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Love Country (BWWM Romance) (3 page)


“Well hello, Jester. My name’s Keeara. Thank you so much for your help.”


“No problem. Well it was nice to meet ya. I gotta go.”


“Okay. Thank you. Hopefully I’ll see you around.”


“Oh you can plan on that, pretty lady.” She smiled as he walked towards the door just as it swung open.

Craig looked at her first and then Jester. “Jester.”


“Craig.” He turned to Keeara. “Until next time, ma'am.”


“Thanks again, Jester.” Then he quickly walked through the door.


She turned to Craig and smiled. For some reason, he didn’t look too happy. “Food’s here.” She nodded and followed him back to his office. The pizza box and wings were sitting on the coffee table that he had in front of the couch. She walked over and sat dow


Chapter 4

For some reason, seeing Keeara with another man hadn’t sat well with Craig. He had wanted to grab her into his arms and tell Jester to leave. What in the world was wrong with him? He didn’t get attached to women. He liked his freedom too much. He had left Austin because of a woman and vowed then that he would never let another one sink their claws into him. No way. He was free and would remain that way. He looked over at the woman on his couch and watched as she licked the barbecue sauce from her finger. There was nothing in his book about having fun though. He quickly walked over and sat beside her, picking up a piece of pizza and taking a huge bite.


He looked over at the drawn out groan to his side. She was sitting there with a piece of pizza in her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she had an expression of ecstasy on her face as the moan escaped her mouth. It was almost too much. She looked over at him and smiled as she chewed the bite.


“This is fabulous. Better than Pizza Hut any day of the week.”


“You bet. Its brick oven and homemade. Juan makes the best pizza around.”


They ate in silence and polished everything off. She leaned back against the cushions of the couch and rubbed her stomach as she nursed her beer. He leaned to the side and regarded her.


She gazed into his eyes and they were darker in color and she could read the desire deep inside them .They bore into her own and she gasped when he leaned over towards her and took the beer from her hand to set it on the coffee table.


“Your body is amazing and you know it.” He whispered to her. His face was so close she could touch his lips if she stuck out her tongue. He looked down at her lips and back into her eyes again. Then she felt it. It was the briefest of touches as his lips murmured over hers. He tasted of spicy sauce and she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth. He applied more pressure as his tongue explored her mouth. She moaned into his mouth and his kiss got more intense and more passionate. She felt his hands travel down her arms and caress her elbows before wrapping around her waist. She wound her hands up into his hair and pushed herself closer against him. Suddenly she was hauled across the couch and onto his lap. Her body burned and seemed to come alive with his touch. She ached everywhere, wanting his caresses more than she had ever wanted anything before. She moaned as she tried to get closer to him, not really knowing what she was doing. She needed more, craved more. Her body was flushed and hot all over. His kiss was more desperate now and his hands had moved down to caress her ass through her pants. She was gripping his shoulders as his mouth trailed a goose bump laden path down her throat and neck to the swell of her breasts that rose above her shirt. She clawed at his shirt, popping buttons everywhere, raking her nails gently down the front of his chest and smiled at his groan.


She felt him lift her shirt above her head and throw it to the side. He buried his face in the valley between her breasts and she moaned as he licked a path in between them. She felt the clasp of her bra give way as he peeled it from her body and she pulled his shirt from his pants and threw it over near her own shirt.


He looked down at her as he peeled her bra off. He looked down at the dusky nipples that hardened the longer he looked. He looked up into her eyes and quickly pulled the hair clip that held her hair up from her head. Her hair tumbled around her shoulders and down her back as she looked at him. Her lips were swollen from his kisses and he could see where his stubble had made marks on her skin.


“If you want to stop then tell me now, because I don’t think I can after this.” At the shake of her head, he sent a silent thank you to the heavens as he stood with her in his arms. He quickly made work of her pants as she did his until they were both standing there in their underwear. His boxer briefs did nothing to hide his excitement as she looked down at him. He smiled as he regarded the widening of her eyes and where she was looking. He quickly gathered her into his arms to kiss her again. He quickly rid them both of the last of their clothes and looked at her body. She was what he pictured. Her perfect full breasts stood out with her nipples pointing at him. He ran his hand gently down her stomach to dip between her legs. She gasped out loud. He sat on the couch and brought her over to straddle him, resting both of her knees next to his hips. She looked down at him and, for a quick second, he thought he was under the spell of a siren. She was magnificent.


He lifted her and stood, carrying her over to his desk. Not thinking twice, he raked everything to the side and completely off the top and lay her down on her back. She looked up at him wantonly. He lifted his hands to cup her breasts and leaned over to take one in his mouth. Her legs dangled from the edge of the desk and he brought his hand down to rub against her opening. She moaned deeply when she felt his mouth lick inside her belly button. His hand parted her folds to caress her clit lightly. He smiled at her sharp intake of breath and bent over to flick it with his tongue. “Oh my...” Their voices mingled as they both said the phrase at the same time and then laughed at each other.


He slid a finger inside her and groaned when he felt her contract around it. The heat was emitting from her like a volcano and made him want to push inside her and ride her hard. He slid his finger back out then slid in two more and found her spot. She was writhing on his desk and moaning.


“I have dreamed of nothing but burying myself inside you since I first saw you.”


“Me too.”


“I dreamt of you like this riding me in my chair and then me standing and bending you over my desk to take you from behind fast and hard. How does that sound?”


