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Authors: Natasha Moore

Voluptuous (3 page)

“Because I don’t want to hear anything more about your
size.” She shot him a sideways glance. His expression was dark, his voice even
darker. He tipped her chin up with one finger, pinned her with his gaze. “Not.
One. More. Word.”

Shivery arousal bounced over her skin. The easygoing guy had
a forceful side. She liked that. “Okay.”

He kissed her again and when he dropped his hand she wanted
to lean into his touch. They ate half the pizza while sitting side by side,
chatting about their jobs, sharing stories about coworkers and bosses. Sam was
back to being the easygoing guy but Meredith could feel the dark undercurrents
of desire running between them. His eyes often swept over her with a burning
gaze that made her squirm.

“So I hear you’re looking forward to sex tonight,” he said.

She laughed. She couldn’t help it. “I am. I hope I haven’t
misread all the cues.”

Sam wiped his hands on the napkin and tossed it onto his
empty plate. Without another word, he reached over, grabbed her ankles and
turned her sideways. Then he tugged her legs toward him, until her feet were
resting in his lap.

“I can’t believe you’re still wearing these heels,” he said.
He slipped one, then the other off her feet. She moaned with pleasure.

“I guess my mind was on other things,” she replied with a
smile. “I was starving, you know.” Sam chuckled and began to rub her feet. She
moaned again. “You sure know how to use your hands.”

“Oh, sweetheart, don’t you doubt it.”

Sweetheart? She shouldn’t like to hear him call her that.
The memory would be even more bittersweet when he made his excuses and she
still had to see him at work, knowing he’d seen her naked, knowing he’d had sex
with her, knowing he’d called her sweetheart.

She wouldn’t worry about it now. She couldn’t imagine
anything changing her mind at this moment, even if he admitted to her that he
was only interested in a one-night stand. She’d take it. She’d take him for one

Sam’s hands began to travel up her legs. He tugged her
closer until she was almost sitting in his lap. She braced herself with her
hands on the floor behind her. Her dress was bunched up around her hips. Her
ass was up against his hard thigh, her knees bent now across his legs. His
hands stroked her thighs, running up and down from knees to groin and back
again. Her thighs dropped open, giving him better access to her center.

“Ah, Meredith,” he murmured. He leaned over and rubbed his
thumbs over the silky center of her panties. “You’re so wet. So soft.” She
squirmed to give him even more room and he pressed harder. She leaned back
against her hands, shamelessly rocking her hips as his thumbs made large
circles against her pussy.

She realized she was panting, her mouth quickly becoming
dry. She swallowed as she studied him. His attention was focused between her
legs, so she could take advantage of the time to look at him. She devoured his
handsome face, the straight nose, the half-lidded eyes, the rough and darkened jaw.

Then she looked down and saw his tight, muscled arms between
her fleshy, jiggly thighs. A blatant reminder that he had a nearly perfect body
and hers was nowhere close to that.

Meredith cleared her throat and pulled slowly away. She rose
onto her knees and straddled his lap, making sure her dress was pulled down
over her thighs.

He looked as if he were trying not to frown, waiting to see
what she was up to. She smiled as best she could and began to unbutton his
shirt. “I want to see more of you.”

He let her strip the shirt from his body and she swallowed
again as she ran her hands over his hot chest. Dark hair tickled her palms. She
slid up his lap so she could wrap her arms around him and drag her fingers down
his back.

Sam grabbed her hips and pulled her flush against him until
she felt his hard cock behind his fly. Her hips rocked instinctively as she
rode the thick length of his erection. Her nails dug into his back and she
dropped her head back.

“This. This is where I’ve wanted to be,” Sam said, his voice
rough. He cupped her breasts, looked down at her with a hungry look. So hungry
it made her shiver. He lowered his face to her cleavage, dropped a kiss to the
top of each breast.

Her breasts were large but they seemed to swell even more
under his gaze. He caressed them gently, ran his lips over them. Her nipples,
still caged in her deep-plunge bra, prickled. Meredith ran her fingers into his
thick hair.

Sam lifted his head and her fingers dropped away. His hands
remained on each side of her breasts, pressing them together. “Don’t take this
the wrong way but would you put your hands behind your back for me?”

He asked the question softly but it still felt as if he’d
slapped her. “You don’t want me to touch you?”

“That’s not what I meant. I’m looking forward to you
touching me. A lot. But I’ve been dreaming of being this close to these lovely
breasts of yours since the moment I saw you in this dress. If you could give me
a few unobstructed moments with them I would be eternally grateful.”

