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Authors: Natasha Moore

Voluptuous (5 page)

His taste was addictive, salty and musky and something
uniquely Sam. She let him slip out of her mouth and then ran her tongue along
every inch of his cock, slid it around the ridges of the head, licked his balls
at the base. She hummed her approval as she slid her lips back up to the top.
Then she took him fully again, taking him as deeply as she could.

While at first he’d let her set the pace, soon Sam grabbed
her head tighter and held her in place. First he let his cock rest heavily on
her tongue and she held her breath as she waited for him to make his move. Then
he began to piston his hips, riding her tongue, plunging even deeper than she’d
taken him before.

She loved the way he took control. She placed her hands over
his as they held each side of her head. She relaxed her jaw and let him take
her deep, hard, fast. Another primitive thrill ran through her as she let him
fuck her mouth.

He stopped sooner than she thought he would. His hands were
shaking slightly as he pulled out of her and released his hold on her head.

“I want to come inside you this time,” he explained, his
voice passion-rough. “Let’s go back to bed.” After they got to their feet, he
threaded his fingers with hers and brought her back to his bed. She pulled the
ponytail holder out of her nearly dry hair before she rested her head on the
pillow. This time he drew down the covers and joined her in the center of the

He rolled on top of her. She loved feeling his weight on
her, loved the way he pressed her into the mattress. He made her feel somehow
more feminine, more desirable, than anyone ever had before. He cradled her head
in his hands and kissed her thoroughly, his lips devouring her.

She devoured him as well. She couldn’t get enough of him.
They met with equal passion. Lips sucking. Tongues licking. Teeth nibbling. Her
body heated with desire, her blood pulsed with the arousal flooding her system.

When he broke off the kiss, Sam ran his lips across her jaw
and down her throat, leaving tiny kisses on her skin. When he reached her
breasts, he caressed them both, then took the nipples one at a time into his
mouth as he sucked. Then he nuzzled his face between the globes and his rough
jaw scraped erotically along her skin.

She ran her hands over his back and murmured his name. He
lifted his head and grinned at her before he traveled farther down her body. He
dropped playful kisses across her stomach before reaching her pussy.

He gently pushed her knees apart and she didn’t resist as he
spread her legs wide. “So pretty. So tasty,” he murmured. He settled between
her outspread thighs and gave her a long, wet lick.

Her hips rose up from the mattress as she cried out with
pleasure. He sucked on her sensitive labia, drawing them into his mouth over
and over again. She wriggled her hips in a silent plea. She needed more
stimulation and he knew it. He nibbled on her pussy, licked the needy flesh but
he avoided her clit altogether. She whined, drove her fingers into his hair.
Her clit throbbed with need but he gave it no attention. He was probably still
trying to teach her some patience.

The hell with patience. “More, Sam. Please. More.”

He plunged his tongue into her core, moving it in and out,
mimicking what she hoped he would soon be doing with his cock. He reached one
hand up and rolled a tender nipple between his thumb and finger. Shivers of
desire dashed across her skin, pulsed through her veins, throbbed between her


He crawled back up her body until they were face-to-face.
“I’m here, sweetheart. I’m enjoying your body. It’s so much fun to play with.”

How could she fight against that? She cupped his face,
kissed him and tasted her juices on his lips. “I’m so horny I could explode,”
she told him. She rocked her hips, felt his cock hard against her hip.

“I know. I am too. I know as soon as I bury myself inside
you I’m not going to last. Doesn’t matter that I’ve already come tonight. I’m
so hot for you I can’t control it.” He reached down and brushed his finger
lightly over her aching clit. The first quivers of orgasm came that quickly. He
lifted his hand before she could go over the edge. “See what I mean?”

She nodded. “But I need to come.”

He tweaked her nipple again. “You will. Soon.”

“I don’t like to be patient.” She might have even pouted.

He kissed her forehead. “You’re doing it very well.”

“But I want to feel you inside me.” She cupped his jaw,
savored the scrape of beard on her palm. “I want you, Sam.”

“You have me.” His gaze was dark with arousal but there was
a seriousness to his expression that made her heart catch. “Relax and let me
love you. I’m right here for you.”

For more than tonight? For the first time, Meredith actually
believed Sam wanted her for more than a one-night stand. That he wanted more
dates. More sex. That he looked forward to road trips and pizza picnics in the
middle of the night.

