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Authors: Laurel Adams

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Audience Appreciation (6 page)

The Highlander's Harlot




I always wanted to be at the mercy of a man who wouldn't take no for an answer... 


I just didn't know it until a stranger caught me red-handed in a moment of private pleasure, and insisted on doing more than watch. I didn't think I was the kind of girl who would have sex with strangers in public, but once I fell under this man's sway, I wished more than anything to be whatever kind of girl he wanted me to be.


Stranger Danger: Caught Red-Handed

Stranger Danger: Moving Violations

Stranger Danger: By the Hour

Stranger Danger: The Complete Series




College is a time of experimentation, lost innocence and risky, forbidden sex... 

Read about college co-eds who get themselves into all kinds of erotic trouble with strangers, ex-boyfriends, experienced older men, and horny fraternity boys. These college cuties indulging in voyeurism, exhibitionism, gang bangs, submission, BDSM, and taboo kinks that might come back to haunt them one day. But for now, YOLO! 

College Indiscretions, a Bundle of Erotic Short Stories







Home from college for the holidays, bad-girl Becca Vincent has a
secret call-girl fantasy
on her wish list. But she never expected her dark and delicious desires to be unwrapped by the boy next door…


Becca has been avoiding Ben her whole life—in part because their moms keep trying to get them together. But Ben jumps at the chance to thaw her out, adding a little extra spice to their romance by
making her dirtiest fantasy come true


Becca might think her home town—and everything in it—is two sizes too small, but Ben's about to give her the holiday surprise of her life. Because some guys are naughty and nice…


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