“Seriously? Okay. But don’t you want to unzip the dress
first?” Just far enough to release her breasts. “Don’t you want me to take off
the bra?”

“Not yet.” He grinned and his obvious enjoyment had her
grinning back. “We’re not in any hurry, are we?”

“No. I guess not.”

“Good. Just put your hands behind your back now.”

Meredith slowly drew her hands behind her back, tucking them
into the small of her back and resting them on her ass. The deep V of her
neckline left a good part of her breasts bare. Sam began to brush his fingers
over the bare skin, so lightly at first that his touch was a mere tickle. But
his strokes began to exert more pressure until he was almost kneading her
flesh. As her breasts moved with his caresses, her beaded nipples rubbed
against the lace of her bra, stimulating them even more.

Her breathing picked up again. As he stimulated her nipples,
sparks of arousal shot straight to her core, making her pussy even wetter, even
needier. She rocked against his hardness again, another moan slipping out.

Sam didn’t seem to notice. His focus was still on her
breasts. He slipped one hand into her bra and skimmed his thumb over her
nipple. She gasped and he smiled. He did it again. And again. She clasped her
hands together behind her back, her nails biting into her palms so she didn’t
reach for him. Didn’t unzip the dress so he would have better access to her
breasts, to her needy nipples.

But he seemed happy with his limited access. Perhaps he
liked to tease.

He ran his thumbnail over her nipple, then drew his hand out
even as more sensations streaked between her legs. She groaned in frustration
and he kissed her breast, right at the edge of the neckline.

“I know, sweetheart,” he murmured. “I ache for you too.”

“Then let’s do something about it,” she cried.

“We will.” He grabbed her hips again and dragged her over
his erection. “I want you too but I’ve been waiting so long for this, I don’t
want to rush this.”

His words fought their way through the buzz of arousal in
her brain. “So long?”

“Shh.” He kissed her softly, ran his hands down her arms
until he reached her wrists and drew her hands back around to her front. “Is it
time to get off the floor and into the bedroom?”

“Yes.” She scooted off his lap and her pussy clenched with
the need to be rubbing up against him again.

Sam got to his feet and helped her up. The momentum brought
her into his arms and his lips found hers. She opened her mouth to the press of
his tongue and he plunged into her. Meredith sucked on him, mimicking the way
she’d like him to be riding her tongue.

He pulled her closer, his palm flat against her back. His
hard cock pressed into her round stomach and she moaned into his mouth.

“Sam.” She wanted him now. Needed him now.

“I know, sweetheart.” He gently released her and took a step
away. “Stay right there.” He circled around behind her and as soon as he began
to tug her zipper down, her urgency fled as self-consciousness rushed in to
take its place.

The lights were bright in the room. He’d be able to see her
clearly. He might like her big boobs but she suddenly was not at all anxious
for him to see the rest of her body. Her thick thighs were bad enough. Her
heart pounded as she thought about her jiggly stomach, her enormous ass.

The zipper was halfway down. She brought up her hands to
stop the bodice from falling. “Wait.”

“What’s the matter?” He drew the zipper down the rest of the

“Can’t we go into the bedroom first?” The bedroom was dark.
They could keep the lights off. Most guys wanted to keep the lights off.

“Why?” There was an underlying warning in his voice, as if
he knew what she was going to say and he wasn’t going to like it at all.

“Look at all those windows,” she said, improvising. “I’m not
an exhibitionist, remember?”

“Sorry,” he said. “I can take care of that.”

He strode over to the bank of window and drew the blinds
quickly, smoothly. Her heart sank, her hands still clutched the bodice of the
dress to her chest.

Sam turned to her, triumph blazing in his eyes. “There.” He
folded his arms over his impressive chest. “I’ll let you do the rest.”

She swallowed. “The rest?”

“Take off your dress. I want to see you now.”

She was frozen in place. Maybe she was being foolish. She
knew she had to get undressed to have the sex she’d been looking forward to but
maybe it was better to stop this now. Before she ruined everything between
them. Before he saw her body and realized he didn’t want to touch her after
all. Before they’d both be embarrassed and not be able to look at each other at
work ever again.


“I have to go now,” she mumbled. “This was a mistake.” She
struggled to zip the dress back up. Sam was beside her in an instant, wrapping
his fingers around her wrists and stopping her from her task.

