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Love Country (BWWM Romance) (13 page)

Through a few more chance encounters, and through both pre and post surgery prep Violet and Jeremy became very close. It definitely also helped that Tanya's procedure was a huge success and she was on her way to becoming a fully healthy young girl.


But as time passed they found they were so different, and just from two different worlds. Until one day Jeremy broke it off with Violet and didn't explain why.

Will Violet and Jeremy get back together, and be one big happy family with Tanya?

Doctor Of  My Dreams

Nadine Lewis never expected to meet a man like him.

As a single mother whose ex left her many years ago Nadine only had two priorities. Her five year old son Trevor, and making sure he had a good life. She never trusted a man after her ex left, and with working long hours at the salon and trying to take courses online so she could get her degree she didn't even have the time.

Her dream was always to open her own salon, but with money being so tight, she had been forced to work for someone else for many years.

But while working at the salon she received a frantic call from Trevor's babysitter who said Trevor was in the hospital. Panicked, Nadine dashed to the hospital to see what was wrong.

Little did she know that trip to the hospital would change her life forever...

Find out more in this touching romance story by bestselling romance author Tasha Jones.

Cowboy Love

Tamika Davis thought she left her old life behind.

When a last minute work assignment has Tamika back in the small Texas town that she grew up in her whole life ends up turning upside down.

While seven years had passed since she left and she had moved on to much bigger and better things in the city, she couldn't help but be recognized on her return by several town folk. For them it was almost like time stood still, while for her this town brought back nothing but bad memories.

While Tamika and her colleague Aaron were there to quickly settle the estate of a deceased client, things get much more complicated when Tamika realizes that Vanessa, the daughter of her deceased client, has been dating her first love for the last five years.

And there he was. Noah. The man who had taken her body, her heart, and shattered them into a million pieces. He was her first love and when she saw him with Vanessa she couldn't help but feel jealous even after all those years.

She knew him as a bad boy with a temper who was always fighting his own demons. Someone with no direction who could barely hold down a job. But something was different about him now. He owned a ranch and was a full time cowboy. But did this really change the past?

They were young and in love, and in one night of drunken passion they ended up getting pregnant. Tamika told Noah, and he wanted nothing to do with the baby. Young, pregnant and alone she decided to leave town for good. But a few weeks after she left, she lost the baby, even more heartbreaking is Noah thought she got rid of it.

With all their history and drama together will they be able to rekindle an old flame? Or should the past stay where it belongs?

Meet Me In Alaska

Malia was heartbroken and decided to run...

After finding the love of her life, our heroine Malia thought she would be set for life. But when she caught her love cheating on her, the world around her started crashing down.

Broken, and at a new low she decided she needed a change, planned to get away from everything she knew and made her way to the farthest part of the country possible. A small town in Alaska.

As a caring doctor, Malia was met with open arms in Alaska as the new physician in a small town of only a few thousand. She loved her new life as it was a big change to the city life and allowed her time to heal and get it together emotionally.

But when one day she is hit by a truck her life turns upside down all over again. She blacks out, but when she regains consciousness she realizes the person that hit her was a local rancher who's father she had been treating. He was rugged, handsome and one of the most sought after bachelors in town.

Something inside Malia told her that this encounter was fate, but had she healed enough to let another man back into her life?

Saving The Cowboy
A young, aspiring actress, Jasmine Turner had decided that moving to New York would be the best way for her to catch a big break and become a star. 
But after two years in the city, she found her savings completely depleted and she was working at a diner living paycheck to paycheck. On a night where she didn't even know how she was going to make rent, she got lucky as an extra shift came up at the diner, effectively keeping her off the street. 


But when she came home after her shift, her room was a mess and she realized her roommate had a party with a bunch of people over. Looking through her tip stash she realized someone had taken all the cash she had been saving to cover rent. 
With her back against the wall, she searched through the paper, looking for any acting gigs which could give her some quick cash. But a rather unusual ad catches her attention instead. The ad was looking for healthy females her age who would act as a surrogate to wealthy clients. With no other options she decides to contact the agency and see what they can offer her. 
After going through the proposals she finds one potential surrogacy match with a single male in Texas. Only this surrogate contract is a little different, in that the client is also looking for a "paper marriage" as well. She wonders why, but considering how much they were offering she agreed. 
A week later she finds herself on a flight to Texas headed towards a ranch to become the surrogate and wife to a wealthy Texas rodeo star. She arrives and the lady of the house fills her in on the current situation. It seems like the cowboy's father had passed away, and left him their family ranch on one condition, that he get married and have a child within the year. 
Jasmine finally meets Parker, her soon to be husband and client, and he lets her know this is strictly a business relationship. After the baby arrives and the ranch is transferred over to him they can dissolve the marriage and he would raise the child on his own. 
But what he wasn't expecting was that love had bigger plans for them. While at first they were very formal with each other, as the days went by their infatuation continued to grow. 
Their love grew stronger day by day, until a terrible accident threatened to keep them apart... 



