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Authors: Holly Roberts

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One Dom at a Time

One Dom at a Time


Holly S. Roberts


El Diablo Book I

Published by H.S. Roberts

[email protected]


One Dom at a Time

El Diablo: Book I


Printing History

First Edition: August 2012




All rights reserved including the right to
reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.


This is a work of fiction. ALL characters are
derived from the author’s imagination.

Chapter One


The whip snapped with just enough
force to bring a low cry from Angela. When I used the twelve foot
Australian leather in a scene it always drew a large crowd. I heard
their breathing and I could feel the sexual excitement in the air.
I stayed in the zone and so did my sweet sub; Angela was one of my
favorites to work with.

Moisture beaded along my hairline
as my arm came up and flicked the whip again. Red welts
systematically appeared down her body; just enough to leave a fine
line but never break the skin. This is what the members of the
Mediterranean Club paid for. Though calling it a club was going
slightly overboard.

MC was a BDSM dive. I had worked
here for three years and done everything from tend bar to
discipline subs. My current role of enacting scenes for the
questionable crowd was my favorite. I blanked out the whispered
voices, the smell of sex, and too many bodies. Angela needed

I was fortunate the owner
appreciated the crowd I brought in and let me decorate, clean, and
maintain my own alcove. I also had a small office off the back
where I could soothe and comfort my patrons after I finished
breaking down their submissive barriers.

I gave Angela a brief respite so I
could adjust the speed of the vibrator clenched within her tight
pussy. Her moans became louder and I rotated my wrist ready for the
next round with the whip.
; I loved the sound when it
popped against flesh.

Finally she could no longer hold
back her screams and she found release; her orgasm rippling through
her body carrying the crowd with her. Many of the watchers pulled
their subs aside to private areas for a small moment of relief
before the next show started. I had one more exhibition for the
evening and then I could go home. I hadn’t used my vibrator in more
than a week and I needed a little fantasy time.

I removed the juicy pleasure toy
from between Angela’s legs and assisted Raul in releasing the
sobbing woman from her bindings. He carried her nude body into my
small private domain and gently placed her on a tall padded

"I'll take it from here Raul,
thank you."

"Yes Mistress Lydia." His eyes
never looked into mine.

Angela lay down on her side shuddering and trying to
control her emotions.

I walked over, ran my hand gently
through her hair, and helped her sit up to take the sip of the
water I offered.

"Thank you Mistress."

“You did wonderful tonight Angela,
I don’t think I’ve ever seen you more beautiful and responsive.” I
kissed her on the cheek then took out a bottle of my own special
blend of oil to coat the red welts I left on her skin. I also
wanted to make sure I hadn’t caused any lasting damage. There was
no sign of blood or torn skin but I liked to assure myself my subs
were okay before they left my private room.

"Lay back sweetheart and I'll get you fixed up so
you feel better."

"Yes Mistress."

I helped her to her stomach and
began soothing the oil into the soft skin of her legs, back, and
butt. "Tell me about your week." I kept my voice gentle. This was
her time and she needed a reward for giving me her trust. I
listened attentively and made the right sounds of encouragement
when called for.

"He didn't call. I waited all week
and now I know he won't be back. I loved him but he couldn’t accept
what I needed."

"When’s the last time you saw your
therapist Angela?”

“I saw her two weeks ago and she
told me Aaron probably wasn’t the guy for me but I was still hoping
he would give us a chance.”

“Is that why you requested I use
the whip tonight?"

"Yes Mistress, I needed to forget the rest of the
world. Thank you."

My hands continued to glide gently
over her firm buttocks and upper thighs. Angela's body was
beautiful. If I was gay, I would be in love with this messed up
beautiful woman. The men in her life were stupid. “Turn over and
let me get the front.”

I began rubbing the oil into her
breasts, upper thighs, and stomach. Towards the end of the scene, I
struck her perfectly groomed pussy a few times because I knew it
would take her over the top. Now, I made sure I massaged the faint
red lines to take away the sting.

Angela’s breathing quickened but
she knew my rules; no sex outside of a scene or you were no longer
one of my treasured subs. I was strict and never deviated from my
rules. I also never took a permanent sub. It was all in the not so
fine print of the contract they signed before I worked with

"You’re beautiful Angela." I
plucked her nipples with a little twist and she groaned in
response. I kissed her cheek and helped her sit up. Grabbing a soft
towel from a shelf below the bench I wrapped it around her and took
a quick peek at the time. I had forty five minutes until my next
scene. Angela needed me more than I needed my low-cal snack break
so she got her wish. We sat on the couch and my sweet little sub
asked permission to lay her head in my lap. My fingers ran through
her blonde strands and I listened while she spoke more about her

This was the time it all became
worthwhile and our poor fucked up lives took solace from human
touch and caring. I sipped on bottled water and gave Angela another
full bottle to make sure she stayed hydrated. I hated the post
scene sub drop and having this bonding time helped us both avoid
the feeling of aching loneliness.

“Are you going home now or will
you hang around for a while?” I knew the Mediterranean Club was not
the best place after a scene but there was little I could do but
ask Raul to keep his eyes open.

“I'm going home but I'll make an
appointment with you for next week.”

