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Authors: Laurel Adams

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Audience Appreciation (5 page)

My will had been weak. I just had to get myself together and get my things and go to the front of the bus where the stranger couldn't bother me. Then I'd never see him again, and I'd forget this ever happened.

But then I looked at myself in the mirror and got the shock of my life. I wasn't normally vain. In fact, I was usually insecure about my looks. But at that moment, my eyes were wide and radiant. My face had a passionate lustful glow. I couldn't explain it. But I was momentarily enraptured by my own image. In this heated state, I was transformed. The stranger had become my partner in risky business and somehow he had transformed me. And though all of this was wrong, I wanted to know what he'd do next. 

He was a bastard, and I wanted him. 

Maybe I wanted him because he was a bastard. The stranger dared. He dared, and he wouldn't stop, and wouldn't let me stop. I needed him for that. So I stepped out of my clothes, folding them neatly. My thighs trembled. My fingers trembled. I actually had to stop and lean back against the door and touch myself some more just to take the edge off of my madness. I took off everything but my soaked panties and my shoes. Somehow, they made me feel a little more steady. Then I put my coat back on over my bare flesh. I cautiously peeked out the door of the bathroom before exiting it to walk back to our seat. But before I could take another step I was grabbed from behind. 

The stranger was on me, his hand on my mouth so I wouldn't scream. Startled, I dropped my clothes into the aisle, and he had to stop to grab them. Once he did, he threw me down into the back seat—the longest seat at the back of the bus that's flat like a bed.

Before I could protest, he crawled on me, one leg on the floor, one on the seat, splaying my legs and pushing his hands up under my coat. His actions bespoke of a scarcely controlled lust on his part that was intoxicating. He made me feel overwhelmed—touched everywhere and overcome. The heat of this encounter. The wrongness of it. The anonymity. The baseness. It all swirled in my head for an erotic electric charge. But somehow I was in no way prepared for him to say, "Now it's time for you to get fucked." 


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When her father is to be hanged by the laird, young Heather pleads for mercy. As a poor crofter's daughter, Heather doesn't have anything to offer the but her maidenhead—a payment Laird John Macrae is willing to take in exchange for her father's life. 

The laird intends to ruin her, to shame her father as punishment for his crimes. But when Heather returns to the castle to be debauched by the laird and his men, she finds that the laird is unexpectedly kind and protective. 

Strangely reluctant to take what she's offered, he warns that she won't like the man he becomes in the bedchambers. But he's awakened desires inside her that she never knew existed. Between lust and loyalty, Heather finds the courage to prove to the laird that whatever his darkest desires, she is the only woman who can fill them. And that his needs, no matter how depraved, can't scare her away.

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