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Club of Virgins (6 page)

Chapter 12




On Monday afternoon





With the end of classes, I had to return to the college library to finish completing my summary about the artistic representations. The reading room was packed and all the tables and chairs were full with students. I was sitting at the dividing with a table full of books and notebooks with a young woman I did not know.

She was also making some kind of summary to be delivered to her teacher.

Moments later, the girl got up and carried her lesson materials with her. The chair in front of my table was unoccupied.

My body was bent as I was reading a paragraph in the book and trying to assimilate it. My lips were holding a pen while I was writing with the other hand.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared before me blocking out the light. I raised my head and gazed up.

What I saw standing before me made me look down again and look at the pages of the book another time.

“Hello,” a hesitant male voice said.

“Hi,” I answered politely but completely serious. I didn’t want to face the person.


I tried to keep my gaze away from his face. He had caused me anger and impatience.

He pulled out the chair and sat down on it, in front of my desk. His books were left on the table. They were not opened. It seemed he was there just to talk to me.

“I want to apologize about Friday. I guess I was not clear with you.”

I looked at him. “Yes, you were clear.”

Almost immediately I closed the book and began to collect my things. “You just made me feel like an idiot after being abandoned on the dance floor. And then leaving the party without saying a goodbye! Or see you later!”

I got up, leaned the books against my breasts. Natan looked up and looked at me. I was dressed in a white blouse, a short, denim skirt and sandals.

“I have no guilt if your shit shyness blocks you from forming relationships.” I faced him furiously. “But I think your excess of shyness with people should not impede you from being kinder to them.”

I turned my back to him and started walking forward. My ears detected the sound of the chair being dragged back and someone standing up in a hurry.

“Peta! Wait!”

His hand tightly gripped my arm and he turned me to him. That unexpected and sudden pull made me shudder from my toes to the top of the head. I lifted my eyes and stared scared to Natanael's face. He turned his gaze to one side, scratched his nape after removing his heavy hand from my arm. I felt his fingers had calluses. It was a sign that he probably did some heavy duty work. I also realized that his skin was bronzed from the sun. He was probably under the sun’s rays often.

“Tell me.” I mumbled and looked down. The fear from that shudder still bothered me. My body had never been shaken like that, not even when I had sex with my first boyfriend, after I lost my virginity
Virgin Club.

His eyes wandered for a moment and then he looked at me with some concern.

“I-I want to invite you to e-e-eat pizza this weekend!”

I bit my lips and kept looking down at the floor. Natanael kept looking at my face. I felt he feared my answer. His hand touched the back of his neck and he scratched it nervously.

“Please, say something!” He pleaded.

I lifted my head and looked into his dark eyes. He also looked into my blue eyes and we looked at each other in silence. We both seemed to be attracted to each other.

“I will think about it,” I answered him.

“All right.” He put his hands into the pockets of his dark jeans. He looked to one side, then asking, “When may I know your answer?”




In the evening, Denise came to my house. She'd asked me to brush her hair. The hair dryer was connected as I pulled the latest wavy ringlet off her head. After I finished my job,  Denise and I went into the living room and turned on the stereo to hear a stirring piece of music.

“How are you going with Pablus?”

We sat on the couch and Denise put her feet upon it. Her short shorts showed her thighs.

“I do not know. I think he is winding me up. We got it on Friday, but after that, he always comes up with some excuse not to be with me.”

“Hum hum,” I muttered. “I think you better get rid of him! He must be just another player! You need to find a guy who values you!”

“I know that.” She agreed. “But I have not fallen in love to take the guy seriously. You know. I like to go out with the guys and get to know their performances in bed. For now I do not feel I’m prepared to be dating seriously and fucking the same guy all the time.”

She looked at me and saw me distracted. I was thinking of something else.

“What’s happened? You seem worried about something!”

“I am,” I confessed, looking at her face.

“You’re concerned about what? Do you need any money?”

“That's not it. The pension that I earn is enough to pay for my comforts.”

“So tell me what worries you!”

“I know a guy in college. His name is Natanael ...”

“Mmm.” Denise smiled and pushed my shoulder, looking pleased with my explanation.

“Continue speaking, friend!”

“He asked me go out with him this weekend.”

“And what did you decide? You agreed?”

“I said I'd think about.”

Denise soon said, “So you're not interested in him.”

I looked around without answering immediately.

“It’s not that. It’s worse.” I stared at her. “I cannot stop thinking about the shuddering he caused in me after pulling my arm! I’ve never felt this before with another man!”

Denise's eyes sparkled with joy, excitement and curiosity.

