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Authors: Brandon Varnell

Tags: #Fiction, #Fantasy

A Fox's Maid



Part III of the American Kitsune Series


Written by Brandon Varnell

Illustrated by Kirsten Moody


Copyright © 2015 Brandon Varnell






Words you should know!


A Japanese term that roughly translates to Middle School Second Year Syndrome. People with Chūnibyō are often teens, but can also sometimes adults. They have trouble separating reality from their own delusions and tend to think they have special powers.


A term used to describe someone who has a cold and sometimes frosty personality at first, but generally reveals a warmer, softer side over the course of a story.







There are many people that I'd like to dedicate this book to; people who made writing this possible. They've been a big help throughout my journey to become an author, and it's been their encouragement that has given me the will to reach out and try to attain my dreams. My parents, my sister and her husband, my editor and proofreader, my illustrator and, just as importantly, my readers. All of these people have helped me in my journey to write this book. To them I will forever remain grateful. Thank you.


Chapter 1

Some Things Change, Others Stay the Same

Lilian awoke to the new day with a smile.

Sitting up in Kevin’s bed, the sheets falling away from her vivacious frame, she stretched her arms high above her head, her exertions accompanied by cute noises that would have knocked Eric Corrompere out cold had he been present to hear them.

It’s a good thing Eric isn’t here,” Lilian said, seemingly to herself, even as she groaned from the pleasant sensation of her muscles stretching taut.

The neck of her shirt―it was actually one of Kevin’s, but he had given it to her―slid off her shoulders to reveal silky smooth skin. She absently slid the neckline back up before looking out the window. It was a beautiful day outside; the sky was a clear, light blue, and the sun was shining down upon the earth with its radiant beams of light. It was the perfect day for her and Kevin to go out and do something fun.

Speaking of Kevin…

Lilian looked down at the floor to see her beloved mate―or the person who she hoped would one day become her mate. Kevin was in his sleeping bag, lying on his back. She could see his chest rising and falling at a slow, steady and reassuring pace. His breathing was deep and even, a sure sign that he was sleeping heavily.

Crawling out of bed with ninja-like stealth, Lilian made her way to Kevin’s prone form until she was literally on top of him. Her body lightly straddled his; she didn’t apply enough pressure to wake him, but even so, she could still feel the natural heat that his body emitted. She missed sleeping with that heat, but knew she could get it back soon. Lindsay was officially out of the running for his heart, and the only other person she had to contend with was that
goth loli. It was no contest.Leaning down, she pressed her lips to his forehead. Her tails also moved forward and gently poked his temples. The two fluffy appendages glowed a whitish yellow for a brief moment, before the light faded.

She leaned back and smiled. The enchantment she had cast would be enough to ensure that he continued sleeping―at least until she finished preparing everything that she needed to wow and impress him.

The kiss was not a necessary part of  the enchantment. She just kissed him because she wanted to.

After getting off her chosen mate, Lilian made her way to the bathroom, where she took a very brief shower.

She would have normally taken her time getting clean. Like most kitsune, Lilian enjoyed the finer things in life, which included long hot showers and even longer baths. One of her many guilty pleasures was sitting under the spray of the shower, allowing the hot droplets to run down her body and soothe the muscles in her back―or lounging in the hot bath, letting the soothing heat soak into her body and lull her into a sense of contentment. She couldn’t do that today. There were several very important things that she needed to do, and she wanted to accomplish them as quickly as possible. The sooner they were completed, the better.

The first item on her list was choosing something to wear that would catch Kevin’s attention. Before now, all of the clothes she’d worn were sexy little numbers, their sole purpose being to send men into a state of aroused delirium. They were the kind of clothes that emphasized her inhumanly beautiful body and generous proportions.

It had become increasingly obvious to her that those kinds of outfits wouldn’t work on Kevin. It wasn’t that he didn’t like seeing her in them―she had seen very convincing evidence that he did, indeed, enjoy seeing her in them―but that he simply couldn’t handle her sexy outfits… yet. She was positive that would change if she gave him a few more months to accept and return her love. She just needed to be patient.

