Wine of the Gods 26: Embassy (35 page)

Release date July 28, 2016


About the Author


I was born and raised in California, and have lived more than half my life, now, in Texas.

Wonderful place. I caught almost the first bachelor I met here, and we’re coming up on our thirty-seventh anniversary.

My degree's in Geology. After working for an oil company for almost ten years as a geophysicist, I “retired” to raise children. As they grew, I added oil painting, sculpting and throwing clay, breeding horses, volunteering in libraries and for the Boy Scouts, and treasurer for a friend’s political campaign. Sometime in those busy years, I turned a love of science fiction into a part time job reading slush (Mom? Someone is
you to read??!!)

I've always written, published a few short stories. But now that the kids have flown the nest, I'm calling writing a full time job.

"Embassy" is the twenty-sixth title in the Wine of the Gods universe, and the fourth I've published this year. This brings my total to seventeen novels, five novellas, five collections of novellas and short stories, and published separately, eight  other short stories.

I'm planning to bring out at least five more titles this year. I've got several new books in the Wine of the Gods Universe under way. And then a third "Zoey Ivers" book in the Doors series. And several things inching along towards completion, so I may manage to squeeze in a tenth book before the end of the year.

I need to find the time to get more books out in print, out to Kobo, Sony, B&N . . . I need to find the time to invent a time machine . . .


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