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Billionaire Menage (4 page)

" Nick rose quickly, pulling Clare
upright with him. In seconds he had her dress pulled down off her
shoulders, off her arms, hands, and pushed to the curve of her
flared hips. "Stand," he commanded, not waiting to see if she would
obey as he lifted her bare waist in his hands to stand her on her
feet before him. "Now take it off for me, baby," he ordered in a
tenor murmur, lifting his hands from her waist. "Slowly," he

Clare was their woman now.
Nick could see it
in every inch of her demeanor. Alex had loved her intimately ...
and thoroughly. He would stake his life on it and she was outwardly
sensual now. She was still angry with him. It sparked her eyes,
gone ebony with her increasing arousal. God, and he would know when
her body was aroused.

He and Alex had touched, kissed, and licked every
inch of her to know. But now she was a minx. His minx, and unafraid
to be naked before him. She gave him a purely seductive look,
pouting her lips, red and swollen from his kisses. She paused with
her hands on the edges of the dress, not moving her hands either
way. She was posturing for him with her breasts held high and her
gaze gone sultry. Ah sweet heaven, he was in trouble ... And, about
to love every minute of it.

"You think I was too drugged to not know I wanted you
both," she purred, rolling her hips once, while sweeping her long
hair backward with one awe-inspiring fling of her head.

Nick gritted his teeth ... determined not to get down
on his knees and howl. Instead, he used every effort he possessed
to sit back and put his hands behind his head. It was hard. Very
hard all over! "I think you are ours, baby, and I am waiting for
you to strip for me," he said, as casually as he could manage, and
still his voice cracked.

Nick watched raptly as Clare mercilessly teased him,
slowly pulling up one side of the dress for a peek of her pale hip,
and then she hid it again, doing the same with the other side. All
the while she undulated her hips and the mounded buoyancy of her
breasts came along for the ride with healthy youthful jiggling. He
was sweating.

"No more will you think I'm taken advantage by you,"
Clare said seductively, and then she turned and looked back over
her shoulder at him with her fingers hooked on the back hem of her
dress, hanging at her waist. Nick couldn't speak so he only nodded
his agreement.

"Then you
me!" she exclaimed, tugging the
dress down over her lush ass. She purposely wiggled her buttocks
from side to side, keeping her eyes focused over her shoulder
directly on him.

An inarticulate sound erupted from his throat as he
leaped upward. Clare squealed, dropping her dress, and then she
pretended to run from him. He caught her at the door, swinging her
around as he lifted her up against the doors wood paneling.

"Put your legs around me, you little minx," he
commanded, swooping his mouth over her lips for a heated kiss. He
suckled and ground his lips over hers as he helped her legs gain
the anchor of his hips with his hands holding the outside of her

"Oh, Nick-Nick," she mewled, kissing him back
hungrily as she tightened her hold around his neck, bringing her
body closer.

Nick fumbled with the button on his pants. "Oh God,
Clare," he groaned, freeing his cock from the material. He took
hold of the hard column of his cock and brought the broad head up
to Clare's pussy, rubbing it between her scorching pussy lips.

," she moaned incoherently as he kissed
her, plunging his tongue deeply inside her mouth.

Nick could feel the wetness of Clare's arousal
drenching the head of his cock as he rubbed it up and down between
her flushed pussy lips. Then he broke their kiss and he leaned back
so he could see to position the now slick head of his cock at her
vagina. There he rubbed the head around in circles, making Clare
whimper senselessly as she clutched his shoulders. His cock was big
and she was small and he used all of his willpower to go slowly as
he started to enter her.

"Nick, it is
big," Clare panted, squirming
over him.

"Hush, baby. Just relax," he uttered hoarsely as he
pushed some more.

"Ohhh, no-no, you are
big," she gasped and
Nick could feel her inner muscles tightening, trying to expel the
inch of him that was inside her.

"It is all right, love," he cooed deeply, going back
to her mouth to kiss her. He was desperate to be inside her. But he
was big. That was until, in desperation, he changed their position
a little by moving his forearms underneath her thighs, opening her
up more and lifting her higher.