Will the power of love overcome adversity and bring them back together?

African Attraction

Our Curvy heroine, Alyssa Taylor just got the opportunity of a lifetime. She had been given a new job working in South Africa, but to her, it is so far away from home in New York, and she is just missing home too much. She doesn't know a single person in this new land and can't help but feel vulnerable and alone.
Lost and wandering the street, a friendly handsome South African coworker helps her home one night, and although they couldn't be more different they form a connection.
Through sheer chance, they meet again, this time at a bar where Nathan, her new South African white knight rescues her from a drunken bar patron. Alyssa still feels so lonely, and one thing leads to another and they end up getting together. They keep their romance a secret from the office and Alyssa believes it's just to make everything simpler.


They have a wonderful time for the next few months and become infatuated with each other, and are both happier than they have ever been. Until it gets out that they are dating in the office and Nathan realizes his family will never accept Alyssa. While this was the new South Africa, there were still many people who had an old way of thinking, including his mother.


Nathan breaks it off with Alyssa and she is absolutely heartbroken. Her world is shattered into pieces, and it continues going down when she finds out that she is pregnant. Will their love overcome all odds and bring them back together? Is love truly blind?

My Caring Cowboy

Shermaine tries to make it in a man's world.

Our heroine Shermaine has it made. One of the top surgeons in a male dominated profession, Shermaine proves to herself and everyone else that she has what it takes to be the best. But at what cost?

While enjoying herself at a friend's engagement party at a local Dallas restaurant, her instincts kick into high gear when she sees an older woman collapse before her eyes. Quick on her feet, and so very skilled Shermaine saves the woman's life.

A young cowboy, grandson to the woman she just saved, is so very grateful and tries to get to know Shermaine better. Even with the encouragement of her best friend, Shermaine is having nothing of it and encourages the cowboy to be on his way. Little does she know that won't be the last time their paths cross.

Over the next several days, Shermaine keeps seeing the cowboy at her hospital and he is nothing but the sweetest gentlemen. While on the inside she wants to be with him, her tough exterior keeps pushing him away

But the cowboy persists no matter how rude Shermaine is and ups his ante every time on the romantic gestures. Eventually even Shermaine's walls break down, and she realizes that being loved, and loving someone is just what she needed in her cold sterile surgeon's life.

Everything is going great until love costs Shermaine a life, and she concludes she would rather be alone and saving lives than smitten and losing them.


Will their love be able to overcome all odds and show Shermaine there is more to life? Will the cowboy keep persisting no matter how many roadblocks Shermaine puts in front of him?

Violet Jackson

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Her Russian Billionaire

Tasha was loving her gig as a bartender. It was a great way to put her through school, her customers were entertaining, and she had a few work friends she loved hanging out with. Free drinks on her nights off were always a plus too. But on one night while her car was in the shop, she found herself walking home after closing up. A strange feeling shot up her spine as she noticed two men stalking her... 
Demetri isn't your average billionaire. As the heir to his family's vodka business, he knows how to control people and always gets what he wants. He finds himself in a part of town he doesn't frequent to meet an associate, but after his meeting, he witnesses a mysterious woman in the process of getting robbed. His instincts kick in and he deals with the two robbers easily. 
But to his surprise, the woman, rather than being grateful, is more concerned about a necklace that her mother had given her, which was taken. 
This starts a rollercoaster ride of a love story for both of them as their lives become intertwined in more ways than they would have ever imagined. 
Will Tasha and Demetri overcome it all and find love? 

DATING A DOCTOR (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)

Ciara's lifelong dream of becoming a famous singer fell by the wayside after enduring years of abuse in her marriage. Now, after fleeing that relationship, she is anxious to begin anew, despite her ex-husband's vicious threats.

Dr. Derek Baker has endured his share of anguish. The war veteran, fresh off of two tours of duty, wrestles with his own demons, but is determined to make good on his promise to do no harm.

Accepting a position at a free clinic will not only do him good, it will also bring hope to Ciara's life. As their worlds collide in the face of Ciara's father's devastating illness, Ciara finds herself ready to love again, but Derek is apprehensive.

They face even more difficult struggles when Ciara's ex appears, and does the unthinkable by placing the child he and Ciara share in harm's way.

Is Derek prepared to open his heart and help Ciara and her son or have the wounds of war damaged him so much that he won't be able to escape the prison he keeps his heart in?


DATING A DOCTOR is available now on!


The Love Ranch

Tiana Walker was a woman on the run. After dealing with an abusive husband for years, she decided that enough was enough when her husband struck their child.

After calling the police on her husband and having him taken away to jail, she picked up everything and moved from New York City to a small town in Texas.  To say the transition was tough would be an understatement, but the safety of her child meant everything to her.

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