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Billionaire Menage

Billionaire Menage

By Jenny Jeans


copyrighted © 2012 Jenny Jeans

Published by
Arrow Books, published at Smashwords


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Chapter One


Alex wanted Clare since he was a senior in high
school and he knew Nick had the hot's for her since they became
friends in college. He was never jealous of Nick wanting the same
woman, they weren't friends like that. They had a unique
relationship with no competition. It was probably how they met,
because it had been extreme circumstances involving a college
fraternity gone wrong. The hazing he and Nick endured had been out
of control and incited by a bully classmen. They'd supported each
other through the trauma and eventually together found the courage
to break part the irrational hazing methods. They'd notified the
college and police. There'd been a trial and they were both
satisfied it wouldn't happen again.

So they knew each other's scars, and perhaps that was
why fate wrote in their cards the need to share. They'd talked
about sharing a woman before but had never done it. They might have
never done it, if the perfect opportunity hadn't arrived. That
fate, again, was pushing them. How else would two men and that one
woman they desired above all else find themselves naked




Clare knew she was in trouble and once she realized
the severity of it, she knew there was only one place to turn too.
Alex and Nick. They wouldn't let her down if she were brave enough
to admit she desperately needed their help.

Her hand shook as she pushed Alex's number on her
blackberry. She looked over her shoulder at the closed bathroom
door. How had she gotten herself into such a mess? She was usually
so conservative. But this guy came out of left field.

"Hi, sweetheart, what can I do for you?"

Clare nearly wept hearing Alex's voice. Her voice
cracked as she answered, "I'm in trouble, Alex, please help me!"
She tried to be quiet, so the pervert the shower wouldn't hear.

"Where are you?" another voice demanded through her
phone. Clare felt unreasonable relief at hearing Nick's voice.

"Nick," she whimpered.

"Tell me," he demanded.

"A private mansion on Hunter Mountain," she answered,
with tears because she knew they'd never find her! It was a
secluded mansion she'd been hired to redecorate for a high-end
client. Nick and Alex were in New York, she was here — what could
they do?

"What trouble?" Alex asked, as she heard Nick in the
background ordering a helicopter.

Oh God, could they get here before...? No, she looked
at the bathroom door knowing she only had minutes.

"The client wasn't supposed to be here, but he
I think he put something in my drink. He's in the shower
and I went outside to leave but my car isn't there. He caught me
and dragged me back inside. Made me drink some more." She knew she
wasn't making sense.

Nick's voice, "Get your coat and boots and walk out
of there, baby.
Take your phone. We will be there in
less than an hour."

"How can you find me!" she cried, already getting to
her feet. She trusted them that much.

"GPS your phone," Alex said.

Clare lost the signal running outside. She was woozy
and disorientated, seeing things in blurry contrast. But she
remembered Nick's orders to get her coat and boots. She tried her
blackberry as she ran down the snow-packed driveway. How could they
find her if she couldn't get a signal? Still, she ran on half
because Alex and Nick had told her too, and half because of fear —
she didn't want to be in the expensive getaway when the man got out
of the shower.

Her breath panted in puffs in front of her as she
reached the end of the driveway. A beep sounded and she looked down
at her blackberry. There was a text.

"It's from, Alex!" she cried, wobbling.

She quickly accepted it. "Stay off the road," it

Clare checked her coverage. "Out of area," she
moaned. Sometimes texts could make it through when a call couldn't.
She wandered down the road trying not to cry. How could she stay
off the road, there was snow, trees, and mountain woods

If she hadn't trusted Nick and Alex so much, she'd
never been brave enough to just go into the woods. But another text
came, "We will find you." So she went.

Wind bucked the helicopter and Nick had trouble
keeping it level.

"The gusts up here are dangerous," he shouted to
Alex. Alex shook his head looking grim, they both wouldn't stop
because of the danger ... not when Clare needed them so badly.

"We are right on top of her," Alex shouted to

Nick nodded, but below was thick pines. "We have to
find a clearing," he yelled to Alex.

He found one two miles away, but when he went to land
the wind kicked up and pushed him toward the trees. The blades hit
one and the copter crashed a few feet into the snowpack. Neither of
them was hurt but the copter was out of commission.

"Let's go!" Alex shouted, grabbing gear and flinging
open the helicopter door. "We have to get to her."

Nick looked at the broken radio, cussing under his
breath, and then he followed Alex. They could try to fix the radio
after they found her; time was too precious now to wait.

Two hours later they found Clare shivering against a
tree. They both dropped down beside her just as snow started
falling. Clare's eyes were closed and her skin looked fragile and
so white, while her long tawny hair hung in wild waves across her

"Clare, baby," Nick uttered, grabbing one of her
ungloved hands.

Nick saw Alex grab her other hand and Clare barely
stirred. "Clare, sweetheart," Alex said rubbing her hand.

Nick kept her hand as he lifted his other hand to his
mouth. Using his teeth he tugged his glove off, then he pressed his
palm to Clare's temple. "Too cold," he muttered.

Clare's eyes didn't open, but her head moved away
from his touch, as she mumbled, "Run away."

