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Authors: Cheryl Dragon

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Hot Holiday Houseguests (4 page)

He kissed her mouth and pressed his fingers to her ass.

“Please!” She bucked and strained for him.

Right on the edge, maybe a little more than last time. It was so beautiful to see her fighting her desire and the new levels of need. “Keep your eyes open and on me.”

She nodded and locked her eyes on him.

Thrusting into her, he felt her pussy cling to him. As he filled her, those pretty eyelids closed. Mark thumped her ass a few times to get her attention.

Kelly moaned and opened her eyes. “Faster,” she pleaded.

“Bossy for a handcuffed sex slave.” His cock pulsed in agreement with her, but he had to keep her on edge.

“I want to please you. You’re so ready. Fuck me. Mark! Harder.” She screamed as he went all out and sent her into orgasm.

He watched her strain on the cuffs. The second her eyes closed, he pinched her ass and she lifted. Her pussy convulsed around him. Once her eyes opened, he fucked her again for his own need. She bowed and smiled, meeting him as he went harder. Her low moan told Mark she’d gotten off twice at least.

In seconds, he was gone in his own flames of release. She pulled him in with her. The pounding release made him firm his stance and bend to her. As the world calmed, he released his grip on her bottom.

Grabbing her knees, he pulled her legs from around him and slipped back from her. He sucked her breasts, and she hummed contentedly. Then he kissed her mouth, snaking his tongue deep into her. She kissed him back, bold as ever despite still being cuffed to the bed. Kelly would never really be submissive, but they liked to play it out.

Unlocking her, he bit her nipples playfully. “Next time, I restrain you, it’ll be all four limbs.” Mark rubbed her shoulders as she slowly took her arms down. Kelly’s legs wobbled a bit from holding the postures, and she tipped forward.

“Thank you.” She kissed him softly.

Rubbing her neck, he led her to the bed and flipped on his back almost as tired as she was. She slid on top of him with a leg on either side of his thighs, her red ass lifted up. They kissed slowly, deeper and deeper.

“Sure you’ll have enough energy for breakfast with our guests?” Mark asked.

Kelly stretched like a satisfied cat basking in the sun. “Absolutely. That was perfect.”

“Well, enjoy the extra attention. You never know with those two. They could stay through the holidays or a month. But if they get out of hand, I can ask them to go stay with their parents or mine.” He wanted to keep her eager and on her toes. They might choose this lifestyle, but Mark didn’t want to push it on her too fast. It was too soon to tell.

“I’m sure they’ll be no trouble. And if they move on, you’ll find ways to keep me busy and challenged.” She pressed her breasts to his chest.

Mark grabbed the pot of cream on the nightstand and applied a layer to her ass. She shivered and held on tight. No one would ever accuse him of not taking care of her needs and wants. He loved her too much.

Once she relaxed, he gently massaged her red cheeks. Kelly moaned and let her pussy ease to him, rubbing her mound to his hip. Mark worked his fingers to the outer edge of the red spots and listened to her groan.

She rotated her hips, grinding to him.

“You’re not coming on me, are you?” he asked.

“No,” she said through clenched teeth.

He grabbed both her cheeks, filling his hands with firm, hot flesh, and her control disappeared. Kelly screamed and rocked on him as her juices made his leg slick.

“You’ll pay for that,” he whispered in her ear.

Her smile couldn’t be hidden. “Promise?”





Chapter Three



A subtle stinging on her rear woke Kelly from naughty dreams about the three men under her roof. Mark’s fingers casually drummed on her backside.

“Sounds like Paul is up making breakfast already.” He kissed her tousled hair and brushed it from her eyes.

“Sounds good.” She stretched and turned to him.

“I’ve got that meeting for real on the consulting job.” His fingers moved down her back to tease her bottom again.

Kelly shivered. “Not today. I thought we had the weekend. And with Paul and Jack here. I like them, but this is still developing.” She’d really thought he’d been teasing her last night. She loved when he taunted her and got rough.