His expression was dark and serious. “A mistake? Are you
saying everything we’ve done tonight, everything we’ve talked about tonight was
a mistake? I’m a mistake?”

“No. No. You mean more to me than any other guy I’ve ever
been with. And…”

“And what, sweetheart?”

“I don’t want to see the look on your face when you get a
good look at me. At my body.”

“I said I didn’t want to hear you saying anything like that
again. Remember?”

She nodded.

Sam grabbed the shoulders of her dress and yanked them down
her arms. In an instant the dress fell to the floor. Meredith crossed her arms
over her abdomen as she stood there in her bra and panties. Her face heated as
he looked her over, his eyes shadowed. She knew what he saw.

“You are a beautiful woman and it makes me angry to hear you
talk about yourself so negatively.” Then an evil grin spread across his face.
“I think you need a spanking.”

Chapter Three


Sam would have laughed at the shocked expression on
Meredith’s face if he wasn’t so mad at her. “With all the kinky things you say
you do in the bedroom, you’ve never been spanked?”

She shook her head. Her face was a lovely shade of pink.

“I’m up for pretty much anything, sweetheart. But I won’t
let you talk down about yourself. You deserve a spanking.” He pushed the coffee
table out of the way and sat down on the center of the sofa, then gestured her
over. “Come here.”

Meredith hesitated, caught her bottom lip between her teeth.
She still wore the lacy bra and panties and he was looking forward to stripping
them from her body. But that could wait. He’d never seen a woman as sexy as
Meredith was at this moment. Her shiny golden hair shimmered around her
shoulders. Her magnificent breasts were pushed up by the lacy bra and he liked
to think they were an offering just for him. The matching panties hugged her
lush hips and hid the treasures between her legs. And the ass that would soon
turn red beneath his hand.

“Now, Meredith.” He reached out to her and she met his gaze.
Hers was a little nervous but he was sure he saw arousal there too. She took
his hand and let him draw her over to him. He pulled her down. Her knees hit
the cushion beside him but she didn’t immediately sprawl over his lap.

“I don’t know,” she murmured.

He cuffed one of her wrists with his fingers. “You’ve been a
bad girl. You did what I expressly told you not to do. Don’t you think that
deserves a punishment?”

Her eyes were wide, bright. Her breathing became faster,
shallower. Her lips quivered but she nodded slowly. “Yes sir.”

His cock jerked at his kinky girl’s breathy agreement. He
wanted to grin but he frowned instead. “Then don’t make this more difficult
than it has to be.”

She grimaced. “Next I suppose you’re going to tell me this
is going to hurt you more than it will me.”

He chuckled darkly. “Oh no, sweetheart. I’m going to enjoy
it.” He yanked and she fell over his lap.

Meredith’s soft cry of surprise fueled his arousal even
more. She struggled weakly but he realized she was really squirming to get into
position. She flung her arms above her head and dropped her face to the
cushion. Her ass was poised perfectly, tempting, teasing.

Sam swept his hand over her panty-covered ass, caressing
her, learning the curves. “This is a beautiful bottom,” he said. He slid his
hand between her thighs. The silky center was wet and hot, just as he knew it
would be. With both hands, he slipped his fingers beneath the waistband at each
side of her body. Slowly lifting, he bared her pale flesh as he drew the scrap
of lace over her ass. She whimpered but he ignored the sound. He left the
fabric just below her cheeks, so the lace would tickle and torment her pussy
with every slap and twitch.

She squirmed then and he held her down with one hand on her
back while stroking the soft bare cheeks with the other. Her ass was perfect
for spanking, wide and firm and so pale. He could already picture the luscious
flesh turning red and hot under his hand. Her stomach rubbed against his
already throbbing erection and he bit back a moan.

“This is a beautiful bottom,” he repeated, letting his voice
become deeper, darker. He slapped one cheek and then the other. Not too hard.
Not yet. She gasped but didn’t move. “I don’t want you to say anything bad
about it.” He slapped her again. And again. Harder. Faster.

She cried out now with each new strike, the sound an erotic
mixture of pained yelps and aroused moans. He began to vary the delivery, some
slaps quick and sharp, others slow and heavy. It wouldn’t do for her to be able
to anticipate the next blow too easily.

Sam loved the way her pale skin quickly turned pink. How
could she not understand how beautiful she was? “You are not to say anything
bad about your body,” he growled. “Do you understand?”

She whimpered again, nodded, her face buried in the cushion.

