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Authors: Laurel Adams

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Audience Appreciation (3 page)

 I'd never seen anything like it before and I couldn't decide whether her clit-hood piercing scared me or made me want one of my own. There was something about her that was so brazen, it took my breath away. She had dark brown hair, exotic green eyes, and a long, thin body. She saw me staring at her piercing, looked right into my eyes, and held my gaze. 

I felt my mouth go dry. 

My friends must have paid her to single me out because it seemed as if she were dancing just for me. She gyrated so near my face that I could smell her…and she smelled good. A sudden jolt of inexplicable electricity in my body confused and embarrassed me. I turned away with an immature giggle, covering my face. But when I peeked between my fingers, she was staring at me, and she let her tongue trail a low lazy lick along her bottom lip.

"I have to—I have to go to the lady's room," I said, digging my elbow into my boyfriend's ribs to force him to let me go. 

"Oh, c'mon, don't be scared," Chad said.

But at that moment, I broke free and ran toward the powder room. "You didn't even give her your dollar!" Lanie called after to me, but I just needed to get away. And that's how I found myself holed up in the bathroom, quaking…

I'm not sure how long I stood there, trying to understand my reaction to seeing the stripper's genitalia. But before I could figure it out, Lanie burst through the door, laughing, and grabbed my arm. "You coward! Get out here. Kim, c'mon. Chad bought you a lap dance."

"A what?" I asked, my eyes widening.

It's not that I didn't know what a lap dance was; it's just that I'd never heard of a girl giving a lap dance to another girl. Plus, I was trying to buy time to get my shit together. My thighs were shaking, and I was sure that I wouldn't be able to hide how excited I was. I'd agreed to this because…because I didn't want to always be the young, inexperienced girl in the crowd. The dare had sounded like titillating fun. I hadn't expected to be aroused, and certainly not
aroused that I was afraid to go anywhere near that stripper again.

"A lap dance," Lanie said, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "That girl liked you. She gave us a discount. C'mon. It'll be fun. You said you wanted to experience everything. Well, this is your chance!"

Lanie yanked hard on my arm and I was on those ridiculously high stiletto heels, so if I didn't follow her, I was sure I'd topple over. Or at least, that was the excuse I told myself.

I didn't remember telling Lanie that I wanted to experience everything, but at that moment, I did. The room was filled with smoke and ogling men. I felt like my blood was boiling, but I almost turned around and ran right back into the bathroom when I saw my boyfriend crook a finger at me. Chad was grinning from next to where they expected me to sit. 

In the back of the room, where some men were getting lap dances from other strippers, there was a stage. A chair had been placed on the stage and a light too. If that's where they wanted me to sit, they had to be kidding! "Oh, god, I can't do this," I whispered as Lanie pushed me into the chair.

Meanwhile ,my friends all started hooting and making cat-calls. The men in the crowd were watching me, and I realized that they had a hunger in their eyes. Grown up, adult, all-male hunger. I knew I looked even younger than I was, and so I must have seemed unattainable to them. They looked like they'd know just what to do with me, and I had to look away because that turned me on too. 

The stripper came close, leaning over me with a grin. "It's okay if you're nervous. I'm not gonna hurt you. My name is Jenny. What's yours?"

Jenny. I liked that name. I liked more the way her hands soothingly traveled up and down my arms. It made me shiver. "I'm Kim."

"You're really sexy, Kim," she said.

I blushed. I'd never actually thought that another girl might think I was sexy or that I might think the same thing about her. I'd only ever been attracted to boys my whole life long, so none of this made sense. Besides, there were too many people watching me. My stomach was tightening with nerves. I could see my friends all gathered in the corner with my boyfriend, slapping him on the back, and raising impatient drinks in my honor. 

Jenny scolded."Hey, give her a minute!"

Her fingers laced into my hair. I felt like a frightened animal, and she was coaxing me into calm. "I was hoping someone would buy a lap-dance for you. In fact, I suggested it."

"Why?" I asked in a whisper.

"It's not often I see a pretty girl in here. I like girls. I like girls a lot. And I'd really love it if you'd let me dance for you."