“You don’t like it?”

A knot formed in her stomach even as arousal built. “I do. My father was right. I’m a slut just like my sister.”

“No.” He slapped her ass. “You aren’t. We’ve been over this.”

She nodded. When they’d first dated and her need for kink and a little dominance had come out, he’d risen to the occasion but made sure she never felt bad about it. He’d freed her from the negative programming about sex. She hadn’t doubted it since. But this wasn’t just between them in their bedroom anymore. How many women had sex with three men without others thinking of them as loose?

“This is different. It’s not you tying me up or a little role playing. This is more than just us. Now, I get three men screwing me? It’s not fair to you. How is this okay?”

Mark connected with her ass again in a few harder slaps. She let the sting linger. It went deep in her muscles and warmed her. She deserved it for doubting him. But he’d answer her.

“I decide what’s right for me. What I want, I get. Your father, my father, no one tells me what’s right and wrong for us.” His commanding tone sent chills down her back. “I get to tie you up and paddle you. Some would call that abuse.”

Kelly lifted her hips for more, but he didn’t deliver. “I love it. You don’t abuse me,” she whispered.

“I know. I love it, too. It works for us, but some wouldn’t understand. This is the same exact thing. I love watching you come. I trust my cousins to treat you like I do and that they won’t try to take you from me. We enjoy the group thing. I trust you or I’d never let this happen.”

The knot of anxiety melted, and all she felt was love and need for him.

“How long will they stay?” She didn’t want to sound too eager, but to dangle this sort of fantasy and take it away would be cruel. Maybe, it was a new punishment play?

He pinched her ass, and Kelly winced, shaking her bottom for more.

“You want them?”

“I want all three of you,” she admitted.

“I’m sure they’ll stay through Christmas. Maybe New Years. They’ll stay around and bunk with family at least until they get on their feet. Not the most focused of guys. They’re very into trying something new, and if it doesn’t work, they move on to the next thing.”

“Like this ménage thing?” Was she getting into something temporary? Maybe that was best? What would she tell people? The neighbors. She’d have to be content with this short holiday fantasy of houseguests. They could visit, and she’d always have Mark.

Mark chuckled. “They love the ménage stuff so that won’t stop. The full time boyfriend job has proven too much work for them individually. They’ll never be tired of the sex part. Remember, when I’m gone, no one gets to play.”

“I understand. I’d never do that. It wouldn’t work.” The idea of cheating on Mark didn’t arouse her. She wanted him to watch and encourage her.

“Good answer.” He gave her bottom a few soft slaps. He’d made those comments before, but Mark was just the type to reinforce his rules. Kelly knew an ex of Mark’s had cheated on him, and Mark had ended it without a discussion. She loved that about him. He was decisive and loyal. Having a little control fit his needs just fine. She followed his rules and got what she wanted in bed.

When her hand slid to his cock, he smacked her ass again. “We can play in the shower, but today, when you’re sitting at your computer, you’ll remember whose ring you’re wearing and who worked over your ass last night.” He kissed her ear.

Her face felt warm. Paul and Jack would see her bottom. Part of her really wanted them to see it. Just the arousal of them touching it would drive to her to release.

“Get in the shower. Paul’s a good cook. We need to wear them out so they aren’t harassing you all day.”

She rolled out of bed. “They wouldn’t.”

“No, not really. But they’ll tell stories of college and what they want to do to you later to get your primed and drive you crazy. You think you’re getting the best part of the deal, but don’t underestimate the turn on of arousing a woman and getting her off. Then watching and helping her get off again and again. I won’t let them overdo it.”

They headed to the shower. “If they’re only staying a short time, we should enjoy it now.”

Twenty minutes later, she walked downstairs in nothing but a short white robe. It seemed pointless to dress.

“Morning.” Paul moved to the table and filled their plates.

“Hi. We’ve got to do some job searching today. Can we borrow your internet connection? I’ve got an old laptop.” Jack nodded toward the dining room where Kelly’s laptop and printer were hooked up.