He stopped for a moment, let his stinging palm rest heavily
on her warm flesh. Meredith’s short panting breaths were nearly as loud as her
cries had been. He slid his fingers down to where the edge of her panties
rubbed her pussy. The fabric was drenched with her fragrant moisture. He
slipped a couple fingers beneath the lace and teased the slick flesh there.
When she began to wriggle, her stomach ground against his aching cock and he
didn’t know how long he’d be able to keep this up.

Had she learned her lesson yet?

“This is a beautiful bottom,” he repeated. If she heard it
enough times, maybe she’d believe it. He continued to spank her, the sharp
sounds ringing through the room. If he paused in his strikes, she pushed her
ass up into his hand, arching her back and silently begging for more. He
grinned and gave her more.

He realized his heavy breathing had become as loud as hers.
His arousal every bit as strong. His palm was hot and red too.

“This is a beautiful bottom,” he said again. He brushed back
her golden hair so he could see her face. “I want you to say it.”

“What?” She looked over her shoulder at him and he could see
her eyes were glazed with arousal. She was still panting, her pink lips parted.

He rubbed his hand over her ass. It was hot and red enough.
No more spanking tonight. He hoped he’d gotten his point across. “Repeat after
me, sweetheart. This is a beautiful bottom.”

She rolled her eyes at him and dropped her head back down
onto the sofa.

Sam grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back up.
“Say it, Meredith. This is a beautiful bottom.”


“Say it.”

She swallowed, moistened her lips with a sweep of her
tongue. “Okay. This is a beautiful bottom.”

She didn’t say it as if she meant it but it was a start. He
slid her panties the rest of the way down her legs and tossed them onto the
floor. Her pink pussy lips caught his attention as they glistened between her
legs. He couldn’t resist running his fingers through the slick flesh again. Her
musky scent rose around them. She cried out from his touch and lifted her hips,
begging for more from him.

“Relax, sweetheart. Leave your head down on the cushion.”

He plunged two fingers into her core, thrusting over and
over, savoring the sound, the scent, the sensation of her slick channel
clenching around him. His cock ached and he longed to being buried fully in her
hot flesh. But first he would build her arousal even higher.

When he dragged his fingers from her body, he spread her
cream through her folds, circling the tight little clit. She jerked when he
played lightly with the sensitive bundle of nerves, bouncing his finger against
it and feeling it swell beneath his touch. So pretty.

Before he could bring her over the edge too quickly, he
lifted his fingers and licked her cream from his fingers, getting a sample of
her unique taste. She whined and wiggled her ass but she stayed in place. He
could hear her soft panting as she waited for him to make his next move.

Finally he gathered her up into his arms and kissed her
soundly. She hissed a little before she sat down on his lap and straddled his
hips. Her sweet pussy rode his cock through his pants. He’d have to get them
off soon. He wanted to feel her, flesh to flesh.

Meredith wrapped her arms around his neck. Her lips parted
and he thrust his tongue into her mouth, drinking her in. As they kissed, Sam
reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When he reluctantly broke off the
kiss, Meredith leaned back slightly on his lap. He hooked each bra strap with
his index fingers and lifted them off her shoulders. She didn’t resist as he
got rid of the last of her defenses. He discarded the pretty piece of lace,
tossing it in the direction of her underwear.

She crossed her arms in front of her. He imagined it was
second nature to her. An instinct to cover what she thought wasn’t perfect.

“Hands behind your back again.” He wanted them out of the
way. For him. And for her.


He ran his hands down her smooth arms until he reached her
wrists. “Just for a minute. Let me look at you. Then we’ll head for the
bedroom.” She let him draw her arms away and behind her.

As soon as he released her arms, his hands were on her
breasts. He couldn’t stop himself. It was what he’d been looking forward to
since the moment he saw her sitting alone on that barstool. From the moment he
saw her luscious flesh revealed in that amazing dress. Finally they were all

He cupped the firm globes in his palms, testing their
weight, lifting them for his inspection. The skin was as pale as the rest of
her, smooth and creamy. Her nipples were long and wide, a dusky pink, a little
darker than the surrounding areolas. Sam leaned forward and flicked his tongue
over one nipple, then the other. Meredith’s breath caught.

“Are they sensitive?” Sam asked. His old girlfriend hadn’t
enjoyed her breasts being played with and while that wasn’t the reason they’d
eventually broken up, he’d always been disappointed with that one part of their
sex life.

Meredith nodded, her eyes wide. “Very.”