"Shit," Alex cussed. Nick watched Alex looking at the
snow, then Alex looked over at him. "I'm going to set up a tent.
We'll dig in."

Nick nodded, saying, "Part of it's she's

They both looked deadly at the mention their sweet
Clare had been drugged. Alex went to set up a tent and get the
sleeping bags into it, they did extreme sports any chance they
could. Then from their military days, they'd learned to keep their
gear packed and ready. Now it might save them, and Clare, because
it looked as if it was going to be a white-out any minute as the
snow fell faster.

Nick unzipped his thick winter parka and scooted
around Clare, until he had her between his legs and leaning against
him. He pulled his parka over her as best he could, however he felt
how wet she was. Her winter coat was more fashionable than

"Nick," she murmured, and then she mumbled Alex's
named as her head turned in the crook of his neck.

"We got you, baby," he uttered, holding her tight,
worried as hell about her condition. They couldn't lose her. He
realized just how much they couldn't.

When Alex came to carry her into the small tent, she
woke up enough, to look up at him. "You came," she whispered.

Nick brushed back her hair, falling over Alex's
shoulder. "We'll always come," he said.

"For you ... always, "Alex added, then they dipped
inside the tent. It was a tight fit.

Right away, Nick informed Alex, "Have to get her

"Aren't we going home?" Clare whined, then her head
fell against Alex's shoulder.

"Might have to do more than that to get her warm,"
Alex muttered looking at him gravely.

They undressed Clare trying to remain gentlemanly,
then quickly putting her under a sleeping bag. However, Nick knew
neither of them missed seeing her taut pink nipples or the trim
tawny hair above her slit.

Clare barely woke up to protest, and soon she was

Alex looked over at him from rubbing her small feet.
"This isn't working."

Nick nodded from where he held Clare's quivering body
with the sleeping bag between them. "We can't manage the night out
of the bags anyway."

They both knew they had to get undressed, share body
heat, and get the two sleeping bags they had zipped up around them.
Then throw their parkas over the top.

"I just wish we could explain to her," Alex

"She trusts us," Nick responded.

"Yeah, that's the point," Alex complained.

They both wanted her, they both knew it. They both
didn't know how they were going to survive naked against her and
not take it further.

Alex knew the minute he slipped in naked beside Clare
that it was the most erotic feeling he'd ever felt. Her skin was
like satin and her body more curvy than the rail-thin models he and
Nick had to take to functions for appearances.

Nick turned her toward him to spoon her back. Alex
scooted, until he was pressed to her front as his eyes lowered in
half-mast with pleasure. Yet also, his body started to shiver at
the cold seeping into the tent, being against Clare's freezing
body, and the fact they didn't have enough room to fit them all in
and get the sleeping bags zipped shut.

Clare murmured against him as if she was in the
middle of a deep dream and her hips began to undulate.


Chapter Two


Clare dreamed she was standing in front of a door
and she knew that behind that door was her deepest desire. Her hand
moved slowly to the handle and when she pushed it open a shaft of
light fell across the threshold that was her bedroom.

The room was dark, and as she hesitated, she heard
Alex's voice calling to her, "Clare, sweetheart." Then as she
stepped into the room another voice beckoned, "Clare, baby."

It was Nick and she moved toward him, only to hear
the door close with the snap of the lock. Thrown into complete
darkness, she uttered a cry, "It is too dark! I can't see."

She'd barely finished speaking when she saw a spark
flickering, and then the slowly rising blaze of a single candle
wavering, moving until it lowered, as it was set on a table.

Behind her, she felt sudden warmth heating her bare
back. Then there were strong muscular arms reaching around her,
encircling her, drawing her spine against the wall of a bare chest
that emanated heat.

A husky voice whispered into her ear, "Sweetheart,
it's Alex."

Before her a darkened form slid forward and firm
hands grasped her shoulders. The form took on shape as a kiss
brushed her lips. "Baby, it's Nick."

She was speechless with her body anticipating
pleasures she'd dreamed about. Nick bent his head and once again
the heat of his firm lips brushed hers ... slanted slightly and
settled, drawing her into deeper kisses. His tongue teased her
lips, asking entrance, and she opened her mouth for him, trying to
lean forward, but Alex's arms were around her. But then Alex's
hands were touching her naked breasts, stroking lightly ... cupping
and caressing friction against her puckering nipples. Her body
responded and she undulated, moaning her enjoyment.

She put her hands on Nick's chest, sliding them
upward. She could feel the beating of his heart and the muscles
across his chest as she dipped her mouth to explore, while Alex's
strong fingers played with her breasts. Her nipples throbbed and
strong surges of pleasure flashed from her mouth, to her breasts,
and directly into throbbing need deep in her sex. She felt warm
wetness there.

Her body echoed, becoming extremely sensitive to
their hands stroking her hips, her buttocks, her breasts. Nick
lifted her mouth and she followed his mouth more deeply, while her
fingers liberally explored the vast expanse of sinew across his
hard chest. At the same time she rubbed against Nick, riding the
long, hardened ridge of his hot erection that pressed itself
against her. She moaned, a murmur of excitement, as Alex continued
to deeply massage her breasts, lifting them up in his hands to

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