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Authors: Cheryl Dragon

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Hot Holiday Houseguests (7 page)

“Clearly, she earned a reward.” Paul started to strip.

Jack followed his brother’s lead.

For a moment, she relaxed and watched the two hot brothers undress for her. So hard and muscled. Ready to please.

Some might look at their little arrangement and think she was forced or at their mercy. It made her finally realize that what others thought didn’t matter. Not her father, not anyone. She had to be happy, and she was insanely happy in this unconventional family.

Kelly was finally free to enjoy life. She could enjoy them as they fucked her. She could struggle, and it only made it better. Some people would never understand the pleasure of being restrained and giving in to a lover. She was theirs to play with, which was exactly what she’d wanted since they’d started.

She struggled on her ropes. “I’ll be good; you can let me go. Untie me. I’ll do whatever you want.” Resisting added to her aroused state.

“Not a chance. You’re ours until we let you go.” Mark brushed her hair out of her face.

“Are you primed or just preheating?” Jack kissed her pussy.

Paul came near her head. “This looks painful.”

He kissed the side of her breast.

Kelly lifted, pulling on the ropes. Pain with an undercurrent of pleasure zipped over her. Jack ate her cunt as Paul inspected Mark’s work on her breasts. The soft touch of his tongue continued while Jack flicked her clit relentlessly until Kelly howled in orgasm. Her juices ran down her ass as she trembled.

“She hasn’t even had a cock yet.” Mark smiled. “Better be gentle with her breasts, Paul. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked that area.”

“No.” She wasn’t even certain if she’d said it aloud or not. Jack thrust faster and came in a long moan.

Paul shifted from tormenting her right breast and headed for the left. All the while Kelly strained for something more, itching for more. Pain was better than frustration. She wanted to feel something, not be kept in neutral all her life. Why this worked for her, she didn’t know. She just wanted more.

“You like it?” Mark asked.

She nodded.

Paul got sidetracked and took Jack’s spot, kissing her pussy. “More?”

“Yes! Fuck me.” She needed more.

Mark came to the head of the bed and tongued over her left breast, and she groaned.

“What do you say?” Jack teased her.

She glared at him. “More.”

She arched as Paul filled her and tongued her right breast. But Jack moved closer. Kneeling over her on the bed, he pressed his cock to her lips.

Sucking him in her mouth, she couldn’t hold on, and it drove her crazy. He held her head and fucked her mouth in short, rapid strokes. As she got comfortable with oral sex with this way, Paul fucked her pussy, and she lifted for more.

Mark held back again. Were they late? She’d warned him about the cookies. Kelly didn’t care in that moment. She had men eager to please her. Jack muttered nonsense as he filled her mouth with his cum. Kelly eased back and saw Mark move.

The blast of cool cream over her reddened breasts made her arch, and her pussy tightened on Paul’s cock. The chain reaction shot through her, and he fucked harder, sending her over. He followed fast.

The mass of orgasm left only one of her men unsatisfied.

“Mark,” she called.

Jack and Paul sat back, spent.

“You’re right, my dear. It’s time for a position change.” He untied her feet and hands. Tying her wrists to the center of the headboard, he kept the fun going. “Stay there on your knees.”

A shiver of anticipation went up her back. All she could see was the wall and her bed. Mark wasn’t rushing this time. He made her wait.

“I still need to bake cookies for dinner.” She couldn’t make a bad impression on the family before she was officially in it.

Jack chuckled. “The way you look, you don’t need to cook.”

“Tell that to Mark’s mother. I can’t screw this up.” She wanted to please them this way and still impress the family.

“I’ll help with that when we’re done,” Paul offered.

“See. Team effort.” Mark kissed her. “You’re not getting rid of them. You can keep them as long as you like.”

“Hell yeah. We’re not leaving. We love it here.” Jack kissed her pink ass.

Kelly sighed. “I was worried, when the holidays were over, maybe it would end.”