Nodding to herself, she entered their bedroom while wearing nothing but a towel and rummaged through the dresser where she kept all of her nightwear.

While she normally would have put on her daytime clothes, Lilian’s purpose this morning was to get his attention, and nothing got attention better than lingerie. Even if she didn’t have any intention of donning one of her more sinful garments, she still wanted to wear something eye-catching. And regular, everyday clothing just wasn’t eye-catching enough in her mind.

Unless it was extraordinarily skimpy.

Reaching into the drawer, Lilian pulled out the first article of clothing that she could find. She blinked once, and then frowned. The item in her hand was a pink lingerie dress made of partially translucent material and a dark pink G-string. Definitely not something that Kevin would be able to enjoy without flipping out. Or passing out. Whichever came first.

Onto the next selection then!

The next item she grabbed was even worse: a leopard print two-piece. The bra-like top was held up by a pair of really thin black strings, and dipped into a V-cut that showed off a more than generous portion of her cleavage. Black gauze-like material with floral embroidery around the bust ensured that her nipples would barely be covered.

The bottom was even worse. It was just a rhomboidal-shaped patch of leopard print fabric connected to the top with two small metal circlets, which was barely held together by thin black strings. The fabric didn’t extend to cover her butt. It was just a small string that went between her cheeks and left her small, shapely rear completely exposed.

This was definitely not something that Kevin would be able to withstand. It was almost a certainty that he would pass out from this.


Lilian grabbed another item from her drawer.

Her left eye twitched.

She shoved the article back in and grabbed another garment.

Her left eye twitched again, and it brought friends.

Her right eye began twitching, too.

After rejecting several more outfits, Lilian was at her wits end.

They’re all too sexy!” She grabbed at her hair and moaned. “How am I supposed to get Kevin’s attention if he’s too busy freaking out to even pay attention to me?!”

You’re the one who bought those clothes.

Quiet you!”

Hey, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t force you to buy those clothes. This is all your fault for not having the foresight to choose less revealing nightwear.


Right. Quiet. I’m being quiet now.

Lilian huffed in anger, feeling a chill of annoyance run down her spine before turning her attention back to her current problem. She supposed that she could just wear one of her normal outfits, but she wanted to wear something that would really turn Kevin’s head. It had to be something cute, something that would make him stare—if not in lust, then at least in admiration.

Why don’t you just wear one of his shirts and a pair of pajama bottoms?

I thought I told you to…” Lilian trailed off from the beginning of her angry tirade, a thoughtful expression crossing her face. She looked up at the ceiling, her eyes glazing over as she pondered the suggestion. “You know… that’s not a bad idea. I suppose I should thank you…”

You’re welcome.

Don’t get a big head now,” Lilian mumbled as she grabbed some clothes from Kevin’s drawer and laid them on the bed. After a couple minutes in which she did nothing but stare, Lilian chose what she believed to be the best combination of the bunch: A small black T-shirt with a strange-looking white helmet on the front, and black pajama bottoms with a symbol she had seen on the controller to Kevin’s game system running along the fabric like polka dots.

They were perfect. They wouldn’t show off a lot of skin, but the shirt was very small and would be a tight fit around her chest, the better to show off her impressive bust. That it also revealed a tantalizing glimpse of her flat stomach was just a bonus.

After putting them on, Lilian moved over to the full-body mirror on the closet door and looked herself over.

Hmmm…” She spun around. “It’s not bad… but I think it’s missing something.” It took her a moment, but the answer soon came to her. “Ah-ha!” With two swift motions, Lilian used her enhanced strength to tear the bottom half of the pajama pants off. Now, instead of pajama bottoms that went all the way down to her feet, they were shorts that only covered enough so that her bottom wasn’t showing―unless she bent over. “There. It's perfect.”

Um, no it isn't.

Lilian narrowed her eyes. “Yes, it is.”

Isn’t the whole purpose of this to keep Kevin from passing out?

