The New Girl (Fantasy Heights)

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The New Girl

Fantasy Heights, Book 2

by Meg Silver

The New Girl

Fantasy Heights, Book 2

by Meg Silver

Copyright 2011, Meg Silver

All rights reserved.

The author of this work holds sole publishing rights. For information regarding permissions, email Meg Silver at [email protected].

This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

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The New Girl

Fantasy Heights, Book 2

“Tell me again,” Beverly said. “What are the two big rules for this threesome?”

Amanda could barely sit still. Beverly, who scheduled Amanda’s performances, deserved her respect and attention but all Amanda could think about was the two people who’d chosen her for an evening of hot, uninhibited play. Her pussy was already wet in anticipation. Couldn’t Beverly skip the pop quiz, just this once?

Not a chance, she figured, and was about to recite the rules when a familiar man came into the office: Thomas, one of Fantasy Heights’s biggest draws, and Amanda’s trainer. Tall, dark and ridiculously gorgeous, he reigned over the forced seduction department. Half the staff lived in fear of him. The other half maintained a safe, respectful distance. She’d suspected at first that Thomas’s demon-king anti-charm was just his way of jealously guarding his position. She had since come to wonder whether that was a dangerously shallow assumption. Whatever the case, she had much rather stay on his good side or risk being stuck in boring bit parts.

Seeing Amanda, Thomas lifted one devilishly arched brow, but made no comment. Instead, he took a page from the file he was carrying, went to the copy machine, and addressed Beverly. “What’s the noob-let playing today?”

“Submissive third in a

Thomas snorted. He had once called her the worst submissive of all time. Of course, he’d softened it by saying she had the makings of a decent Dom, but Amanda still hadn’t forgiven him.

He slapped the start button on the copier and repeated Beverly’s question about the threesome-with-married-couple rules.

Amanda rattled them off. “One: Don’t do anything with the husband unless the wife gives me an order. Two: Stay close, but don’t intrude while the others are enjoying each other.”

“Right. Good.” Thomas took his copy from the machine and stalked out.

Beverly watched him go. She wore her age well, with salt and pepper hair and a raspy laugh. “Best not to make any sudden moves around His Highness today, I see. Anyway, get up. Let me have a look at you.”

Amanda rose from the red leather chair to display the dress her clients had chosen. It was halter style, black silk, and short, short, short. It barely covered her mound in front and failed utterly to cover the suggestive juncture of thigh and buttock behind. Kara in wardrobe had applied very little makeup before pulling Amanda’s long dark hair into a sleek ponytail atop her head.

“You’re ready,” Beverly announced. “Hurry back once you’re done. Steph wants to talk to you about some staff fantasy updates.”

A tantalizing finger of arousal steamed its way up Amanda’s spine. One of the nicest surprises revealed once she’d signed her contract were the perks of this job. Staff had fantasy privileges, and could request other staff members to fulfill them. Amanda’s first pick was anal penetration. Maybe Steph, the resort’s owner, wanted to let her know the fantasy had been scheduled. Or maybe another staffer had requested her for a fantasy. Either way, she could hardly wait to hear the update.

For now, there was work to do, and the unknown pleasures of a threesome to experience. Amanda double-timed it to the vast Victorian-themed structure dominating the center of the resort’s grounds, given over entirely to the threesome trade. Inside were twenty guest suites and two lounges where clients would meet up with their chosen fantasy cast.

Amanda entered the marble-floored lobby with the glittering chandelier overhead and the twin parlors on either side that housed the lounges. To the right was
The Isle of Wight
for the older, more conservative crowd. To her left was
The Eastern Star
, more contemporary, more like a small, intimate dance club. She headed that direction and went immediately to the compact dance floor surrounded by miniature palms that obscured the view should anyone want to start the festivities straight away.

She let her imagination drift, wondering what it would be like to be stripped bare by eager hands on this dance floor. She’d like to be bent over and spanked, then fucked hard, where everyone could see if they chose to watch.

Beneath her feet, the floor pulsed with the upbeat music. She began to sway, feeling sexy, confident and impatient while she waited for her clients, Kevin and Lisa, to make their approach.

They didn’t keep her waiting long. Kevin, a thirty-something-ish man with brown hair and friendly features appeared first. He put her right to ease. He didn’t leer or start with awkward hellos, he simply smiled and blew out an appreciative whistle while watching her move.

She returned the small smile before turning her back on him, moving her torso to the music and inviting him to step up behind her.

He did, placing his hands low on her hips and dragging the dress’s hem up a ways so she could feel his firm, warm erection between her buttocks. A pang of excitement sizzled in her belly and made her drag in a deep breath. Before she’d signed her contract, policy forbade her to be penetrated by a man. She ached for that penetration now, and when she felt a woman’s hand slide inside the halter to caress her right breast, a powerful hunger dug itself in, demanding satisfaction.

Lisa, the wife, was definitely not shy. Never mind the others in the lounge, the woman let her hands explore Amanda’s breasts. They travelled lower to her hem and then under it to discover Amanda’s freshly waxed pussy, smooth and lightly oiled. Amanda backed up against the woman, wondering if she shouldn’t be more passive or shy, but spread her legs a little to allow the woman to explore more freely.

Soon Lisa’s hand was joined by her husband’s. Both of them dipped a finger into Amanda’s cunt, feeling the slickness awaiting them. She swayed back and forth and let them explore. She enjoyed their gentle curiosity while silken waves of pleasure spread every direction from their searching hands.