The stripper couldn't have been that much older than I was, but she was obviously far more experienced. Her tone was silky and the lust in her eye—real or imagined—made me feel as if the room was a million degrees. Maybe it was just my skin.

I could only nod.

When the song started, Jenny straddled my legs and slowly ran her hands through my straight black hair. She gyrated her hips slowly, and I watched her impossibly round and upturned breasts brush against my own. I sucked in breath at the sight. She pulled her bra cups down so that her hardened burgundy nipples were visible, and then pressed them against my chest. I felt as if I burned everywhere her nipples traced. For the briefest moment, I even wanted her to pull my dress down so that our nipples could touch, skin on skin. But even if I could've admitted that I wanted that, I had no power of voice.

"Put your hands on my waist," Jenny told me, with a smile.

I whimpered, mesmerized, I obeyed. 

She had a way of making things just seem easier. I started feeling the music, which urged me to move to the beat. My own thighs were trapped between Jenny's and the way she danced against me caused my dress to ride up my thighs. Then, when the tops of my stockings became visible, I heard a collective groan from the crowd. I suddenly remembered that everyone was watching. My friends. My boyfriend. Even the men who were getting lap dances of their own were focused on Jenny and me…

The bare insides of her legs brushed the bare outsides of mine. Hers were soft, and satiny. My head starting spinning, and the heat between my legs searing and unbearable. She was grinding and grinding down on me, our hips meeting more frequently. I could hear my heartbeat rushing in my ears nearly drowning out the cheers of my friends. 

Jenny was so soft, and when her long dark hair swept across my bare shoulders, I was enraptured. I wanted to feel her softly sliding on me everywhere. I wanted to see her pretty sparkling pussy again… and give it a kiss. My hands tightened on her hips at the forbidden thought and Jenny's breathing speed up. She pressed down on me so that her pelvis pressed on mine, giving a little sweet relief while making the hungry desire even stronger.

"Angle your pussy up towards me," Jenny said, kissing my neck. The wetness of her kiss on my throat sent another electric jolt of arousal through me. I knew I'd have to spread my legs to angle the way she wanted me to, but I was too desperate now to worry about who in the audience might see my panties. Meanwhile, Jenny sucked on my neck, biting softly to guide me. She was making the prettiest little noises that I'd ever heard, so I let my thighs separate and arched my hips towards her. 

I was rewarded by her groan and the searing heat of her wet crotch against my own. Only my panties kept our pussies from touching, and it seemed to frustrate her, because she gripped me and pushed so hard that I could feel the little ring on her clit digging into my own.

That made me crazy. It put pressure on that hardening nub of my own clit that I couldn't escape. I started to moan, softly, feeling her hard nipples scraping past mine through my dress. Our pussies mashed against one another in an aching rhythm, and the pleasure rushed up on me before I could stop it. I was so close.

She was, too. The music had stopped, but Jenny's hips kept pumping. "Keep pushing," she whispered. "Keep fucking me, Kim. You're gonna make me come all over your sweet pantied pussy."

I think it was the dirty talk that did it. Usually, I had some warning before my own orgasms. Not this time. I threw my head back, bit my lip, and writhed underneath her as my own climax overtook me. I saw stars behind my eyelids. My thighs stiffened and I lifted my ass off the seat to press harder against her while I came, that little clit-ring of hers bringing me off in front of everyone in the club! 

When I went off, so did she, crying out. Unashamed for anyone to see the flush that swept pink over her lovely skin. Afterwards, the two of us just sat there panting, entangled on the chair. With a shy smile, I took the dollar in my hand and tucked it into Jenny's panties while people whistled and cheered. It wasn't just my boyfriend or the group of friends. The whole club applauded.

Jenny stood me up, straightened out my clothes, and looked as if she were about to say something, but was interrupted by an older gentleman with steel gray hair. He walked up to us and handed me a five-dollar bill. "You were hot as hell, honey," he told me. 

I didn't know whether to be flattered or angry, so I just hid my face and handed the money to Jenny.

She gave me a wink. "I'll take your money, but only if you write your phone number on it."

And my boyfriend handed me the pen.

Of course, I don't think either of us expected her to call that very same night…


"Hey, maybe that's your new girlfriend calling." 

