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Authors: Megan Grooms

Handsome Stranger (2 page)

Truly this wasn
’t a real date. He wasn’t sure why he hadn’t asked her on a real date, one where he took her to a nice restaurant. The invitation to come to his house had spilled out before he could monitor his own thoughts. This would be a nice way of getting to know her without the pressure of other people around. Surely she would have been distracted by big crowds at regular restaurants. This also gave him a chance to surprise her with his cooking ability. He felt like a woman as he thought about what he should wear to look good for her.

His mind drifted to what she would wear. He ashamedly hoped it would be something to show off her great chest that Frank had mentioned, or maybe something to show off her legs. She had been in slacks in the classroom but if the rest of her body said anything about how fit she was her legs would look great. Something silk would look great on her, a dress would be wonderful, easy to take off. Thoughts of silk sliding along his body filled his mind making him jerk the car. It was a damn good thing his sister was coming tonight.


’s room was a mess. She had nothing sexy to wear. She actually wanted to look good. Sure she would feel self-conscious around coworkers but if he looked at her like he did that afternoon she knew it would be worth it. Finally she decided to screw it and brave the mall. She hated shopping and had no idea what was in style anymore.

Fighting the urge to run for it Abby went to the counter only to be glared at
by the woman behind it. The woman looked like she was wondering if she was in the right place or not. “Yes?” She looked her up and down and Abby felt like she was being judged.

I have a date tonight and I need a dress.” Abby announced standing taller. She hated it when she felt belittled by other people. She didn’t look that bad she didn’t think. There was no reason for this woman to look at her that way. So what if it wasn’t technically a ‘date’ she wasn’t really lying, there would just be other people there as well. Besides what did it matter what she told this woman it wasn’t any of her business one way or another.

Where are you going?” The woman walked around the counter now and looked her up and down again. Abby got the feeling the woman was now looking for her dress size. It would be hard to tell in what Abby was wearing. Her work clothes weren’t really formed fitting. She found it easier to chase after the children if she wasn’t wearing clothes that would rip when she knelt down.

It’s his home, he’s making us dinner.” Abby liked the idea of just the two of them at his home. She liked the idea that he was making dinner just for her to come over. Pushing silly dreams aside she followed the woman to the back of the store.

An hour later Abby had new clothes, shoes and makeup. She stopped last at Victoria Secrets for underclothes. Nothing she had now would really match the dress and she wanted to look good, even if he didn
’t see it tonight. She could admit to herself that if he wanted to see them tonight he would. She had never been so attracted to someone so quickly and part of her knew that she should take it as a sign that this was something special. She just wasn’t going to be the one making the first move.

As she showered her mind drifted to the evening with Nate. What if he did want her? Quickly her mind took a hold of that thought. His arms locked around her he bent down pressing his soft lips to hers, his tongue flashing out licking her lips begging for her to open them to him. As she did his tongue darted in exploring her mouth. A groan of
ecstasy escaped her and she leaned back offering her chest to him. His pressed gentle kisses down her neck as his hands slipped under her dress pulling it up with his exploration of her body.

The alarm on her phone snapped her back painfully. She was quivering with
wanton need and shook herself out of her daydream. As she finished her shower she wondered why she felt this way toward a virtual stranger. She didn’t know him but it didn’t matter she wanted him and if he wanted her she would give herself to him happily. She took care to shave, just in case he did want her though she tried to talk sense into herself. Reminding herself that a man that looked that good, wouldn’t want a woman like her.

After she was shower
ed, shaved and changed Abby looked at herself in the mirror. She had gotten all the makeup the woman told her too however she didn’t know how to put it on. She had never been one to wear it and just hadn’t had the time to learn. In college when her friends thought she should wear it they put it on her. She never bothered to learn from them. Finally she decided to suck it up and went to her neighbors, Mrs. Lee.

The woman was elderly and extremely nice. However she also thought she was a match maker and kept bugging Abby to let her fix her up. Abby had been able to avoid it so far by just telling her that she didn
’t like dating. Getting help from her tonight would signal the end of that excuse. It was more important at the moment to look good so she sighed and knocked on the woman’s door. Abby could always hope that things with Nate worked out and she wouldn’t be available much longer, she like that idea a lot and was smiling genuinely by the time Mrs. Lee opened the door.

Well hello Abigail, don’t you look wonderful!” She stepped back and held the door open. “What’s the occasion?”

There is something at the school.”

The woman eyed her.
“You know Abigail you are a horrible liar. What’s his name?” She ushered Abby into the kitchen and sat her down on one of the bar stools and started making tea.

’s cheeks grew a bit pink “Nate, he’s new at the school He invited me to his house with some other people. Do you think I’m over dressed?” She couldn’t help be self-conscious. She had on a black dress that had large white flowers on it. It went down mid-thigh and she hadn’t had something that short on in a long time. She hoped her legs looked ok. The top had two large straps that went over her shoulders, the cut was a square one and the bra she chose pushed up her breasts to show a nice amount of cleavage.

I think it looks wonderful darling and those heels with it make your legs look even longer. Guys like that.” The old woman winked, Abby blushed a bit again. “Now what do you need help from me for? You look wonderful already.”

I don’t know how to do makeup.” She answered holding up the bag she had brought. “I was hoping you could show me?”

It took an hour for everything. Mrs. Lee explained as she went and Abby learned as much as she could retain. To Abby however it took much too long to get it all on and when they were done she asked which ones she could put on just a little of and which ones she could just not use unless she had too. Mrs. Lee laughed and pulled out all the things she would need for everyday wear.

It was getting late and as Abby pulled out of her parking lot she realized she was just going to be on time, if she was lucky. She had wanted to get there a little early and hopefully have time with Nate alone. Now she just wanted to be on time.


