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The Superhero's Son (Book 1): The Superhero's Test (26 page)

Mom stood up and walked into the kitchen, while I walked down the hall to my room, but not before I glanced over my shoulder and saw Dad still sitting in his recliner. He was scowling fiercely, like he was reliving some bad memories that he didn't want to remember. I had no idea what Dad's history with Cadmus or the G-Men was, but I decided that now was probably not the time to ask.

When I shut the door to my room, I sat down on my bed and looked at the card with Cadmus Smith's contact information on it. I wasn't really interested in joining the G-Men, mostly because I figured that if Dad distrusted them, then so should I. Still, Cadmus Smith was an important person, so I figured it would be useful to have his contact information on hand. So I slipped the card into my backpack so I wouldn't lose it.

Then I placed my backpack on the floor and started to get ready for dinner. As I took off my shoes and socks, I thought about the future. I didn't know what the future held for me and my family or how the G-Men or the NHA would play into it, but I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was not going to be my last adventure as Bolt.


The Superhero's Team,

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"Miss Marathon: Earth's First Superhero"

by Joseph Bradshire

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The Superhero’s Test
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The Superhero’s Team

I can, however, recommend another superhero novel you might enjoy:
Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero
, by Joseph Bradshire, who is a friend of mine and also writes superhero novels just like me. It is a fun and interesting superhero novel that is a little bit different from
The Superhero’s Test
but still a good novel to read nonetheless while you await the next book from me.

Contine on to read a short excerpt from
Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero


Maggie groaned and wheeled herself back, out of the way.

“Okay dude. I’m reactivated? That means I outrank you, since you aren’t even wearing rank. So I’m commanding you to go fuck yourself.” Cannon crossed his arms just in time to be hit with tazer darts from Specimen’s side arm.

Cannon looked confused for a moment. Specimen held down the shock stud, face devoid of expression. The tazer darts caught up in Cannon’s hospital gown but could not pierce his flesh. Within moments his gown was burning. These were not low voltage darts.

Cannon laughed and tore off his gown, showing his totally crystalized chest and torso, “Those don’t work on me son, what else you got?”

With that Specimen tossed away his tazer and launched himself at Cannon. Cannon was ready for it, sidestepped and slapped Specimen aside, hard. Specimen hit the wall near the corner Maggie had backed herself into. He struggled to recover, trying to pull himself up, leaning on the wall.

Specimen was not yet to his feet when four more men in similar uniforms rushed the room, the first fired his tazer at Cannon, it bounced off his forearm. The other three closed and used their tazers hand to hand, pressing their electrodes straight into his body, no need for dart punctures.

Cannon put one down with a diamond hard fist. The wet crack sound it made on the side of the man’s head was disturbing. But it was a brief victory, Cannon was soon on the ground. He was strong, but still unstable standing up. He was held down, overwhelmed, screaming from the shocks.

Maggie did not recall standing up, nor did she recall kicking one of the assailants over the bed and through the closet doors, but there she was standing over Cannon trying to help him up. Soon she was down face first on the hospital floor, in more pain than she thought she would ever feel in her life. She was tazed over and over by one of the soldiers.

She was blacking out but coming back to consciousness after every burst, still kicking her legs and screaming. A total loss of control over her body. At some point it felt like maybe two or three tazers were at play, but she couldn’t be sure. Her world had turned into a cycle of pain, blackness, pain, blackness.

Specimen finally recovered and called off his men, “Stop! Those tazers are overcharged, meant for this diamond freak. You are going to kill her.”

Specimen reached down and checked her vitals, pulling out the tazer darts. She saw him through a haze. He pressed the emergency call button on the wall, and that was all she remembered.


to buy
Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero
. I hope you enjoy it!

About the Author

Lucas Flint is the pen name that Timothy L. Cerepaka writes superhero novels under. You can find out more by visiting his website

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