She wrapped her arms around him and let him love her.


Sam understood Meredith’s impatience. He ached to be inside
her, to be surrounded by her sweet softness, to be one with this incredible
woman he almost hadn’t had the courage to get to know. He’d have to buy Evan a
beer to thank him for dragging Sam along to the bar tonight.

He kissed her softly and began to make his way down her body
again. This magnificent body she’d been taught wasn’t attractive. He hoped
she’d never feel like that again. He could spend the rest of his life learning
her curves.

She was as close to the edge as he was and he knew they
could only prolong the free fall for so long. And now he realized it was okay.
Tonight wasn’t the only time he could enjoy being with her. Not the only time
he could make love with her. They could have many more nights like this.

His hands were running along her thighs, stroking the soft
skin, his lips following his fingers with small kisses. His cheek brushed her
pussy and her musky scent of arousal drove him crazy. So did her little gasps
of need. His patience had come to an end. It was time to satisfy them both.

“Meredith,” he murmured. He flicked his tongue over her clit
and then scraped it lightly with his teeth. She cried out with her release. The
babbling stream of nonsense coming from her lips made him smile. The wriggling
of her body nearly made him come.

He’d grabbed onto her luscious hips and was ready to thrust
to the hilt when he remembered protection. He’d never forgotten before. He
groaned impatiently and stretched over her, reaching for the nightstand.

“What?” she asked, still in a daze.

“Condom.” He held up the packet he’d snagged from the

“Let me.” She took it from him with a small smile and tore
it open. He hissed as she spent several minutes stroking his throbbing cock
before she rolled the condom over him. Her gentle touch threatened to push him
over the edge. Her continued strokes after the condom was in place nearly
sealed the deal.

Sam grabbed her hands from his cock and kissed her fingers
before he moved back into position. With her hips in his hands once again, he
plunged into her welcoming body. Meredith’s cries echoed his own. She wrapped
her legs around him and he let go of her hips to lie over her as he thrust into
her over and over again.

“That feels so good,” she said on a moan. She threw her arms
around his shoulders. “Perfect.”

“Perfect,” he agreed.

He knew he wouldn’t last long. Not with her soft body
cradling him, her arms and legs embracing him. Her inner flesh surrounded him
and he swore he could feel every ridge of her channel stimulating him.

The familiar tingle and tension hit him so fast he couldn’t
have prolonged it even if he’d wanted to. He came with a roar, emptying himself
as he was buried deep in her heated core. He held on tight as he rode out the
orgasm and let her sweet body embrace him. When he could breathe normally
again, he rained soft kisses over her face. “Meredith.”

She just smiled and kissed him back.

“Be right back,” he said, oddly reluctant to leave the bed,
leave her, even for a moment. He ducked into the bathroom to take care of the
condom. When he came back into the bedroom she rose up on one elbow to study
him. His heart pounded. “Stay?” he asked. Her answer had become more important
than he’d imagined.

Her smile was bright. “Okay.”

He smiled back. Her agreement made him as happy as he could
ever remember, as if she’d just given him the greatest gift. He shut the lights
off and joined her back in the bed. He pulled the covers up around them and
gathered her into his arms. She snuggled close.

“I had a great time tonight,” she murmured. Her head rested
on his shoulder, her eyes already closing.

“Me too.”

Meredith fell asleep almost instantly but Sam didn’t fall
asleep for a long time. He enjoyed holding her too much, enjoyed her sweet
scent, the sound of her soft breathing. He hadn’t slept with a woman since he’d
broken up with Tanya.

He realized that after a year together, he hadn’t felt as
comfortable with Tanya as he did with Meredith after just one evening. He hoped
he’d started to put to rest her doubts about her size. She was sassy and
self-confident so much of the time, he wanted her to love every part of
herself. Just as he was beginning to do.

He must have finally fallen asleep because he jumped when a
noise woke him up. He couldn’t figure out what it was right away. Maybe a knock
at his door?

Meredith stirred beside him. They’d settled into a spooning
position during the night. He was curled around her back, his hand cupping one
of her breasts. His morning woody poked into her ass. He didn’t want to move.

The knocking turned to pounding. What the hell?

Then he heard Evan’s voice shout, “Come on, Sam, open up!”

Fuck. He’d forgotten all about their golf date. Meredith
rolled onto her back and blinked as she looked up at him. “I’ll get rid of
him.” He kissed the top of her nose. “Be right back.”

