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Authors: Megan Grooms

Handsome Stranger (4 page)

He heard the hesitation. He kissed her mouth again rav
aging it. Coaxing her suddenly tense body back into submission. He lifted her up and she quickly wrapped her legs around him the contact caused her to moan and kiss him with new vigor. He walked while she explored his neck. She moved to suck on his lobe and he almost dropped her. “Hey beautiful, you want to wait on that til we are in the bedroom?”

She paused only for a moment
but long enough to make him worry. “Does this bother you?” She whispered her breath sliding across his ear causing him to stop a moment. She giggled delighted that she found something that affected him so much.

You’re not going to make it to the bedroom you keep that up.” He answered squeezing her tight ass in punishment.

Where would we go?” She asked feigning innocence. Then dropped her head down for more kisses along his neck. “The couch maybe?” She whispered her voice low and sexy. They passed said couch.

Maybe I should bend you over the arm and take you from behind.” He answered trying to hurry his steps.

Hmm… never tried that before. We’ll have to do that sometime.” She giggled again.

He moaned
“God Abbs you drive me crazy. You’re just full of surprises aren’t you?” the walk down the hall was quick and luckily his door was already open. He kicked it shut and went straight to the bed laying her down. He stood and looked down at her a moment. She looked gorgeous her breathing was rapid and caused her breasts to bounce invitingly. The dress had been pushed up to her waist. She had on a small pair of black silk panties. She still had her heels on making her legs look longer and sexier than ever. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” Nate whispered.

Not so bad yourself.” Abby answered eyeing him openly. He was smart, kind, and hot as hell. She didn’t know how he didn’t already have someone. All she knew was that she wanted him and was going to have him.  “Nate I’d like you to kiss me.” She could see the outline of his arousal pressed against his slacks. She wanted to be bold enough to slide her hand across it.

As the thought came she decided
‘hell with it, why not?’ Before he could lean down to her she sat up. She could see the surprise on his face as he watched her look at his cock. She reached out and touched his thigh, slowly sliding her hand up causing his erection to harden even more.

Finally her hand skimmed across him. Nate closed his eyes and threw back his head. The feel of her touching him almost causing him to go right then. When he looked down at her she was watching his face smiling. She slid up the other hand and quickly started undressing him.
“Abby.” He put his hands over hers. “Are you really sure?”

In answer she stood and pulled his shirt off him catching his mouth with hers as soon as it was free of the material.
“Nate I want you more than I have ever wanted anything.” She kissed down his neck, her hands exploring his toned back chest and abs.

His hand slid down her back and grabbed the fabric at the bottom of her dress. Slowly he lifted when she did not protest he pulled it over her head. He had to pull back a moment and admire the beauty of her. The bra did match the
panties. The black was in such contrast to her creamy skin it looked even better. “I can’t get over how amazing you look.” He whispered. She stepped close and kissed him again. He could feel her hands going to his pants again and he let her undress him. They slipped down and he kicked them off without breaking his kiss.

She slid down
his nude body kissing and caressing anywhere her lips and fingers touched. She was kneeling before him and saw his erection for the first time. God he was big. She felt herself being excited and a bit nervous. She had never been with someone so large before. She slid her hand up his legs a brush of fingertips until it found the base of him. She took a hold and heard him gasp. She looked up to see his eyes half closed watching her.

Smiling again she turned back to the pleasure of the moment. Slowly she licked the outside, around his head down the shaft and slowly back up again. Finally she pulled his large member into her mouth.

He couldn’t believe this was happening. Her hot mouth closed around him and he it was all he could do not to thrust into her. He wanted to make love to her but he wasn’t about to pass up the hot wet confines of her mouth. Slowly inch by inch she took him into her. He was impressed how much she was able to get in before backing out again. Painfully slow at first she played with him. She would pull him out swirling her tongue around his head just to bring him back deep in her mouth again. She quickly increased her speed until he was crying out for her. Finally she pulled away from him and he claimed her mouth pushing her back onto the bed demanding his turn.

With her ass hanging half off the bed she had both knees being supported by his shoulders as he bent to her. Taking in her strong wanton s
cent he looked at her glistening folds. He kissed down her thigh his fingers gently sliding around the outside of her sex. She quivered as he drew closer with his kisses and she was positively shaking with need when he finally reached his goal. His tongue darted out a teasing gentle caress. Her hips bucked and he smiled. Her fingers found his head and she was soon holding on for dear life as he licked her clit then sucked then plunged his tongue into her eating her and enjoying every moment.  “Please Nate!” She finally hollered not able to take any more teasing.

What is it Abbs? What do you want baby?”

You please, you in me now.” He stood and slid between her legs she looked down her body to find him posed and ready. “Yes Nate please.”

He reached over to his night stand and pulled out a condom. Quickly sheathing himself he looked down at Abby. He bent kissing her knowing she was going to taste herself on his lips. He wondered if she would enjoy that and the thought turned him on all the more. Gently he pressed himself to her opening. Her eyes widen and he smiled.
“It’s ok baby.”

It feels so good.” She gasped and he chuckled. Sliding in deeper taking care to be gentle. “Please Nate, I can take it.”

Finally he thrust into her and she gasped arching
. He paused waiting her for body to accommodate him, then quickly picked up a rhythm. 

