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Love Country (BWWM Romance) (7 page)


She washed her hands and came out of the bathroom unashamed of her nudity. He had seen every part of her body by now. He was sitting in the same spot and held his arms up to her. She quickly went to him and let him gather her close. His lips came down on her softly at first and then more urgently. His hands kneaded her ass and he lifted her so that she rested on top of him, straddling across his hips.


His penis rested against her stomach and she reached down to grip it between her hands squeezing the end of it.


“Damn what you do to me, woman,” he whispered in her ear as he traced it with his tongue. “Ride me, baby.”


She lifted herself until the tip of his penis rested against her already swollen opening. Slowly she lowered herself onto him. He guided her down on him and exhaled loudly when he was fully seated inside her. She gasped with elation as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. He kept her still as his mouth captured her breasts. Slowly, he raised her then brought her back down on him.


Keeara felt him fill her and moaned. He filled her completely and she couldn't think of a time when she felt so complete. She gripped his shoulders as she began to move. His eyes bore into her and he grinned when she gasped as his hand found her clit making lazy circles around it.


“Oh my.”


“I know. I will never tire of the feel of you clenching me so tight.”


She picked up the pace and soon they were lying against each other trying to catch their breath again. Finally she leaned back and smiled at him.


“I have to go.”


“No.” He clutched her to him again.


“I do have a son, you know.” She smiled as she stood up next to the couch. He quickly rose and turned on the lights. They both squinted against the brightness of the light. He laughed when they both covered their eyes.


“Okay. But if you want to leave here within the next hour, I suggest you get dressed.”


Her mouth formed a round O as she looked down at him. She quickly scrambled into her clothes, looking at him accusingly. “You are insatiable.”


He walked to her and gathered her close. “When it comes to you, I can't resist.” He kissed her softly and let her go to look for his shirt.


When they were both dressed, she looked at the clock. “Wow. It’s three in the morning. I really do need to get home.”


“Come on. I’ll drive you back to the bar.”


They rode in silence wrapped up in their own thoughts. He pulled up next to her car and hopped out. He walked beside her to the driver’s door. Before she could say another word, she felt herself pushed against the car and his mouth descended on hers. She kissed him back passionately. She quickly pushed back away and laughed.


“I need to get home and if you keep doing that then I’ll never get home. We'll end up on top of my car.”


He smiled at her. “That sounds like a plan to me.”


She laughed as she pushed him away and eased into her car. She rolled the window down as he leaned in and kissed her softly.


“See you tomorrow at work then?”


“Yes. I will see you tomorrow.”


“Call me when you get home so that I know you're okay.”


She nodded as she pulled from the parking space as he got into his car. She pulled up in front of her parents’ home twenty minutes later. She eased inside the house. For some reason she felt like a teenager again sneaking in the house after curfew.

Chapter 10

The light switch flicked on just as she took a deep breath of relief. How her mother did that, she will never know.


Lynn sat with a blanket and her crocheting in her hand. She looked at her daughter accusingly. “Listen, young lady, while I am glad you are having fun and enjoying yourself, can you please at least call and let me know you are not coming home?” She held her hand up to stall the onslaught of excuses. “You no longer have to tell me anything but I still worry no matter how old you are you know?”


“Yes, Momma. I’m sorry. I fell asleep and didn’t know what time it was. From now on, I will call.”


“Thank you. How was Craig this evening?”


She turned around to look at her mother. “How do you know I was with him?”


“Because, my dear, you have a glow about you that I haven’t seen in a long time. He brings that out in you no matter how hard you try to fight it.”


“We just can’t be what he wants, Momma. You know what happened last time the two families joined.”


“One thing you forget, my dear, is that he isn’t like the rest of his family. Give him the benefit of the doubt.”


“Okay. Goodnight, Momma.”


“Goodnight, honey.”


Lynn walked into her room and gazed at her husband. He had always let her handle their children when they came in late at night knowing that she had more patience than he did with them. He looked up from the book he was reading and watched her remove her robe. Even at over fifty she was still a gorgeous woman and he still thought that she was the most beautiful he had ever seen.


She eased in beside him and went into his arms. He stroked her hair as she snuggled close. “You think she will be okay? I just don’t want to see her hurt again.”


“Yes. She'll be fine. She’s like her momma.” He chuckled when she swatted at him. “She fights herself and her feelings more than she does anything else. She is hard on herself like you always are. But when she loves, she loves with everything she has just like you. She has to let herself feel and accept it before she will ever be happy. That was the hardest part for you and, unfortunately, I think it will be the hardest thing for her too. But we will be here for her and I think he's the kind of guy that gives up easily.”


“Hmmmm. He sounds like someone I know,” she giggled as he wiggled his fingers against her side before he bent and captured her lips in a kiss.


Keeara removed her clothes and stepped into her pajama shorts then pulled on a tank top. She lay down in bed and was almost asleep when she heard her phone buzzing against the nightstand. The shaking against the wood made an aggravating sound and she reached for the phone. She looked at the text message that came up.