“I'll miss you until then.” The
towel slipped off her breasts and they begged for attention but it
wouldn’t be from me. I took her lips in a soft kiss. My gaze
traveled up as the door to my private world opened. My hand
clenched suddenly in Angela's hair though I softened my grip

“This room is off limits. Please
leave and close the door behind you.” I expected the door to shut
immediately but an unfamiliar man entered. He was over six foot of
tall, breathtakingly gorgeous, and ever so lickable. His aggressive
stride brought him completely into my private sanctuary. His hot
body didn’t belong at the MC.

I held Angela still as her muscles tensed and she
tried to move her head from my lap.

“If you take another step, I'll
have security throw you out of the club and have your membership
revoked.” It was the best I could come up with when what I really
wanted was to replace the date with my vibrator and use the stud
standing at my door.

“I'm afraid it's your boss who
gave me permission to come in here.” Dark dangerous eyes looked
into mine. He gave a quick glance at the nearly naked woman in my
lap but then zeroed in on me again.

His voice was sexual, deep, and
commanding. Angela's body trembled in my arms. I began running my
hand through her hair again though it was a nervous gesture on my
part and damn I was never nervous. I now had a slight inkling of
who was standing in my domain and I wasn't happy.

“Angela my sweet, our time is up.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful body and giving me your
pleasure. Come in early next week and I'll buy you a drink. I would
like to try a new scene and I think it will push you just a bit
more.” Looking up into the intense eyes watching me I leaned
forward and took Angela’s mouth. This time I put a bit more sensual
movement into my lips. As if on cue she responded with instant
passion. I knew better and I didn’t mean to tease her but Mr.
Dominance shook me up.

I pulled away from the kiss and
gathered the towel around her shoulders. “Get dressed and have Raul
escort you out. I’ll see you next week.

I walked her past Mr. Umm He
Smells Delicious and looking out the door, my eyes found Raul who
was cleaning my area for the next scene. I gave him my “you will be
punished” look for not warning me about my visitor but then I
nodded my head toward Angela so he would follow. Raul and I were a
team and he knew Angela required watching after a scene. I shut the
door when the two walked away.

My eyes traveled slowly up the
large yummy male body standing in front of me. He was wearing black
loafers, black pants, and a long sleeved white dress shirt
unbuttoned halfway down his remarkable chest. Clearly defined
muscles bulged beneath his shirt which made the entire package
sexier. They weren’t the over the top muscles of a competing body
builder but with a little oil he would make a statement. His skin
was darker than a sun tan would provide and I guessed he had Native
American, Hispanic, or another darker skinned race somewhere in his
bloodline. He was gorgeous. I’d heard the rumors through the BDSM
grapevine but seeing him in person was different. For the first
time in years my pussy creamed at the sight of a man.

I was male exclusive when I fucked
but it took a lot of work to take me over the edge. I had a feeling
this man could do it without touching me. He was trouble and it
didn’t help that he knew how insanely sexy he was. I’m sure he just
blinked those luscious dark eyes and most women drooled as an
orgasm rocked their world. I hoped the saliva in my mouth stayed
where it was and I could get through this without making a complete
fool of myself.

When my eyes finally stopped on
his heated gaze, he quirked his mouth slightly and I noticed the
dimples that only made him more arresting. I bet he hated those
dimples. I managed to control my breathing. I wasn’t the best
dominatrix in the state for nothing. My cool gaze met his; one
master to another.

“Mr. Collins, you’ve taken me by
surprise. I thought I was clear in my refusal of your

“I was told you only fucked men.”
His chocolate eyes pierced mine as he held back a grin but
purposely let his dimples flash in a well-practiced expression that
had to drive women mad with lust.

My shoulders stiffened. “I don't
discuss my sexual preferences with strangers.”

This time he smiled full out and
my knees melted. Years of hiding my own inadequacies kept me
standing in the face of Michelangelo’s David. I was really in

“I don't particularly care about
your sexual preferences but I paid a lot of money to find out what
makes you tick and I wasn’t expecting surprises. I can't say I'm
thrilled to fly halfway across the country to handle what should
have been a cut and dry deal you couldn’t refuse. I’m not fond of
the word ‘no’ so here I am at this less than stellar establishment.
Seeing it in person is far worse than the pictures my team
provided. I’m at a complete loss about your reasons for refusing to
work for me.”

This was his Dom voice and it was
enough to snap me out of my love sick fantasies of taking his hard
cock in my mouth and making him moan. Anger helped me gain control
of my erratic heartbeat. There was nothing I could do about the
fire from blazing in my eyes. My complexion turning from pale to
red was the bane of light skin, freckles, and red hair which hung
in a single roped braid down my back. I had a Dom voice

“You've wasted your time for
nothing and there was no need for you to slum in my neck of the
woods. My answer was final, is final. No!”

“Your boss feels

“My boss can't afford to lose me.”
Johnny Ford knew I was his bread and butter and I drew beginners
and BDSM legends to his slimy assed club.

At five foot six and 140 pounds, I
wasn't small and it took years to turn my extra pounds into muscle.
Those muscles could wield a whip to perfection. I had come to terms
with my large framed body. Damn, Damian Collins made me wish I was
5'2" and built like Angela. Argh, the man was a god or the devil as
his name suggested. He needed to leave.

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