Six Months To Love: Charlotte's Redemption (5 page)


Morning came and Charlotte stretched out while letting a long yawn escape. Just then she realized that she was on her couch with a pair of muscular arms around her holding her protectively. Charlotte moved slightly in attempt to escape from the snoring and drooling handsome man.

As she moved John jumped instinctively wrapping his arms tighter around her before realizing his move and loosening his grip.

“Good Morning beautiful”

“Hello, I want to apologize for”

He placed a kiss on her lips cutting her off and then gently pulled away with his hand still placed on the side of her face. “Shhh, no need to apologize for anything, you obviously have been under stress and needed to let the emotions out, it was my pleasure.”

Could this guy be any more of an angel? He was truly amazing and that burn for him to touch her most private and secret areas was coming back full force.

“Now do you want to tell me what has you so stressed? I’m all open ears like a jack rabbit bunny.”

Charlotte couldn’t do anything but stare at him, a man wanting to listen to her talk about what was bothering her? Alex never did that, unless it was about him or something he deemed important she was to do her duties and not embarrass him or bother him with mindless woman problems. What if John was just trying to be nice? What if he didn’t really care? That would be her luck honestly, and that rejection was something she couldn’t deal with right now.

“No, it’s nothing just baby daddy and work drama, I promise you nothing you need to hear nor want to her, but thank you for being nice.”

Deciding not to push the issue with Charlotte and make her talk when she snot ready he offered to go get breakfast and coffee.

“Back in a flash cupcake!”

Charlotte quickly jumped into the shower while John was gone. Her hair was still stuck to her face form the crying, which apparently she fell asleep doing. How embarrassing was this whole situation? But still John had not ran out, that has to count for something right? Deciding that it was bets not to get to attached knowing it couldn’t work anyway, not with her situation, a situation that could tear her son away from her, one that could destroy what little bit of time she had left, Charlotte pushed the idea of John out of her mind and finished her shower.

Jumping out of the shower she realized that she had no towels in the bathroom. Of all the luck! Uhg really? Now annoyed more than anything Charlotte quickly ran out of the bathroom to the laundry room for a fresh towel only to be stopped dead in her tracks by the stunned John standing in the doorway. Charlotte in all her naked and dripping wet glory was just as stunned as he was.

Wow she was perfect, John thought as he stood with breakfast in his arms slipping form the shock. He barely caught himself before breakfast dropped to the floor. John would have put the coffees on the counter but he was using the bags as a cover for his bulge in a very noticeable spot, one he thought would only humiliate her.

After a minute or so, a very ling minute in both Charlotte and Johns eyes Charlotte let out a gasp and ran to the room for that towel.  Quickly she wrapped herself and yelling that she was so sorry and now embarrassed. Honestly could this last 24 hours get any worse? First last night, now this? Charlotte was sure that John would run for the hills after their disaster.

Walking out Charlotte caught Johns eye has he walked slowly towards her with a prowless about him, like a predator coming to claim his prize. Before Charlotte could think John kissed her with so much passion that Charlotte thought her body would explode with pleasure, that’s when Charlottes towel dropped to the floor.

Heat exploded from every pore she possessed. All Charlotte wanted in that moment was for John to put out her burning need she was feeling, the need for him to touch her and pleasure her. What was it about him that made her feel this way?

Finally reaching the bedroom, after a long hall way make-out session, John laid her gentle down on the bed with so much care that it touched her heart. This man cared enough not to throw her down like a whore, but to be gentle and take her into consideration. That move made her want him even more.

John took off his shoes and pants so fast that Charlotte hadn’t even realized that he had done it. She reached u to help with his shirt. Once off, she ran her hand over the small patch of curly hair he had in the center of his chest. Slowly she ran her hand down his abs, continuing to the swollen extremity that hung like a God in between his legs.   John stood proud and now she could understand why, this man had every right.

Charlotte continued to stroke him, making sure to feel every inch of his swollen joy with her soft finger tips. A slight wetness seeped from him, with her touch. At that moment Charlotte bent down and took him into her mouth for a taste.

John sucked in his breath at the feel on her warm mouth on him. Looking down he was amazed at how talented she was. She seemed to enjoy the sweet salty taste of him as she continued to tease and play with him. He ran his fingers through her brown auburn hair, not to grab her head and force himself on her but to caress the silky smoothness of her. 

Looking up at her knight she pulled back to teased the tip of his nice, big cock and taste that sweet wetness of him. Unable to stand her sweet play anymore he offered his hand and helped her up before laying her back on the bed and kissing her fiercely with passion.

