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Authors: Sarah P. Lodge

Tags: #Romance, #love triange, #secret babies, #Contemporary, #billionaire love story, #coming of age, #workplace, #wealthy, #International, #billionaire romance, #new adult, #Genre Fiction, #Literature & Fiction

Perfect Harmony (10 page)

His kiss, oh god, his kiss.  His fingers.  My body feels
like it’s rising off the bed with every touch, a haze of desire and longing
clouding my mind.

His hand grabs my gown and rips the top down, the sheer
force snapping the straps around the back, causing the dress to tumble down and
expose my naked breasts.

The cool open air brushes my nipples and pebbles them into
hard points, his fingers squeezing and kneading and massaging them with such
calculated ferocity, his lips now trailing down my neckline, hot and heavy and
wet, then up again and nibbling my chin and licking my throat.

I feel taken over, my sex buzzing and humming and begging
for him.  His touch is so intense, and it teases me like a coiled spring,
tightening and tightening with no end in sight.

His enormous hands cover my breasts, his fingers playing
with my nipples, and then wet, his tongue now circling the nub with pleasure,
his hot steamy breath pounding against my tender skin.

I grip the silk bedspread with curled fists, holding my
breath as he takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks.

So gentle and smooth, but somehow rough and dominating, he
suckles and twirls his tongue around my tight swollen nub, then moving to the
other breast and sucking and twirling and breathing and tasting.

I gasp, my breath so tiny and desperate, the feel of his hot
tongue filling me with a devouring all encompassing fire.

His fingers caress my bare thigh, lightly stroking the
skin.  He takes the hem of my dress in his hands and pulls it up.  Before I
know it, his tight muscular body is pressing against my own, pushing me into
the soft mattress with the force of a warrior.  He’s so hard that it makes me
ache, wanting him so much that I can’t think of anything else.  I need that
beautiful naked body pressed against me.

I feel his fingers trickle over my calf and under my knee,
and my skin prickles.  His mouth still suckling my breast, I feel that hand on
my thigh again, stroking the bare skin on the outer side and slowly moving
across to my inner thigh, upwards and upwards, the heat between my legs pulsing
and throbbing over his fingers.

My hands grip the mattress again, harder and fuller, the
fabric leaking through my fingers.

Chase lifts his head up and stares up at me, his cheeks
flushed and red.  He kneels upright and unbuttons his shirt.  One by one the
buttons fly away and the gold cufflinks unlink and fall to the floor.  He tears
his shirt off and chucks it behind him, his gaze fixed on me the entire time.

And for the first time, I see his half naked body.  My mind
was filled with images through the night of what sort of powerful Adonis he
would be, what paragon of masculinity and dominance.  And now I realise how
severely I underestimated him.

His bare chest ripples in the white moonlight, his hard pecs
and broad warrior shoulders carved out of marble by a gifted artist.  There’s
no fat on him, not one inch, just glorious compact muscles that throb with
strength and control, all the way down his taunt chest to his rippling six-pack.

He looks like a god.  A powerful, all destroying god that
would sweep up the world in one motion and do with it whatever he pleased.

His hands grab my dress and slide it off my body.  And I do
nothing but let him.  He can do whatever he likes to me - I don’t care.  I want
it all.

Chase pulls off his trousers and his boxers, his enormous
manhood springing forth in defiance.  My jaw drops, my mouth agape.

My first naked man.  This is my first naked man, and - holy
shit - what a man.  My eyes can stare at nothing else but that gigantic length
between his powerful thighs.  I can’t breath - it’s too much.

I’ve never seen one in person before, not up close, but now
I’m consumed with fright and desire in equal measure.

He’s so huge.  It’s unthinkable, that something that
gigantic could fit inside me.  I’m only nineteen and I’ve never done this
before.  It’s impossible.  It’s too much.

But I crave it so much.  To feel him inside and turning this
scared little girl into a woman.  I need him.  I need him inside me now.

His deep dark eyes almost gleam in the subtle darkness, his
shadow towering over me and covering me as he approaches.

