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Authors: Elizabeth Pantley

The No-cry Sleep Solution

Advance praise for

The No-Cry Sleep Solution

“Humane, sensitive, and baby-centered. It is refreshing to see and to be able to endorse an approach toward tender infant and child caregiving that does not claim to know who and what every baby should be or what every parent should do to achieve parenting success.
The No-Cry Sleep Solution
speaks to the uniqueness of each parent and child in a loving and knowledgeable way.”

—James J. McKenna, Ph.D., Director, Mother Baby Behavioral
Sleep Center, University of Notre Dame

“A wise and wonderful answer to every tired parent’s prayers.

Finally, a sleep solution that is loving, gentle, intuitive, safe, and successful. Elizabeth Pantley teaches parents how to build, step by step, a pleasurable nighttime experience without the restric-tions that have turned parents away from sleep advice.
The No-Cry Sleep Solution
should be a part of every prenatal and baby class!”

—Nancy Eggleston, Community Producer,

“Offers a marvelous balance between acknowledging the mean-ingfulness of infant crying and recognizing the reality of parents’

exhaustion. Parents will find confirmation of their suspicion that the crying of babies should not be ignored and affirmation of their own power to help their baby learn how to sleep.”

—Michael Trout, Director, The Infant-Parent Institute, Inc.

“At long last, a book that deals sensitively with a sensitive issue: how to get babies to sleep without resorting to letting them ‘cry it out.’ If you are one of those parents who stumbles through your days groggy and cranky after seemingly endless nights with a sleepless baby or toddler, or if you are simply a parent who would like to prevent that scenario, this is the book to read. It offers real-life, workable answers to one of the most challenging and confusing situations that parents face.”

—Tricia Jalbert and Macall Gordon, Executive Editors,
Attachment Parenting International

“It has always bothered me that every ‘sleep through’ method touted by so-called experts was
to babies and young children. Elizabeth Pantley has answered the sleepy prayers of parents all over the world and provided a sensitive and caring method that actually works! To all the tired parents out there: This is the book of your dreams!”

—Gaye E. Ward, Founder, Gayesy’s Attachment Parenting

“Finally! A book to help all parents gently and lovingly guide their babies to better sleep. Elizabeth’s techniques and approaches are an excellent way to encourage a child into a healthy sleeping schedule. This fantastic book is for everyone, regardless of parenting style, feeding situation, or sleeping arrangement.”

—Tammy Frissell-Deppe, Author,

Every Parent’s Guide to Attachment Parenting

“Clearly stated, without guilt trips or shortcuts, this book is as pleasurable as it is helpful. The bond that you will develop with your baby as together you overcome the sleepless nights, and the insight that you will acquire by adhering to Pantley’s program, will no doubt prove an asset for years to come, enhancing your ability to positively influence your child’s development. This book goes way beyond its stated goal. In short, it’s a must.”

—Richard Rubin, Editor,

“Finally, a gentle, loving answer to baby sleep woes. Elizabeth Pantley’s suggestions make sense—and they work! In this positive and practical guide, she demonstrates how understanding your baby’s innate needs and learned responses will help you work together to get the soothing rest you all need.”

—Nancy Price, Cofounder, Myria Network:,,

“Whether Baby sleeps in a crib or the family bed,
The No-Cry Sleep
is full of supportive, encouraging, and sensible ideas that respect the needs of both baby and parents. The book reflects the fact that each family is unique and requires more than a one-size-fits-all solution to sleep issues. Parents will welcome Elizabeth Pantley’s empathetic insight and parenting experience.”

—Judy Arnall, Founder,

Whole Family Attachment Parenting Association

“Finally! A book on sleep that isn’t cruel for the baby and yet val-idates Mom’s need for sleep! Elizabeth Pantley has put together the perfect plan that’s gentle for both mom and baby, which any parent can adjust to be tailor-made for his or her particular family.”

—Maribeth Doerr, Creator and Editor-in-Chief,

“When I followed the steps in this book, it only took a few nights to see a HUGE improvement. Now every night I’m getting more sleep than I’ve gotten in years! The best part is, there has been NO crying!”

—Becky, mother of thirteen-month-old Melissa, Wisconsin

The No-Cry Sleep Solution
has passed the ultimate test—helping my night-waking twins to sleep much better!”

—Alice, mother to ten-month-old twins Rebecca and Thomas,
Dublin, Ireland

“Because I had to resort to the cry-it-out method with my older daughter to get her to sleep, I was
skeptical of this non-CIO

method. However, I am here to say that
it works
! Never did Dylan cry as I taught him to get himself back to sleep.”

—Alison, mother of five-month-old Dylan

and eight-year-old Aislinn, California

the no-cry sleep solution

Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby

Sleep Through the Night

Elizabeth Pantley

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This book is dedicated to my husband, Robert, for all the things you do as father to our children—things that may sometimes seem insignificant but are the pieces of life I cherish most in the special place in my heart that only you know. This book is for you, my husband, for:

our first child, Angela, in her very first diaper. Your delicate and vigilant movements that day make this the memory I cherish most from my first moments as a mother.

newborn Vanessa in a sling as we shopped the mall. For placing your hand under her diminutive body as you walked, for peeking at her face between sentences, and for that look of love and pride that glowed in your eyes.

to David all those silly songs that made him laugh. And singing them with as much gusto and emotion the tenth time around as you had the first.

baby Coleton to sleep, even when your arms fell asleep before he did. And for never, ever ignoring a call of “Daddy” from a toddling little boy, no matter how busy you are.

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