He laid her on the bed back first so he could stare at her starlit eyes. She was lost in his gaze as he lowered himself to please her back. His fingers played with her soft folds. His fingers were cold and rough again her. She was already wet for him. Her hips thrust against his him as she urged his fingers forward. Before she could breathe again he took her into his mouth on her, teasing the gentle folds on her most private and coveted area. God he was truly talented, without warning Charlottes body began to burn and rise with a fierce pleasure as her orgasm consumed her. Johns tongue swirled around her clit tasting every inch of her.  John only stopped once he had tasted every last drop of her orgasm, leaving her body pulsing for more. He laughed at his quick success and began to kiss his way slowly up to her mouth.

He captured her with a fierce and possessiveness that claimed every sense she had, yes she was truly at his mercy. John slid himself inside her causing her to gasp at the fullness of him. John moved with methodical rhythm that proved his confidence.

Charlotte couldn’t help but rub her hands down his back, slightly clawing his skin in pleasure. As she dug her nails in gently, John sped up showing his enjoyment. Charlotte climaxed once more from the pleasure of pleasing him; John joined her in her satisfaction.

Completely spent he laid on top of her, to her surprise without crushing her with his weight.


The next week at work flew by for Charlotte. Her new responsibilities were an adjustment but a welcome one. Mainly she wanted to keep her mind busy and off the impending news that she knew she would have to tell John about soon, news she was sure would drive him away. Not that she blamed him.

Today however she would focus on her one true love and that was Andrew and his last day of school and his Pre-K graduation. After today she would have a kindergartener, Charlotte sighed a sad parent sigh with the thought of her little boy growing up.

“Andrew I’m so proud of you!” Andrew looked slightly embarrassed by his mother’s cheering while in the graduation line. 

Charlotte was caught off guard by the phone buzzing in her lap, she had been waiting for the doctor to call all day with the test results, of course they would call now. Deciding that her son was more important she hit ignore without looking at it.

“Hey buddy, wanna go celebrate?”

“YES!! Can we get pizza?” Andrew was more than excited.

“That’s just what I was thinking about!” Gleaming Charlotte gave Andrew a loving smile.


Charlotte took Andrew home and laid him down for nap. Just as she was about to rest, Charlotte remembered the doctor had called her back…finally.

Checking her voicemail she immediately slumped down completely defeated. 3 months, that was all. 3 months left, 3 months since she’d been divorced, 3 months to finish her new job training. 3 months. All Charlotte could do was cry. She needed to talk to someone, she needed to let someone in and she knew the exact person who she could trust and talk to…Victoria.

Victoria came over as fast as she could at the urgency in Charlottes voice.

“What has you so distraught my dear?” Victoria was as seductive as ever, cool and smooth, always a lady of breeding as they call it.

Charlotte couldn’t help but be a bit jealous. Victoria always kept a cool sense about everything. Alex was right about one thing, Charlotte was emotional.

“I need to tell you something, to confide in you, you can’t tell a soul; especially not your mother.”

Now Victoria was more than curious. “Why is my mother involved?”

“She’s not but I can’t risk her slipping the tongue and telling Alex’s mom, seriously Victoria, I could lose Andrew over this.”

“Charlotte my dear, you’re rambling. I promise now just split it out already, it can’t be all that bad”

“I have cancer.”

Tonight was going to be the first time Andrew would meet John. Charlotte was a ball of nerves but then again Charlotte had been seeing John for roughly 8 weeks and things were going smoothly. Charlotte still needed to let John in and tell him, but for now she just wanted to be selfish and enjoy her time, after all she deserved a little happiness in her life, even if it would be short lived.

Victoria had help ease her stress and Charlotte opened up a bit more than she probably should have, even telling Victoria about John.

Victoria and Charlotte had grown up together, family friends as 3rd generation socialites. Victoria was the only friend who seemed to truly care about Charlotte guiding her through stressful times and the only one who hadn’t looked down on Charlotte through her divorce with Alex. 

At the insistence of Victoria Charlotte wore a low cut black top, leaving just enough cleavage for a small tease and a pair of designer skinny jeans.  Charlotte just stared at herself in the mirror, she never dressed this way. No one would know the difference but Charlotte would and the fat that a little cleavage showed was a change for her and a uncomfortable one at that.

“Mommy you look pretty” Andrew spoke in a excited awed voice as he walked into the room.

Just then the doorbell rang. “Andrew I want you to meet mommy’s friend, John. He’s going to Pizza City with us to celebrate tonight.”

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