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Billionaire Menage (5 page)

"Oh my God, that was amazing! I love you. I
you both."

Nick looked Alex in the eye over Clare's shoulder and
they both saw happiness, commitment, and the determination to make
this work, in each other's eyes.


The End


Try out some of Jenny's erotica, Lawman's
Punishment, Rough Sex

(excerpt) (available now)


Kate Lancaster kicked her pony trying to get
the dappled mare to gallop faster. One look darted over her
shoulder showed the lawman, Garrett Buck, nearly on top of her with
his bigger stallion. She jerked the reins hard to the left as she
swallowed the squeal of fright trying to tear from her throat. He
was going to catch her!

Kate fought back a scream as his unyielding
arm dropped down and he scraped her off her ponies back. She would
have kicked and tried to bite the stern lawman but she didn't want
to fall off his galloping stallion. With little effort, Lawman Buck
threw her smaller body face down across his thighs. She yelped at
the demeaning position, as his forearm pressed into the small of
her back, holding her firm.

"Damn fool, cheater," he growled above her
as the jarring position made it hard to breathe.

Her skirts flew upward with the whirling
wind around the headlong galloping. She was in so much trouble she
couldn't imagine finding a way out of prison, where she'd likely
die under the harsh conditions. But she wasn't named Lancaster for
nothing … she'd fight to the end.

Likely she'd passed out, because when she
regained consciousness she realized she wasn't being shaken any
longer, like a rag doll, by the lawman's galloping stallion. In
fact, the horse was standing tied off with its head down grazing.
Her black hair was flopped over her head with her backside up in
the air and her belly lying over the smooth saddle. Her skirts were
tossed over her back, which meant her bare ass was dangling

She sucked in a startled breath, wondering
where the lawman was. Likely gazing at her bare ass and everything
exposed between, she thought, lying still, considering her options.
What she knew of Lawman Buck was that he was a stern and unyielding
man. He had glittering black eyes, a set jaw line, and he sneered
more than he smiled. She knew he was an honest sort of lawman,
which just pissed her off, thinking no one could be that purely
incorruptible. It made her look plain, double-dealing in

But it seemed, to her oxygen-deprived brain,
that tight-britches Buck was thinking about a deal. One that
involved her bare ass and what was in between. She fidgeted,
knowing her buttocks flexed as she reminded herself what the option
was …

"I like it rough." Lawman Buck's voice
sounded like desert gravel.

Kate felt shivers shoot over her skin. She
wasn't certain why she got shivery over just him saying he liked it
rough, when she should be toppling off his horse and running. But
she'd bluff her way through, if it killed her.

"Is there any other way, lawman honey" she
croaked. The position was bad for seductive tones.

She heard some movement behind her, and the
horse shifted under her, then a gloved hand cup one cheek of her
bare ass. It took immense effort not to flinch away, and a strange
thing happened when he squeezed her buttock … she felt a flutter of
sensation deep in her pussy.
She nearly cussed.
She was
finding this arousing.

"I don't mean playing rough. I mean hard,
fast, deep, and rough." He squeezed her buttock so hard she
whimpered. "Going to hurt," he promised in a rasp.

Kate gulped, but forced her tremors of fear
away. He probably just thought he was rough because some frilly
woman, who didn't really like fucking, told him so, to keep him off
her. Well, Kate liked fucking. She didn't like fucking a whole slew
of men she didn't pick, but other than that she'd have made a grand

"I'll give you all the rough sex you want,
lawman," she rasped, trying to throw brave into her voice. "For a
price." The last bit had come out nice and strong, even though she
was hanging upside down. She was fairly proud of her courage, but
then …


Kate yelped in pain at the gloved hand that
smacked her buttocks hard. The horse shifted under her.
Smack! Smack!

Oh Damn
. She squealed, kicking her
legs, while trying to shove off so she could push off the horse. It
hurt! A strong hand shoved her back down, then she felt the
sensation of something circling in the lips of her sex. Then a
push. Something partially entered her, making her thighs part. She
squealed with angry fright, but no matter how she struggled, she
was pinned with that rough, gloved finger partially inside her.

"You don't make the deals," Lawman Buck's
voice snarled, punctuated by his gloved finger rasping her core.
She half-moaned half-whined as her thighs spread further. "I do,"
he uttered, pulling his finger out, and then pushing it inward

It was rough, and she could feel it to her
bones, but she also felt a pang rising deeper beyond his finger.
"That the best you can do," she cried, half screaming her challenge
because she was partway between terror and arousal.

Suddenly, his finger was gone and she was
being pulled down off his horse. She might have tried to attack him
or gain some advantage, even sexually, but she was dizzy and
stumbling. A tug of her hair, so painful it jerked her forward,
attacked her scalp. She squealed and cussed as Lawman Buck hauled
her forward, but then he pushed her, letting go. Wobbling on her
short boots, she tried to stay upright, while swiping hair out of
her face. The lawman's grim features swam into clarity. He had a
three day beard on him with a square unyielding jaw and black eyes
so intense she had a hard time keeping eye contact. When she
failed, turning her gaze from his piercing eyes, she saw the coiled
whip he held in his right hand.

"That was not part of the deal!" she
shouted, poking a finger toward the whip.

One side of his hard lips turned upward. "I
haven't made the deal yet," he uttered.

Kate couldn't help staring at the thick black whip.
Just its presence sent quivers crawling on her flesh, and that made
her mad.


Jenny Jeans
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Jenny Jeans

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About the author:

Jenny Jeans lives in the Pacific Northwest
enjoying the single life, dreaming and fantasizing about things
that could come true. [email protected]


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