"Ohhhh, Nick!"

The repositioning alone plunged him halfway inside of
Clare. It was so tight around his cock that he was shaking. He
pushed, stretching her tightness around him as she panted and
rocked on the column of his rigid dick. She was tearing his hair as
he thrust upward, impaling her fully.

"Ohoh! You are so hard!" she cried with shocks of
convulsions rippling the inner walls of her vagina over his
embedded cock.

" Nick grunted.

Clare mounted onto him like a spring as he lifted her
up and down, banging her spine against the door. Her heels caught
his buttocks as she humped over him, a clear participant in their
energetic coupling. Each stroke was thrust into her tightness. A
renewed stuffing that burned with friction, making them groan and
pant as he banged her against the door insistently faster.

"Oh! Oh! Nick, more!" Clare squealed.

He lifted Clare higher with each rapid thrust as he
pushed her, thudding harder against the door.

"Ohohohh!" Clare cried.

Damnation, he could feel her ... Clare was going to
climax. Then he could feel his cock being squeezed rhythmically as
Clare's vagina went into spasms and he throbbed in response as the
intensity held him in its grip, until ... On one final stroke
..."Oh God, Clare. Oh, God! Oh, sweet baby, I love you.

"Nick!" Clare squealed passionately as her orgasm
rocked through her and grabbed his dick in rolls. His seed
ejaculated in an excruciating torrent of rapture. He was frozen in
time as he held her up against the door with his knees locked.

"Jesus," he grunted again, wondering what the hell
was holding him up. But Clare clung to him shaking, vulnerable, and
so precious that he knew he would drag himself through hell to
protect her.

When he thought he could manage it he lifted her up,
releasing their joining and he caught her under the thighs with his
forearm as he carried her back to the lounge. She was languid and
cuddly, barely aware of her surroundings. He laid her down, keeping
her within the circle of his arms as he lay down with her and he
pulled his jacket partially over her nakedness to help keep her

"Oh, Nick," she sighed, nuzzling his neck with little


Chapter Eight


Clasping Nick's hand, Clare glided through the
doorway into their new shared bedroom in Nick's mansion. Alex was
seated in front of the fire and when she entered he rose with a
fluted glass of champagne in his hand. After taking a sip, he
offered her the glass and she smiled as she accepted it, and then
she turned it until she could take a sip from the side where his
lips had touched it.

The brothers wore identical blue silk robes that
reached to their calves. Her own lingerie was blue and so sheer
that one could see her skin beneath. Clare's breath caught in her
throat and a shiver of anticipation ran up her spine at the sight
of her two men.

Nick stood at her back, his hands at her waist and
Alex leaned close and brushed a warm kiss onto her lips, saying,
"At last you're ours."

"And you both are mine," she whispered against his
lips. A strong hand took the champagne glass from her hand, while
another hand, Nick's, played with the thin strap of her lingerie at
her shoulder.

"A woman who knows what she wants," Nick murmured
against her ear. "I like that."

Alex cupped her face and brought her mouth to his for
a deeper kiss as she pressed against him. Nick rubbed his big hands
over her bottom, squeezing, shaping — rolling her pelvis onto
Alex's obvious erection.

"Mmm," she moaned into Alex's hot kisses. Then he
left her mouth and Nick grabbed her chin from behind, angling her
head back, until their lips touched. It thrust her breasts forward
in Alex's waiting hands. He played over her breasts moving the silk
of her lingerie across the taut tips of her nipples. It made her
squirm in pleasure.

"Can you take us at once," Nick asked against her
kissed lips.

She gasped, breathless, she'd never thought of such a
thing. It instantly excited her, but scared her.

"Orgasms first," Alex declared, his mouth was at her
nipple, biting gently making her moan.

