The Boston Debutante (The Debutante Series Book 1)





The Debutante series VOL.1

By William Roach














Copyright 2009-2010 by William Roach All rights reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any Resemblance to actual events, locals, organizations, or Persons, living or dead, is ent
irely coincidental.








About the Author

I love writing romance novels. My favorite ones are historical. England and Scotland have always fascinated me. I was born Scot-Irish, English and German, so it is only natural I would be interested in my ancestors and how they lived. I especially like reading the love stories of the aristocracy. I always liked the way people of the Regency and Victorian era lived so that is where I have decided to base my stories.
              I was born in South Carolina and grew up in Florida. I have always been able to lay in bed at night and dream up stories so I decided I would start writing some of them down.           

I sat down Sunday after the release of my latest book on Amazon and started telling my daughter some of the story of Buck, Jill and witches, goddesses and werewolves. The whole time I was telling the story my wife and daughter were staring at me. When I finished my daughter asked, "How do you come up with all this stuff? 
My granddaughter chimed in and asked me to tell another story.  I don't know where these stories come from. They just come out.

When I was a kid I didn't have any friends close by to play with so I made up my own games. I was always the hero cowboy. With my trusty broom handle between my legs I would run across the yard chasing the bad guys. It usually ended in a fight when I caught the bad guy.
Sometime I would be a super hero and chase bad guys with my cape tied around my neck (bath towel) and my bathing suit.
     I made a crate into a space ship and tried to get my brother to pick me up in it and throw it to the moon. I always thought of him as the strongest man in the world. And my daughter wonders where I get these stories from.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.




Macy’s Aunt talks her into coming to Texas for a visit.

Macy arrives in town.

Macy and Turk don’t hit it off so well.

They ride out on the range to mend some fences.

Storm brews in the West and in Turk and Macy.

Turk falls head over heels in love with Macy.

Macy returns to Boston after a huge fight.

Macy gives in and decides to stay.

Turk proposes Marriage













The Beginning


Turk (Theodore Jackson) is a hardcore cowboy. His adoptive mother raised him on a ranch and he learned everything there is to know about running a ranch. His parents were killed when he was a baby.

Turk got into a lot of fights in school
. He tended to be the champion of the guys that were picked on by the bullies. Sometimes Maude didn’t know if she was going to survive raising him and her daughter. Most of the time Megan behaved herself. It was only when she lost her temper that everybody gave her plenty of space. Even Turk tried to stay clear of her when she was mad.

fter Turk was out of school he got in a lot fights in bars but usually it was started by someone else. The only time he started it was when someone messed with his sister. He felt like it was his duty to protect Megan even though she could handle herself.

Turk is not the kind of guy that takes any lip off of anyone, nor should he. He stands six feet four inches tall with broad shoulders and a small waist. He has light blondish brown
hair that hangs in his eyes when he has his hat off. He has steel blue eyes that could pear right thru you.

His sister
Megan is almost as bad as she is beautiful. She single handedly busted up a bar when she caught the guy she was going with cheating on her.

She graduated from high school three years ago. She was the head cheerleader and all the football players had tried to date her but she picked and chose the ones she wanted to date.

She is a free spirit
and goes after what she wants in life. She is a feisty little blonde that grew up around all boys on the ranch so she had to learn to fight at a young age just for survival. When her brother got with his friends she was the common target of their aggression. Being the only girl made her strong.

was the only child her mother ever had so when her mother found out about Turk she adopted him right away. She was going to need a good man on the ranch one of these days to run things and she was going to train him from a small child. 

At one time Turk and his sister or should I say stepsister had a thing going. Growing up together they thought they were madly in love with each other
for a while. Maude had to keep a close eye on them to be sure there wasn’t going to be any little Turks and Megan’s running around on the ranch. 

It worked out that Megan started looking at Turk more as a big brother than
a love interest. Their love interest faded into a brother sister relationship.

Megan and Turk were inseparable as kids. If a girl ever hurt him, Megan would end up making sure the girl never hurt anyone else. She would meet the girl in an out of the way place and whip her butt.

Turk was the same way about men in Megan’s life. It finally got to the place that boys didn’t want to go out with Megan because of their fear of Turk and the girls didn’t want to go out with Turk because of Megan.

Turk was a big man. He
could hurt a person just by looking at them. He always was bigger than the other boys in his age group. He played football in high school and went on to play in college.