He grabbed a pair of boxers from his dresser and pulled them
on. Evan pounded again. “Coming!” Sam yelled. He stumbled to the door and flung
it open. “Quiet down, you’ll wake up the neighbors.”

Evan walked in and closed the door behind him. “You didn’t
answer your phone. I knew you wouldn’t have forgotten our golf date.”

Sam winced. Was Evan extra loud this morning or had he had
one too many drinks last night? One good look at the expression on his friend’s
face and Sam realized it was Evan’s boasting voice.

“Man, I am so glad I stood up that blind date last night!
Instead of a gross fat girl, I hooked up with a real hottie at the country

“Shut up,” Sam growled. He hoped to hell Meredith couldn’t
hear Evan. He grabbed his arm. “Get out of here. I’m not golfing today.”

“What?” Evan took a look around them, saw Meredith’s shawl
in the middle of the floor, her underwear and dress strewn around the room.
Understanding sparked in his eyes and he sneered. “You did it, huh? So how was
the pity fuck?”

Chapter Five


Pity fuck?

Meredith scrambled out of bed, a chill running down her
spine. She bent over and clutched her stomach as she hit the floor. Nausea rose
up in her throat but she pushed it back down. She wouldn’t throw up. Not here.
Not now.

She knew it had been too good to be true. She’d known all
along a hot guy like Sam wouldn’t really want someone like her. She tried to
make sense of what she’d just heard. Somehow Sam had known about her blind
date. It sounded as if he was talking to the guy who’d stood her up. She didn’t
understand it but whatever had happened last night, one thing was clear.

Sam had felt sorry for her.

She’d been a pity fuck.

Meredith blinked away the tears prickling her eyes. She
never should have let down her guard. If this had been any other one-night
stand, she could have walked away with a shrug of her shoulders. She could have
eventually convinced herself she didn’t give a damn.

But she’d let herself care for Sam. Let herself believe they
had a chance at something more than a roll around this soft mattress. She
should have known better.

She searched frantically for her clothes, then realized they
were flung all over the living room. How embarrassing. She grabbed the soft
blue comforter off the bed and wrapped it around herself.

The voices had gotten louder in the other room but she
hadn’t paid attention to the words as her thoughts whirled through her brain.
But now it sounded as if there was a scuffle going on out there. She peeked out
of the doorway to see Sam clutching his hand to his chest and a short, balding
guy with a bloody nose.

“Fuck! What did you hit me for?”

Sam shook his hand out, then grabbed a box of tissues from
the table in the corner and handed it to him. “Take these and get out of here.”

She must have made a noise because they both turned and
stared at her.

Sam took a step toward her. “Meredith.”

She straightened her shoulders and lifted her chin. “I want
my clothes.”

He lifted his hands, palms up. “Sweetheart.”

“I want my clothes,” she repeated dully.

“This is going to stain my shirt,” the other guy whined.
Blood had dripped from his nose onto his white golf shirt.

Sam turned back to the guy with the bloody nose. “Get the
hell out of here, Evan.”

“And you called
an asshole?” Evan clutched the box
of tissues and slammed the door on his way out.

Sam turned back to Meredith, a guarded look on his face.

She wanted so badly to scream and throw something. Or throw
up. Instead, she took a deep breath and glared at him. “So that’s Evan?”

He nodded.

“The Evan who was supposed to be my date last night?”

He nodded again. “I’m sorry.”

She stepped into the living room, clutching the comforter.
Luckily it was big enough to cover her entire body, the rest trailing along
behind her. “He’s a friend of yours?”

“Not anymore.”

“So did you actually have a blind date who stood you up last

He hesitated, then shook his head. “No. I was there with

“I see.” She frowned. “No, I guess I don’t see. Why were you
there with him exactly?”

He took a tentative step toward her. “Because he’s an
asshole. Because he wanted me to check you out before he committed to the

She took a quick step back. “And you told him I was fat and
he left me sitting there?” Her stomach twisted again.

“No! I told him you were hot and sexy. That’s the truth,
Meredith.” Sam closed his eyes for a moment. “He left the bar after he saw

“And you felt sorry for me.” That was even worse.

“No. Well, I didn’t want you sitting there by yourself.”

She nodded. “You felt sorry for me.”

“I never thought of it like that.”

She didn’t want to cry in front of him and she sure as hell
didn’t want his pity. “I have to go now.”

