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Billionaire Menage (3 page)

She was getting angry that they didn't even
acknowledge what happened last night. It was monumental — how could
they act so cut off?

"What was the address of that property you were
decorating," Alex asked, as they clomped forward through the snow
that was seeping through her, improper for hiking in snow boots,
but killer cute.

She told Alex the address, of course she'd hoped for
a big commission so she'd had everything about the property
memorized, and then she watched him typing it into his

"We are not going back there!" she exclaimed.

Nick's brown unreadable eyes looked over his shoulder
back at her as he continued to tug her forward. "The helicopter
crashed. We need to get your car to get off this mountain." Curt to
the point, nothing extra.

She looked to Alex and his green eyes were troubled.
"If that creep guy isn't gone we will deal with him," he said, and
then he pointed to the right. "That way."

She was upset they were going back to the pervert
guys place, and maybe more upset the guys seemed to want to act as
if they hadn't had a threesome to end all threesomes last night.
Even without direct intercourse. Were they regretting it? It seemed
so, no sweetheart's and baby this morning.

The way they were acting she was embarrassed to bring
it up, so she just slogged through the snow with them. Her hunky,
but moody billionaires. They reached the multimillion dollar
mountain mansion a couple hours later. Luckily, the evil dude was
gone. Nick broke a window so they could get inside and she went to
take her inadequate boots off and try to get her feet warm.

She didn't know what the guys were doing ... looking
for her car she hoped. But thirty minutes later, Alex appeared.

"We got a copter for you and once you get back to
Manhattan you can report your client for kidnapping and stolen

"A copter for m-me," she stuttered. Then she heard

"Come on, Nick's waiting," he said grimly.

Clare was beginning to think this was the biggest
kiss off of all kiss offs and she threw on her, still wet boots,
with tears in her eyes. The copter landed out back with snow
whipping around as she ran with Alex towards it. It was weird for
her to get into a copter, but it was Nick and Alex's favorite way
to travel.

Just before they reached a frowning Nick, Alex
grabbed her into a hug. "Sorry, sweetheart."

She was going to exclaim, "Why?" but then Nick had
her, hugging her tight.

She heard him barely over the turning blades, "Sorry,

"What?" she exclaimed, but Nick lifted her up into
the copter, and when she expected them to follow, the door slammed
shut and she watched them run back toward the mansion. Tears burned
her eyes and she turned away from their horrible brush off.

Thank god for Penny.

Penny was Nick and Alex's executive secretary and
surrogate mother, but a hot grandmother, for sixty plus years.
Actually, the guys kept Penny in an easy job just so she could keep
busy and they had mountains of secretaries to do the hard stuff.
But Penny was outspoken and Penny was deep in the loop where Alex
and Nick were concerned.

So the phone call that came from Penny, two days
later, after Clare's world changed forever was surprising and very
informative. Clare still hadn't gone back to work yet, so when
Penny called she was sitting on her couch, wearing the same Kitty
Couture sweats she'd had on for two days.

" Clare exclaimed. Because Penny
had just told her the guys thought they took advantage of her.

"You know Alex cannot keep much from me, honey" Penny

"But they didn't drug me," Clare expelled,

"But you know they love you, honey," Penny replied.
"And while I don't know the details of what went on up that
mountain, just by the way they are acting now, I know it was

Significant was such a small word for what she felt
happened, Clare thought, with just the beginning glimmers of hope —
except being pissed off was eclipsing that hope.

"Where the hell are they?" she demanded, and Penny
being Penny, she told her.


Chapter Six


Clare decided to tackle Alex first. She went there
pissed off, but with the conviction she wasn't giving up what they
had started. She found him at his loft. She had a key and let
herself in, stalking through the vast expensive space, to find him
in the bedroom, packing some gear in a backpack.

"I cannot believe you just pushed me off! Like I was
a ... well
a piece
for the night," she declared, attacking
Alex with words on sight.

His green eyes snapped to her. "You were never that,"
he uttered.