“Explain it to me it carefully! Why did he pull your arm? How did you meet? I want to know everything.”

I closed my eyes and then opened them.

“There is a very strong chemistry between us! He is shy, but he is different! I feel strongly attracted to him! After he grabbed my arm and pulled me violently to him, I just had all confirmation of that!”

I paused. “I'm afraid of falling madly in love with him.”


Chapter 13





My brow furrowed, my lips pressed and I blinked a few times, completely tired of trying to finish my college work. It was already 9:00 pm. I was in my bedroom, sitting at my desk, with some books open. They were lesson books and next to them was my notebook. I had also put on a CD and it was softly playing some songs from the band Kings of Leon, of which I was a big fan.

In was in a light shirt, shorts and slippers. That's how I used to dress at home. 

“It is almost done! Just lacks the last paragraph.” I mumbled and bit the tip of the blue pen. My hand went behind my neck and scratched it a few times. I had a habit of doing this whenever I was nervous or anxious about something and at that moment I was nervous while awaiting Peta’s response. She had not called me on the telephone and I did not even know if she would call me.

However, I did not lose hope and waited for her call.

Just minutes later, I looked at the table next to my bed when my cell phone rang. Quickly I ran towards it and held it in my hand without even checking the identity of the caller.

“Hello!” I answered and someone on the other side found the courage to say something. Suddenly I heard her soft, sweet voice.


“Yes, it’s me,” I said.

“It’s Peta here.”

“Peta! Glad you called me ...”

I blushed and my hand slid across my smooth, dark hair. I was a little nervous.

No, not a little. Totally.

“My answer is yes. I accept your invitation to go out with you this weekend,” she said and I closed my eyes, quite anxious to meet her on Saturday night in any pizzeria in town.

“Okay, I’ll see you about seven then. Is that okay?”

She agreed and moments later we finished the call.

Chapter 14





Peta and I sat at a table in a quiet pizzeria in town. Almost all the tables were occupied by couples of all ages. There was low music in the background which played so softly in our ears and it did not hinder in any way our conversation.

“Why did you decide to study Agronomy?” Peta asked. She was sitting in front of me. Her hair was loose. She had some makeup on that clearly highlighted her blue eyes and her perfect lips.

Her body was covered by a thin, black dress. However the neckline in front gently showed the volumes of her wonderful breasts. Peta loved wearing low-cut clothes on her back. It seemed that she always wanted to show off her butterfly tattoo.

“Because my grandfather is a farmer. The farm where he lives has over twenty acres of land.  My grandfather has an orange plantation, maize and cassavas. My grandfather wants me to take care of his business and the farm. No one is interested in administering the farm businesses. My uncle and my father already have their careers off the farm.”

I looked around and then continued. “I also love open country. I'm just living in town because my parents live here, and I live with them in this moment. But as soon as I graduate I will live on the farm with my grandfather.” I took a break and Peta stared at me intently. I did not confuse the words when my eyes met hers. “On weekends I go to the farm and help in the agricultural aspect. You know, I really feel like I accomplish something there. Love nature and all its green!”

I supported my elbows on the table which had a red tablecloth.

“What about you? Why did you decide to study history?” I asked looking at her. Peta took a sip of water and answered.

“Because I love history in general. No one exists without a past. History has its importance in society. What we are today, we owe to the ancient knowledge.”

“Okay.” I nodded and ate a piece of pizza. “In which area do you want to work after your graduation?”

“I still do not know,” she replied. “I still have four years left to think about it.”

She smiled at me. “I have no safe job as you already have on your grandfather’s farm.”

She spoke jokingly. She smiled again.

“It's true. I will not need to go in for a civil service employee examination or face numerous interviews to get a job.” I smiled softly. “My job is guaranteed and waiting for me as long as it is needed.”

“You smiled,” she said staring at me. Her eyes seemed enchanted with my almost timid smile.

“I very rarely smile,” I confessed to her.

“Why?” She insisted.

“Because I grew up in a family that is very repressed.” I paused, “My parents never gave me the right to make my own choices, except in my studies.”

“Why do you say that?” Peta looked confused and interested in the subject at the same time.

At that moment I lowered my head and looked down at my plate of pizza.

“Forget it. I do not want to talk about it now.”






“This is where I live,” I informed him as we drove up the street. We were in Natanael's father's car. He got out of the car and politely escorted me to my gate.

“It’s nice!” He looked around and saw part of the house through the low wall.

“It's a simple house, but I like it here.”

I put my key in the gate lock and opened it.

“It must be nice to live alone.”

