Six Months To Love: Charlotte's Redemption (8 page)

Andrew woke with exhausted groggy eyes but quickly snapped up when he heard the word waffles. “Thank you mommy, you’re the best!” Andrew exclaimed. Andrew grabbed Charlotte’s neck and pulled her in for an excited hug. This hug was everything in the world to Charlotte and she planned to cherish every moment she could get.

During breakfast Andrew talked nonstop about the Scooby-doo Meets the Monsters episode that was on TV last night before he fell asleep and talked about various things at school. Charlotte happily listened and even joined in one the conversation asking question. Andrew loved talking to his mom because unlike his dad, he always said his mom actually listened.

Charlotte laid her head down on her soft pillow ready to doze off and let slumber take her away from reality. Charlotte’s mind however had other plans. She was physically and emotionally exhausted and yet somehow she couldn’t help but run the day’s events back over and over in her head. She was still angry with herself that she cared about John and truth be told, she was still in love with him and missed him more than she’s ever missed anyone, and that was what made her mad.

A knock at the door woke Charlotte from her deep sleep. Still groggy she drug herself to the door. Once she opened it, Charlotte froze at the tawny skinned Sex-God in front of her. John stood in her door way with wet hair and rain drops on his shirt. He looked sad and helpless, Charlotte didn’t know what took ahold of her, instead of slamming the door in his face, and she hugged him and buried her face in his neck and took his scent in.

He smelled warm and inviting with the soft hint of sweat and sweets. The man was simply dreamy and delectable. All hate had gone out of Charlotte, all she wanted to do now was strip his clothes in the hall way and beg John to take her.

John took ahold of her in a possessive way. He grabbed her waist pulling her towards him and burying his face in the nape of her neck. John was drunk from her scent. Charlotte felt him grow bigger against him, never had been aggressive with her and honestly it should frighten her but at this moment she was turned on by the aggressive nature that possessed him and all she wanted was to ride him until he begged for mercy.

Charlotte pulled her t-shirt off and dropped it to the floor, she swore she could see John grow even bigger, which she thought couldn't be possible, at the site of her nearly naked. His gaze gave her a sense of power that she enjoyed thoroughly.

John kissed her so fiercely that Charlotte knew he truly loved her and only she mattered in his life. She jumped to wrap her legs around his waist and slid her panties sideways to slip onto his throbbing hard cock. Johns head swam with ecstasy at the feel of her wet and ready for him. Barely being able to focus on walking, John gently pushed Charlotte against a wall in the kitchen. He matched her thrusts, following the rhythm of her body.

Charlottes head swamp with pleasure as he matched her pace stroke for stroke. She burned with desire over his aggressive tone and continued possessiveness over her body. Before Charlotte could stop herself, immense pleasure burned through her and her body spasm with a release that she thought she might faint from. John gave her no mercy and moved her from the wall to the counter top, while he continued and quickened his strokes.

Now bending over the counter, John grabbed her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples between his fingers, intensifying her long orgasm. Charlotte begged for mercy, but John gave none.

John smacked Charlotte on the butt and grabbed her ass in a passionate, non-forceful way but commanding way. In her ear he whispered just three words… You Are Mine. Charlotte wasn’t scared of those words or frightened of john, instead her heart swelled with the love she felt from him. His protectiveness over her and their love was almost too much to bear. How she had longed to have someone truly love and care for her and her son. To have that love she had only saw in movies or read in books.

John turned her around and led her to the bed. Charlotte thrust her hips against his hand riding him harder and harder begging for her orgasm to come. Her body felt hot and the release of tension building was too much to handle. His look made her feel sexy and raw.  He dipped his head down for a taste of her release. John savored every bit as she squirmed and begged for him to enter her. He separated the folds and swirled his tongue around her clit while his fingers played inside her, making her squirm. John roared deep in his throat at his success in pleasing her. His goal was to love and cherish her and show her every day that love. He leaned up and kissed his way up her body until he entered her again.

Charlotte wrapped her legs around John’s waist and gently clawed his back in pleasure. John dipped his head back with the sensation of her nails on his skin. His whole body tingled and took all he had not to join her in a release. No, not yet, he wasn’t ready; he wanted to savor this moment of her wrapped around him, her long legs and bare breasts against his skin. To him this was heaven and he didn’t want to lose this moment.

Charlotte lifted her hips and pulled him in deeper, the sensation of her warm, wet and inviting was almost too much.  She matched him stroke for stroke, Charlotte was talented that was for sure.  Charlotte’s gaze met John’s and at that moment she released and finally John joined her.

John lay gently on Charlotte; Charlotte was shocked that he held his weight from her. That moment was touching to her, she knew deep down that he cared about her well-being. Charlotte reached up to touch the side of John’s face and kissed him. The kiss was slow and sweet.

The room smelled of sex and sweat and it was nothing less than Charlotte wanted. She knew they should get up and take a shower but all she wanted was to savor this moment with John, to stay warm and safe in his arms. When they left the bed she would have to face life and all the troubles that lay with-in it. That was something that Charlotte didn’t want. Why couldn’t life be easier? Why can’t, for once in her life, things go like they were supposed to. At that moment Charlotte began to sob quietly.