Paul kissed her shoulder. “Don’t worry. I can’t imagine a better offer. Mark never would’ve invited us to stay for the holidays if he hadn’t expected us to stay and share. He knows us all better than that.”

“I’m sorry I doubted it, but this isn’t exactly the Brady Bunch.”

“Nope and you don’t want that.” Mark grabbed her hips and lifted her, still kneeling, as Jack slid under her. “Straddle him and see if that feels wrong.”

It was so right she rocked her hips. Kelly turned and saw Mark behind her. The cool lube hit her ass and left no doubt what he was after. Mark pressed to her asshole. Kelly tried to relax, and Jack played with her clit. Finally, Mark pushed deep into her, and she pressed back to get more. With clear intentions, Mark held her hips.

“Yes,” she moaned softly. The two cocks made her tremble as she got used to the sensation. She squeezed and shook at the feel of them in her, truly sharing her now.

Paul moved in to her left and offered his cock. She sucked the tip, wanting all of them with her now.

Mark and Jack fucked her as she burned for release. Her hips urged them on, and finally, they picked up the pace.

“You have three cocks in you,” Mark whispered in her ear. “You can have them any time, any way and as much as you want. Is that enough?”

“Perfect,” she replied against Paul’s sac.

Mark smacked her ass, and her hips moved between the two men. She sucked Paul to release then it was Jack’s turn to give up the battle. He shouted and lifted into her.

But Jack didn’t move as Mark fucked her ass over and over. Her pussy was filled tight, and she felt every pulse in both cocks. She wanted more. Mark’s hips snapped to her and set her off. She fell forward on Jack, sending sparks throughout her body. Mark kept going and finally came.

“While you three unravel, I’m going to start on the cookies.” Paul kissed her forehead. “Welcome to the family.”

Jack chuckled up at her. “Nice holiday treat for us. We’ll give you some fireworks on the Fourth of July.”

“Every day.” Mark untied her and helped her roll off Jack. “She’s ours every day.”

She kissed him. “Thank you. But we do have to deal with the real world now.”

“It’s not for anyone but us. We’ll make it work.” Jack winked and headed for the door. “I better shower before the party.”

Mark checked her engagement ring. “Mine.”

She nodded. “Sharing works for us. Now, we have to deal with your family.”

“I know. Cookies.” He nodded.

Kelly climbed off the bed. Three men would give her such fun. They were part of her life now. It wouldn’t feel like home without them.

“Kelly, where’s the butter?” Paul called from the kitchen.

Smiling, she knew it meant triple the men. But the sex would make up for any extra nagging she’d have to do to keep them in line. Her pussy and ass still buzzed with appreciation. It was all natural, and that’s how she felt.

* * * *

Mark knew the evening would be a blast when his mom hugged Kelly so tight her eyes glistened.

“Thank you so much for taking in my nephews. They’re good boys. If they’re any trouble, you just give me a call and I’ll be right over.” Mark’s mom could talk a mile a minute.

Kelly eased back from the hug. “No, no trouble at all. They’re great and helpful.”

“Well, the cookies look wonderful.” His mom took the tray and set them on the dessert table.

All four mingled and chatted with family. Kelly got plenty of hugs as the bride-to-be. Her face was flushed so much Mark’s dad stopped and asked, “Did you have some of Uncle Ernie’s punch? It’s lethal.”

“I’m fine, just a little warm,” she said.

“Take off the sweater,” he suggested.

“No, I’m good. Really, thanks.” She glared at Mark.

He could only grin. The sweater hid her hard nipples. The lace bra Mark had wanted her in kept her breasts turned on. She’d given him hell about it but had worn it. Mark had known she’d enjoy the reminder.

“You’re mean.” Paul punched his cousin in the arm.

“She loves it. Tonight, some of us won’t get any sleep,” he said softly.

“Sounds good. We can unwrap her under the tree like a present. You’re a lucky man. We all are.”