She tossed down her purse on his bed and took off her
coat, while yelling back at him, "I was there, Alex. I knew what I
was doing!"

His eyes narrowed on her as he straightened. "You
were drugged," he said tightly. "Hypothermia too," he added.

"Sounds like Nick's assessment to me," she exclaimed.
"And he was wrong!"

Finally, Alex cracked with her name on his lips
coming out like a plea. "Clare."

He came to her and wrapped his arms urgently around
her slender back as she burrowed into him with her arms tightly
around his waist.

"I want
" Clare exclaimed,
then they tumbled onto their sides, facing each other on the bed as
he pulled her to him, searching out her lips and he began kissing
her with desperation.

Alex needed this. He needed it badly. He'd been
destroyed they wouldn't be together. He couldn't think ... he did
not want to think. All he wanted was the fresh scent of lilies and
warm, soft woman around him. And oh, Clare was so soft and so warm,
molding her generous curves eagerly to the hardline of his body.
Their lips continued in a frenzy of heated kissing.

With his lips still shaping hers beneath his, Alex
rucked up the hem of Clare's dress baring her to the waist. Then he
caught her lush buttocks into his hands and he rolled her beneath

"Alex-Alex," she moaned.

"Take your top down," he mumbled over her mouth, not
wanting to let her lips go for a precious second. He lifted her
buttocks, tearing her silk thong away, then unzipping and shoving
down his pants, until they were cradled, bare cock to bare pussy.
Alex felt Clare hastily wrestle her top open to his command, and
then ... God! Her bosomy breasts smashed into the wall of his
chest, rolling hot skin to hot skin, as the swollen buds of her
excited nipples prodded the muscles of his chest like hot

"Sweetheart," he moaned, sweeping the cavern of her
delicious mouth deeply with his tongue as he rubbed his chest back
and forth across the firm mounds of her breasts.

She mewled passionately, undulating her wetting slit
against his rock-hard cock. He helped her ardent movements with his
hands cupping the cheeks of her ass, while he rotated his hips,
until the head of his cock was wet from her arousal, and he was
rubbing over that spot that made her squeal.

"Ohoh, Alex!" Her head fell back, separating their

Instantly, he dove for her bared throat, sucking
hotly on the curve of her neck, as he flexed his hips in short
bursts so the head of his shaft rubbed friction deep into the lips
of her sweet, puffy slit. Her knees drew upward as her heels
clipped the back of his thighs and held, seating him firmly in the
cradle of her hips.

He rose, locking his elbows, as he arched his back
and thrust his hips harder. The helmeted head of his cock burned
with juicy friction through the lips of Clare's clinging sex. She
rode his shaft, writhing beneath him as she clutched his tightly
flexing biceps, scratching her fingernails into the muscle like a
kitten scratching a post. Her slender white throat arched and her
tawny hair spread wildly over his hands braced on either side of
her head.

, hot little pussy," he moaned
low and deep in his throat as he dipped his gaze to watch the ruddy
head of his long curving penis sliding up and down through Clare's
undulating pussy.

"Oh, Alex-Alex," she moaned, ardently. "More-more,
baby!" she panted.

By God he'd give her more,
Alex thought, and
with the heady weight of male satisfaction, he nudged the head of
his cock lower. Watching it slip beneath the brown curls of Clare's
pubis and feeling it press into her tight entrance. The circular
wetness surrendered under the pressure of his prod, until half of
the head was inserted and disappeared from his view.

baby," he groaned tightly, through his
clenched teeth, as he felt the muscles on his back ripple, while
his buttocks quivered. Then he pushed forward more.

Clare cried out passionately, moaning as she arched
beneath him, thrusting her breasts high. The overwhelming need to
be planted deeply inside Clare drove him forward, until he was
encased to the root of his cock as the hot inner muscles of her
tight sheath convulsed in response.

He began to rotate his hips, and Clare's small feet
curled around the back of his thighs, to use as leverage to raise
her hips upward to meet each of his thrusts. Then the dance of love
began in earnest. He'd never felt anything as miraculous as Clare's
sex accepting each of the plunges of his cock with tight heat. Each
draw against his shaft built pleasure that surged higher and
higher. It clenched his buttocks and tightened the muscles in his
body to sweaty tautness.