Nick smiled against her mouth. "Definitely orgasms
first. Then we'll see," he said, and his tongue swept past her

But she'd never stop thinking about it, and that was
what they wanted. But one against two could play at this game, the
devils. And she turned too reached down, grasping each of their
hard cocks into her hands. One grunted, one groan. She got Alex
inside his robe squeezing the hot length of him. Nick she got part
robe, part thick shaft. She tightened her hand stroking from the
bottom to the top.



"Hot come. I agree ... orgasms first," she purred,

She squatted and her mouth was around the head of
Alex's cock before he could register where she was going. One of
their hands clutched the top of her head.

"Jesus," Alex groaned.

Clare sucked deep, while fisting, Nick's wide

"Fuck, baby." That was Nick.

She turned her head quickly to Nick's cock, sucking
him in her mouth.

"God." A groan.

She worked between them both back and forth, while
their robes sailed off, tossed aside. They had to have quite a show
looking down on her. Their cocks tasted so good she didn't want to
stop, even when she felt them growing bigger and harder in her
mouth as if they were about to come. The next second she was lifted
up between them and carried to bed.

They fell into it with her spine on top of Alex's
chest. Nick came down over her and she was sandwiched between. Oh
God. Muscles hot, warm, all around her. Strong hands caressing.
Nick's mouth tonguing her deep as she moaned and moaned.

Nick left her mouth and dropped between her legs,
while Alex groped her breasts. The fragile silk of her lingerie was
torn up the front, thrilling her right before Nick's mouth closed
over her pussy. She arched upward, feeling Alex's hot cock in the
crevice of her ass.

"Fucking taste so good," Nick growled over her pussy,
then he began sucking her clit.

She came seconds later with her head thrashing
against Alex's shoulder. Then Nick flipped her over on top of

"Climb on it, sweetheart," Alex urged with his hand
tangled into her hair. His cockhead was there and she sank onto

"Oh God, Alex," she cried, clutching his solid

His hands grabbed her hips, pulling her thighs up his
thighs, splitting her ass cheeks wide. She felt creaminess touch
her backside, but before she could register, Alex tugged her mouth
down to his and French kissed her hot, fast, and deep. She moaned
over him clenching over his cock inside her.

Then, she felt a prod to her anus. She squealed a
little, but something entered working around. Pleasure unlike any
she'd felt before threw multiple spasms through her sex, and she
humped up and down Alex's cock.

She heard Nick utter, "She's ready."

Alex's tongue left her mouth and his hands clamped on
her ass cheeks pulling them wide, she bowed forward and his mouth
sucked in a nipple making her attention turn with a moan of

But then something bigger prodded her back hole.
Nick's hand steadied on her shoulder. "Relax, baby," he

Then she felt him pushing. Oh God. She moaned as he
rocked her and it pushed her clit onto Alex, while Alex's cock
moved inside her. Pleasure fierce and strong rushed through her
centered on a big cock entering her asshole. Deeper. Moan. Deeper.

"That's it baby. That's it, baby. God, so fucking

Then she was pierced with a cock in her vagina and a
cock in her ass as she mewled sounds she'd never heard come from
her before. Nick's big hands circled her waist and he began moving
slowly. The big thrusts in her ass moved her up and down Alex's
cock and she squealed in pleasure. Faster and faster she squealed,
as they groaned.

Nick watched his cock disappear in Clare's hot ass
and he gritted his teeth holding back from ejaculating on the spot.
More lust worthy was the sounds Clare made and the erotic movements
of her body humping between them. He felt Alex lift his hips each
time he thrust into Clare's tight ass and they both grunted in
ecstasy. This was more than they could have imagined and Alex's
hand clamped the back of Clare's head dragging her down to kiss.
Nick arched his back and thrust faster the easier Clare took him up
the ass with her sleek, curving body undulating through each double
fucking she got.

She was squealing passionately in Alex's mouth and
they both heard and felt her climax. Alex tore his mouth from

"Take it," he growled at Nick.

Nick fucked Clare's ass, until he came hard, then
Alex took the rhythm, lifting Clare up and down jerking, until he
came and Clare came again. They panted for long moments, she was
between them, they were braced not to crush her as they stayed
softly inside her, and then she began to giggle.

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