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Authors: Randolph Stow


Visitants (29 page)

Frederic Manning

Introduced by Simon Caterson

Selected Stories

Katherine Mansfield

Introduced by Emily Perkins

The Home Girls

Olga Masters

Introduced by Geordie Williamson

Amy’s Children

Olga Masters

Introduced by Eva Hornung

The Scarecrow

Ronald Hugh Morrieson

Introduced by Craig Sherborne

The Dig Tree

Sarah Murgatroyd

Introduced by Geoffrey Blainey

A Lifetime on Clouds

Gerald Murnane

Introduced by Andy Griffiths

The Plains

Gerald Murnane

Introduced by Wayne Macauley

The Odd Angry Shot

William Nagle

Introduced by Paul Ham

Life and Adventures 1776–1801

John Nicol

Introduced by Tim Flannery

Death in Brunswick

Boyd Oxlade

Introduced by Shane Maloney

Swords and Crowns and Rings

Ruth Park

Introduced by Alice Pung

The Watcher in the Garden

Joan Phipson

Introduced by Margo Lanagan

Maurice Guest

Henry Handel Richardson

Introduced by Carmen Callil

The Getting of Wisdom

Henry Handel Richardson

Introduced by Germaine Greer

The Fortunes of Richard Mahony

Henry Handel Richardson

Introduced by Peter Craven

The Delinquents

Criena Rohan

Introduced by Nick Earls

Rose Boys

Peter Rose

Introduced by Brian Matthews

Fear Drive My Feet

Peter Ryan

Introduced by Peter Pierce

Hills End

Ivan Southall

Introduced by James Moloney

Ash Road

Ivan Southall

Introduced by Maurice Saxby

To the Wild Sky

Ivan Southall

Introduced by Kirsty Murray

Lillipilly Hill

Eleanor Spence

Introduced by Ursula Dubosarsky

The Women in Black

Madeleine St John

Introduced by Bruce Beresford

The Essence of the Thing

Madeleine St John

Introduced by Helen Trinca


Louis Stone

Introduced by Frank Moorhouse

To the Islands

Randolph Stow

Introduced by Bernadette Brennan


Randolph Stow

Introduced by Gabrielle Carey


Randolph Stow

Introduced by Drusilla Modjeska

The Girl Green as Elderflower

Randolph Stow

Introduced by Kerryn Goldsworthy

The Suburbs of Hell

Randolph Stow

Afterword by Michelle de Kretser

An Iron Rose

Peter Temple

Introduced by Les Carlyon


Watkin Tench

Introduced by Tim Flannery

The House that Was Eureka

Nadia Wheatley

Introduced by Toni Jordan

Happy Valley

Patrick White

Introduced by Peter Craven

I for Isobel

Amy Witting

Introduced by Charlotte Wood

Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop

Amy Witting

Introduced by Maria Takolander

I Own the Racecourse!

Patricia Wrightson

Introduced by Kate Constable

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