“Don’t go. Please believe me. I’ve wanted to ask you out for
ages.” She could almost believe the desperation on his face. “I like you so
much. I want to see you again.”

“Well, we’ll be seeing each other at work every day and
isn’t that going to be awkward? I knew it would be. That’s why we never should
have done this.” She grabbed her underwear off the floor. She wished she could
hide in the bathroom to get dressed but at this point, what did it matter? She
sat down on the sofa, threw off the comforter and pulled on her panties.

The heat in his gaze flared. “No. I’m not talking about
seeing you at work. I want to see you after work. I want to see you in my bed

She wished she could believe him. “You’re a nice guy, Sam,”
she said as she hooked her bra. “I appreciate you saying that, but I know it’s
not true.”

“What are you talking about? I wouldn’t lie to you.”

She lifted a brow and stared him down like he’d done more
than once to her the night before.

“I wouldn’t lie to you about this.”

Meredith slipped her dress on over her head. “I’m letting
you off the hook, Sam. I don’t expect more than one night. I never did. You
know that.” She turned her back to him. “Can you do me up?”

He pulled up the zipper, then swept her hair to the side and
kissed the back of her neck. “Sweetheart.”

She pulled away from him, her heart aching. “Don’t call me
that. Don’t even talk to me at the lab unless it’s about work. I can’t deal
with it.” She couldn’t imagine the days to come, when she’d be teased with the
sight of him, the scent of him and the memories of the love they made.
Correction, the pity fuck. She grabbed her shoes and shoved her feet into them.

“I’m sorry I lied about why I was at the bar last night.” He
sounded sincere but then, so had he the night before. “But I swear, that’s the
only thing I lied about.”

She nodded. He was too nice to say anything else.

“Will you give me another chance? I had a great time with
you last night. I want to spend more time with you. Don’t you want to see where
this thing between us could go?”

He might actually believe what he was saying right now but
he wouldn’t for long. She’d been hurt too many times to risk it. Her heart
would be smashed to tiny pieces and this time it might never recover.

Meredith grabbed her purse. “No, Sam. I don’t.” She resisted
the urge to kiss him. Instead she backed away from him, memorizing him, until
she hit the door with her ass. She turned and walked out, knowing it was the
only thing she could do.

* * * * *

Sam hadn’t slept more than a few scattered hours in the past
week. He’d changed all the bedding, but he swore he could still smell
Meredith’s scent all around him. And when he finally did drift off to sleep,
she haunted his dreams, smiling that sweet smile, clasping him to her breast
and opening her body for him, then pushing him away with unshed tears in her

She haunted him all day long too. He’d tried to talk to her
but after she blatantly ignored him time after time, he began to send his
assistant whenever he had questions for her. He couldn’t stand to see the hurt
she tried to hide from him.

He hated that he’d ended up being another guy who’d lied to
her. Another guy who gave her hope and then snatched it away. It didn’t matter
that it wasn’t what he intended. It didn’t matter that he’d fallen hard and
fast for her. He’d hurt her and that was all that mattered. But how did he
convince her that he wasn’t lying to her now?

Friday night, he waited for her as she left work. He stood
at the edge of the parking lot and watched as she left the building with a
group of coworkers. Her plain white lab coat hid her amazing body. The blank
expression on her face hid the emotions he knew were roiling inside her.

He stepped into her path. “Meredith.”

She froze, her eyes wide and sad. “Sam. Don’t.”

“I just want to talk. Give me a minute? Please?”

“Are you okay?” one of the other women asked her.

She turned to the woman with an obviously forced smile. “I’m
fine. Go on home to your kids.”

The woman nodded and headed away.

Sam stood there and soaked in her closeness while the rest
of the employees stepped around them, climbed into their cars and drove away.

She crossed her arms in front of her. “What do you want,

“You,” he said, simply, truthfully.

“I can’t do this,” she whispered.

Sam never imagined he’d ever be begging but Meredith was
worth it. “Can we start over? Have a real first date. No lies. Nothing between

“There’s already too much between us.”

He took her hand. Her fingers were cold. “I miss you,
sweetheart. I want to see you again. I know you believe me. I know you feel the
same way.”

She snatched her hand away. “I can’t, Sam. Okay? I just can’t.”
She dashed across the parking lot and was gone before he realized what it was
he saw in her eyes.