“What’s wrong my love? Have I hurt you?” John’s voice was soft and sweet, caring. He shifted his weight, think that maybe he had hurt her with his body weight or that he had done something wrong. His fragile flower was delicate and needed the utmost care.

“No, my darling, the thought of losing you…” Charlotte burst into tears; she couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“Shhhh… now, its ok, I’m never going anywhere, I’m always here for you. Together we can tackle anything and in the end it will be ok because were together.”

Charlotte’s tears were brushed away by the greatest thing in her life, the love of her life, John. Before she knew it she drifted off to sleep in his arms.

Charlotte came awake relaxed and more in love than ever, but after a few minutes she realized she was alone in her bed. Where was John? She looked around her bedroom. Nothing was out of place and she knew she had fallen asleep in his arms naked, but now her clothes were on. Confused Charlotte walked through her apartment, to her surprise Andrew was already awake and watching cartoons, his favorite thing to do on Sundays.

“Andrew honey, have you seen John?” excited Andrews eyes lit up. “John’s here? Where momma, where?” Surely Andrew would have seen him leave by now or go to the bathroom? Just then it hit Charlotte, it had been a dream.

To say Charlotte was disappointed would be an understatement. She was saddened and she can’t believe how real he felt, how good he felt inside her. Her heart hurt that she would not feel that way again, her John was truly gone and now Charlotte was sure she had over reacted the last few times she saw him. Embarrassed, she turned to Andrew, she hated to disappoint him and she knew she was about to make him sad. “Sorry Andrew, he’s not here baby.”


The weeks had flown by so fast that Charlotte wasn’t sure how she had managed to almost forget her court date. She raced Andrew to Ms. Nelson so she could get him off to school. This of course was after she kissed him at least 20 times and hugged him for a good 10 minutes, afraid to let him go and loose him. Andrew of course thought his mom had gone crazy and Ms. Nelson assured her that Andrew would be safe and even offered to keep him home from school to make sure she could protect him while Charlotte was gone. Charlotte, however, knew that wasn’t a good idea, she wanted to keep Andrew out of this mess as much as possible and keep everything as normal as she could.

Charlotte was dressed in her Burberry trench coat with a sleek pencil skirt that matched and a silk white button up shirt that had a tie at the top that fell gently between her breasts. Her pointed toe shoes tied the outfit together and Charlotte was confident and ready, especially given the circumstances.

Charlotte sat in the courtroom in the 3rd row on the right side of the courtroom. She looked around slightly anxious, she still hadn’t seen her attorney, not that she thought he would help her. She had learned her lesson the last time with public defenders. Instead she had been researching her heart out over the last month trying to brush up on her laws and to keep her mind off John. No, today she wouldn’t think of him, she couldn’t afford the distraction.

The courtroom was cold. The wooden benches looked freshly polished and wore their age with ease. The oak was gorgeous and looked to be real wood. That was New York though, they spared no cost. The state flag hung on the opposite side of the American Flag that sat on either side of the Judge’s bench. The room was smaller, probably seating 75 people. This room Charlotte assumed was used primarily for civil cases that were smaller or not as important. Maybe important wasn’t the right word, her son was important and she only hoped that the judge would see that as well. Her son’s life hung in the balance between her, terminally ill and her sadistic and dangerous ex-husband. Charlotte was scared and only hoped that someway, somehow she could spare her son from Alex’s torment, even after she died.

Breaking Charlotte from her thoughts, the door opened to omit an older gentleman in a simple black suit and shiny, yet worn dress shoes. He had white hair and a receding hairline that showed him to be about 70 years of age. His back hunched, yet stood strong. He had a sense about him that said he meant business.

“Ms. Jackson?” His voice was gruffy yet soft and showed he respected her. He wasn’t harsh and she could respect that.

“Yes, sir. How can I help you?”

“I’m your attorney, Mr. Black.” Something about his tone signified that she should have known that, or at least he was told she knew him.

“I’m sorry but where’s…um… I don’t remember his name, the public defender?”

“Charlotte my dear, a public defender is not what you need and surely being a smart woman you should know that, I was retained for you and no, you don’t owe any money for my services, so before you ask that one let’s get it out of the way.  Now can we move on from the where did I come from pleasantries and get down to business please?” He was demanding, that was for sure. Charlotte just nodded her head. She was still confused but she knew she didn’t have time to inquire anymore. He was right they needed to get down to business. They only had 20 min until court was supposed to start.

“Now we have a lot to go over. You work at the hospital as a head shift nurse with a promotion to ER lead coming soon, correct?”

“Yes sir, but how did you...” Charlotte was cut off by his irritated look that told her just to answer questions, not ask.

“You have had Andrew for the past five months since your divorce as his sole care giver? You also maintain stable schooling, adequate housing and an adequate nanny for him?” Charlotte just nodded in agreement, how did he know all this? It didn’t make any sense. Her public defender didn’t ask any of this. Before they could continue the doors open to show Alex stride in arrogant and irritated. Following was his attorney, John’s father. The sight of him made her blood boil and she wanted to climb over the bench at both her ex and his self-indulgent attorney. Assholes! Her soul screamed for justice that just once she could go a moment with peace and not stress. The betrayal of John hit her again their sight.