All I can do is watch, mesmerised and under his spell.  He
leans over me, his naked body an inch from my own.  Except my panties.  I’m
still wearing my lace panties, I realise.  Nothing but a thin layer of cotton
separating our burning naked bodies.

But then his fingers trace down my bare breasts, the tips
lightly trickling down my waist to my belly button, and lower and lower, and
then the curve of my hip.  I tremble, paralysed by his masterful gaze, desire
and want and need overwhelming my senses and demanding I think of nothing
else.  Nothing but him and his naked body.

He takes my hand and suckles on two of my fingers.  Gently,
at first, his tongue laps around them and I moan.  He removes my fingers and we
suddenly pause, staring at it each other intensely.

His body hovers over me, eyes boring into me with a deep

Am I meant to do something?  Does he want me to touch him,
or move?

He waits, expectantly.

I’m not a little girl anymore - and it’s time I prove it.

I kiss him.  His lips are hard and warm, taking my kiss.


This is incredible.

He pushes me back on to the bed and looms over me with his
impressive and completely naked body, and I moan once more, wrapped in the silky
bed sheet.  He lies down on top of me.

I feel his hard erection throbbing against the thin layer of
lace panties, and against my inner thigh.

My body begs for him, it craves his touch, an ache growing
low in my belly and demanding to be satiated.

I grab him by the shoulders and pull him down on to me, his
manhood pulsing against my crotch.  And I kiss him again.  Hard and passionate
and in control.

My head falls back and I feel his lips once again on my
throat, tracing lower to my neckline, and between my breasts, all the way down
to my belly, the flick of his tongue soft against my tender skin.

My breath is shallow, quick and hot, and I quiver in
pleasure, as his tongue flicks at my belly button, his fingers trickling down
the sides of my waist, down and down, all the way to...

...My panties.  I feel it - his fingers curl into the elastic
and gently roll them down for a moment.

He stops.

My heart pounds in my chest, my sex burning and aching and
wanting him.  More than anything I’ve ever known.  I need him.  I need him now.

As if reading my mind, he rips the panties off in a sudden
burst and tosses them to the floor, my bare mound exposed for him to see.

His hands spread my legs and he takes a closer look, almost
like he’s examining me.  He cups my mound and traces my tender sensitive spot
with his fingertips.

I squeeze my eyes shut and arch my back in pleasure, almost
lifting myself off the bed, my breath holding against my chest.

“Open your eyes, my princess.”

On the sound of his voice, I exhale suddenly, and do as he
says.  My eyes now open, I see his face between my legs, his eyes staring up at

Suddenly, he dives in, and I feel his mouth on me.  On my
most sensitive and pleasurable area.  It begs for more and more and more.

He licks me, and spreads me wide with his fingers, his
tongue darting and licking and tasting my slick folds.

I bite on my lip, waves of pleasure ebbing and growing deep

God, I’m so wet.  It’s insane - I’ve never known anything
like it.

He laps me, teasing me with his full width, his fingers
rubbing my tender nub.  And then his tongue is on it, licking the nub and my
body screams.

This is incredible.  The feeling of his mouth in me is so
intense and passionate and full of pure pleasure, I feel like I am going to
explode.  The waves of ecstasy rise and rise and I feel like I am going to
drown, but I want to drown.  I want to so so bad that it kills me.

My body feels like it’s no longer under my control, my hips
bucking into his mouth, again and again, the coiled spring of tension
tightening and tightening.

I writhe and I writhe, pulling away from his tongue,
plundering and exploring and blinding me with a bright light of pleasure.

It’s too much.  I can’t take anymore - this sweet agony has
me and it won’t let go.

I try to buck away, but his hands grab my hips and spread me
even wider, open for him to suck and lick deep deep inside.

A finger.  I feel a finger ease gently into me, all the way
down to the knuckle, rubbing and stroking and exploring every inch of me.

Another finger.  Holy shit - two fingers.  I gyrate, into
his palm.

A third.  Oh fuck!

So deep.  He’s so deep, stretching me wider and wider and
suddenly diving back in with his tongue.

I cry out, a wave of pleasure crashing against my body, a
spark of pure ecstasy thunders through and takes every inch of me with it.