It wasn’t anger. It wasn’t frustration.

It was fear.

Sam drove home, grabbed a pizza from the shop downstairs and
carried it up to his apartment. Instead of eating it at his little table in the
kitchen, he took it into the living room and sat on the floor the way he’d done
with Meredith the previous weekend. What had that fear in her eyes meant? What
was she afraid of? Who was she afraid of?

He hadn’t come up with any answers after eating a couple
slices of the pizza. The beer was bitter tonight. He surfed channel after
channel on the TV, but finally turned it off in disgust. He tossed and turned
in bed and then finally fell asleep in time to dream about Meredith.

Her eyes wide as she talked about all those bad dates. The
bravado in her voice. The I-don’t-care set to her jaw.

Sam woke and sat up in bed, realizing she was afraid to
believe him when he told her he wanted to see her again. Afraid to trust him and
find out that trust had been misplaced. Afraid to care about him when, he was
certain, she already did. She was afraid she’d be hurt once again.

He jumped up, threw on some clothes and grabbed the pizza
box. It was time to set her straight.

* * * * *

Meredith couldn’t sleep. Seeing Sam again had stirred up
everything she’d been trying so hard to forget. Seeing him made her want to
give in to him. Made her want to risk her heart again. But she knew how much
more it would hurt when he left her for good. She’d never really cared for any
of those other guys. Not like she did for Sam.

She wandered her apartment, her aloneness, her loneliness,
hitting her hard. She’d tried to convince herself that she was happy alone.
That it was better to be lonely than risk being hurt again. It wasn’t working

She curled up in a corner of her sofa, a blanket wrapped
around her. She’d been humiliated when she heard the things Evan had said about
her. How could Sam blame her for feeling the way she did about her body when
people like his friend were so vocal with their opinions of big women?

But Sam had been nothing but complimentary about her body.
Her bottom tingled as she remembered the spanking he’d given her. He’d actually
been angry when she’d put herself down.

Was she wrong about him? After the lies he told her when
they met up that night, could she believe everything he’d said to her since
then? Did she dare?

A knock at her door made her jump and sent her heart racing.
Who would be knocking at her door in the middle of the night? A stupid hope
flared in her chest.

“Meredith? Are you awake?”

She flew to the door. It was Sam. She’d so wanted it to be
him. She flung open the door to see him standing there looking sexy and hopeful
and better than he’d ever looked before. He held a pizza box.

“I don’t have anyone to share cold pizza with in the middle
of the night,” he said with a small, hopeful grin. His jaw was shadowed more
than normal and his jeans and sweatshirt looked as if they’d been slept in. “I
saw your light. Hungry?”

She backed away to let him in. “Starved.”

He strode into the living room and set the pizza box down on
the coffee table. Then he turned to look at her, still holding the door open.
He lifted his brow. “Waiting for someone else?”

She blushed, shut the door. Fell back against it. “No.”

“Come here, sweetheart.”

“I don’t know if I can.” She clutched the blanket tighter
around her. “I’m scared, Sam.”

“I know. I finally figured that out.” He crossed the room
and took her hand. “You scared me too.”

Meredith frowned, let him draw her over to the sofa. “How
did I scare you?”

He dropped her hand and sat down on the sofa. He looked up
at her with that same exasperated expression he’d had before he pulled her over
his knee and spanked her for talking badly about her size. Her pussy quivered.
Her heart began to pound.

“I finally found a woman I could be myself with,” he said,
his voice getting lower, slower. “A woman I enjoyed being with, in bed and out.
A woman who liked the same things I did. And instead of being happy about it,
she walked away from me. She pushed me away. She didn’t want to give me a


He rubbed his palms together slowly, as if he was warming
them. She could already feel them on her skin. “I’m not happy about that,

“I know.” She swallowed. She’d been so wrong to push him
away. “I was so afraid you wouldn’t want me that I guess I walked away from you
before you could walk away from me.” He was everything she wanted. Everything
worth risking her heart for. “I’m sorry.”

“You should be.” The sparks of amusement in his eyes belied
the terse tone of his voice. “I think you deserve to be punished for the hell
you’ve put me through this week.”

She’d been through hell this past week too. And it had been
all her fault. She’d never been so unhappy in her entire life. “I’m sorry. I
was wrong.” She took a deep breath, felt the thrill of anticipation buzzing
beneath her skin. “I was such a bad girl.”

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