John’s father stopped with as shocked of a look as Charlotte had had at the sight of Mr. Black.  “My God, old man, what are you doing here?”

“Who are you calling old, Ranger?” Charlotte could tell that the two were either old friends or enemies, she couldn’t tell which but they knew each other well.

“What are you doing here Black? Slumming?” Charlotte didn’t miss the intent and slap at her that Mr. Ranger took. Her ex-husband smirked at his lawyer’s poke at her.

“I am here with my client, to do my job as I was retained to do, so I suggest, old friend that you be on your A game because I have no time for bullshit today.” The look on Mr. Rangers face was more than shocked.

“You’re really here to defend her? Surely, your joking Black. She can’t afford you and besides this is a conflict of interest as we use to be partners and two members of the same firm cannot defended opposing clients, I can have you removed Black.”

“Always quick to judge and still not fresh on your law or common sense I see, nothing has changed Ranger. For one we are no longer partners, I kicked your sorry ass to the curb almost 10 years ago and that being said we are well past the grace period in the eyes of the city of New York. Now if you will excuse me, my client and I have work to be done and I am sure now you have more.” Charlotte didn’t miss the demand and strength in Mr. Black that even Mr. Ranger didn’t challenge. He simply collected himself in haste and rushed back to his client. Charlotte was proud, to say the least, and her attorney gave her confidence that was for sure.

“Now, is there anything you need to tell me Ms. Jackson?”

Charlotte was about to confide in her new angel when the sheriff strode in and called court to order. “The honorable Judge Jack Stanton presiding please rise.”

Charlotte rose along with her attorney. “Be seated, please.”

Charlotte let the formalities pass without a second thought until the judge snapped her out of her gaze. “Why Black, I didn’t know you were still practicing, what is the world are you doing Old man.”

“Why is everyone pointing out that I’m old today?” Mr. Black had mumbled under his breath so quiet that Charlotte was sure she was the only one who heard it.

“Sir, I am, but only on special occasions, gotta keep busy to stay young, Your Honor.” No one in the court room missed the respectful correction Mr. Black made on his age.

The judge charged the courtroom with the challenge that Alex was making on Charlottes custody and inquired to as why the two year change rule was being challenged and what such an urgency to interrupt his courtroom was.  Charlotte was happy with the way thing were going, the judge seemed irritated with Alex. Maybe Alex didn’t know her secret after all? Charlotte could only hope.

Alex received a text and attempted to discreetly read it. He leaned over to whisper something to his attorney who immediately stood to demand, not ask, for a recess.

“Your Honor, I need a recess, our witness just arrived.” Demands obviously were not something to make in this courtroom. Charlotte made a mental note of that information immediately.

“For one you will not demand anything my court and you’ll do well to remember that next time Mr. Ranger.” 

“Yes, Your Honor, my apologies.”

“As long as the defense has no objections I can offer a 10 min recess, but please make it a quick 10 minutes.”

Once Alex and his douche-bag attorney left the courtroom, Charlotte felt a bit of relief. Who was there witness and why was he or she so important?

Charlotte consulted with her attorney on what would happen next, so far he was sure that Alex had no claim that can prove her unfit to raise they young son. Yes she was single but many single parents raised their children sufficient enough per Mr. Black’s standards that well exceeded the courts. Yet something still didn’t seem right to Charlotte.

Alex came back in with a powerful stride. His ego never ceased to amaze Charlotte, how on earth did she ever find that attractive? Just behind Alex was his attorney, John’s father, Mr. Ranger. He seemed flustered or annoyed, Charlotte couldn’t tell which, but dealing with her ex-husband Charlotte could only imagine.

The Judge came back in the courtroom and called session back. Charlotte didn’t see anyone new. What was so urgent that they needed a recess and where was this witness? Before Charlotte’s thoughts could take her further in curiosity, the door opened. Alex’s mother, Magda made a graceful entrance followed by a site that caught Charlotte off guard. Victoria.

What was she doing here? Charlotte tried to think back, she had told Victoria about court but this wasn’t the usual support her good friend gave anyone. Now support at a party full of reporters yes, but a custody fight? No. Charlotte started to wave but stopped just as her gut hit the floor and Victoria did the last thing she would have ever thought possible. Before Victoria made it to where Charlotte was sitting she took a quick right turn into her ex-husbands side of the courtroom and leaned in for a kiss. Just then Charlotte saw her whole life flash as betrayal hit her even harder than John’s. Victoria gave a snide smile as she lifted up her left hand to wave in an innocent and hateful manner; on her finger was a 4 carat diamond ring that resembled an engagement ring.

Charlotte’s head was spinning and she couldn’t breathe. Her attorney looked at her, white and flushed, all the color had faded from her face. “Ms. Jackson, are you alright? Ms. Jackson!”

Charlotte couldn’t speak, she attempted to stand but as she did everything went black.

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