She was crying out for him right away his attentions causing her to be ready quicker than she had ever
been before. She felt it building inside her with each thrust of his rock hard body. She looked up at him marveling at how his muscles rippled with each thrust how his face looked so sexy as he watched her. She arched again helping him get in as far as he could. She thrust with him making him hit harder and faster. Her orgasm caught her by surprise as it burst out of her causing her to call out his name and writhe underneath him.

His own came with her milking his cock. He thrust twice more
burying himself as deep as he could get inside of her. He collapsed on top of her a moment her legs wrapped around his waist linking her feet together she held him against her. He picked her up and made his way to the bathroom setting her down he turned on the shower and got out towels then pulled her in with him.

Slowly he lathered her with his soap loving the feel of her body
, wet and soapy under his hands. She was complacent and relaxed in his arms as he pulled her under the water of the shower with him. Soon she was lathering him up taking care to get every inch of him. Kissing every once in a while under the spray of the shower. They made a slow exploration of each other’s bodies as they cleaned. “Stay with me tonight.” He whispered holding her close under the shower.

We have work tomorrow.” She answered clutching him back. As if she let go now she would never get him back.

We’ll skip, or wake up early and you can run home and change. Please Abby. I don’t want you to leave.” She nodded her head against his chest and he sighed squeezing her a bit before letting her go. He kissed her before climbing out and wrapping a towel around his waist. He held one up for her and it took her a moment to shut off the water and climb out.

He looked so damn good with just a towel low around his waist. She was
glad she said she would stay. If she was still glad in the morning then it was meant to be. She shoved that thought away. She was staying because she wanted to. It didn’t matter what the long term ended up being it only mattered for tonight.

                                         *  * *

Morning Abbs.” Abby opened her eyes slowly confused as to where she was. As a handsome face came into view she remembered and smiled.

Morning.” She felt his naked body against hers his fingers brushed her hair out of her eyes. Suddenly she shot up “oh my God, what time is it?”

Abby calm down, we still have a couple of hours.” She heard laughter in his voice. “Unless you want to call in sick and stay home.” Nate slid behind her putting his arms around her waist and kissing her shoulder. He couldn’t believe how much he still wanted her. He had never believed in love at first sight but she was making a believer out of him.

I couldn’t do that to my kids, no matter how much I want to.” She leaned back a bit. “Besides, it’s Friday, we could make plans for tonight.” Suddenly she tensed “if you want you, I mean you don’t have to. You could just let me know.” She pulled away then stood up. “I should go home, I need to shower and change.”

I could drive you.” He watched her pull on her clothes he knew he was watching her pull away.

No I need my car, besides what would people think, you driving me to work.” She jumped when he stood and put his hands on her arms.

Abby please don’t do this.”

What?” She looked up into his eyes. They looked concerned. “I just don’t need any more rumors going around about me. Please Nate.”

I’m not ashamed or regretting that I slept with you, are you?” He asked his face closing in.

No!” She put a hand up to his face smiling a bit. “I just… People don’t like me Nate. It already hurts that they leave me out and think I’m horrible. I know what they call me. I don’t need them thinking anything else ok?”

You don’t regret it?” He asked narrowing his eyes as if that would let him see a lie better on her face. She was so beautiful he wouldn’t be surprised if she actually didn’t want him.

Abby smiled and stood on tip toes to kiss him.
“How could I regret being with you?”

He laughed and kissed Abby again.
“Alright sweetheart we don’t need to announce to everyone today maybe Monday, I’m not sure how long I can keep quiet about it.”

Abby giggled.
“You’re funny Nate. Thanks for dinner, it was very good.”

He shook his head,
“I’m glad you could taste it. All I could think about was you. I couldn’t taste anything. Can I at least make you breakfast? I may have cereal.” He laughed walking to his dresser and pulling out boxers.

I’m alright, really. I need to get home. Thanks maybe next time.”

He turned around.
“You’re very beautiful.” He commented then looked away embarrassed again. He kept blurting out things. “I’ll walk you out.” He took her hand and led her down the steps.

You know I didn’t even get to meet your brother in law.” Her hand went to her mouth. “I hope your sister doesn’t think horribly of me.”

Abbs you need to stop worrying.” He laughed and kissed her. “I’m sure she’ll love you. Maybe we can do something with them this weekend. If I’m willing to share you. I’ll see you at work beautiful.”

One last kiss and Abby was out the door. She drove home trying to collect her thoughts it was very unlike her to meet someone and sleep with them in the same day. She felt like she should feel guilty or ashamed of herself but she didn
’t. She just wanted to go back and be in his arms again. As she tried to unlock her door quietly she felt like she was sneaking though. She didn’t want Mrs. Lee to know that she never came home last night.

Abigail?” Mrs. Lee opened the door and looked out. “Late night?” She looked positively excited.

Yes Mrs. Lee.” Abby laughed feeling her cheeks glow.

Good for you. I want to meet this boy of yours now you hear?”

Of course Mrs. Lee.” The old woman winked and shut her door. Abby laughed silently to herself.

Quickly she showered and changed taking care to
choose a good outfit. She also took the time to take off the old makeup and put on a little fresh, though not as much. She ate breakfast and was off earlier than normal. There was a daisy on her desk when she walked into her classroom making her smile.

I saw the daisy hanging from your rearview mirror.” Nate’s voice spoke right behind her.

She jumped and whipped around.
“I didn’t hear you come in. You’re here early.”

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