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The Bamboo Mirror







The Bamboo Mirror


An Anthology of Short Mysteries


introducing Diana Rivers








Faith Mortimer


Also by Faith Mortimer:


“The Crossing”
– A Voyage of High Adventure, Action and Romance

                            across Two Generations


“The Assassins’ Village”

A Classic Murder Mystery in a Cyprus Village

Diana Rivers
Novelist & Amateur Sleuth)


“Children of the Plantation”

Diana Rivers
Mystery set in Malaysia


(all available as a paperback or eBook from Amazon)


And NEW in January 2012
“The Surgeon’s Blade”
A Mystery Thriller





About the author


Faith Mortimer
was born in Manchester and educated in Malaya, Singapore and Hampshire. After training to become a nurse she switched careers and ran various travel and sport-related companies. On completion of her Yachtmaster examinations and after studying for a Science degree, she and her husband Chris, sailed their yacht across the Atlantic and enjoyed many years exploring the seas. It was during this time whilst living on board, that Faith wrote her first book;
‘The Crossing’
. Now back on terra firma, they divide their time living in the United Kingdom and Cyprus.  
‘The Assassins’ Village’
, Faith’s second novel, which introduced writer and amateur sleuth
Diana Rivers
, was published in 2011, closely followed by her third,
hildren of the Plantation’.


You can get in touch with Faith via her website, Facebook, and Twitter.







An Anthology of Short Mysteries


(short stories previously published in the volume “Echoes of Life and Love”)



Copyright © Faith Mortimer 2011




The right of Faith Mortimer to be identified as author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.




All Rights Reserved




No reproduction, copy or transmission of this publication may be made without written permission.




This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents originate from the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.




First Published in 2011



Published by

Topsails Charter



The Bamboo Mirror





Widow’s Weeds


The Bamboo Mirror


The Cast Party


Making a Right


Rebecca with Two Cs


Summer Visitors





Bonus Content:


Excerpt from the full length novel
“The Crossing”

by Faith Mortimer


Excerpt from the
Diana Rivers
murder mystery novel

“The Assassins’ Village”
by Faith Mortimer


Excerpt from “Children of the Plantation” by Faith Mortimer


A preview of Faith’s new mystery thriller “The Surgeon’s Blade”

published January 2012






Widow’s Weeds


by Faith Mortimer




‘Diana what do you make of this? I was told an interesting tale this week about one of our village widows.’ Geraldine said, passing a glass of ginger beer to Diana. ‘Apparently she was an Anglo-Cypriot who returned to Cyprus for her parents’ funeral. Then stayed and got hitched. Her husband lived for less than a year after their marriage.’


‘Oh? What happened to him? Do you know how he died?’ Diana asked; her natural inquisitiveness piqued.


‘That’s just it. The day before he died the pair of them threw a big party. It looked like he was poisoned by oleander oil. How it happened nobody knows.’


‘I know oleander is poisonous but I thought it has to be taken in large doses. Was he suffering from any illness before the poisoning? Did he have a weak heart?’


‘Not that I know of.  He was a diabetic though.’


‘Ah then that might well have been the weakness for him, diabetes and poison. But do we know for certain?’




‘Then tell me the whole story. It sounds fascinating.’




‘Welcome home.’


Maria murmured her thanks as the officer handed her passport back. Taking in the dark eyes and glossy raven hair he smiled in appreciation at her long legs as she strode away from his kiosk.

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