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Authors: Cheryl Dragon

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Hot Holiday Houseguests (3 page)

Lifting her hips, she relaxed as Paul thrust home. She clutched at Mark’s side. It was so good, the feel of a different cock, unique in curve and size, deep in her. Rocking with Paul, she let the friction of the other two and their cocks pressing to her curves add to her desire.

Paul kept the pace slow, as though she’d change her mind. When Kelly rocked faster, demanding more, Paul’s pace not only increased but he thrust fully into her, teasing her g-spot and sending her closer to release with each stroke.

Reaching down, she grabbed Mark’s cock. “I want to suck you now.”

“No, you want to get off now, trust me.” Mark kissed her temple and pressed a hand to her lower stomach.

The feel of him pushing down as Paul’s’ cock filled her again sent the right signal. The ripple built, and Kelly bowed as her pussy squeezed in orgasm.

“Yes!” Paul thrust once more and froze as he pulsed inside her.

Kelly recovered soon enough to see his smile and watch him tongue her clit after he eased back. Jack was less hesitating this time and took his brother’s spot. He even took up where Paul left off, licking her clit.

“Don’t. I’ll come again. I need to be fucked.” She wanted to experience all of them first. Oral play could come later. She wanted them deep inside her. After weeks of being second on Mark’s list, she needed to be fucked.

Paul returned without the rubber, stretched out where Jack had been and began sucking her breast with enthusiasm. It was like a dream, all that male energy directed at her. She looked to Mark and kissed his mouth.

“Done?” he teased.

“Oh, don’t you dare joke now.” She looked Jack in the eye. His thick cock covered in latex taunted her, rubbing along her pussy lips. The large pulsing vein was still visible, and she wanted it all inside her. “Don’t make me wait.”

The corners of Jack’s mouth lifted. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. “We want to make you happy and be sure you’re ready.” He worked the pad of his digit down her pussy, teasing the folds until he pushed inside.

Kelly tightened around him, demanding more. Jack let her play then pulled free, sucking her juices.

How could he not be in a hurry?

“You’re a tease. Fuck me!” She let her head fall back on the pillow.

“Maybe she just wants you, Mark?” Jack started to back away.

“Stop playing games, you three. Jack now!” Her nails dug into Mark’s thigh.

“She needs two. Or a gag.” Mark grabbed her shoulders and helped her to turn over on her hands and knees.

Kelly sucked Mark’s balls into her mouth and teased them. Mark smiled down at her and gave her a little wink.

Finally Jack knelt in close. The heat was so good Kelly lifted her ass up. He pressed his erection to her pussy. The new angle and new cock made her groan as he filled her until his sac ground to her.

She eased forward to go after Mark’s shaft.

“Three teases.”

She toyed with the tip until she wanted it more than she wanted to drive him crazy. Sucking Mark down, she moaned as Jack began to fuck her seriously. Mark grabbed her hair so she kept going on both ends.

Jack rocked her slow to start, and her pussy held him. The thickness made her tremble. Kelly clung to Mark as her pussy clung to Jack.

“Good?” Mark asked.

“So good.” She licked the head of his shaft.

Kelly found her pace between the two sexy men as her release built more slowly this time.

Losing herself in the heat, she sucked and fucked faster. Finally, Jack stroked harder into her, and she shuddered, rubbing her breasts down to the rough carpet as she licked Mark behind his sac and up to the tip then tongued him so fast he came in a loud grunt.

She sucked his cum and rolled it around her mouth. Letting her weight rest on Mark, she looked over her shoulder. It was no dream. Jack looked hot and on the verge of fucking her. Jack reached around and pressed his fingers to her clit. She shook and cried out in sudden, searing orgasm.

Jack fucked hard and ground in as his hoarse shouts muffled in her shoulder.

She panted, kissing Mark’s stomach.

“Like it?” Mark asked.

She nodded. “Amazing.”

“You are.” Paul kissed her neck. “We’ll let you two get some sleep.” He moved to gather his clothes.

“Thanks for the warm welcome.” Jack kissed her hip. “Just point us to the guestroom.”

“Up the stairs on your right. Linen closet has towels and supplies. See you for breakfast. Dress is optional.” Mark squeezed her nipple in a hint of the fun tomorrow.

Kelly had no words. Her insides still pulsed. Her pussy tightened at the idea of more.

The cousins went up the stairs with their bags and their clothes as if nothing unusual had happened. It felt so good and normal, but she needed to cling to the familiar in that moment. She kissed her way up Mark’s chest.

“I think it’s time for us to go to bed.” He scooped her up and carried her as if it was their wedding night. All she could do was hold on and let reality sink in. She’d loved it and wanted more with Mark and his cousins.

* * * *

“I can walk. I’m just in afterglow.” She wiggled.

“It’s my turn now.” He set her on her feet and locked the bedroom door behind them.

Kelly wrapped her arms around his neck. “You could’ve fucked me down there and let them watch. I’d love it.”

He knew she would’ve. Mark saw it all over her. Kelly was wild for being shared. After a few months of dating her, he’d itched to do this. But getting her past her family influence had to come first. After that, the timing and location had never lined up.

“You’re insatiable. There’s always tomorrow. You’ll get more. Now you only need to worry about me.”

“Worry?” Her eyes sparkled. “I never worry. Was I bad?”

Her words told him she suspected what he had in mind. He’d been thinking about it all week actually. With work stress piling up and the wedding coming around New Years, they needed a release. She’d planned a seduction, but he wanted a little rougher play.

He took her hands from his neck and put them on the high post of their vintage bed. “Wait here.”

Kelly loved it when he got rough. Frequently, she begged for it or did something to annoy him to earn a little punishment. He tried not to overdo the discipline, with sex he could let go as wildly as she did, but with a paddle he had to keep
. He enjoyed
. She loved teasing so it worked for them.

