to her new bedroom. It was a truly magnificent room with floor to ceiling glass along one wall overlooking the backyard. The bed faced that view and she imagined what it would be like to wake up every morning to the rising sun shining in through that wall of glass. They didn’t have a pool yet but the neighbor did, and she planned on putting one in as soon as they had the money. She felt like she was living in Los Angeles or Miami when she looked at that window. It was so modern and chic. She lay on the bed and looked out, pretending the neighbor’s pool was hers. She pictured the pool parties they’d have with all of the new people they’d be meeting out here.

Then she thought of the new corset. She’d bought new lingerie to seduce Ben with and she wanted to try it on. It was a beautiful, black piece that the salesperson had referred to as a
. It was made of Spanish lace and had cost far more than she could afford to be spending on underwear. She went to her dresser and took it out of the drawer. It was still in the pink crepe paper the store had wrapped it in and she unwrapped it and laid it out on the bed. Then she stripped and went into the bathroom to shower. In the shower she shaved and put on new body lotion that she’d bought at the same lingerie store. She came out of the bathroom and admired her naked body in the full length mirror. She looked at her breasts, small but pert, her flat stomach, and turned to look at her firm little bottom. Not bad, she thought. She would spend a lot of time this summer working out, she promised herself, but in the meantime she had more than enough ammunition to persuade Ben that he still loved her.

She went over to the bed and picked up the
and pulled it on over her head. It was a perfect fit, the camisole was tight and firm because of the intricate lace work and it fit like a corset. She admired the lace, the quality of the workmanship really was impressive. She rubbed her hands over it and checked that the brassiere cups fit her breasts perfectly. They did, and even gave her a little more cleavage than usual. This really was a flattering garment she thought. She looked at herself again in the mirror. The corset came down to her waist, leaving her freshly shaved vagina exposed and she admired that, opening the lips slightly and imagining what Ben would think when she saw her in it. The vertical seams going up the side of the bodice gave it a thinning structure. She twirled.

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