He felt Clare reaching with him as she arched up to
meet each of his rapid prods. She clutched him, moaning higher
notes, and he heard it in her careens of pleasure. She was rushing
toward the pinnacle with him, and just looking down on her
passion-ravaged face tossing her head back and forth, he nearly

He grunted and squeezed to hold it back for his
woman. She had to come with him! He rotated his hips, thrusting
deep, and this new motion brought a cry of pleasure from Clare's
panting mouth. He followed the sounds. Turning his hips, and then
he felt her entire body clench as she arched backward. Yes! It was
then Clare climaxed on a heady scream, contracting the walls of her
vagina around him and bringing him

"Oh, God! I love you," Alex belly-groaned as his seed
pumped deeply inside Clare and he fell forward, catching his weight
on his elbows. Clare panted beneath him and he squirmed a hand
around to gently brush the damp hair away from her face. Her dark
eyes melted into his as they looked at each other, while calming
their heavy breathing. He was transcended and he knew that he was
changed for life.

But moments, later guilt attacked him that he hadn't
waited for Nick. That they hadn't waited. He looked away from
Clare, not wanting her to see, and he muttered, "Be right

Clare sighed watching Alex go to the bathroom. She
took several more deep breaths.

"Wow," she whispered, then she rolled off the bed and
grabbed her purse, while her dress fell into place. Quickly, she
stopped in Alex's hall bathroom to clean up, before she hurried out
of his loft.

She texted him, before she got in the taxi. "I'll be
back. Love you." Then she turned off her phone because she couldn't
be distracted by him. She had another man to catch.


Chapter Seven


did you say?" Nick demanded, as he bent
over her, planting two big fists on either side of her head,
against the back of the lounge in his office. She'd locked the door
on the way in.

Immediately, Clare lifted her hands pushing hard on
Nick's chest, which only served to rock him. "Go away! I said
she cried.

"Oh no," Nick growled and he took the back of her
head in his big hands, pulling her upward to him, until she was
clutching his shoulders for balance. "I heard you tell Penny you
Alex and now you're coming after me," he uttered. "And
going to say it again."

Clare moaned as Nick's mouth clamped down hard over
her lips in a rough and passionate kiss. He bruised her lips over
and over again with demanding ardor. Devouring her mouth as no man
had ever done before ... Until she was whimpering passionately.
Then he broke his lips away from hers, and he rasped, "Did you
him, Clare?"

"Yes," she panted, unable to find any more breath or
words as Nick turned her and he began pushing her down onto the

"Then give me your tongue, it's my turn, baby," he
ordered in a rough voice.

"Nick," she gasped. Yet then he had her tongue
tangled with his and further words were impossible as he laid her
completely down on the lounge with his body covering her.

Nick dug his hands beneath Clare's dress and found
that she wore nothing underneath, but hot, naked skin. "Take the
dress off. I want you naked," he growled in a tight voice, trying
to hold his passion at bay as his long fingers gripped her bare

The dark color of Clare's eyes sparked with embers,
then turned deeper as she fumbled with the buttons on her dress. He
watched her intensely as he stroked her naked hips in his hands.
"Pull it open," he commanded, when she came to the last button.

Nick sucked in a tight breath. He'd thought that she
would be wearing a bra. He was blind-sided, jolted by the sight of
Clare's naked breasts with the tips rucked tightly into fat rosy
beads. "Where is your bra?" he snapped, digging his fingers into
her fleshy hips.

"It was, Alex!" Clare exclaimed, obviously startled
at his roughness.

"Alex," Nick uttered, and he knew his irises
glittered with heated emotion. "I want you naked," he ordered
again, and then he flicked his tongue outward to lick the swollen
bulb of Clare's aroused nipple. She whimpered abruptly in reaction
as the tautened berry of her nipple heated against his tongue.

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