“Yes please.”


He groaned as he pushed inside her just enough so that the head of his penis could feel her heat.


“Please.” She moaned it softly but he heard her as he eased himself in deeper. When he was fully inside her, he leaned over and tried to catch his breath. He stood up and slid out of her almost completely so that just the head of his penis was inside and then thrust inside her with one huge push. Over and over he did it then increased his pace when he heard her moans. Her body felt like a waterfall falling over a cliff. She felt the rush to her head, to her body as she tried to gain some control of her emotions and the sensations racing their way through her body. It was no use. All she could do was go with it.


She felt hot but felt the shivers of ecstasy trace up and down her back. He leaned over to take a dark brown nipple in his mouth as he started to slam into her harder and faster. She wrapped her legs around his waist, lifting her hips to push against him. He lightly bit her nipple and then gave the other one the same worship. Suddenly, he felt her stiffen and tremble as she exploded. Her orgasm went on forever as she clutched him tighter and closer to her. Nothing could explain the rush of sensations through her body. It felt like she would tumble over the side of a mountain. As a rush of emotions hit her at once, she couldn’t think about anything but the extreme pleasure she was experiencing as she closed her eyes and her head fell back. When she tightened around him, he couldn’t do anything but let himself go. He shook with his release, going over the brink over and over again until they both sat there gasping for breath. He lifted her and carried her to the couch where she curled up against his side. He draped an arm over her and gently rubbed her arm up and down while they sat in silence.

Chapter 5

“Mr. Jenkins. I have my collections.”


“Shit, it's the paperboy. Come on.” Craig walked to the door and locked it quickly. “Hold on, Stanley. Give me just a minute.” Keeara and Craig quickly dressed and she threw her hair back up. When they both looked presentable again, he opened the door. A boy of about 15 walked in.


“Got all my collections this week, Mr. Jenkins. Even old woman Watkins.” He beamed up at the man.


“Great, Stanley. That means you get a bonus this week.” He gave the boy a high five. The boy handed him the envelope and they watched him leave.


She laughed and then something hit her. He had called him Mr. Jenkins. Did that mean this man was part of that family? She looked at him and the smile faded from her face. Yes, he was. Dammit, of all people for her to fall in bed with, it had to be a damn Jenkins.


Craig looked over at Keeara and realized that she looked like she had seen a ghost. “Are you okay?”


“No. I gotta go.”


“What the hell do you mean? We need to talk about what just happened. You can’t just leave.”


“Look it was fun, but it can’t happen again. I don’t know if any of this is going to work. I need to think.”


“What do you mean any of this? Look, we'll figure this out, just come sit down.”


“Why didn’t you tell me you were a Jenkins?”


“What in the world does my last name have to do with any of this?”


“Well it was nice to meet you, Mr. Jenkins. I'm Keeara Murray. As in the Murrays. I have to go.” The realization of what she had just said hit home and he went to go after her but saw her car pulling away when he finally got himself to the door.


Craig watched the car pull away from the curb. There was one thing that Keeara didn’t understand. He may be a Jenkins, but he was born and raised in the city. He didn’t give one shit about no damn feud between their families. He had heard the stories and knew it was the reason that his great grandfather had left Tennessee so many years prior. There was also no damn way that something as stupid as a feud between their ancestors was keeping him from what he wanted. And he wanted Keeara. He would do everything he could to make her his, and in time he would have her again. He stomped over to his desk and grabbed his keys. He needed a beer and what better place on a Friday night than Sam’s bar. He might even find some pleasant company there that wasn’t breathing fire down his throat.


The weekend went by slowly. Keeara thought back to that night over and over and couldn’t get that man out of her mind. Why did he have to be a Jenkins? She finally found her father out at the barn and instantly wanted to know.


“Did you know, Daddy?”


Josh looked down at his daughter and knew what she was talking about by the look in her eyes. She had her mother’s eyes and they flared at him accusingly. She could pierce him with her gaze the same as her mother could but he decided to play dumb.


“Know what, princess?”


“Don’t play dumb, Dad. You know exactly what I'm talking about. He's a Jenkins and you sent me right into the lion’s den.”


“Oh come on. It’s a job I knew you would do well in, plus they need the help. So what if he’s a Jenkins? That feud ended and you know it.” He said it with a slight shrug of his shoulders, telling her it didn’t bother him in the least but then again he married into the family. She still couldn’t believe it though, after everything he and her mother had been through with that family. Her mother had finally sat her down and told her the complete story of her parents’ relationship and just who her father really was. It had been a shock to say the least.


“Not by the way Grandpa talks. You should have told me.”


“What difference would it make? Look, if you don’t want the job then tell him. It’s that easy. But think about it. That feud was way before your Grandpa’s time.”


“Ughhhh!” She stormed away towards the house. “Men are so insufferable, damn it!”


“Keeara, calm down. What's going on?” She turned to see her mother facing her with her hands on her hips. She had a stern look about her and Keeara instantly calmed down. Her mother was one person that everyone knew to stay clear of.


“Daddy sent me into the lion’s den, that’s what. He should have told me who the editor was.”


“Oh for Pete’s sake, Keeara, he is just a man. So what if his last name is Jenkins?”


“You knew? It makes a big difference. His family has been after us for years and they shot you. Don’t think that Grandpa and Uncle Carter didn’t tell us the stories growing up, even though Aunt Angelina told them not to. They both despise that family and so do I.”


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