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The Dominants, Book I


By Mina J. Moore



Black Orchid Press



Kindle Edition


Copyright © 2013 Mina J. Moore

All Rights Reserved




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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


This book contains strong sexual content, light BDSM and explicit language. It is meant for mature readers 18 and over.






This project is dedicated to everyone who enjoys the lifestyle. You know who you are. BDSM is a very misunderstood culture and now I know that better than ever. There is so much more to it than whips and chains. It’s a level of trust and adoration that is learned and cultivated between two or more people. I would never presume to know the intricacies but I do understand what makes it different. I have just touched on the aspects in this story and hope to explore more in the second installment. Before you judge, do your research and open your mind. It’s a beautiful thing.






I want to thank the following authors who took time out of their busy schedule to help with this project. Nickie Asher for her unbelievable editing and advice. Karli Rush for beta reading and encouraging me to dig deeper with this one. Christina Moore for stepping in at the last minute to beta read. You guys rock!






I knew I was in big trouble when he glared at me.

“How many fucking times do I have to tell you, Gianna? Don’t look up until I say so.” He shook his head in disappointment as he prowled the parameter of the space.

“Your time is almost up and you still haven’t managed to learn obedience.”

With my eyes lowered once more, I dared to question his authority. “May I speak, Sir?” I asked sarcastically.

His silence told me he was trying to control his annoyance. The bed dipped and I gasped when his mouth touched my thigh followed by the leather crop.

“I knew this would be a challenge, Gianna. The moment you walked into that party, I knew.”


* * *


The Party

Something about kinky parties seemed to always draw my attention, so when Karli told me about this one, I was intrigued. Sex toy parties were one thing, full-blown BDSM was quite another. I’d dabbled with both but not publically. I wasn’t about to start, either. Karli promised I wouldn’t have to participate. I could just sit, drink and mingle, which really meant a lot of flirting. She got my agreement on those terms and the fact it was benefiting a charity.

Brushing my long hair back, I glanced in the mirror and smiled. The red halter pantsuit was a good choice, sexy but not slutty. Just because I was going to this event didn’t mean I had to dress like a prostitute. This was a classy gig. When Karli had given me the invite, the address pretty much sealed the deal. Yeah, this was big money. The doorbell chimed and I finished zipping my boots up before opening the door.

“Geez woman. You look great,” Karli said.

I thanked her. Karli was as cute as they came. Dark hair and long lashes that won you over the minute she glanced your way.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I replied

She made a face. “Hello. Look at you. I don’t have those never ending legs and those perky breasts.”

I laughed. These legs and boobs had done nothing but attract all kinds of shit-tards my way. Men had a way of not looking past the physical. I
have a brain too.


* * *


We arrived in style. I wasn’t surprised when men in suits took our keys, coats and led us into the mansion. The place was old world elegance and beautifully decorated for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Miles of red lights ran the length of the room and Cupid ice sculptures sat on the buffet tables.

I watched Karli interact with the crowd. The girl knew everybody, but when your father owned half the state, it was expected. I wouldn’t be at this gig if Karli hadn’t paid the extravagant fee for the cover. Believe it or not, this would benefit something, just not sure what. Which charity would take money from a bunch of kinky dirties like us? Apparently money was money. I giggled, catching attention.

Karli introduced me to several people and I was amazed at the predilections of the rich. I was sure there were plenty of important suits and dresses, for that matter, in attendance. My neighbors’ pediatrician could be standing right next to me. Wouldn’t that put Mrs. Jonas over the moon? I lived in a pretty well-to-do apartment building but it didn’t mean my shit didn’t stink. I used the toilet same as everybody else. Well, Mrs. Jonas seemed to think differently and her kids were being raised in the same fantasyland.

I crossed over to the bar station while Karli continued chatting it up. My neck tingled and I felt eyes on me. Shouldn’t be a surprise. I was in a room full of people who enjoyed sex in a variety of ways. I continued on my way, dying for a drink. When the raffles started, I knew I needed another one. Karli joined me and together we watched as the games went on. A woman who could be my grandmother won the Gorilla Dildo. And damn if she wasn’t ecstatic. Good for her, I thought.

“We know what she’ll be doing later. Grandpa doesn’t look too happy,” Karli quipped.

“I’m sure he can’t measure up to that thing. It’s a monster.”

“Hey, did they take your invitation at the door?”

I thought it odd she would question that. “Yes. Yours?”

She smiled and I began to have doubts. “What is going on Karli Rallings? You better have not—”

The announcer piped up, catching everyone’s attention once more.

“And now for the highlight of the night. One lucky gal or guy will win our Seven Day Love Fest with a Dom. This final prize will be chosen by our lovely Rhea.” I couldn’t believe how quickly the evening passed in a blur of dildos, butt plugs and fancy lingerie.

I watched as a beautiful woman in a red teddy came on stage pushing a large clear container. Inside were square, red…

“Tell me they are not drawing by invitation.” I said between clenched teeth.

