McKenzie, Cooper - Thanksgiving in Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary 5) (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Welcome to Sanctuary 5

Thanksgiving in Sanctuary

When her husband, Martin, announces his intention of opening their marriage to his brother, Robert, Anna Ryan panics. She runs to Sanctuary, where all four of their children—Spring, Winter, Summer, and Autumn—now reside, hoping to find answers.


When Martin and Robert show up the next day in Sanctuary, Anna has calmed down. With Martin’s assurance that he is not using Robert to replace himself, Anna finds the idea of two men in her bed arousing. She did tell her daughters two men was every woman’s dream, but she never expected to be in such an enviable situation.


When someone leaves Winter and his mates an unexpected gift that will change all their lives, Anna, Martin, and Robert must work together to offer support to their growing family.


Will Anna agree to love two men as her children have? Will Robert and Martin be able to share Anna without jealousy driving them apart?


Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
23,692 words


Welcome to Sanctuary 5

Cooper McKenzie


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Welcome to Sanctuary 5


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Chapter 1

Warm fingers tracing circles on her left breast while a hot, wet tongue lapped at her right eased Anna Ryan awake.

“Good morning, sweetheart. Time to rise and shine,” Martin whispered, his bass voice even deeper from sleep and his own arousal.

Taking a deep breath, she shifted her shoulders. When his lips wrapped around the stiffening peak, she moaned and smiled. He knew her so well. He sucked the top half of her breast into his mouth and began to suck at it. His tongue flicked back and forth, batting at her nipple.

She sucked a sharp breath when he pinched the opposite nipple and began to roll it between the pad of his forefinger and thumb. Electricity flashed straight to her clit, which began to pulse as her pussy dampened.

Anna shifted her right hand to brush over the mushroom head of her husband’s sizeable erection. “Ooooh and good morning to you.”

The mouth on her nipple tightened as his hand began to trace its way down her chest and belly to the top of her slit. His fingers brushed over the soft skin of her lower lips, and she spread her legs wider to allow him easy access to the bare flesh.

Several years before she discovered she liked the way things felt down there without the hair between her legs. The first time Martin had seen her bald he almost swallowed his tongue. Then he smiled and knelt before her, licking and loving her to three fast, hard orgasms before he’d taken a breath. Her daring act reignited their lovemaking. That night and for weeks afterward their loving had been hotter than it had been in years.

Martin brushed his fingers over her outer lips then farther down between her legs where he found her already open and waiting for him. Lifting his lips from her breast, he grinned at her as two fingers pressed into her without hesitation. “Mmmm, somebody’s horny this morning.”

Anna arched her back as her right hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock. “I’m not the only one. What’s got you all wound up this morning, lover?”

Martin did not answer. He gently pulled his fingers from her pussy’s grasp then shifted down and around until he lay between her legs while still suckling at her breast.

Anna pulled her legs up and out of his way, wrapping her arms around them. Martin hunched his body then brushed the bulbous head of his cock up and down between her lower lips from clit to cunt and back again.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said as his cock passed up the valley of her lips a third time.

“Oh?” Anna’s right hand abandoned her leg, and she speared her fingers through his brown hair. The past few years had added quite a bit of salt, but she encouraged him to leave it untouched. She thought the white added a look of distinction to her husband’s already gorgeous good looks.

She tried to keep herself focused on what he was saying. After thirty-two years together, Anna knew whatever he was about to say would be important. Martin always shared his biggest bits of news when they were like this, relaxed and loving on a Saturday morning when they could spend the entire morning in bed celebrating if they wanted.

She sucked a breath as Martin’s hips dropped back until the head of his cock fit into the open entrance to her pussy. Air left on a happy sigh as he pressed fast and steady until his balls nestled hairy and warm against her ass.

“Martin?” she asked when he released her nipple and sat back between her legs.

“With Robert coming to live with us,” he said, referring to his brother who had just retired after thirty-five years in the Navy, “and the kids now all in triad relationships, I was thinking—”

Anna’s stomach knotted as he paused to slide his long thickness out and then back in several times, sending waves of arousal shooting through her. Need seemed to bounce around her body like jumping beans in a jar before settling hot and tight in the pleasure center just behind her clit.

“Thinking what?” Her breath grew shorter as he took hold of her hips and began to stroke in and out at a steady pace.

Looking into his face, she knew whatever he had to say would be life changing. He looked so serious and yet so aroused. His hips began to move faster, sending her need spiraling higher and higher. She would come before he made his announcement if he did not spill the news soon.

Still Martin did not answer. One hand trailed across the back of her thigh and between them to stroke over her clit, adding the final straw that broke her arousal’s back.

Her breathing racing, Anna moaned as her release washed through her, sending her into convulsions that lifted her head and shoulders from the bed. He pressed deeper and harder, keeping her orgasm rolling until he finally thrust deep one last time then froze. His cock pulsed inside her as he ejaculated. A moment later he collapsed down to rest heavily over her.

Still panting as they recovered, he finally said, “I’m thinking of asking Robert to become our third.”

* * * *

“Children, I’ve left your father,” Anna said aloud four hours later, the words tasting bitter and vile on her tongue.

Silence met her blunt statement. A moment later, the next song on the car’s CD player began, filling the void with the soft instrumental music of Tim Janis. Anna sighed as she halted her car at the four-way stop that was one of the most prominent landmarks of her journey to Sanctuary.

Sanctuary, North Carolina, was the tiny community hidden deep in the Smoky Mountains where her three daughters and son now lived with their men. Instead of moving forward and driving the last few miles, Anna put the gearshift into park and slumped back in her seat with a long, sad sigh.

