The Fleeing Heiress: A funny flight into love. (24 page)

Other Books by Gayle Buck



The Righteous Rakehell

Mutual Consent

Willowswood Match

The Demon Rake

Love’s Masquerade

The Fleeing Heiress

Cassandra’s Deception

Belle’s Beau

Magnificent Match

Honor Beseiged

Lady Althea’s Bargain

Love For Lucinda

Frederica’s Folly

Chester Charade

Cupid’s Choice

Lord Darlington’s Darling

A Chance Encounter

The Waltzing Widow

Tempting Sarah

Lord John’s Lady

Lord Rathbone’s Flirt

The Desperate Viscount

Hearts Betrayed

The Hidden Heart

Miss Dower’s Paragon

Lady Cecily’s Scheme



Regency Tales

Old Acquaintances     Holybrooke Curse

Christmas Cheer     Season of Joy

Regency Tales: Christmas Collection



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Thula-thula (afr) by Annelie Botes
The End of Diabetes by Joel Fuhrman
Short and Sweet by Anna Jacobs
1990 - Mine v4 by Robert McCammon