Soon enough Kevin put a stop to it, placing a hand into the small of her and Lisa’s backs and propelling them both toward the door. Their room wouldn’t be far away, thank goodness. Amanda was so awash in hunger she was breathing heavy and in quite a rush by the time they’d hurried up to the second floor, and into the clients’ suite.

All the lights were on to show the modern red, gold and brown decorating, high ceilings, and enormous four-poster bed. Somewhere in here would be their observer. When Amanda failed to spot one, she faltered a moment. Due to the resort’s policy prohibiting surveillance equipment of any kind, an observer had to be on hand for all services.

Lisa distracted her from the problem by unclasping the halter and letting the front of Amanda’s dress fall to her waist, exposing her breasts. Kevin came up behind her to take hold of her upper arms. He held her in place while his wife bent her head, drawing Amanda’s right nipple into her mouth, sending a glittering flow of pure pleasure down her spine.

A playful bite made Amanda gasp out her approval. The zap of pain made her eyes open wide, and a languid heat rev between her legs. Still, they had a problem without an observer on hand. She opened her mouth to slow the proceedings, but two things happened at once: Lisa got to her knees, and the room door opened to admit another man who’d played a part in Amanda getting this job: Josh, wearing his highwayman costume. He’d been her first observer that night in the shadowbox. To have him here now, observing her first threesome, only added to her delight.

He took up an unobtrusive post near the bed as Lisa pulled the dress off completely. After nudging Amanda’s legs apart, the other woman scooted forward. She turned her face up to lick the length of Amanda’s slit.

Amanda let out a breathy gasp again. Kevin hooked his hands in front of her shoulders, pinning her back against him and supporting some of her weight as his wife began to feed, feverish and demanding, at Amanda’s pussy. The sensation was raw, powerful, animal, nearly buckling her knees.

Lisa brought her back into focus when she stopped briefly to remove her own top. The other woman was around the same age as her husband and in excellent physical shape, if wiry from too many hours at Pilate’s. Her breasts were small, probably B-cups, and her nipples were puckered tight. She stepped away a moment and returned with a pair of metal bars, one long, one short. Both had padded cuffs on each end.

Amanda felt a flashover of hungry excitement at the addition of restraints. She might not have the right personality to make a good sub, but she loved the toys and all the pleasure that came with them. Thus she held out her hands and stood with her legs wide apart so that Kevin and Lisa could easily restrain their third.

Lisa affixed the wrist cuffs, and then knelt to place the longer bar on the floor and secure Amanda’s ankles. Right away, Amanda’s nerves kicked up a notch. She could not walk with the bar forcing her legs this far apart. In fact, very little movement would be possible without aid.

From behind, Kevin gently lifted her arms and positioned the shorter bar on two hooks above her head. With her arms up and legs held apart, her entire body was vulnerable. The clients could touch her anywhere, put anything inside her, and she would not be able to stop them.

This time when Lisa approached, Amanda couldn’t ignore a flutter of fear at the loss of control, but she needn’t have worried. Lisa’s eyes were occupied with the sight of her captive. The woman’s hands traced a feather-light, scorching line around her ribs as she sauntered around for a 360-degree view. Even still, everything about Lisa was tuned into Kevin. Every nuance of body language was alert to him, was she pleasing him, did she have his full attention, did he like what he saw.

Amanda liked the dynamic between them. Lisa was no reluctant wife, here solely to satisfy her husband’s whim to have two women at once. Lisa was an equal partner, an aggressor, even, who hungered to dominate another woman in front of her husband for his pleasure and her own.

Into the vibe now, Amanda lowered her gaze submissively and then flinched when something soft brushed her forehead. She only just remembered not to speak or laugh as one of them—Kevin, she thought—fitted a blindfold over her eyes.

Now unable to see and completely vulnerable to the married couple, she was both very glad to have Josh nearby, and very eager to feel what would come next.

Hands came next, both male and female, as the couple explored her further. Her breasts, her thighs, her navel. She could tell they were touching each other at the same time. Once, when she felt the softness of Lisa’s breasts press up against her own, she couldn’t help but to arch toward them, loving the skin-on-skin feel.

Kevin liked it too, giving a low growl of approval as Lisa’s hand found its way between Amanda’s legs once more.

“Oh, my God, she is so wet.”

Lisa pressed two fingers up, invading Amanda’s now-aching pussy. Unable to close or move her legs, she was forced to hold still while the other woman slowly, torturously, pressed in and withdrew, letting her fingers slide to Amanda’s clit, slick with her juices. Over and over again, taunting her husband with the prolonged exploration, Lisa probed and stimulated.

Finally, when Amanda was about to beg for relief, Kevin pulled off the blindfold in time for her to see Lisa get to her knees once more. The older woman began anew, lapping and exploring, less for show now, more geared toward making Amanda come.

She moaned in total abandon as Lisa’s tongue thrust deeply inside her. Back and forth between tonguing her clit and deep thrusts, the woman worked away at her, raising a fiery blush to her skin and heating every nerve to molten need.

Eager to please but still unable to move, Amanda rocked her pelvis to slide along Lisa’s tongue. When Kevin reappeared behind her to stroke strong hands across her breasts, she lay her head back against his shoulder. Her eyes wandered to Josh, and found him watching every quiver, every lick, every breathy sound of encouragement.

Josh always had a heightening effect for her. The sight of him staring and the erection straining inside his uniform pants got the better of her. An orgasm came on too quickly for her to stop. Her release drew an appreciative moan or two, but didn’t slow the others down. Lisa simply motioned for her husband to move, and had her lifted off the hooks and carried to the bed.

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