Of course it is. Why else do you think I’m not wearing any of my sexy lingerie?”

But isn’t ripping his pajamas like that basically putting you back to square one? You know he’s going to flip out, if not because your butt is practically showing, then because you ripped his pajamas.

Lilian scoffed.

You clearly don’t understand how the male mind works. This clothing is a lot less suggestive than any of the other articles I have, but it still shows off how desirable I am.” Lilian smiled at herself in the mirror. Her reflection smiled back. “Yes, the moment Kevin catches a glimpse of me, he’ll lose all sense of self-restraint, throw me onto the bed, and make me scream out his name in blissful ecstasy until my throat grows hoarse and I become a quivering mess of post-orgasmic bliss.”

Uh… huh… right. You clearly haven’t learned anything from the previous three weeks, have you?

Did you say something?”

Not a thing.


Lilian stared at her reflection in the mirror for a moment longer before nodding. She looked perfect. Kevin would definitely fall in love with her once he got a glimpse of how attractive she was―and this time he wouldn’t pass out from overstimulation….


With the task of selecting her outfit complete, the only tasks left were to cook breakfast and wake her mate with a kiss. Then they would enjoy a nice meal together and he would see how much she loved him, after which he would bend her over the table and have his wicked way with her. It was the perfect plan. A plan worthy of a kitsune.

With a giggle, she skipped to the kitchen.



It was early in the morning when Kevin Swift woke up and tried rousing Lilian from her slumber.

Lilian. Wake up, Lilian.”

He wasn’t having much success.

Come on, Lilian. It’s time to get up.”

Kevin frowned as Lilian refused to wake, as if she’d been trapped within a deep sleep―or in a coma. She didn’t even wake up when he raised the volume of his voice, or when he began to incessantly shake her shoulder. The fox-girl just continued resting on her side, her red hair fanning across the bed like an extra sheet of silk.

Lilian had kicked the covers off some time ago, which gave him an unfettered glimpse of her heart-shaped buttocks, covered only by a pair of purple panties. The curve of her hips flowed into a pair of gorgeous legs, one stretched out languidly against the bed while the other bent at the knee. She wore a dopey smile, and would occasionally let out cute giggles at intermittent intervals. She was clearly experiencing a very pleasant dream.

His eyes began twitching as another giggle emerged from Lilian’s gently parted Cupid’s Bow lips. He decided that a bit more force might be necessary to wake the girl. Thus, he grabbed her shoulder, and shook her with a little more strength than he’d used previously.

Lilian, you need to wake up now. I’ve made breakfast for you, and you don’t want the breakfast I made getting cold, do you?”

Unfortunately for Kevin, the lovely fox-girl still refused to wake. She just mumbled something incoherent―he could have sworn he’d heard the word “Beloved” somewhere in there, but couldn’t be sure―and snuggled deeper into her pillow.

Lilian, if you don’t get up right now, I’ll―what the heck?!”

Kevin yelped when Lilian’s prone form suddenly sprang into action. Before he could even contemplate what was happening the redhead jumped at him, wrapping her arms around his waist as she slammed into him with a surprising amount of force.

Unable to maintain his balance Kevin tumbled to the ground, taking Lilian with him. For a moment, his world became disoriented, his vision spinning around like a car that had been flipped in an accident. When the moment ended, Kevin’s breath left him as his back smacked against the white-carpeted floor.

It took him several seconds to reorient himself, mostly because his mind was rattling around inside of his skull. Everything appeared blurry, moving in and out of focus. When he finally regained his bearings, Kevin gained a newfound appreciation for his situational altercation.

He was lying on his back. On the floor. Lilian was on top of him, still asleep somehow, her legs straddling his waist and her face nuzzling against his chest. Kevin wasn’t one-hundred percent sure, but he could almost swear his housemate was purring―which he found odd, because he knew for a fact that foxes didn’t purr. They lacked the proper larynx
laryngeal muscles, and neural oscillator that allowed cats to purr.

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