My fists grip the bed sheet and cling on for dear life and I
instinctively pull my tender sex away from his fingers... his tongue.

But he grabs my hips with his other hand and pulls me to
him.  Onto him.

He won’t let me escape his grasp, the exquisite and
electrifying agony of his touch.

The waves crash and crash, higher and higher and I grip the
bed sheets harder and cry out, a scream, oh such a scream, it’s loud and high
pitched, and my hips buck and my body arches off the bed, and I explode in
orgasm, pure bliss undulating wave after wave and spreading out through my body
and into every limb and I cry out again and again in joy.

My breath shallows, my heart like a jackhammer.  The world
seems dimmer, but there’s more.  There has to be.

It can’t stop here.  Not now, not with him.

I need more.

My eyes open and I look down to see Chase sheathing himself
in a condom.

He rises up and positions his powerful dominating body over
me, my own still shaking and shivering in the after-orgasm.  He guides himself
close to my aching sex and gazes into my eyes.

Do it.  Now.  Please.  I need it - I need him inside me now.

He thrusts inside me in a single long and deliberate stroke,
deep to the hilt.

I gasp in the sudden pain.  He’s so huge, shoved inside me,
I feel a lightening bolt of agony thunder inside my sex, his enormous length
breaking that barrier to womanhood.  I’m not a girl anymore.  Not some stupid
scared little girl.

He fills me up, so wide and wonderful, and I scream in

He holds for a moment, and I feel myself wrap around him,
getting used to the feel of him stretching me to accommodate such a vast

And then he kisses me, soft and passionate, hot breath
mingling in the air and billowing against my skin, his lips under my chin and
my throat and then my cheeks and my lips.

The pain of him inside me is still so real and true, but it
feels different suddenly.

He caresses my hair with a gentle stroke of one hand.

“Be careful,” I say in a muted breath.

Chase lingers over me, those dark piercing eyes bore into my

He smirks, a ruthless and joy-filled smirk.

Suddenly, but ever so slowly, he begins to move inside me.

And the intense pain fades away, morphing into a blinding
sensation of pure ecstasy and bliss.

The crashing waves that drowned me only moments ago, return
thicker and faster and all consuming.  They crash higher and higher than
before, greater than I ever would have imagined, my feet prickling like on
sinking sand and I’m falling, but the rush begins once again and takes me

I never would have thought it would feel this amazing.  The
pain of him inside me is a distant memory.

Now all I can feel is Chase, filling me deep with each slow
and deliberate thrust, again and again, so deep inside that I feel like I’m
going to be split open.

And I tighten and convulse, my body taking every inch, as
his hands brush over my hair and my neck and my breasts, his roughness
increasing with each thrust, riding me deeper and deeper, and so hard I can’t
control myself, hips bucking and sweat dripping off our naked bodies, his hand
holding my hips and pulling me on to him, again and again.

My breasts bounce up and down with each commanding thrust,
increasing with the dominating force as I take him deeper and deeper, the
headboard smashing against the wall and banging away rhythmically with our
bodies, but I can’t hear it - it’s drowned out by my hot breath and my moans
and my screams.

Pleasure upon pleasure builds and threatens to take me
completely and fully, as my sweat filled body writhes and gyrates, my back
arching and taking me so far off the sheets it’s like I’m flying and I pant and
beg for another release.

More than before - that was only a warm up, and this is the
main event.  My body screams with desire and need, desperate to explode again,
his hands holding me down as he pushes inside me over and over, so deep that I
think I scream but I can’t hear a word, just an endless white noise of pleasure
washing over me and drowning out everything but the incredible feeling of his
huge length filling me again and again.

My eyes close and my head tilts back, the waves crashing and
rising and crashing and rising, the coil of tensions winding and winding, ready
to spring and fly out.  Just a little more, I’m almost there.

I hold him against me, taking him, wave after wave of
pleasure smashing against me, and hot rushes of pure joy billowing and
billowing and ready to shoot through every inch of my body and take me over, and
leave nothing left but this one body, naked and filled and satisfied.

He growls into the darkness with power and ferocity and
thrusts into me with one last devastating slam.

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