“Are you home now?”


She quickly typed back. “Yes.”


“Did you forget something?”






“Oh. Sorry. I’m home. *”


“I’m going to spank your ass tomorrow.”


She grinned into the dark. “Promise?”


“I can climb through your window if you keep it up.”


She laughed. “What are you wearing?”


“Hmmm. Nothing. I sleep in the nude. What about you?”


“Tank top and shorts.”


“Take them off.”


“What? Why?”


“Just do it.”


“Okay. They’re off.”


“Panties too.”


Feeling naughty she did as he said and lay back down in bed.


“Okay. They're off.”


“Now touch your breast. Then pinch it. Imagine my lips sucking your nipple into my mouth. How does it feel?”


“Good. I love your tongue.” Her phone vibrated and she looked at it seeing it was him calling.


“I want to hear your voice when you come. Now touch yourself. Pet your lips and find your clit.” Her breathing hitched as she circled the bud. “Now slide your fingers down your slit. Imagine my fingers there. Slide one inside you. I want to lick you and suck your clit into my mouth. Would you like that?”


“Yes,” she squeaked.


“There you go. Damn I’m hard. Hold on.”


“What are you doing?”


“Pulled the covers off so I can reach myself better.”


“Hmmmm. I want to taste you again.”


“Are you moving in and out of yourself?”




“Move your hand faster and pinch your clit.” She did as he said and exploded just as she heard a long moan on the other side of the phone. “Feel better?”




“Good. Now go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow. Eight o’clock.”


“Okay. Goodnight.” She laid there for a minute and went to the bathroom, slipping her clothes back on. Lying back in bed, she realized that she had just had phone sex for the first time. Even without him being there, he could make her body soar to life. It was like it came alive at the sound of his voice. She didn’t know what she was going to do. Soon, she was fast asleep.


Keeara walked into the office at ten after 8. She had made sure she was late on purpose but knew at the look on his face that Craig was not happy with her. She walked into his office and set down the coffee and biscuits she had been carrying on his desk. She spun around to face him directly, making sure the skirt of her dress fluttered out to show the expanse of her legs.


She watched as his eyes got big when she leaned over his desk to hand him his coffee. His eyes went right where she wanted them to. She had worn a dark blue dress today that had no sleeves. The front came down in a V that showed the top swell of her breasts. She had worn a good bra so that her breasts rose even higher up. The dress came in at her waist to show off how tiny it was and then flared a little down to above her knee. She had paired it with her high black stilettos knowing they made her legs look good. She had let her hair down and it hung in long curls down her back.


She smiled at him. She had loved this dress immediately when she saw it in the store. It was the same color as her eyes so it made them stand out.


Craig watched her walk in the room and sniffed the lavender that came with her. Damn she smelled good. He couldn't think of anything better until he looked at her. She looked gorgeous this morning and he almost swallowed his tongue when she bent over in front of him. He quickly rose from his seat and walked to the door. Shutting it firmly and then locking it, he turned to look at her.


“What are you doing? We have work to do.”


“If you wanted to work then you shouldn’t have worn that.” He walked to her and turned her over the desk. She was beginning to get used to this position and wiggled her ass up at him. She felt him lift her dress and smiled until she felt the sting from the slap. Again she felt the slap. It stung enough to make her eyes water.


“That is for not calling me when I told you to.” She felt two more smacks before she heard him say. “That is for being late.”She was getting pissed and tried to get up but he pushed her back down. She sputtered and tried again, getting mad when he laughed at her. The arrogant bastard. She felt her underwear being yanked down and then his hand on her and then inside her. “Just as I thought. Wet and ready uh?” Her moan was his only answer.


He turned her around and propped her up on the desk, raising her dress up to bunch around her waist. He slowly entered her and withdrew. She hadn’t even realized he had removed his pants. Suddenly he slammed back into her.


“That is for prancing in here and making me hard before I have even had my coffee. Now tell me you want it.”


“Yes. Please. Oh, I want it.”


He smiled down at her as he gave her what she asked for. Over and over he drove into her until she was clawing at his back. He brought her to the point of release over and over and withdrew, making her growl at him. Finally he leaned over her and took her mouth in a deep kiss just as she exploded around him. She fit him so tight she felt like a glove as she squeezed him in her orgasm. She sighed as she felt him pulse inside her. He held her tight as he emptied himself and groaned her name.


Chapter 11

The next two days were quiet as they worked to get the paper out in time. It was the first week that her name would be in print. She was excited and they worked for hours making sure everything was just right. That was, when he kept his hands to himself, which wasn’t very often.


She was sitting at her desk looking through the article for the fashion column when she heard a knock at her door. It couldn't be Craig, Keeara knew that. So she opened the door to reveal an older man whose long gray hair swept over his left eye.


“Hello, can I help you?”


“You must be Ms. Keeara.” The way he said her name made her instantly feel uneasy. He spit it at her then sucked at his teeth like the name left a bad taste in his mouth.

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