Grabbing the handcuffs from the nightstand, he also picked up a bottle of lube and his favorite leather paddle. Their toy collection was admirable, but with two other men around, he didn’t need to bring out the dildos.

Cuffing her hands to the post, he pushed her close so her breasts flattened against to the wood. “You were very rude.”

“How? I did everything you asked. When they first broke in, how was I supposed to know that you wanted to share?” Her voice shook slightly.

He dripped lube into the crack of her ass, not much but just enough so she felt it. “Not that. You enjoyed yourself. I knew you would.”

Mark waited to build the anxiety for her.

“You didn’t want me to?” Her pretty face scrunched in confusion. “You said you wanted it. I want you more. I love you. I know you enjoyed it.”

This wild lover and willing sub was such a contrast to the smart graphic designer his woman was in public. Their connection was stronger than most couples. He had no doubts about sharing her. He just needed to make sure she wanted it. Was it a novelty or part of their future? He’d find out his way.

“I know you’d do anything I asked you to. You did great. A bit demanding with three men eager for you, but it was your first time.” He rubbed her firm ass cheeks.

“Thank you,” she said.

Her face was pink. Kelly waited with a look of uncertainty.

“That was your mistake.”

“Being good at sex with three men?” she asked.

Mark laughed and smacked her ass with his bare hand. She was very literal when she got tied up. “No, your natural skills are beyond your control. You didn’t thank them. They could go out and get girls of their own, but they tripled team you. Yet not one
thank you
for any of us.”

“Thank you,” she said softly. “You said all three of you wanted it.”

Mark slapped her bottom again and watched her face flinch and relax with pleasure. She didn’t like serious pain, but she wanted to feel it the next day. It was pleasure for both of them in the end. Finding a kernel of drama to discipline her over was easy. They simply had to play it up for the full impact.

“What we want doesn’t excuse bad manners to our guests. They’ve wanted you since they first saw you. I could’ve shared you at any time, but I liked making them wait and you having no idea. It made them crazy. I’m sure they’ve jerked off thinking about you many nights.”

“I’ll thank them tomorrow. I promise.” She looked over her shoulder in anticipation.

Mark stood firm and swung the paddle centrally on her ass. She moaned and clung to the post.

He connected again, wanting this spot to be bright red across both cheeks. “You liked fucking all of us?”

“Yes.” She arched.

As much as it turned him on to watch her with his cousins, it sparked possessiveness in him. He smacked her ass again. “You’ll think of me tomorrow while you’re sitting on your red ass, wanting to get off but knowing the guys won’t touch you without me here. No matter how much you beg them.”

“No, I’d never do that. Nothing without you.” Her voice rasped as she breathed hard.

“You’ll be horny. Hard bodies alone in the house with you. I’ve got a consulting meeting. You’ve got time to help them with their job searches and resumes, right?” Mark delivered two more hard cracks on her rear.

She yelped but nodded. “Of course, I’ll help them.”

“And you’ll be soaking wet with need when I get back.” He surveyed his work and blew on her bottom to test it.

She trembled. “Wet and ready for whatever you want. The three of you all night long. I want it.”

“You want more with the three of us?” He pinched her ass.

She pressed back for more. “Yes!”

He grinned. “Of course, you do.” Her ass was the perfect dark pink verging on red. Kelly called it the sunburn sting. No doubt she’d feel it tomorrow with every move. The woman had a good pain tolerance and need to feel it.

Mark waited until her breathing slowed and her body stilled before he delivered two more medium strokes to each cheek. Now she’d be wet and ready.

“Mark!” she muffled her scream into her arm.

“I don’t care if they hear you. They know you like it rough. They’ll never be allowed to watch this or do this to you. This is ours.” He moved in behind her, feeling the heat off her ass. Then testing her reaction when he touched her.

“Ours.” She smiled.

“But scream all you want. Leave them horny for tomorrow.” Mark slid his cock in between her ass cheeks into what was left of the lube.

She gasped. “Fuck me, please.”

He walked away to put the paddle in its place and retrieved the lube. “You want more tomorrow? You weren’t faking it before?”

Kelly shook her head and pulled at the cuffs. “No faking. I never fake. I want more. Cancel the meeting, and we can spend all day naked.”

“Sorry, I’ve got the meeting, and I need that job. Weddings cost money. But the big project is done at work. You’ll get more of me. I’ll be home more. You don’t want to be spoiled, do you?”

The conflict reflected in her expression. She wanted it but knew the right answer was to say no.

He pinched her ass when she delayed responding to his question. “Answer me.”

“I want to please you. Sex spoiled or not.” She licked her lips and stretched her body as much as she could while bound. The woman knew how to tempt him. She wagged her ass side-to-side.

“Good.” He kissed her quick and walked away before he caved to his own need. Cock throbbing, he took in the view. Pale creamy skin and curly hair, her flushed cheeks were nothing compared to the red spots on her ass.

“Please.” She rested her head on the post.

Mark moved close behind her and poured lube between her red cheeks. He could extend her pain and pleasure by taking her like this. But she’d had two other men in her tonight. Mark wanted her to see who was getting off this time.

Grabbing the keys, he released one hand but left the other cuffed.

“No, please. Mark I need you. I’ll do anything you want.” Her lips quivered.

He turned her to face him and kissed her slowly. “Be good. I’ll get it my way, and you’ll love it.” Mark pressed her back to the post and watched the contact registered in her face. Locking her back up, he saw her press back with her ass and arch her back. She was close to release from that alone.

He pulled one of her long, lovely legs up and around his waist, and she curled it eagerly. Mark pulled her ass out and held her so she had no choice but to wrap the other leg around him and hold on.

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