“And she wants us to stay indefinitely.” Paul smiled and looked out at the snow.

Mark nodded. “She was worried you’d leave after the holidays or when we got married and I wouldn’t let it continue.”

“You’ll have to kick us out.” Paul nodded to Jack. “We’ve been talking about making the basement into an apartment. It has a separate entrance. Plumbing. Come up for meals and fun. Let the newlyweds have your privacy. Could be permanent that way, and no one will talk. We’re just renting the basement apartment.”

Mark clapped him on the back. “That’s a great idea.”

Kelly came around to the back and found them.

“Dinner is ready.” She tugged Mark by the arm.

“You think I’m trouble, try three,” he whispered to her.

“I can handle it.”

They took their places at the huge table, and as Granny said a few words about the family that year, Kelly grinned at Mark. He sent up some silent thanks for the perfect family for him, even if it was a bit unorthodox.

“So when are my nephews getting married?” Mark’s mom asked as the food was passed around.

“Come on, we’ve got to get jobs and stuff first. The business went bust out west.” Jack gave Kelly and Mark a little smile. “Kelly’s doesn’t have any single sisters.”

“The right girl isn’t easy to find.” Paul backed up his brother.

“Everyone has their quirks. You need to be flexible.” Their aunt dug into her dinner. “Excellent stuffing, Aunt Irma.”

Mark stared at Kelly as the conversation drifted to the food.

* * * *

After dinner, Mark wandered out into the backyard. He’d played there as a kid. When he heard footsteps, he turned and was relieved to see Kelly.

“You’ll freeze out here. Come inside,” she said.

“Come here.” He led her out to the gazebo at the edge of his parents’ large yard. “No one from the house can see us here.”

“Mark, no. People are waiting to talk to us. Wedding questions.”

He pinned her hips to the rail of the gazebo, facing forward. He rubbed his cock against her ass. “This is about the wedding. Pictures will be taken here. You’ll be so gorgeous.” Mark kissed her neck.

“It’s beautiful. Don’t start now.” Her voice was husky and desperate.

“Why not? You need it. Paul and Jack are watching out for us. It’s part of your Christmas present.” He lifted her skirt and tugged her panties to one side.

Freeing his cock, he rubbed it to her bare ass, still pink from pleasure.

“Please,” she whispered.

Her response was vague. Please what? He took it as encouragement. “Good. Are you wet for me?”

She nodded.

“Say it.”

“Yes, I’m wet for you. All night.”

His hands slid up to cup her breasts. “You could’ve gone braless. I gave you choice.”

She jumped. “And let your mother think I’m a slut showing off my chest? Never.”

“You love the lace. Imagine what I’ll do before the wedding.” He ran a hand over her ass as he advanced his cock in her tight pussy.

“Not that day. You won’t mess it up for me.” She held the railing.

“Keep those legs together and stand up. I want you tight and giving no hint of what I’m doing to you.” Mark rubbed her clit, and she shook.

“Faster,” she demanded.

“We don’t want to be obvious.” He kept his pace steady but worked her clit with more pressure, rubbing in circles.

“You said no one can see.” She braced on the railing, and her knuckles had turned white.

“Don’t worry. Just come for me.” He tapped her clit and filled her.

“Oh God.” She bit her lip and rocked forward but pushed herself back straight.

Mark lifted into her in short strokes, letting her release send him over. He filled her and came, his face buried in her hair. She’d done so well keeping quiet he didn’t want to ruin it.

“Thank you,” he said.

“I love you and your fun, but we should get back.” She tugged her skirt down and adjusted her panties.

He zipped up and turned her to face him. “Don’t spend too much time chatting with my aunts and cousins. We need to unwrap some gifts at home tonight.”

“Gifts? I already got mine.” She kissed him.

“Me, too. The guys have some plans for the basement. You’re not getting rid of them, ever.” He walked slowly toward the house with his arm around her shoulders.

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