“You don’t know how happy that makes me.” He licked each one
again, just a taste, just a tease. He would give them his full attention when
he had Meredith tied to his bed. He couldn’t resist brushing his thumbs over
the nipples, though, rolling them lightly and gauging Meredith’s reaction as he
gave more pressure. “Do you like that?”

Her throaty moan made him smile. The nod made him laugh.
Then Sam dropped his face to her cleavage and let her soft flesh surround him.
He breathed in her scent and sighed with pure pleasure. He nuzzled her breasts,
running his lips over the surface.

He didn’t even mind when Meredith brought her arms from
behind her back and clasped his head with her hands. Her fingers moved gently
over his scalp, her body swayed on his lap. After indulging his fantasy for a
moment more, he lifted his head and met Meredith’s steady gaze. He dropped a
kiss to her lips and then helped her to her feet.

“To the bedroom, sweetheart.”


Meredith followed Sam through the door on the other side of
the living room. She was so horny she could barely walk. She’d heard spanking
could be erotic but she’d never really believed it. Spanking hurt, so how could
it feel good? But within moments of Sam putting his hand on her, she’d been
wriggling with arousal. Each slap had sent tingles of desire straight to her
pussy. And then when he played with her nipples, it happened again.

Most guys didn’t give this much time to foreplay, at least
not in her experience. Even Larry, the guy who’d tied her to the bed, had just
fucked her and been done with it. Maybe she had been looking at the wrong guys.
Maybe all these years she’d been settling, not believing a great guy like Sam
would want a big girl like her.

“I want to tie you to the bed,” he said as soon as he closed
the door behind them. “Is that all right with you?”

More tingles spread through her body, stimulating her
nipples and her pussy. As soon as she’d mentioned earlier about being tied to
her bed, she knew she’d done it to find out how he’d react. She’d done it
because she’d wanted him to tie her up. She nodded. “I trust you.”

Sam’s bedroom wasn’t large but it was big enough for a
king-sized bed. There weren’t tall posts to tie ropes to but the headboard and
footboard had big, round finials at each end. He patted the mattress. “Up.”

She climbed onto the deep-blue comforter. He didn’t have a
bunch of coordinating pillows at the top of the bed, just two large ones
covered in the same dark-blue fabric. There were plenty of lights shining in
this room and she almost asked him to turn them off. Turn them down. But she
knew the response she’d get from him, so she didn’t bother. Besides, he’d seen
everything there was to see now, so she told herself it was time to get over it.

Meredith sat on the edge of the bed, her legs hanging over
the side, and watched Sam rummage around in his closet. A minute or two later
he backed out with some coils of white rope in his hands. Her sex tingled and
her heart picked up the pace.

“I haven’t had a chance to use this rope in a long time,” he
told her. “It was buried pretty deep.”

“Oh.” That must mean his last girlfriend hadn’t liked
bondage. Meredith wasn’t sure what the flare of satisfaction she felt meant but
she knew she shouldn’t like it. She didn’t want this to be important. Just
because they both liked to play with bondage didn’t mean anything past tonight.

She watched him test all four lengths of rope, making sure
they were smooth, making sure they would still hold. When he finally turned to
her with a slow smile, those tingles attacked again.

“Lie back.”

A panicky memory of struggling when Larry walked out the
door chose that moment to interrupt her perfectly wonderful evening. “Okay.”
Her voice was shaky, dammit.

“Wait. Are you nervous?”

“A little.” She scooted into the center of the mattress and
dropped onto her back. “I’ll be okay. I trust you. I just had a stupid

He set the rope down on the end of the bed and took her
hand. “We don’t have to do this tonight. We can do it another time, when we’re
more comfortable with each other.”

“No.” She knew it was likely there wouldn’t be another time.
“I’m okay. Really.”

Sam studied her for a moment. “Okay. But I’m going to leave
one of your hands free.”

“What? No.” What was the point if she could get free?

“That way you’ll know you could get away if you had to.”

“You don’t have to do that. I don’t know if I want you to do

The stern look he gave her let her know it was useless to
argue. “Trust me, sweetheart.”

He started with her legs, wrapping the soft rope around her
ankle and then anchoring it around the finial. She was impressed he took the
time to make sure the rope wasn’t too tight and that it wasn’t going to rub her
wrong. After he bound her other ankle, leaving her widespread and open for him,
he came up to the head of the bed. He took her hand, kissed her palm. “Thank
you for trusting me.”

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