“So, where’s this new guy? Jim’s excited to talk some football, baseball, anything really.” Jess walked into Nate’s kitchen startling him.

Good Lord sis, you could have at least warned me!” He grumbled glad that he hadn’t gotten anything on his shirt. He put down the spoon he had been stirring his sauce with and turned around.

Wow, look at you!” She exclaimed looking her brother up and down. He had on black slack pants that seemed to fit as if tailored. His shirt was a white button front with the top two buttons undone and the sleeves rolled up past his elbows. He had on black dress socks like he was planning on putting on dress shoes. “You’re dressing up for this guy?” She raised an eyebrow.

I never said it was a guy, you assumed.” Nate answered. His sister looked shocked and he turned back to his dinner. “You’re going to catch flies.” He muttered knowing her mouth was still hanging open.

Am I your freaking back up plan on your date?” She fumed, ready to throw something at him if he knew his sister.

Nate sighed,
“more like a chaperone.” His turned around to find his sister looking confused. “I just met her today and she’s beautiful, like gorgeous. I asked her to come to my house for a get together however I didn’t have one planned. I was going to invite people from work but they don’t like her. They think she’s a bitch.”

Maybe she is, they’ve worked with her longer.” Jess reasoned leaning against the island in the center of his kitchen.

She’s not a bitch.” Nate demanded surprising himself with his attitude toward his sister. “I just mean, she’s like you. She doesn’t like crowds, she’s uncomfortable around people. So rather than them realizing this and trying to help her they ignore her, they call her ice princess and it hurts her feelings I know it does. I would have asked her on a date but this just popped out and I couldn’t take it back. I would have sounded stupid. Please stay.”

I don’t like it. Poor girl, though if she’s a bitch I’m so reserving the right to say ‘told ya so’.”

Thanks Jess, I owe ya one.” Just then his niece and nephew ran into the room wanting to know what was being made tonight. Nate laughed at the little ones and was glad they were there. Children would make Abby feel better. She worked with kids all day, she could relate to them and talk to them. Through them he would learn about her. He liked that idea a lot.


It was five minutes till when Abby pulled up to the house on her note. She looked at the address then the house. It was a beautiful house with a large front porch and a high privacy fence around the back yard. She climbed out and started up the walk. It looked like only one other person was there. Maybe she would have time to talk to Nate alone before there were too many people and she had to leave. She felt butterflies in her stomach and she nearly couldn’t catch her breath excited to see her handsome stranger. The house really was beautiful. As she got closer she noticed a swing on chains hanging from the roof at one end of the porch and two rocking chairs on the other end. 

Two stories it looked like a perfect family home. She stopped short her breath caught in her throat. How could she have been so stupid. He was married. Two cars in the driveway didn
’t mean someone was already there it meant that there were two people living there. A teacher wouldn’t have a house like this unless he had a family, teachers didn’t make enough money to afford a house like this on their own. She backed away shaking her head. She should have known. She felt so stupid. Finally she turned and started to run toward her car. She cursed herself for believing someone could actually like her. For letting herself indulge in fantasy making it hurt all the more.

In her hast
e she tripped and fell tears filling her eyes as she scraped her knee and hands.

Abby?” The voice just brought tears quicker. “Abby!” She heard him rush to her side felt him kneel next to her. His hands landed on her shoulders sending heat from his hands straight to her core. Why did her body react? Didn’t it remember what she had just realized? It shouldn’t react to his touch he didn’t mean anything by it. He was just trying to help her up. Her body refused to listen, it craved the contact. It had been so long since anyone had touched her.

Nate pulled Abby back into his lap his strong arms circling around her waist. He had seen her walking up and then she had stopped and turned around and ran in a panic. He ran to the door to stop her. She must have fallen while he was trying to get to the door. His heart ached as he realized she was crying. He felt like an ass when his pants grew tight having her so close to him. He couldn
’t help the reaction though her dress was beautiful and felt silky against his skin. As she was sitting now  the dress afforded him a great view of her cleavage.

She sighed and leaned back her brain shutting off in the face of such male comfort. He was so warm and his arms and chest felt so strong around her. She could have sat that way for hours. It didn
’t matter they were on the ground in her brand new dress. All that mattered was her handsome stranger holding her while she cried.  It felt like he cared for her, wanted her safe and happy. She finally looked up into his dark eyes she saw worry and confusion. The longer she gazed into them the more she could see them change with his emotions. She saw the moment he decided to kiss her. She pushed herself up a little to meet his lips.

The kiss was light at first when she didn
’t pull away it became more urgent. He brushed his tongue along her lips letting her know what he wanted. Readily she opened her mouth giving him what he wanted. His tongue entered her mouth teasing her flavor gently coaxing her to play along. He twisted her in his lap so she was sitting across it and he could access her mouth better. He groaned when she daringly slipped her tongue into his mouth. She could feel how much he wanted her from her position on his lap. She couldn’t help squirming some enjoying the feel of it against her bottom. His grip on her tightened and she was sure that meant he liked what she had done.

Hey your- What the hell?!”

The woman
’s voice shocked them back to reality. It was like a punch in the gut to Abby. She shoved away from the jerk. The best kiss of her life and he was married. She shouldn’t have let herself get sucked into that. She should have scrambled up and left. Instead she melted in his arms like butter. She was horrible. “Your married?!” The only thing that seemed able to come out was what she kept repeating in her mind. Not caring about modesty she scrambled up and backed away afraid if she didn’t she would slap him. “I can’t believe you would kiss me with your wife right inside!” Abby was screaming not letting him get a word in. “I thought you were different what an idiot! Did you do this just to have a story to tell people at work? Oh God, work…” She trailed off moaning. She covered her face, how could she go back there?

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