“I can’t tell them like that. They’ll demand to know what happened. How am I supposed to explain to our children that their father wants to bring someone else into our bed and it’s all their fault for putting the idea in his head?”

In the hours since Martin voiced his thoughts about inviting Robert into their marriage bed, Anna’s emotions had swung from one end of the spectrum to the other. One minute she was shocked at the idea. The next cold chills ran through her as she feared that Martin wanted her to get involved with Robert so he could leave her. Then she shivered as her panties grew damp at the guilty excitement at the thought of having two men in her bed.

Her children all seemed blissfully happy in their ménage relationships. Could such a thing work for her, Martin, and Robert? Or would it cause a rift in the marriage she had always thought rock solid?

After all, Robert had been in the Navy for thirty years. He had been married twice, the first ending when his wife died of cancer diagnosed too late and the second when his wife left him, though she had no idea why. Both his wives had been slim, sexy, beautiful women who made Anna feel dumpy and unattractive standing next to them. How could her husband think Robert would be interested in her?

“Stop thinking so hard. You don’t have to tell the children anything except that you’ve come early to help prepare for Thanksgiving and Autumn’s wedding.”

She tried to think of what she would do when Martin and Robert showed up, but drew a blank. Knowing her husband, she had a twenty-four- to forty-eight-hour window before the two men arrived in Sanctuary. They had decided to close their law office for the entire week to take some time to help Robert get settled in the apartment over the garage before coming to Sanctuary on Wednesday.

“All right, woman, finish the drive to Sanctuary, and try not to blame your children for your husband’s sudden dissatisfaction with his sex life.”

Twenty minutes later, she drove into the nearly full parking lot and found a space between the apple-green delivery van and Frank and Evan’s woodworking shop. After she parked, she sat for a moment, praying for the strength needed to keep her personal crisis a secret from her children.

When she felt steady enough, Anna climbed out of her car. Reaching into the backseat, she pulled out the oversized carryall she had packed for the next few days. Her other suitcase would wait until one of the men could lug it to wherever she would be staying.

As she crossed the parking lot and headed toward the three-story building named the Wash House, she looked around, surprised to see signs of new construction. A foundation of what looked to be another, larger house had been started across the clearing from the Wash House. Looking from that around the rest of the building, she saw changes were being made to the log cabin on the far left as well. That was where Autumn and her two men lived. Summer and her husbands lived in the second log cabin to its left while Winter and his men lived in a small castle-like stone fortress on the other side.

“Mom?” A soft, feminine voice called from the porch of the huge Victorian-style house she had just passed. “What are you doing here?”

“Yes, Spring. It’s your mother,” Anna said.

The polite smile she had pasted on in the car turned real when she turned to face the huge Victorian house. Her oldest daughter flew down the stairs and over the path toward her. Spring carried a wicker basket over one arm filled with baby clothes and diapers. At the sight of her mother, she dropped the basket.

Spring did not stop until she had wrapped her mother in her arms. Anna returned the embrace, eagerly soaking up the love it held.

“We weren’t expecting you until Wednesday. And where are Dad and Uncle Robert?”

“They’re moving your Uncle Robert down from DC this weekend. I’m sure they’ll be here before Thursday.” She could feel her daughter studying her, but turned away to look around the small clearing that comprised the hamlet of Sanctuary. “So where are my grandsons?”

“Adam and Brock took them up to the Wash House to watch a football game with the rest of the men. They think it helps the other men bond with the babies. Come on, we’re all eating up there tonight.” Spring linked her free arm through Anna’s, and the two women strolled up to the three-story, barn-like building that served as the center of the small community.

* * * *


“You did what?” Robert Ryan took his eyes off the road and looked across the cab of the rental truck at his brother as he drove the beltway around Raleigh to where Martin and Anna lived.

Martin’s revelation stunned him so much he wondered if he should pull off the road while they had this conversation. The fact that he waited until they were nearly home only proved that though Martin was a hell of a lawyer, he had the worst timing of anyone Robert had ever known.

The Saturday-evening traffic was just heavy enough he was afraid that once he was off the highway he would not be able to get back on for hours. No matter how much he wanted to, Robert also could not reach over and smack the ever-loving shit out of his brother while trying not to run over the car in front of them.

“I told Anna this morning that I was thinking of asking you to be our third,” Martin repeated, his words a little slower and clearer.

“And why the hell would you do something like that without checking with me first?” Robert asked between clenched teeth. He took deep breaths to control the temper that, for the first time in twenty years, threatened to explode. “That’s something we should all be in the room to discuss.”

“Because I wanted her to spend the day thinking about it. Take the next exit and turn right at the light.”

“If she hasn’t packed up and left you, I’ll be shocked,” Robert said as he flipped on the turn signal and began to ease over into the exit lane.

“Why would she do that? We’ve talked about trying a threesome quite a few times over the years. She always seemed interested. Or is it that you’re not interested any longer?”

Robert shifted in his seat. His cock twitched then grew harder than it had in months. Since Janelle left him three years earlier saying she hated his so-called kinky ways, which to her meant having sex outside of the bedroom and in any position other than straight missionary, he had been celibate. He jerked off regularly, usually to fantasies of Anna sucking his cock or pulling up her skirt before bending over to allow him to fuck her anywhere at any time.

“Turn left here,” Martin said, pulling Robert from his mental ramblings.

“And what did she say?” Robert glanced over in time to see Martin look uncomfortable.

“She didn’t say anything. Before she could, the phone rang. Third driveway on the left.” Martin pointed to the house where Robert would be staying for the foreseeable future.

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