“And the winner of our extravaganza is…”

I held my breath, a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach

“…Gia Solaris.”

That’s it. I was going to faint then I was going to fucking kill Karli. Somehow, I made it up to the stage to claim my prize. The announcer babbled on about the instructions being in the package he was handing me with dates to choose from and blah blah blah. I was too busy freaking the hell out to hear any of the particulars.


* * *


Karli knew I was fucking pissed because not one word came out of my mouth the entire ride home.

“I’m coming in. You have to talk to me at some point.”

I glanced over at my best first and scowled. “The hell you are. Don’t you think you’ve done enough?”

Karli gave me her famous puppy eyes and I had to repress my smile. I slouched down on her fancy bucket seat and covered it with my hand.

“A Dom, Karli? What the hell would we do other than kill each other?”

Karli rolled her eyes at me as she often did when I went on a tirade.

“Have you ever thought about letting go of all that control and allowing someone else to take care of you?”

I didn’t think I liked where this conversation was going. I had been taking care of myself since I was eighteen and doing a damn good job of it. Getting through college alone had been hell. Thankfully my father had put away money for my education and with his life insurance I was able to live on my own until I landed a job. From there I had worked my ass off to get into a well-known marketing firm and move into the corner office, thank you very much. My subordinates were mostly male and good looking ones at that. Judy, my right hand, was a dream to work with. My life was good.

“I don’t need some whip wielding psycho for that,” I muttered.

“Gia Solaris! That is not what it’s about at all. People in that lifestyle are very committed. It’s a very deep connection based on trust and conceptuality. Both parties are exactly where they want to be, just ask Donna.”

My head snapped in her direction. “Donna? What about Donna?”

Karli smirked. “Come on. You have to know Donna and her husband started out as a Dom and Submissive.”

“Get out of here. Well, I could see Ted being a bit on the hard side.”

Karli smiled. “Oh no. Ted is the Submissive.”

I know my eyes bugged out of my head. Ted was your typical football Sunday, beer drinking, pound his chest macho kind of guy. I couldn’t even imagine him cuffed and getting spanked.

“Believe it.” She winked.

She pulled up to my apartment building and the doorman moved forward to take Karli’s keys.

“Scratch her and I will have to sic my daddy on you, Keith.” She blew the older man a kiss as he got in her car.

Karli’s father owned the complex and Keith had practically seen her grow up. I waived him off and wrapped my coat around my body. It was freezing. Karli got her way and came up to my place. We settled in with a steaming cup of coffee to wipe away the sleepy effect of the alcohol. This was going to be a serious conversation. I knew it when Karli kicked off her shoes and tucked her legs up on my couch.

“Do I need to pull down the Murphy bed?”

My one bedroom didn’t have the luxury of a guestroom so I bought myself one for my friends. No family visited with the exception of those rarities when my loving mother showed up with her thousand dollar makeover and the horrid attitude. And she wouldn’t be caught dead sleeping in my space. She much preferred the Waldorf Astoria. Thankfully her visits were rare.

Karli slapped at my shoulder. “Now Gia, I am only trying to be a friend here. You run the show at your job and those poor guys you date don’t have a chance. I actually feel sorry for them.”

I threw a pillow at her. Knowing I had issues in the “men” department didn’t make me feel any better about taking this trip to God knew where. The “details package” I was supposed to receive at the event had been misplaced and I should be getting it first thing in the morning via special delivery. Why had I agreed to even look at it? They did say I reserved the right to decline if I didn’t want to participate. I should have just said no thanks right then and there. Crap.

I had given Chris Parks, the event organizer, my address and I trusted him because Karli did. No way would I be giving it to anyone else.

“I’m not so bad. I don’t have the patience for sniveling idiots in bed. Maybe I’m not normal, you know? I just need more and I haven’t found it yet.”

I rearranged myself on the couch because if I was being honest, this conversation was getting me agitated.

“And don’t you think this may be something you would enjoy?” Karli quipped.

Boy, where was she going with all this? She knew I had tried various different, kinky-type things to try and liven up my sex drive and none of it had worked. Sure, I enjoyed it but nothing really blew my mind, so to speak.

She uncurled herself from the couch and sat up. Oh boy. Time for the serious talk.

“Listen, you know you need more. Previous relationships just haven’t gotten you there. That other stuff you’ve tried has been amateur and you know it. You need something different. You need a man who can dominate and challenge you at the same time. So, why not try it? Read the terms and then make a decision. What do you have to lose?






I was on a fucking plane. How had Karli convinced me to do this? After the party, I had gone home and totally dismissed the possibility. Now, I was on an unplanned vacation going to meet him. I didn’t even know who
was! Shit. I squirmed in my first class private jet chair. That’s right. I was sitting in his private jet. This guy was seriously rich.

I looked down at the dreaded package. Thank God for Chris, who I found out through Karli, was also a Dom. He couldn’t disclose the identity of the one I was meeting but assured me of his credentials. Yeah, that made me feel a tad bit better.

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