“Sure, I’ll help. No pressing projects for me today.” Kelly sat carefully and ate. It was good not to have to cook. After all her activity, she was starving.

“I’ve got to go to a meeting this morning so you’ll have time to research without distractions.” Mark sat and ate. He’d put on only boxers for now.

The food went fast, and everyone helped clean up. When Kelly bent over to fill the dishwasher, she felt the cool air on her bare bottom and had to suppress a moan.

“Nice work, cousin.” Jack blew air on her cheeks.

“Be gentle.” She bent down further.

“I’ll be real sweet, but your fiancé looks like he needs it first.” Jack nudged Mark.

Mark’s erection tented his boxers, and Kelly smiled. “Like it?”

“Take off the robe and pick the position you want to be screwed in.” He kissed her mouth, reminding everyone who she belonged to in the end.

Kelly dropped the robe and freed his cock, letting her diamond sparkle up at her as she helped take the edge off his need. With her ass still raw, she chose to lie face down on the square glass table.

She eased down on the freshly cleaned surface and let the coolness seep into her because things were about to get very hot. Mark came around and kissed her while Paul knelt behind her. She felt his eager tongue prying her pussy lips open.

“Bet she dreamt about us.” Jack traced paths around her ass cheeks, straying into the pink to make her arch and groan.

“Nice and gentle, Jack. It’s fresh.” Mark nodded to Paul, and they changed places.

Mark pressed into her cunt and reached around to tickle her clit. Moaning, Kelly sucked Paul’s cock.

Jack’s tongue teased her, ass and Kelly flinched. The delicious sting made her lift for more.

“She’s a keeper, Mark. Better marry her fast.” Jack gave her other cheek the same treatment. Her hips hitched up and rocked back to meet Mark’s thrusts.

Her fiancé wasn’t playing today. Mark fucked her fast and hard. Kelly eased up to tease the tip of Paul’s cock, and he stepped back.

Gripping the table as Mark fucked her, she felt Jack’s fingers again then Mark twisted her clit as he filled her. The climax slammed her, and she held on as her body rocketed through levels of intense pleasure.

Mark came in her as she recovered, and his hot cum filled her.

Paul took Mark’s spot, and she moaned in appreciation. In the shower, Mark had only given her a little hand play, not much because he knew they’d be doing this.

She wanted more. Kelly always wanted more. Maybe she was a slut for hot men? It didn’t sound as bad when one fucked her while his brother stepped up to let her suck him.

Two hands rubbed cool lotion into her ass, and Kelly nearly jumped off the table. Mark knew what she needed, but the sharp contrast pushed her arousal fast.

“You need lotion. Feel okay?” Mark kissed the small of her back.

“Yeah, I just wasn’t expecting it. Don’t stop, Paul. I need it more now.” She rocked back and lapped at Jack’s balls.

Kelly worked for her release this time as the men held her tight. When Mark added a second coat of lotion, her pussy convulsed around Paul. She dropped Jack’s sac to let the orgasm take over. She screamed nonsense as she lifted for more.

“Had enough?” Jack teased.

She smiled up at him. “When I’ve had enough, I’ll say so.” Kelly kissed his cock, so thick she wanted to try it in her ass.

“So that’s a yes?” He traced a finger over her lips.

“Fuck me,” she taunted him by rolling her ass side-to-side.

Kelly waited as he put on protection. He went around and held her hips tight. Teasingly, he rubbed her pussy, tapping her clit until she bucked back.

Finally, he filled her pussy in one fast stroke. She groaned and saw Mark’s approving smile. He was hard again. Curling her fingers around him, she licked his sac. As Jack fucked her slowly, she tormented the tip of Mark’s cock. He rolled her nipples, pinching them until she moaned.

Kelly got tired of waiting and rocked back for Jack’s member. She needed to get off just once more. Not to be greedy, but they were teasing her. The next time Jack pinched her clit, she went over, snapping her hips as her pussy went into spasm.

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