Their mother Miss. Maude as she is called by the people who knows her runs the ranch with an iron fist. She is a very headstrong woman that had to take over running the ranch and raising her kids after her husband died.

Before Turk’s adoptive father passed away he taught Turk everything there was to know about running a ranch.

Turk was good at what he did and he had acquired a group of the best ranch hands around that part of the country to help.

Macy Collins was born into a well to do family in Boston. She was taught at an early age to dress and act more like an adult then a child the age she was. Her family was old money so she was right up in the top of the Boston society.

She attended Private school with her parent’s friend’s kids where she was
taught proper etiquette. Then when she got to High School she talked her parents into letting her go to a public High School so she could precipitate in school functions.

She played her part well as the little rich kid spoiled and self-centered. She was given everything she desired
by her parents.

She was always dressed in the finest clothes that could be bought. Her hair was brown and curly. Her parents liked it long so they kept it cut about two inches below her shoulders. They kept it hanging lightly over her shoulders covering most of her shoulders.

Macy didn’t date till her later teen years. The boys she did date should feel privileged to be able to go out with her she thought.

She only had one girl that she allowed to be her friend.

Her friend’s family was equal to her family in stature and social structure.

Her name was Beth and she looked a lot like Macy. They were both about the same height and build. In fact if you saw one of them from behind it would be hard to tell which one it was. They even wore their hair just alike.

Macy’s parents were killed in a plane crash recently and she was taking it hard. She had been thrown into the world of finance. Fortunately her father had taught her the financial business at a young age and she knew her parents finances inside and out.

As soon as she took over she made sure everyone connected to the business knew she was in charge and they would be taking orders from her.



















Macy woke from a sound sleep. After tossing and turning most of the night sleep finally came to her. Since her parents deaths she was having a hard time living in their house.

Even though she had gotten rid of most of her parents unimportant things every once in a while she would run across something that belonged to one of them. When she did she would break down.

That’s what happened last night. She was wiping down a cabinet in the bathroom when she found a ring her mother had lost a few years ago. It was very sentimental to
her mother because it had belonged to her mother.

Macy went to her country club one day to get out of her lonely house and get her mind off her parents. 

She had just finished a game of tennis with her instructor when her cell phone rang. It was her Aunt Maude from Texas. Maude Jackson was her Mother’s sister.

She wiped her sweat from her brow with her towel. Then she answered the phone.

“Macy I am so glad to catch you. How are things for you in Boston?”

              “I have been having it kind of rough Aunt Maude. All my friends are at work and I’m stuck in that big house all by myself all day. My parent’s memory haunts me. I found a ring of mama’s last night and it destroyed me. I can’t get any rest at night.”

, Megan and I were talking. We want you to come out here for a while and see how you like it. It will give you a chance to get away from there and it will give us a chance to get reacquainted. I haven’t seen you in such a long time and you have never met Megan. Maude wasn’t able to go to Macy’s parent’s funeral because she couldn’t leave the ranch. 

Megan wants a young person more her age to talk to so please come out and visit want you?”

Macy thought for a few minutes.

“I don’t know if I can leave the Corporation long enough to come out there or not. We are in the middle of making some purchases.”

“Macy you need to get away from that every once in a while or it’s going to drive you crazy.” 

Macy hadn’t seen her aunt since she was small
. Macy wanted a change of scenery for a while and she thought she might like going to the ranch and get away from the tension of Boston. She really wanted to go someplace and set down in some peaceful place and prop her feet up.

She thought the change might help her get her mind off her parents and she could get some rest.

After thinking about it for a couple minutes she agreed to go there if she could leave the financial business to her CEO’s for a while. Really they ran the business anyway. Macy was just a token board chairman.

She had never been to Texas so she wanted to go just to see what it was like. 

“Aunt Maude I think I will come out to see you I’ll call you back as soon as I have made some travel arrangements and check to see if my people can do without me for a little while. I have to get my nails done, get my hair done, and my facial before I leave. I look like a hag right now.”

“Macy you don’t have to get all gussied up to come out here. We live simple out here.”

“Aunt Maude I have to look decent to travel commercial transportation. My company jet is tied up right now.”

“We have an offer for you when you get here but, we can talk more about it when you arrive.”

“What kind of an offer?”

“I’ll discuss it with you when you get here.”

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