“Sometimes yes.” I gazed up at his face. “But I preferred to live with my mother. I so wish she was still alive.”

Natan said nothing and put his hands into his dark jeans pockets. His black shirt made him look more beautiful. There were men who were irresistible in black.

“Come in for one instant!” I insisted, opening my front door. Natan remained standing at the gate. He looked embarrassed by my invitation. It seemed he wasn’t accustomed to frequenting houses of women who were living alone, who had declared their own independence.

“I think it's much too late ...” he muttered looking around.

“Come on in! So we can talk bit more.”

Moments later, I turned on the light in the living room and Natan stepped into the house. He was very reluctant but he came in anyway. He looked around at the sofa, TV, some paintings hanging on the walls. The room was not very big, but it was neat and clean.

“This was my mother,” I said picking up a picture on the table next to the couch.

Natan held it and looked my mother’s picture.

“Your mother was so different to you!”

“Yes, I resemble my father. He was Dutch.”

“Now that explains it!” he joked. “And all these freckles!”

I smiled.

“I never dye my hair and do not intend to do it except when I get old! I love the natural hue of it.”

Natan stared at my red curls and after that his gaze went down to my blue eyes and my red lips.

“You are so beautiful!” He said quietly.

I blushed at his unexpected compliment. I took my mother’s picture and put it back on the table. I looked at Natan. He just stood in the living room.

“Sit down for a little while.” I offered.

He put his hands on his legs and sat down slowly. His fingers began to play with each other. He seemed very nervous. Maybe he was timid being inside the house of a single, beautiful and determined woman. He knew I was not shy like him. I always knew how to clearly express the things I really desired.

Moments later, Natan looked at me as I took off my sandals. Soon I started to walk barefoot through the living room. I leaned against the stereo and put on a CD of a band called
Kings of Leon.

“I love this band!” Natan said after he heard their music start playing.

“Me too,” I said excitedly.

“This song is called 'Closer',” he went on to say. “I love this song.”

“Me too,” I confessed looking into his dark eyes. Natan realized my gaze moved toward him. Soon he lowered his head and muttered something.

“I have to go now, it's late! My parents may be concerned about me.”

I started walking toward him slowly. My past seemed to involve him too. Natan looked at me from the bottom up. His eyes gleamed in appreciation.

I stopped before him and looked at his face for a few moments in silence.

“Dance to this song with me.”

I raised my hand toward him. Natan looked down at me and said, a little confused, “I really don’t dance.”

“It doesn’t matter ...” I whispered, still holding out my hand. “Just be my foundation during the dance.”

Surrounded by the soft music in his ears and my magnificent picture before him, Natan came up and put his arms around my waist. My arms circled his waist and I leaned one side of my face against his chest. He smelled so good, a strong, male fragrance.

As I moved my body gently against his, Natan closed his eyes and began to feel it with pleasure. His hands slid gently down my back and he felt my soft skin through his hands. His fingers tightened on my back and my tattoo of butterflies wrinkled with his fingers’ firmness.

His breath began to mingle with mine, he was so close. As the seconds passed, my feet moved across the floor while I danced clinging to Natan's body. It was so nice to feel him so close to me.

My body trembled and shivered as I felt his body cling to mine. I also heard the soft sound of his quickened breathing.

Still clinging to his waist, I lifted my head and looked into his dark eyes. I was looking to find in them all that I needed to have the courage to put my lips against his.

Natan needed to come out of his shell, to move past his shyness. He needed to allow me to dive into a wave of pleasure and delight in his tongue so hot and wet and allow me to get a taste of his uniqueness.

“You're a special woman ...” He whispered to me.

My hands released him and I moved up to the height of his chest. I approached my lips to his chin, slipped them higher and finally found Natan’s lips. He closed his eyes and I did too. His hands gripped my waist and my back.

Our kiss soothed us and our tongues touched through our open lips.

I felt my body shudder, shiver, burn for this. Natan’s hands moved lower and held my buttocks and squeezed them, pulling my body against his. I felt him become hard. It was firm in front of me. It made me even more excited, imagining him taking me to bed and taking off all my clothes.

Our whispers were increasing and our kisses became uncontrolled. My tongue’s tip slid to Natan’s ear. He closed his eyes and held his breath. He moaned loudly.

Finally, his hand separated my body from his as he began to fix his black shirt on his body.

“Things are heating up between us!” he whispered. “I need to go now! See you later!"

He held my chin and kissed my lips quickly, giving me another long and engaging kiss. “I'll call you!” He said pulling away from me, turning and walking to the front door.




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