Chad teased me, holding me in the parking lot next to his car, his arms around my waist. 

"Stop," I said, laughing, ignoring my ringing phone.

We were both in a great mood, but he was a little drunk, and turned on, if his erection pressing against my belly was any indication. Our friends had taken off for the night; it was just the two of us. I was so keyed up I couldn't wait to go back to his apartment, but I felt like we needed to talk about what had happened, too. "Shouldn't you be jealous?"

"Of another girl?" Chad asked, sliding his hands down to my ass. "Nope. I'm the one who bought you the lap dance, remember? It makes me nervous that I'm your first. I figure I've got to make up for a lot of missed experiences if I intend to hold onto you."

He made it sound like a joke, but the softness in his expression twinkling in the lamplight made me think he meant it on some level and my heart softened a little bit. He had been my first and he'd made losing my virginity a special and exciting thing. I felt safe with him to try new things and explore whoever I was and whoever I was meant to be.

When the phone rang again, we both laughed, nervously. I lifted the phone to my ear and took the call.

Jenny's voice came low and sultry over the connection. "Kim?"

I blushed. "Yeah."

"So you gave me your real number…"

It hadn't even occurred to me not to. "Yeah."

"I just wanted to check," Jenny said, her voice lowering a little bit. "And to let you know that I'm off the clock now if you want to finish what we started…"

"Um," I said, my eyes flicking nervously at Chad. He was leering, vastly amused. I think he knew, without my having to say so, that I was talking to the girl who just gave me an orgasm with her clit-ring. "I'm kind of with my boyfriend right now."

"I can see that," Jenny said, emerging from the foggy alleyway leading from the club. 

She was a vision, striding through the parking lot to us in high-heeled thigh-high leather boots, a tight mini-skirt, and a fur jacket over a midriff baring tube top. Somehow, she was even sexier clothed, like a movie-star with the same confident strut; she knew that she looked good. "Hi."

"Hi," I said, shyly, ending the call.

She did too, and I felt my breath quicken at the way she let her hungry eyes devour me, as if she hadn't had enough before.

"Well, hello there," Chad said. He gave Jenny a flirtatious once-over and I felt like a hypocrite for feeling jealous. "Thanks for the show tonight. You and Kim and me are going to be doing the dirty in my fantasies all week long—hell, all year long. Unless you want it to be more than a fantasy."

Wait a minute
—we hadn't talked about

"Easy, stud." Jenny smirked. "I only like boys when I'm on the job…"

I was relieved. Sort of. Or did that mean she was a lesbian? I really had no idea what to think about that, but Chad gave a rueful chuckle. "That's a shame."

"My loss I'm sure," Jenny said, with a grin. "You're pretty hot for a guy, so I'm sorry to disappoint. But I might have a way of making it up to you. What if you let me borrow your girlfriend for the night, and let you watch?"

That she had the nerve to bargain with him for me turned me on. Also, offended me a little. I couldn't decide which impulse was stronger, so I just asked, "Oh, hey, don't I get a say in this?"

Jenny leveled me with a flirtatious smile. "Do you want a say in it, Pretty Girl?"

Well, I wasn't sure how to answer that. Because while I wasn't sure I wanted to be
, I was still running hot with arousal. Especially when she called me
Pretty Girl
, which made me melt a bit. And the idea of doing anything else with her while Chad watched was driving me crazy. But did I want to admit it?

Thankfully, my boyfriend rescued me from having to answer. "I'd love to watch you two together, so if you're into it, Kim…"

I didn't know if I was into it. I just knew that I was outrageously horny and that if Chad was with me, things couldn't go too badly. He always made things better, safer. 

We went back to her apartment—a stylish flat with a white lambskin rug on the floor and lucite tables. Everything was cool and sexy, just like Jenny. I wasn't so cool. Having no idea what to expect, I was shaking like a leaf.

But Jenny had her arms around me and her tongue in my mouth before we even got in the door. We hadn't kissed before, not mouth to mouth, and the intensity of it—the feel of her tongue darting between my lips—gave me a serious high. She was all over me, her hands under my skirt, her body rocking me back against the wall of her entryway. 

"Whoa," Chad said, both in surprise and in warning.

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